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Awesome, radically delicious book with the exception of the ending, which seemed abrupt I felt like one of the authors theodine or gongorophan addicts craving a fix and wanting to read about what happens now to the characters. First of all I m not sure if the author meant for this to be a complete novel, or a two part series There are many aspects of this story left unsaid, a mystery that will fulfill alot of intricacies of some of the characters complexed interactions The main characters Mitchell and Charles s storey s to me are incomplete Their journey s, experiments, friendship isn t or cannot be or just end in a blink I truly understand what the pearl did to Mitchell I understand what David s willful ignorance, and violent behavior changed him But what I do not understand is how much wasn t accomplished when it comes to the ending Nothing came to order or to an end when the antagonist were involved Yes, in some way Mitchell and Charles stopped them temporarily from time to time, but there wasn t a permanent solution, not to mention a whole nother life Mitchell has in Carracan There s were so many, too many unknowns this wasn t a mystery I suppose there was much Such an Amazing TaleWhile I am not qualified to understand the science involved, the tale of two future genius level robin hoods set against a dystopian background using technical innovation to stop injustice in New and creative ways was a kick in the pants Mr Grey and Mr Nolan use their scientific minds to build innovative tools to stop the corrupt in their tracks My favorites were Manhaddan Fish Oil and the Fire Breathing Dragon.All along the story there is an undercurrent of mystical pharmacology in the form of a rare plant that changes things like magic There will be about this in the second book about this, I m sure of it.Mr Rankin has not resorted to cheap tricks, or sparkling paranormal creatures who are alpha in character and stunning in looks, instead, he tells the tale of two, young men who want something justice for the world, which is a lot worse than what we have today The difference is, these young men have the brains to pull off some amazing things Don t get me wrong, not all is sweetness and light in the land of robin hood, far from it There is death, beating, evading arrest, intimidation, threats, police harassment, car chases, jail, broken hearts, fleeing the country and These boys don t have it easy.The story is rather fanciful, but hugely entertaining I enjoyed it immensely It is definitely a genre bender, as it couples sci fi with technology and dystopian and while there are barely any guns our protagonists don t need them , it is a bit of a thriller as well My only concern is that when the novel gets to the exciting parts, a word gets dropped here or there For this story, I can overlook that, but maybe in the future, an edit might be a good idea Otherwise, I love the plot, the characters, the setting, the inventions, even the bad guys If you can ignore some typos, grab this book, and read it now. A very dark, enigmatic story that explores the familiar themes of despair, anger, and revenge, Creating Monsters is a book that is hard to put down If you had the intelligence and ability to exact revenge, would you The main character is thoughtful and insightful, but allowed himself and his talents to be manipulated in ways he didn t approve Along the way to revenge, monsters are created all around him some by his doing, some by circumstance In the end, when he steps back to view the whole picture, what has he really accomplished The storytelling is exquisite Word choices and ease of phrasing lull the reader into this dream like world The haze over the city is a great metaphor for the lack of clarity most of us have for what is happening around us At times, imagery reminded me of the dark Batman movies There are other common themes in this book vigilantism, love, losing one s parents, young scientists in a lab Many readers can enjoy this story because of their interests in similar genres.The biggest problem I had with the book was the editing Many issues of missing punctuation, missing words, incorrect pronouns, homonyms used, spelling errors were throughout the entire book Normally, this would be quite upsetting to me However, I enjoyed the story so much, I jumped right over the problems This may not be the case for all readers For this book to be great, it needs a thorough editing job For now, it is very good.If you are a reader who enjoys dark stories, who likes to read about characters exacting revenge, you enjoy comic book characters who create a new powerful persona to seek justice, or you enjoy futuristic fantasy, please check out this book It s the author s debut novel, and I m excited to read from him Great story Can t wait for the next book. Interesting read Style is very different, as is the progression of the plot Hate that I have to wait for the next book. Man I was hoping the end was a little better than it turned out I was left a little disappointed but I enjoyed the read anyway. It s like your standard fare television action adventure that has interesting moments that grab your attention the first time but when you see the series finale you realize that the writers were pretty much just going from one scene to another, one interesting concept to another, without any real endgame in mind The last third of my kindle version of the book was filled with typos Since I just finished reading Riddley Walker I just ploughed through, but it was reflective of the overall writing too Lots of attention in the beginning with some interesting ideas that you hoped would be developed but which just run out of gas and attention to detail in what feels like an effort to just get the book done Not bad for a free book, though. A Psychedelic Adventure Set In A City On The Verge Of DisasterIn Modern Philadelphia, Where A Deep Economic Depression Has Left The City Near Collapse And Most Of Its Inhabitants In Gruesome Poverty, Mitchell Gray, A Twenty Year Old Graduate Student In A Beleaguered University Physics Department, Spends Most Of His Time Playing Piano And Touring The City S Worst Slums In Stolen Cars He Is A Technical Virtuoso Whose Scientific Ideas Challenge The Foundations Of His Field But He Lives In Hiding From One Of The World S Most Powerful Billionaires, A Man Obsessed With The Quiet Mitchell And Determined To Capitalize On His Strange Inventions When Mitchell Falls In Love With An Older Woman, The Wife Of A Wealthy Pharmaceutical Executive, Their Relationship Inspires Him With A Mad Plan Use His Creations To Change The World With The Help Of A Brilliant And Neurotic Chemistry Student Named Charlie Nolan And Technology So Advanced That It Resembles Magic, Mitchell Devises Horrifying Yet Harmless Schemes And Supernatural Hoaxes, Causing An Uproar In The CityHis Nights As A Modern Day Robin Hood Also Raise The Alarm Of Some Of The Real Monsters In Philadelphia, Including A Mysterious Child Murderer Rud To Possess Supernatural Powers, Known Only As The Demon Christopher Rankin S Debut Novel Is A Haunting Story Of Love, Friendship And Survival In A World Of Revolution Fell apart at the end.