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As A Boy, Hale Privet Dreamed Of Sailing The Grey Waters Of The Northern Gantic Ocean Aboard A Mighty Ship Of War But When Farm Life Kept Him From The Sea, The Sea Came To Him In The Form Of Rye Blackbird, The Infamous Mutineer Whose Wondrous Tales Help Set Hale On His Own Path To Adventure And Such Adventures They Are Villains, Mysteries, Sea Battles And Even A Cursed Island AwaitPrivet S Story Is Part Folklore And Part Fantasy, Set In A Long Ago Time Where You Might Just As Easily Witness Something Mystical, As Feel The Salty Spray Of The Sea On Your Face FELLENGREY Is A Bedtime Story For Grown Ups, Complete With Pirates, Ghosts, Magic Spells And, Of Course, A Beautiful Maiden To Capture The Dashing Hero S Heart Author Scott Thomas Lyrically Creates A World That Is Visceral And Treacherous, But Also Lovely And Familiar I found Fellengrey to be a very interesting and intriguing book Once I started it I really could not put it down, I found myself constantly wanting to know what was going to happen next and what new adventure Hale was going to find himself surrounded by It was an appeasing combination of fiction, fantasy, and folklore This was not my first nautical based book, but I found the descriptions of the boats, sea life, and navy to be very consistent with within itself as well as factual I found Hale Privet s character to be well developed, yet I found myself wishing I knew it is just in my nature to always want to know It felt like the stories that comprise Hale s life were pieced together and the transitions were sufficient, yet felt slightly lacking compared to the detail put into the rest of the book Regardless, this is personal preference and it did not take away from from the story nor the overall quality of the book I still really enjoyed it and will read it again, have my husband read it, and read it too my children Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this work. A fantastic story I m not usually one for Fantasy.but this one really worked for me The world created by the author was so real that the magic that also existed in that world was totally believable Characters that you care about, adventures that rivet your eyes to the page..I am so glad I gave it a try Highly recommend A well written story set in a wonderful world Dreamy descriptions of island and seas in an usual world.