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I like Peter Abrahams a lot This one not so much The writing was stellar as usual but the plot I wasn t sure I understood the title until the last maybe tenth of the book when it was obvious and yes, all points before had led to this but I kept thinking have I missed something Does the title have significance than that final act by the twins and Nat I have mixed feelings on the way Freedy kept coming in and out with no obvious connection until quite late on but he was a well drawn psychotic individual that gave me the creeps But then the twins gave me the creeps too and I wasn t sure whether that was intentional It didn t feel much like a suspense story until the end, until that point it was a social commentary, a character study But the book held my interest though it didn t set me on fire. I wouldn t normally rate this type of book so high, but Peter Abrahams captured my attention and the ending was unusual enough to make it special I really enjoyed reading this book. It Was Than A White Lie It Was Deception On A Grand Scale But The Motive Was Admirable To Save The Bright Future Of A Deserving Young Man And The Victim, Too, Was Deserving An Arrogant Billionaire Who Would Hardly Notice His Loss, Crumbs From A Vast Fortune All The Plotters Needed Was A Believable Story, Desperate And Frightening, But False Nothing Bad Was Supposed To Happen They Were Only Crying Wolf But What If The Wolf Were Real For Nat, A Shining All American Boy With Blue Collar Roots, Acceptance To New England S Exclusive Inverness College Seems Like The Opportunity Of A Lifetime The Chilling Events That Follow Are Nothing Like What He ImaginedIt Begins At Christmas Break Nat, Unable To Afford Going Home For The Holidays, Remains Alone On The Deserted Campus Alone Until He Meets Grace And Izzie Zorn, Twin Sisters Who, Although Biologically Identical, Are Utterly Different Thrown Off By The Irresistible Attraction Of This Astonishing Pair, Nat S Moral Compass Starts To Fail Him How Could It Not, As He Enters A Seductive New World Of Private Caribbean Islands, Personal Jets, And Endless Possibility A World Where Folly, Even Crime, Now Seems RightWhen Classes Resume, Nat And The Twins Fall Under The Influence Of A Charismatic Philosophy Professor With Dangerous Ideas And A Secret Of His Own His Teachings Will Be Used To Justify A Bold Scheme, Plotted Deep Beneath The School In The Lair Of A Forgotten Social Club, Banished For Almost A CenturyBut Someone In The Underground Shadows Is Listening, Someone Who Thinks He Deserves A Future Just As Bright As Nat S Suddenly A Risky But Basically Innocent Game Will Take A Horrifying Turn I spent the first 20 pages in a state of deja vu Everything was vaguely familiar.I spent the next 20 convinced I d read the book before, though I could remember zero specifics So I decided maybe it was just that the tone is so The Secret History esque.Twenty pages later, I gave up and checked my Palm list Read it in 2003 I should really update my GoodReads archives, eh Without remembering specifics, though, it was certainly worth the snarky fun of reading it again.It s not great literature by any stretch of the imagination But it s a fun ride. good start, for the first 25 pages, then it drops off a cliff and is bad. Very suspenseful The book was readable enough but I just did not connect with it The incident at the end that I guess this novel was leading up to, seemed a bit belated. Peter Abrahams s Crying Wolf doesn t read like a typical thriller Sure, it s apparent from the beginning that the two main characters, protagonist Nat and villain Freedy, are being set on some collision course, but this may be lost on the reader Mr Abrahams takes his time setting things up, introducing and rounding out the characters, and giving the reader a good amount of insight into the motivations driving good and bad guy alike.Where he lost me was with the female characters I know, I know It s difficult for men to write convincingly for women and vice versa However, it didn t seem like Mr Abrahams really tried to make any of the girls in his book than prizes to be won by the men Izzie and Grace were quirky and energetic quite loveable So did Mr Abrahams really have to sell us the timeworn good twin bad twin storyline It was disgusting enough to wallow through chapters devoted to chauvinistic, psychotic Freedy without having one of the heroines trying to trick poor, naive Natty boy into sleeping with her But, in the end, strong and energetic Grace gets hers too, right And Nat still gets the girl, despite having slept with her twin sister Let us not forget that he d already spurned Grace s advances once and had absolutely no trouble knowing that she wasn t her sister then, after only a brief acquaintance with them both.I enjoyed the story up until the kidnapping plot came into play, but everything suddenly felt out of character for nearly everyone involved. Read this because my daughter read his YA books and she loved Abrahams so much she got her hands on this adult book Good complex plot with interesting twists But not appropriate for my 11 year old Lots of themes she was clueless about If a parentnts of that entitled world, this is an excellent tool to let them at least think about some of the people they will probably meet I respect very much the challenges offered students at top schools, but at one point, the uber successful businessman dad says, I never hire form schools like this I only hire form the top 5 % of public universities it s an idea that a kid going into the job market, and simply acquiring life skills, needs to be aware of. I knew this book wouldn t be good, I knew it, and yet I decided to give it a try It really wasn t worth it I found the structure of the book very confusing, the themes deciding your own future Money Missing fathers got lost in the way, too many insignificant characters, too long a beginning with nothing really happening , and especially the lack of interesting characters I couldn t care less what happened to them They remained plastic and boring, especially the main trio twins Nat Even , Nat seemed rude, can t understand why the twins loved him so much The only character that had some personality in him was Freedy Did I like him, no, but was he interesting, certainly Overall, not worth reading.