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Beautiful Mutants is a stunning early novel by the Man Booker shortlisted Deborah Levy Levy's surreal and artful first novel Beautiful Mutants introduces Lapinski the manipulative and magical Russian exile who summons forth a number of urban pilgrims in a shimmering contemporary allegory about broken dreams and desires 'A stunningly original writer' Kirsty Gunn'It throbs its way into the imagination like the unguided missiles it decries' Observer'Levy's strength is her originality of thought and expression' Jeanette WintersonDeborah Levy writes fiction plays and poetry Her work has been staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company and she is the author of highly praised books including The Unloved Things I Don't Want to Know Swallowing Geography and Billy and Girl Her novel Swimming Home was shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize 2012 Specsavers National Book Awards UK Author of the Year and 2013 Jewish uarterly Wingate Prize while the title story of her most recent work of fiction Black Vodka was shortlisted for the 2012 BBC International Short Story Award

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    The Poet smells of cashew nuts and cologne She drinks tea from a transparent cup of cheap rose coloured glass and says 'This is the age of the migrant and the missile Lapinski In some ways you could say our time has come' She laughs and her gold teeth rattle Her hands are raw from making frozen hamburgers which is her jobThe Poet reuests another cup of tea and a Jammie Dodger a biscuit she is partial to way before and after the acceptable age to like Jammie Dodgers those ages being seven and seventyBeautiful Mutants was Deborah Levy's debut novel published in 1987 when she was in her late 20sIt's a short 100 pages but powerful work unsettling and darkly humourous fragmentary and best read without worrying too much about what is actually happening or where the story is goingLapinski is from Russia my mother was the ice skating champion of Moscow sent to the UK after her mother died by her grandmother survivor of many a pogrom and collector of coffee lace handkerchiefs The novel is narrated by her and an eclectic collection of friends and acuaintances both oddly real and at the same time allegorical The Poet a much travelled emigre from the Middle East now a factory worker; her fellow worker Saint Martha; The Banker a childhood friend of Lapinski now pursuing a successful career in high finance; Eduardo the Bankers' husband; Freddie lover to both Lapinski and the Banker; Lapinski's unnamed upstairs neighbour who lives with his dog and a rubber doll; Tremor a prostitute he freuents; The Anorexic Anarchist It is she who plays only those notes forbidden by the Catholic Church in the days of of the inuisition; The Innocents a young boy and a girl; a women with a broken Chinese umbrella; and a talking llama at London Zoo which is later burnt to the ground by the Banker in a memorable set pieceTo the extent there is a discernable themes it is both displacement particularly of those who cross borders in search of work or refuge and also a reaction to the prosperous materalism that characterised late 1980s Britain No no no Lapinski I will not let you be an autocrat I will break the pattern of your summoning which I hear through my diseased cherry tree that refuses to bloom in this time of the accountant prison warder soldier in this time where our common land is used to store nuclear icons and battery chickens become golden nuggets in boxes that the destroy the air we breathe In this time when pigs become lumps of sorrow soaked in preservatives and people register their personal decay in solitary massacres yes I will break the pattern of your summoning I will sow the seeds of chaos and disorder about your shoes both left and right I have a cake baking in the oven can you smell the vanilla?Definitely worth reading for the early glimpses of the accomplished writer Levy would become although ultimately I'm glad she evolved to that one rather than remained in this raw state

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    My brain has absolutely no idea what just happened to it This is the weirdest book I have read for a long time but I really enjoyed the experience of reading it It's very short so I just sat here and read the whole thing in one go At the end of it my brain felt completely scrambled and I'm not really sure about everything that happened even in such a short novel novella? but it's all good There are several laugh out loud moments several What? moments and a few sad moments I think the best plan is just to go with the whole surreal experience strap yourself in and enjoy the ride it's bizarre but it's great fun No attempt here to give a book description you'll have to read it for yourself 45 stars almost a 5 star book But not for everyone for example I feel pretty confident my wife who reads a LOT of books would put it down after about 3 pages

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    More like a 45 but Levy's first novel novella really is so strange and different it gets the bump up for its sheer audacity and exuberance Usually I read primarily for plot and character with language a somewhat distant second Here however I am not sure exactly WHAT happens but it is so oddly compelling and the language so exuisite I was enchanted Having come to this after reading Levy's two most recent Booker nominated books 'Hot Milk' and 'Swimming Home' I can admire how her work has progressed and grown in maturity but this is astonishing for a first novel

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    Surreal and dark and manic and meandering and mediocre

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    Brash and slinky and hurty I wish young British writers were brave enough to write like this 35

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    I have no clue what I just finished listening to but it was mind blowing Totally weird but brilliant Wow

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    Four and a half starsAs always with Levy impeccably written Only WTF just happened??

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    Erm I’m not sure what to say about this book I’m not uite sure what I think of it Short and bizarre to say the least

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    i am raping you with the archetypes you createdseriously??? holycowamazing i wallowed in the language of this mirage of a story Levy spews beauty and pain and dirt and sex and gamma rays of terribleness and awe this book is why i read books for language that transports and transposes and transubstantiates OK i hate it when i try to be some sort of review badass just read this

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    I have read 4 or 5 Deborah Levy books now and some of them I absolutely love I think her new memoir is very good and I liked her two recent novels Swimming Home and Hot Milk This novel is much hard to get behind For one thing I am not clear about what is really happening And this kind of ambiguity makes me not really know how to follow the narrative if there is one I know from other recent reading that maybe I am ready for direct realistic novels so this one might have hit me at a bad time but I also have recently read some that are also abstract and so maybe notAnyway I will simply uote a long passage and let you see itLevyMy mother was the ice skating champion of Moscow She danced glided whirled on blades of steel pregnant with me warm in her womb even though I was on ice She said I was conceived on the marble slab of a war memorial both she and my father in their Sunday best; I came into being on a pile of corpses in the bitter snows of mid winter Afterwards they bought themselves a cone full of ponchiki doughnuts dripping with fat and sprinkled with powdered sugar and ate them outside the Kursk railway station suddenly shy of the passion that had made them search for each other so urgently under all those clothes On my fifth birthday my father stole a goose He stuffed it into the pocket of his heavy overcoat and whizzed off on his motorbike trying to stop it from flying away with his knees We ate it that evening and as I put the first forkful into my mouth he tickled me under the chin and said ‘This does not exist understand?’ I did not understand at the time especially as my mother stuffed a pillow full of the feathers for me and soaked the few left over in red vegetable dye to sew on to the skirt of her skating costume