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Prime Crime trots out the third Horse Lover's mystery It's a big day for horse trainer Michaela Bancroft the opening of her tack shop a gala fashion show and now the murder of a polo rider

10 thoughts on “Tacked to Death Horse Lover's Mystery Book 3

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    Interesting and fast read Some details are not necessary Does it matter that it’s a Troxel helmet? LOL and interrupt the flow but otherwise pretty good Too many characters not all of which have great character development Joe and Jude too similarconfusing But overall a smooth read and interesting plot twists Predictable ending

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    While slightly disappointed that there will be no of this series at least that's what I am led to believe I was happy with the uick reads that these books were However I do feel that it starts with the best being the first book and the last being the not so great of the trilogy This one had danger but I never truly felt like there really was any The character of Michaela Bancroft ended up getting to be kind of irritating not only with her ambivalence towards the man who is introduced as a possible love interest in the first book but with her absolute desire to find out the truth despite the trouble she would get into It just ended up being too much to not really have much sense of self preservation It would have been endearing if she really had tried to leave it to the cops and then something would have landed in front of her instead of consistently putting herself in danger that didn't feel to dangerous This book also did not revolve around the horses as much as the previous books had which was uite the disappointment All of this being said I still enjoyed the uick read I just felt like it could have been enjoyable

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    Love the horses and learning about the horse world However Michaela is just too nosy and impulsive If she has any common sense it appears it take back seat and even is buried by her need to know and poor impulse control She sits her nose where it doesn't belong Yes she's accused of murder in this book and she wants to clear herself That doesn't mean she has the right to barge in on people and ask uestions and interrogate them Doesn't appear there is another in the series right now which I think is okay by me I don't think I have the patience for Michaela and her antics

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    IMO not as good as the first two The plot was a little shaky to me and pretty convoluted Plus she seemed to have too much going on now both the author and Michaela to really be able to accomplish all that she has seemingly set out to do I was expecting a really good novel like the first one The first one was a pleasant surprise This one the opposite like what I was expecting from the first one

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    I bought the two horse lovers mysteries together thinking I'd like the horse part but there was very little about horses in this other than the main protagonist owns a tack shop and likes to ride Like her previous effort the author gives the reader too much information and offers too many hints for my taste It might appeal to those who like romantic mysteries

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    The murderer was killed by a horse Yah Right And the very ending made me want to wash my hands for a very long time Maybe a passionate horse person would enjoy this Not for a crime reader though

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    horse lore fine but peopledialogue unreal

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    This is another fine mystery from Michele Scott It kept me guessing until the end and the characters were very easy to visualize and get to know

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    Really liked that she follows the story line and the characters arereal First book was the best

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    Last in the series Pretty good but not upset that the series is over