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Man o War is still famous even after being gone since 1947 and out of racing since 1920 He is still the horse racehorses are measured against Farley s fictionalized biography explains the pull of this spectacular horse.The facts in the book are true The events are as they happened The fiction comes into play because Farley invented a character to accompany Man o War through his racing career.Man o War raced as a two year old beating all comers He lost one race because his jockey let him get boxed in.As a three year old Man o War broke racetrack record after record Yet he was never really allowed to run all out No one knows how fast this horse was What was known was that he made all other racehorses look like hacks beating them by many lengths Finally no other owner would race against him as the race would immediately become an exhibition outing for Man o War.Man o War ran 21 races winning 20 His last race was at the end of his three year old season against Sir Barton, an older Canadian horse He was held to seven lengths ahead of the other horse yet still ran the mile and a quarter in 2 03 minutes.Man o War was only a name to me before reading this book It is an interesting account of what on the surface is only racing history yet than that as this horse is part of cultural history as well. I am now entering the horse section of my favorites shelf reads It was a lengthy period for me but one filled with many fond memories I went back and forth on where I should start, Stallions or Beauties, all the while staring at this majestic beast The others being no less in worth, but this one, this one had a special pull all its own Shall we I had read through the other two standard horse themed books and was searching for Up to this point all of my reads were fiction all the way I mean why burn my leisure time on educational books, that s what school was for This bottom shelf bookend was large and in charge and way left of my comfort zone, even if it promised a horse theme I can t say for sure if it was a librarian that persuaded me or just time running out on a library book search, but I went for it A fictionalized biography is what I had in my hands and roots definitely formed from it Learning about true stuff could be fun and interesting if you had a good author.Did I learn to like horse racing Nope.Will I always remember the name Man o War Absolutely. An Exciting, Moving Piece Of Fiction Based On The Facts About One Of The Greatest Horses Of All Time The Feeling For Horses, Horse Breeding And Training, And Horse Racing Is Masterfully Handled Thrilling, Highly Recommended Starred School Library Journal I really really wanted to love this book, it s a fictional biography of the legendary racehorse Man o War, grand sire of Seabiscuit and one of the most tremendous thoroughbreds of all time This book I didn t realize is was fiction until after I started it was written by the author of the Black Stallion series how could he possibly go wrong Um, well, he s no Laura Hillenbrand, that s for damn sure The narrator, a young boy who grooms for Man o War during his 3 year racehorse career, is obnoxious and the writing style gives him even less confidence than his character already portrays He questions everything, but not in an intelligent way, in a drive the plot of a soap opera kind of way Will Man o War last the night Will he be able to shake off this flu Will he ever race again These types of questions pepper every single paragraph And, Farley seems to despise women of all kinds As an author and also as his opinions transferred to his main character, he cannot give an honest compliment to a woman to save his life Even if that woman happens to own and run one of the most successful racehorse stables in the country she s just a bitch He can t even give a real compliment to Man o War s mother, the mare responsible for ONE HALF of his racing genes Farley and the boy groom write that horse off as a breed mare who has no use except for spitting out baby racers AND, Farley and his MC seem to hold all racing female horses in the same kind of contempt Argh, it was so blatant And irritating I wished I d just read a historical article or three about Man o War instead of slog through this terrible book Skip this, read Seabiscuit instead. I loved this book when I read it as a kid I was a little horse crazy and the details of caring and racing really kept me enthralled That topic isn t as interesting to me as an adult, so I didn t enjoy it as much now, but it was a good nostalgia book. I read this book over and over when I was in school I found it just as entertaining as I did then While it is a fictional account as far as the characters, the strength and beauty of this magnificent horse shines through even today Man O War will always be my favorite. This one did not live up to my childhood memory of it I still love the story of a stable boy and his love for one of the greatest if not the greatest race horse in history Apparently, this book is where I learned a lot about horse racing I was a fanatic as a pre teen There is a lot of information about racing and horses just thrown in for detail too much detail The story gets lost along the way While I wasn t as offended as some by the author s references to women he does after all have two women characters who are the best at what they do , some of the descriptions were insulting. The disdain for women throughout the book is appalling I get that this was written in 1962, but it was really bad Every time a woman was mentioned, she was put down Now I m going to re read The Black Stallion and see if Farley did the same misogynistic writing. A good fictional account of arguably the best American racehorse ever I liked Danny and felt his pain at the thought of losing Red, and his joy and wonder at Red s beauty, majesty and ability.While I much prefer Dorothy Ours A Legend Like Lightning for the facts of Man o War s life, this book puts us in emotional touch with Red through the eyes of someone who had actually seen him in person. I read this as a child and loved it I picked it up recently but could not finish It was written at a time when women were not considered as strong as, as smart as men It bothers me that this image of men as better than women was prevalent in the 50s and 60s and that my love of horses subjected me to this type of sexism.