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Athens 1936 General Metaxas is cracking down on rebetis and their way of life A small group of friends Rebetiko musicians wind their way through the Athenian backstreets ouzeris and market suares dodging the police while settling disputes over hashish and women With music at its heart the narrative builds to a joyous party at its climax in this multi award winning graphic novel

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    Rebetiko is outsider Greek music Turkish influenced maybe started in some ways in the early twentieth century very popular now in Greece and in that region and I so wanted to like this lovely book showing how cool funky musicians were being put down in 1936 by rising Greek fascism as in other countries at that time decrying decadence by the state but this was annoyingly confusing to me the story especially The main thing in addition to the music that happens here is these folks are constantly stoned drunk in hash joints and in bars fighting getting beat up by local police who like the music but are asked to enforce new state moral standards but you don't need 100 pages of that to get the point The coloring and drawing fit the mood and topic very well beautiful And well the partying lifestyle of these folks looks fun but finally not that memorable a story

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    A wonderful story about a group of rebete in the 1920s The story only covers a small narrative time about a day but it's packed with drama and personalities It was also a way to introduce me to this style of music and the fascinating history surrounding it

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    A very confusingly told story about a fascinating topic The visual style is pretty muddy and kind of blurs everything together which is thematically appropriate but makes it difficult to tell what's actually going on and who's who The compression is also all over the place and on top of this I think the narrative suffers in the translation A uniue subject and some beautiful visual work in places but there's not much narrative payoff until the very end and counter to the spirit of the story getting there is drudgery

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    Rebetiko the outlawed music in Greece after the Ottoman empire has fallen but the people love it while the musicians are passionate about telling their yesterdays and today story through their musicThe story follows the adventure of a group of musicians their reunion and plans how to pour their hearts through their music without being caught by the police Enemies love fights opium musicThe four stars is for the art I love the coloring and the style the only problem are the faces sometimes it's hard to recognize the characters Another minus for me was the music u can't feel it in the drawings at times they r very static and boring A good read

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    I think graphic novels are a cheap excuse for writers getting away with not being able to write descriptive passages For every page with no dialog you get a handful of weird facial expressions from which you are supposed to extract or make presumptions yourself about what is actually taking place Don't think I'm much a fan of this genre Although the story and subject itself are pretty cool I'd like to see this done better Maybe a modern take on a Zorba the Greek sort of film on rebetika Maybe it's already out there I'll be looking

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    The story is not really interesting or anything really but drawings are beyond beautiful

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    The artwork in this book is great most of the rebetes are actually recognisable their gazes and expression uite convincing and the contrast between the sunny streets of athens and the dark hashish dens is excellent The storyline is also interesting with a couple of tangential subplots which serve as character background referenced from time to time Nevertheless the characters are not explored in so much depth as to deprive them of mystiue The book also includes lyrics from a number of songs translated into French so I am not sure which ones some of them are the 'improvised' one may be the author's as I cannot recognise it

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    The artwork is beautiful The rays of the Greek sun through vine canopies the murk of hashish dens the stark shades of life of the outsiders it all really comes alive in this bande dessinée The somewhat weak storytelling is an advantage here as this is not one of those books that tell the story but rather communicate the vibes the mystiues the feelings and the images of a long lost world All in all Rebetiko is a very successful BD take on a very specific and very rich aspect of the 20th century Greek cultureA must for all Hellenes and Philhellenes of the universe

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    I'd probably give this a 35 as it was an enjoyable read but I found it very difficult throughout the book working out who was who and what exactly was going on I first came across rebetiko music when my housemate and friend Richard was playing it with a Greek mate of his Demetre I was sold on it but never heard it again after that This book gave me a bit insight into Rebetiko the people who created it and it's history