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LOOK BEHIND THE MASUES—IF YOU DAREEnter a shadowy realm where nothing—and no one—is as it appears A place hidden from view nestled in the darkest recesses of your mind awaiting the perfect moment to reveal itself—only to scare you blind In this collection of unforgettable horror stories discover the terrifying truth as told by today’s greatest masters of the macabre—classic twisted tales that will reach out from the past and draw you into the depths of their darkness Prepare to enter a nightmarish reality in which seeing is disbelieving your eyes can deceive youand DARK MASUES conceal the ultimate in terror

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    This is one of the best collections of darkhorror short stories I've read in a long time There were so many times I exclaimed I wish I'd written that It's great value for money with 46 stories included and most of them very good As with all short story collections there are always some that readers won't enjoy but that depends on your tastes and it's great to have such a varied selection With so many stories on offer I found I didn't mind skipping the odd one or two if I wasn't enjoying it Stephen King's entry has a nice twist and I hadn't read it anywhere else despite being a collector of his books The collection ends with my overall favourite; The Boy Who Came Back From the Dead Like many others in the collection this one was entertaining disturbing and unpredictable and completed my enjoyment of Dark Masues

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    Above average collection of stories that were apparently from a semi regular publication called appropriately Dark Masues; probably something like Charles Grant's Shadows anthologies The usual range of stuff including the ubiuitous King and Campbell stories do these guys ever get up from the typewriter? This book must be fairly popular because it has been reprinted multiple times since 1995 when it first appeared This reprint is a mmpb from 2012 I had a lot of around the campfire fun with it

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    Solid collection of horror short stories As with most collections some stand out

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    I thought this title was really fun I really wanted to go with 3 and a half stars since there were a few drab stories in the book A decent percentage of the book was worth the time There were stories worthy of adapting to film for either TV or theaters I do recommend this book to the horror reader that likes a taste of the ghoulish style

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    When you think of a short story anthology you can conjure up a mixed bag of stories that run the gamut from great to terrible depending on the genre This collection is like okay to downright wretched The good stories are from the authors you expect like Robert Bloch Stephen King and F Paul Wilson but the ones that are from some of the smaller press folks seem to have no real place in this one It could have easily been edited down to the point of much less than the near 600 pages this tome contained if you take out a lot of filler It's two smaller books put into one when a single volume would suffice

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    12 good writing 14 excellent writing 14 total crap

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    The novel Dark Masues edited by JN Williamson is a novel composed of multiple short stories by multiple writers including Stephen King Ramsey Campbell James Herbert Robert R McCammon etc One of the many short stories in this novel is Popsy written by Stephen King The short story follows a human trafficker Sheridan roaming around a mall looking for a target The young boy that he meets speaks of ‘Popsy” Popsy is the young child’s grandfatherMy favorite part int this short story is when the kid begins yelling out for Popsy after a flapping sound is heard The reason as to why this is my favorite part in the short story is because it creates tension due to what the kid says “Overhead there was a flapping sound like big sheets on a clothesline “Popsy” the kid cried “Shut up It was only a bird” But suddenly he was spooked very spooked The kid’s lips were drawn back from his teeth again His teeth were very white very big” What this scene does is create tension and fear due to the kid believing that the sound was Popsy because the sound also resembled wingsI would recommend this novel to those who enjoy trying out new writers due to how many writers are in this novel and the varying writing techniues that they each use

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    I've just finished the first half of this collection originally published as two separate volumes and its time to admit that it's really not very good There are a few good stories here mind you I particularly liked F Paul Wilson's Soft Robert Bloch's Everybody Needs a Little Love and William F Nolan's Trust Not a Man but even these lean towards pulp and shock value The other stories were a mixed bag of decent but not memorable dull outright poorly written or just completely baffling as well as several combinations thereof Despite this being billed as a horror anthology some of the stories included weren't even part of the genre I may come back to the second half at a later date it has stories from King Campbell Matheson and Landsdale as well as second offerings from Bloch and Nolan so I want to believe it's probably at least a little better Still I can't see myself feeling eager to come back to this volume any time soon

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    Enjoyable if not particularly remarkable anthology of 80s era horror The best stories are probably Second Sight Ice Sculptures Hidey Hole The Old Men Know Redbeard My Grandmother's Japonicas The Night Is Freezing Fast Popsy And Down By The Sea Near The Great Big Rock The editor makes the dubious decision of including his own stories which due to the fact that this is an omnibus edition leads to the book containing two of his stories Unfortunately both are mediocre and somewhat overwritten Annoyingly the table of contents lacks author names but I suppose that's what you get from a bargain basement publisher like this one Notes on the stories to come

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    Horror anthology Theme single volume reprint of Masues 1984 and Masues II 1987 Highlights few and far between Maybe “Deathbed” by Richard Christian Matheson not really a horror story but one of the few pieces in the book with any genuine emotional content Lowlights just about anything from the 1984 set If I had to pick just one “The First Day of Spring” by David Knoles stood out as not only poorly written but also spectacularly unoriginal Overall geez what a set of stinkers Even the good writers seem to be pushing their B games at best off on editor JN Williamson Add several tales that hinge on animal cruelty and you’ve got one bad book