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Designed For Beginners, This Best Selling Textbook Provides A Thorough Introduction To The Study Of Language It Introduces The Analysis Of The Key Elements Of Language Sounds, Words, Structures And Meanings, And Provides A Solid Foundation In All Of The Essential Topics The Third Edition Has Been Extensively Revised To Include New Sections On Important Contemporary Issues In Language Study, Including Language And Culture, African American English, Sign Language, And Slang A Comprehensive Glossary Provides Useful Explanations Of Technical Terms, And Each Chapter Contains A Range Of New Study Questions And Research Tasks, With Suggested Answers

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    The best introductory book of language I ve studied it in college for the Introduction to linguistics course, and it was really amazing I liked how the author used an easy language to explain and illustrate, and the examples in the beginning were great I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it

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    Can t remember the last time that I felt so much love for an academic book I guess the reason is that it actually doesn t feel academic The tone is too friendly and it s really easy to follow It s a must for every language lover I think.

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    an very inclusive introduction into the fields of linguistics, starts off with origins of language, aspects of language that is, phonetics phonology morphology, syntax and semantics, gives a wonderful basic explanation of the function of each and then goes on to the wonderful stuff of applied linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, first language acquisition, second language, language change, sign language, sociolinguistics and language and culture regrettably no chapters on psycho lunguistics however over all a wonderful and fun guide on the many facets of linguistics and it s use as a tool to understand humanity.

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    I m studying this book and it consist of lots of nice things to provides a solid foundation in all of the essential topics, introduce the analysis of the key elements of language sounds,words,structures and meaning.

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    Have I mentioned before that I m an English teacher Well, aside from all the good and enjoyable fantasy, contemporary and other books I ve read, I ve also read the academic ones I m not an empty head Woho to me D P

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    Excellent overview of all languages Language application, theories, and linguistic symbols Most defiently a re read for me Love the section on manner and place of articulation.

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    IMHO a great introductory book for those who want to know and get acquainted to linguistics It doesn t necessarily focus solely on English giving many examples of how things work in other languages, or less spoken and known Moreover it gives very good explanations even for beginners and study questions at the end of each chapter encouraging the student reader to make use of the notions just acquired and deepen their knowledge It also quotes Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris at the beginning of one chapter and has some very funny insights

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    I hate you I hate you .this would the conversation I have with this book right now Linguistics isn t my favorite subject and studying it is the drudgery of a lifetime and omg at least the text is understandable but that Hudson crap is not _ anyway, I hate this book, but absolutely good and essential for Linguistics __