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On the banks of Lake Drummond on the edge of The Great Dismal Swamp there is a tree in the shape of a womanOn one dark moonlit night two artists met at The Lake Drummond Hotel built directly on the borderline of North Carolina and Virginia One was a young woman with the ability to see spirits trapped in trees and stone anchored to the earth beyond their years Her gift was to draw them and then to set them free The other was a dark man haunted by visions that brought his stories of sadness and pain and trapped in a life between the powers he sensed all around him and a mundane existence attended by failure They were Eleanore MacReady Lenore to her friends and a young poet named Edgar Allen Poe who traveled with a crow that was his secret and almost constant companion a bird named Grimm for the talented brothers of fairy tale fameTheir meeting drew them together in vision and legend and pitted their strange powers and uick minds against the depths of the Dismal Swamp itself ancient legends and timeOnce upon a shoreline dreary there was a tree This is her story

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    Edgar Allen Poe Leonore and The Raven along with magic and mysery that's what makes up the story Never A Story Of Love Loss Edgar Allen Poe I have to admit to being intrigued at a work of fiction surrounding Poe He isn't an author that you would think of people wanting to right about not like Jane Austen who has taken on a life separate from her own in fictional works but David Niall Wilson really captured him in this novelThe story is spooky as it should be with Poe being part of it It deals with The Ravenboth Poe's at the end of the story but mostly the fairy tale written by The Brother's Grimm But there is than that Lenore is painting the faces from the tree on Lake Drummond and when she does the spirits from the tree are set free but the last one isn't a good spiritThere's also the crow Grimm who is pretty much a main character unto himself He is Poe's constant companion or familiar as Lenore would suggestThe tree is really at the center of all of this as well as the Brother's Grimm's The Raven The faces in the tree some magical women and their spells all make this a darkly wonderful tale And if the author uses this story as the inspiration for Poe's classic The Raven well so be itDefinitely something different and in a very good way

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    Edgar Allan Poe as a character in a story was appealing and drew me to this audiobook Narrator has a lower tone voice than I preferShe did ok except for the voice she used for Poe He sounded like an old woman with a smokers voice As always enjoyable experiencewhen you have ebook and audio both

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    The setting for this haunting tale is perfect the author plunging the reader immediately into the mystery of The Great Dismal Swamp Instant clues place the tale back in time the inn no doubt with almost as many stories to tell as Edgar himself From the outset we learn something of what Lenore’s purpose is but perhaps not uite Edgar Poe’s As Lenore has the compulsion to draw and Edgar has the impetus to write the reader like me is hooked on finding exactly what the main characters hope to achieve during their short visit to the creepy area In parts it is a tale about each of those above mentioned characters but the sub plots are complex too and the interaction of all the characters is uite absorbing The plot is as tortuous as the trees that are in the swamp some parts of it I feel left to conjecture since the ‘loss’ referred to in the title is uite dramatic The language flows beautifully harking back to olden times It is a dark tale which left me a bit staggered at the end but I don’t do spoilers read this really good tale for yourself

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    Disclosure I received a free audible copy of this via Audiobookblastcom for an unbiased reviewSlightly creepy very atmospheric and definitely worth a listen The narrator has a very gentle and slightly slow voice At first I thought she would put me to sleep but her voice turned out to be perfectly suited to this story This isn't a fast paced action filled horror story but reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe's creepy tales Appropriate of course as Poe is one of the main characters and presumably a major influence on the author There's a lot of description with hints of evil and ancient secrets The swamp setting is very suitable for such a tale I found myself immersed in the mood and was sad when the book ended Now I need to look for a good audio version of Poe's The Raven to see how well Wilson's take fits with the poem it's been ages since I read The RavenOh and I kind of want a pet raven of my own

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    it was ok I just wanted a little

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    I started reading Poe as a child; I was probably 9 or 10 years old when I read The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Tell Tale Heart I can't remember which of Poe's tales I read first it was a very long time ago but I do remember being uite taken with these stories that were both mysterious and magicalDavid Niall Wilson is one of those authors to whom I turn when I need something to read that will transport me from the world in which I live to a place of mystery and magic There is something to his writing than just putting pen to paper His writing is the art of visual artists and musicians put into wordsNEVERMORE adds Edgar Allan Poe to the cast of Wilson's characters who have than just a twinkle of magic Edgar Poe meets Eleanor MacReady her friends call her Lenore and together with Grimm a large black crow and a boy named Tom all embark on a strange adventure in The Great Dismal Swamp I won't say about the story spoilers dear spoilersThere is another Poe suggestive book by Wilson A MIDNIGHT DREARY that the author recommends you read after reading NEVERMORE One thing is for certain it is wise to heed the words of the creator of a magic world because failure to do so may adversely impact your enjoyment of the talesI make it a practice to read everything in a book except maybe for the actual table of contents Forwards Introductions Afterwards and even Acknowledgements often contain information that will enhance the reading experience David Niall Wilson provides a workable reading order for books that intertwine one series with another in his introductory notesNEVERMORE is a blending of history and fiction that can be read and enjoyed by all ages

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    I don't appreciate writing that tells me what is developing rather than actually developing and unfortunately this is such a piece I also just didn't have any investment in the characters and nothing at all was resolved in any way I don't mind open ended endings in fact I'm often disappointed when a story is too neatly wrapped up in the end but this brought up all sorts of complex plot points and relationships and then simply did nothing with them I think the author was probably going for the sort of non endings that Poe himself did in his stories being that he is one of the main characters But he simply didn't achieve that

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    I find myself rather fond of this story yes it does have a few flaws including a somewhat less colourful Poe than we're used to but the gloriously Gothic nature of the tale and the dark yet strangely hopeful ending makes it a perfect little story for any and all Poe fans I love how Wilson weaves together the presence of Lenore and her abilities the arrival of Poe and of his familiar Grimm The swamp setting just adds to the atmosphere with its sense of unknown and foreboding and of a danger not seen as Lenore's and Poe's lives become entwined in unexpected yet expected ways A delightful read even if it is a little flat in places but then when you use a character like Poe your writing is going up against his not a comparison that I would want I can see me coming back to this again and again

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    Never A Novel of Love Loss Edgar Allan Poe is proof that there absolutely is magic in the written word and David Niall Wilson is the master magician who deftly weaves a fantastic tale of dark fantasy blending the supernatural world he's created effortlessly into reality Never draws you immediately into the story making you feel as if you're sitting right next to Lenore watching her work and seeing the images appear on her paper amidst the smoke wafting from table to table cigars pipes and the pungent aroma of scented candles and the ebb and flow of conversation from the room's occupants Mr Wilson's descriptive voice is one of the best I've ever come across bringing the Lake Drummond Hotel The Great Dismal Swamp Egar Allan Poe Lenore MacReady the mysterious Nettie who lives in the swamp and the supporting characters to vibrant life When you reach the edge of your seat portion of the book and you'll know it when you get there you won't be able to put the book down until you've come to the end I promise you I'm very careful not to post spoilers in my reviews but prefer to give my impressions of the book as an avid and widely read reader Needless to say I enjoyed this book immensely and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read original fantasy This book is definitely going on my Keepers shelf and will be read againI'm giving Never A Novel of Love Loss Edgar Allan Poe a 5 Star Review

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    I received this book for free in exchanged for an honest review I've always liked Poe Sure his work disturbed me sometimes but I like it It was dark it was strange and it was fantasy That was good enough for meSo naturally I became interested in this book the moment I read the synopsis Usually I'm not one to take a leap of faith in relatively unknown authors especially when they write about such significant figures as if the authors knew them personally But in this case I'm glad I didThe writing was great It captured my attention and didn't allow it to stray It was read able thank god not clunky clumsy chunky oops alliteration and archaic Without revealing any spoilers I'd like to say the plot was good as well I didn't initially have high expectations of this book but I have to say they were met I especially love the whole mythology of the story it rules and such It's great world building Or maybe that's just me being biased because I love the fantasy genreIt was a good book It makes for great reading material if you already like Poe Suffice to say I'm glad I read it D