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Kitty S Radio Show Is As Popular As Ever And She Has A Boyfriend Who Actually Seems To Understand Her Can She Finally Settle Down To A Normal Life Not If This Is Just The Calm Before The Storm When Her Mother Falls Ill, Kitty Rushes Back To Denver And Right Back To The Abusive Pack Of Werewolves She Escaped A Year Ago To Make Matters Worse, A War Is Brewing Between The City S Two Oldest Vampires, Threatening The Whole Supernatural Community Though She Wants To Stay Neutral, Kitty Is Again Drawn Into A World Of Politics And Violence To Protect Her Family, Her Lover, And Herself, She Ll Have To Choose Sides And Maybe Become What She Hates A Killer 3.5 starsWhen I choose a book to read, I have several series that are my go to books They aren t fantastic literature but when I am in the mood for entertainment, I really don t care The Kitty books are perfect for this It s a series that I can just sit back and enjoy In Kitty and the Silver Bullet, Kitty and Ben return to Denver for a few reasons, but mostly because Kitty s mom has been diagnosed with cancer and must undergo treatment Kitty is still officially banned from Denver by Carl and the Denver pack, so she and Ben must sneak in Kitty endures several events in this book that further develop her character She continues to realize the implications of being a werewolf She can t have children, not that she even thought of being a mother, but because the decision had been taken away from her because of her lycanthropy Kitty worries about the security of her family and the health of her mother She even offers to infect her mother to cure her from the cancer Kitty s freedom of movement is affected by Carl and Meg I did find it odd that while Kitty did sneak into Denver, she went about her business in the open, going as far as to air her radio program in Denver and Carl did not react Carl and Meg s abusive hold on the Denver pack is a sore point for Kitty and Kitty decides to make a stand Kitty even agrees to work with the local police detective The vampire politics and deceptions in this book were incredible The posturing for position and authority created some interesting, if not bloody, situations Kitty s radio show was still the highlight for me I loved her interview with Mercedes Cook, who chose to come out as a vampire on the air Throughout the book Kitty questions her relationship with Ben Their relationship is strained at times and Kitty wonders if they would be together This book marks a turning point in this relationship All in all, another solid book in the series I ll keep reading these books They are a fun read. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.Kitty has to head back to her hometown of Denver to tend to a family emergency, and in doing so ends up having to face the very thing that got her and I off on the wrong foot since the first installment of this series I was happy that Carrie Vaughn made her heroine confront her demons at this point in the story arc because I don t think that I could have dealt with Norville in her submissive state for much longer The vampire and police detective threads also picked up where they left off, and the romance took an unexpected turn which left me feeling pretty satisfied with this volume.When push came to shove, Kitty made the right decision when the time came to face her fears for her mother s sake, and I was relieved to see her get back on the horse so to speak Her return wasn t without its hitches, and she did have a couple of weak moments, but all in all Norville finally found her inner strength I enjoyed her interactions with her human pack, and the various supes that she s picked up along the way My hope is that the winds of change continue gusting well past KITTY AND THE SILVER BULLET because now that I ve gotten a taste of alpha Kitty, I can t go back to the omega version.Vampire politics usually make for interesting plot lines, and this one was no different The author revealed just enough of their machinations to make me feel like I learned something important about their inner workings while keeping the rest in the dark, and me speculating in between titles The romance has taken a completely different direction than what I d originally anticipated, and although I m slightly bummed by that, especially after one particularly poignant scene, it shows promise Albeit, I suspect that something or someone might happen that ll rock the current pairing s boat.The Midnight Hour is back in business after a brief hiatus which is fantastic news because Marguerite Gavin has a real knack for the protagonist s on air voice There was also a fair number of characters in this audiobook what with the vampire werewolf war, and the narrator made sure to give each of them their own unique tone and pitch some I recognized immediately from the first novel while as others were brand new Gavin infused the touching scenes between Norville and her mom with just the right level of emotion as well as the lovey dovey one towards the end.KITTY AND THE SILVER BULLET was an installment that I could really sink my teeth in to This review has also been posted on my Happy Indulgence blog Check it out for reviews After vacationing and working on The Midnight Hour out of town, Kitty finally returns home in this installment, finally able to face what she has left behind Carl and Meg are alerted to her presence and partner with age old vampire Arturo to expel her out of town, but Kitty s backed by a police and opposing vampire Rick Caught between some territorial wars between vampires and werewolves, and facing a very personal battle against Carl and Meg, how does Kitty fare in Kitty and the Silver Bullet As always, the world of Kitty Norville is a refreshing and light read Kitty s always enjoyable to read about because she s just so real, even though she s a werewolf She s got a life and family to care about, and with the new addition of her co alpha Ben, she s got a lot to live for That s why she stands up to Carl and Meg, her previous pack leaders where she was the most submissive in the pack For those who cringed seeing Kitty being used and abused in the first book, you ll get your vengeance here This book was much action packed than the previous ones, and there are a LOT of characters that you ll come across here I found it a little difficult to follow than previous installments, but still enjoyed it a lot Kitty really grows and stands tall in this book and it s refreshing to see such a turn around since the last time she was here. Warning This review contains spoilers I talk about the end of the book Continue reading at your peril.I liked this book, but not as much as others in the series I liked how it opened It was good to see that Cormac hasn t been forgotten and he s still a part of their lives The actual plot was fine, I suppose Kitty had to deal with unresolved issues It s the end of the book I m not sure about I liked Kitty alone and then with a small pack I m sure she ll make an excellent alpha, I m just not convinced that I want to read about it Same thing with Ben He s always struck me as pretty bland and of a Beta male than an Alpha I d hoped Cormac would get out of jail early and the three of them would form a unit hopefully with Kitty Cormac but this time there wasn t nearly as much of a sense that Cormac was missing from their lives They have a pack now, they don t really need him the same way And now that Kitty and Ben are getting married I just don t see him being as involved in their lives I also didn t buy that the human halves fell in love They spent most of the book fighting and trying to decide if they were only together because they were a pack of two I was never really convinced that there was any other reason for it As I recall, Kitty wasn t particularly interested in Ben before he became a werewolf Yes, he s a nice guy, but we didn t actually see much of that in this book aside from his driving her to see her mother What am I missing Where and why did the human halves fall in love I m not ready to abandon the series or anything, but I m wary of the new direction On the plus side, I seem to recall that there will be two books in the series released within about a month of each other in 2009.