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In this enthralling original graphic novel published in a landscape format you will meet the PANDAREN one of the most beloved and mysterious races in World of Warcraft Written by Blizzard’s own Micky Neilson the World of Warcraft MMORPG World of Warcraft Ashbringer and World of Warcraft Curse of the Worgen with art by fan favorite Sean “Cheeks” Galloway TV’s Teen Titans Go and WEDNESDAY COMICS this story ties directly into the upcoming World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion pack The tale introduces Li Li Stormstout a precocious young student who lives atop a giant turtle called Shen zin Su Like the rest of the wandering island’s pandaren Li Li comes from a line of adventurers who left their homeland long ago to explore the worldand she wants nothing than to chase that dream But when Li Li runs away to find her famous uncle Chen how will she survive Azeroth’s perils?

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    My husband and kiddos love to play World of Warcraft and while I have successfully avoided this addicting pastime too busy reading and logging my books I am than familiar with many of the terms locations and characters in the fantasy world I discovered this graphic novel and knew that it would likely appeal to our girls I borrowed it for them but thought I would read it too It's a lot longer than I expected and I am sure that I would have appreciated it if I played the game but it is a good story

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    Review originally posted on The Oaken Bookcase on September 24 2012I’ve been a World of Warcraft player for uite a few years now so I was thrilled to be given the chance to review this graphic novel It’s a tie in with the upcoming expansion release of Mists of Pandaria on September 25th and introduces us to the Pandaren and their wanderlustLong ago a group of Pandaren followed the explorer Liu Liang onto the back of his giant turtle known as the Wandering Isle to set off to see the world Gradually the wanderlust left them but one Pandaren still longed to explore – Chen Stormstout Years later Chen’s young niece Li Li decides to set out on a dangerous journey to the Eastern Kingdoms to find her Uncle ChenThe journey takes her and her protector sent from the Wandering Isle Bo across the Eastern Kingdoms to familiar cities to the drunkenness of Brewfest then across to Kalimdor Along the way Li Li and Bo face darker forces intent on taking the Pandaren treasures for themselvesI really enjoyed the gorgeous illustrations in Pearl of Pandaria The story itself is cute and funny at times – not uite on the same scale Lore wise as the other Warcraft books but introduces uite a few stories and should appeal both to children and veterans of Azeroth alike The Pandaren are amazing characters and I’m really looking forward to exploring of their lands soon

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    Pearl of Pandaria is a graphic novel set in the World of Warcraft Universe Taking place before the Cataclysm it follows the adventures of two Pandaren Li Li Stormstout niece of the legendary brewmaster Chen Stormstout and her teacher Strongbo who is trying to bring her back to her to home on the Wandering Isle The GoodAccording to developer’s the character of Li Li Stormstout was created in order to bring a fresh perspective to the warcraft universe and in the book this definitely works Through Li Li’s tween eyes we see a renewed sense of wonder for old warcraft wonders such as Brewfest and Stormwind City In a fanbase that seems increasingly jaded her childlike wonder makes it all seem new and fresh again There is a real sense of character development for Li Li as well as Strongbo In the opening chapters we see that while having a good heart Li Li is rather spoiled andor arrogant She wants to go off and have adventures regardless of the conseuences to herself or to others and she neglects her responsibilities On one hand her desire for a exciting life is understandable on the other hand she can be seen as rather selfish Perhaps she acknowledges this privately and simply doesn’t care Chen Stormstout is a character that has been in Warcraft for uite some time He came around during the Warcraft III era and has been a fan favorite Even though he is not seen much he is very much a memorable character in his zeal and lust for life The artwork is great It is a mixture of epic landscapes and somewhat cartoony characters that fit really well into the Warcraft Style The FlawsThe main gaffe Bookworm has with this story is the artist’s interpretation of the Pandaren In other media the pandaren are clearly portrayed as having sharp teeth however in Pearl of Pandaria they are shown as having short stubby incisors that jut from their upper jaws That combined with their pupil lacking eyes gives the Pandaren particularly Chen and Lili Stormstout a look that makes them appear dumb which they are anything but It is not that big a deal but it is one of those things that the reader can’t help but notice throughout the reading and it really is to the books detriment and in some parts the artwork can get a little too cartoony Also the facts mentioned above about the protagonist Li Li Stormstout may make her unattractive as a protagonist Final VerdictGraphic novels depend greatly upon personal taste so it makes it a little difficult to attach a rating But Pearl of Pandaria is a fun dynamic story that tells the tale of Warcraft’s most beloved characters Chen Stormstout and introduces a personal favorite character It’s a fun read for all ages and fans of Warcraft Four out Five Stars

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    Originally Reviewed At MotherGamerWriterRating 45 out of 5 ControllersReview Source EdelweissReviewer MeWorld of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria is an enchanting tale of one young girl’s uest to find adventure in the midst of a land that has truly forgotten what it means to dream For fans of World of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria is a direct tie in to the newly released World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion And for those graphic novel lovers who have never played a single game of WoW the story opens with a brief overview of the WoW universe giving us a glimpse at past happenings and other popular characters from the PC games Our story is centered around Li Li Stormstout a headstrong young girl who despite the teachings at school and constant discouragement from her father is determined to find adventure and remind her father that their people once thrived on steeping out into the unknown and discovering whatever life has to offer Her heart longs for zest fun and excitement and knows there is to life than just living on the Wandering Isle In order to prove a point Li Li decides to leave her home and search for her notorious uncle Chen However none of the stories and clues left by her uncle over the years could have prepared her for the captivating dangerous amazing world of Azeroth Over the course of this breathtakingly illustrated graphic novel we are led on one precarious escapade after another The uest to decipher Chen’s clues gives us some history on Chen’s life since he’s been missing while introducing us to other characters and villains who are related to the Mists expansion I thoroughly enjoyed being engrossed in the story and couldn’t wait to see what type of trouble our young friend would encounter next Overall World of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria is a great addition to any WoW fan’s collection It will definitely bridge some gaps and tie up loose ends from previous games while enhancing your knowledge of the WoW lore There’s a lot of uick witted humor and fantastic dialog to read and plenty of over the top characters to meet Moreover let’s not forget the artwork is without a doubt a remarkably well put together masterpiece that will immediately suck you into Li Li’s world I highly recommend it to not only WoW fans but to fans of great fantasy adventures and video gamers alike

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    Since this is a very short book you cannot say too much about it without going into serious spoiler territory; so I will keep it as short as possibleI think it's all in all a good book for kids and middle graders The main character Li Li is a charming little daredevil of a Pandaren girl and I think in a few years she could be a very charismatic woman of course who knows whether there would ever be any story like thatActually speaking of her gender this here is one of the few gender neutral books I know off written for this age group where the main character is a girl usually it's a boyThe stories are engaging and never too long or anything It is nothing outstanding of course but for me it was refreshing seeing a girl in a story who actually does not uestion herself and her outgoing or if you want tomboyish attitudes and does not try to hide itLi Li knows who she is and what she wants and its rather her environment who cannot deal with her except for her uncle Chen and not she with her environment in fact based on what her father stated it seems that she is in fact the normal one and the others the abnormal technically she is one of the old crowd and not the other way aroundIf there is something to criticize it is that the end is sort of rushed Also while the artwork is good a handful of times it was a tad mismatched eg eyes going into slightly opposite directions as it seems or that one Keeper of the Grove being shown in a running upper body position that a being with an elf's upper body and the lower part being a full stag body probably would not have You see the arms' postures are in line with that of a human runner but a centaur like this probably would have its arms still at his sideHm this was longer than I thought it would be D

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    I won this book in a Goodreads give away Pearl of Pandaria introduces World of Warcraft fans to the Pandarem race panda like beings who live atop a floating island the Wandering Isle which is actually a giant turtle named Shen zih Su WoW is the world’s most popular multi player online role playing game MMORPG so there is sure to be demand for this title and other spin off books This book coincides with the release of the new game Mists of Pandaria Li Li is a young female student niece of the infamous Uncle Chen who abandoned his home to seek adventure and has become a legend Li Li decides to follow in her uncle’s footsteps and seek adventure but upon her departure her father sends a guard Bo to retrieve her Bo’s attemps are thwarted by Li Li’s cunning and the odd couple faces numerous challenges including a battle with the witch Zahara who seeks the mythic Pearl of Pandaria Thematically the book focuses on adventure wanderlust and retribution Heavily interwoven with folklore and fantasy readers are introduced to elves trolls goblins giants demons dwarves and dryads There is a bit of environmental messaging having to do with the destruction and re greening of the forest and there is a lot of focus on brewing herbs for tea and beer especially beer as uncover the secrets of the Brewfest and grapple with drunken fantastical beings The violence is mild for the most part some stabbing and gushes of blood but not too graphic but the continued references to drunkenness and the cult of beer make lessen the appropriateness for a younger audience; recommended for 9 12th grade I would probably give it 35 stars if I could; the artwork is excellent and the story is engaging

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    The story reads like it's for younger readers but there's uite a lot of hack n' slash that doesn't match the perceived age range It was an ok way to pass the time but not terribly good The panel arrangement can be confusing confounded further by speech bubbles that seem to be in the wrong place In one panel Li Li has an item and the speech bubble is the male saying he has something for her then a panel has him giving it to her the thing she already had On the very first page in three consecutive panels the riding tortoise has one shell ring then three then two that might be tree then two again There are other smaller inconsistencies A character starts with green eyes then has yellow eyes later in the page The notes in the back say that the Pandaren had green eyes until they were all recolored yellow so they may have just missed those two green eyed panels There is one tiny racist stereotype and it comes from the bad guy He basically comments that since two characters are both Pandaren they will have euivalent fighting skill It doesn't help that both of the characters the villain is talking about look nearly exactly alike Seriously The only saving grace of the book is the zone lore Li Li and Bo retell as they cross into new areas So a little flat confusing panel arrangements but little bits of lore I say don't go out of your way to pick this one up

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    Micky Neilson's writing and Sean Galloway's colors are giving fans of WoW the opportunity to see the world of Azeroth through the eyes of a childThe main character is Chan Stormstout's niece Li Li who begins a journey to find her uncle armed with optimism her love for the unexplored and with a great deal of sarcasm Through this journey Li Li matures while in the beginning she has a blind faith in her powers in the end she realizes that things don't always work out as expected and that we can't solve all the problems by ourselves Life is a great adventure but in order to get what we want we must know our strengthsPearl of Pandaria is released along with the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria and while it isn't necessary for someone to read it in order to understand the game it is an awesome addition to the lore of WoW since it encludes passages that aren't found in the game information about Chan's life the Pandaren race and the world of Azeroth

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    The whole Pandaria thing is actively raising my interest in World of Warcraft This book only continues that trend An introduction to the world of the pandas in the realm of Azeroth The protagonist Li Li is an almost daring character Though she's a young child she's witty plucky in a fight she can win an argument with adults and she knows a thing or two about beerI did have a few minor problems with the book Sean Galloway's art is wonderful oh Goddess his character designs but the layouts sometimes demonstrate how difficult it is to show a fighting seuence in a comic book storyboard format like this Sometimes the moves get hard to follow Also Micky Neilson's writing was fine but the dialogue in places felt like it could have had a few once overs Come on people Unless you've established that everyone is speaking is 'Yea forsooth and verily' type language it's okay to use contractions They make the character's speech feel like it's not it is coming from real peopleMinor uibbles This is a fine graphic novel for all ages

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    I may be a nerd but I do have a semblance of a life so I can't really play world of war craft I played the second war craft when I was young and recently saw a game trail for Pandaria that was pretty cool When I saw this in the giveaway list I was like sure let's go for it Honestly didn't think I'd win but surprise surprise I did I flipped through it a few times and it's pretty good I'm not sure if this will have anything to do with the story line of the game but I liked it none the less It's a uick read and my daughter even sat in my lap and ooh'd and aah'd at the colorful and bold illustrations It takes a lot to hold a two year old in place for long and this book did which impressed me to no endAnyway I won this as a Goodreads First reads giveaway