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Are you aware that a great cosmic battle is being fought over your soul?While the attacks from the enemy can be subtle the results can be disastrous if you are not properly armedDiscover the reality of the conflict and how to embrace the essential radical protection that only God can provide in these perilous times of earth's history

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    Just What I NeededThere is a young person in my life who is currently being harassed by the enemy After a recent all night prayer session for them I learned they attempted to give themselves to satan but was told “I cannot take you right now; there are too many people praying for you” I purchased this book and within a day heard a speaker testify of the difference putting on the armor of God has made in her life I thank God for this book and reinforcement of its message By God’s grace I will put in the armor and pray in the Spirit as I walk the journey with this young person To God be the glory