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REVISED AND UPDATED 2014 EDITION   Magnesium is an essential nutrient indispensable to your health and well being By adding this mineral to your diet you are guarding against—and helping to alleviate—such threats as heart disease stroke osteoporosis diabetes depression arthritis and asthma But despite magnesium’s numerous benefits many Americans remain dangerously deficient Updated and revised throughout with the latest research featuring an all new Introduction this amazing guide explains the vital role that magnesium plays in your body and life Inside you will discover   • newly available magnesium supplements that the body absorbs efficiently • how calcium can increase the risk of heart disease—and how magnesium can lower it • a magnesium rich eating plan as delicious as it is healthy • information on the link between magnesium and obesity • vitamins and minerals that work with magnesium to treat specific ailments • why paleo raw food and green juice diets can lead to magnesium deficiency • recent breakthroughs in magnesium’s medical and public perception   The Magnesium Miracle now than ever is the ultimate guide to a mineral that is truly miraculousPraise for The Magnesium Miracle   “Dr Carolyn Dean has the best credentials for bringing solutions to those suffering from the hidden magnesium disorders that affect most of us This book needs to be read by anyone wishing to improve their uality of life”—Stephen T Sinatra MD author of The Sinatra Solution Metabolic Cardiology   “Clearly written and packed with information a comprehensive and well referenced guide to the myriad benefits of magnesium”—Carolyn DeMarco MD author of Take Charge of Your Body Women’s Health Advisor   “Throughout this volume and with utmost clarity Carolyn Dean presents invaluable recommendations—based on the latest magnesium research Virtually every American can benefit”—Paul Pitchford author of Healing with Whole Foods Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition   “Physicians and therapists have paid scant attention to this very important element which is also involved in maintaining our good health The massive evidence is here in this important book on magnesium I am pleased to have been taking magnesium for so many years”—Abram Hoffer MD author of Putting It All Together The New Orthomolecular Nutrition

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    not long after I was slammed with MS I made it a priority to increase my study of complementary and alternative medicine the use of supplements nutrition – – – all that in relationship to proper nerve and muscle functionFor anyone who is not aware MS does a real number on the central nervous system and since all muscle function is a result of nerve action as soon as the nerve action starts to go south so does muscle functionOne of the many books listed in the bibliography of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy was this book by Carolyn Dean who is not only an allopathic doctor but is also a naturopath most of her career has revolved around the study of magnesium and the relationship to the bodyWe all know how important electrolytes are to proper physical function – – electrolytes being magnesium potassium and sodium – – but there is far involved especially where magnesium is concernedWhether you are young or old healthy or sick have cancer or have cancer in your family history whether you have a chronic disease or are aging pregnant or involved in just living our life – – – you MUST read these two books about the importance of magnesiumEven as far back as the 1930s scientists had identified an increasing state of magnesium deficiency in Americans due to continual depletion of soils With the advent of vastly different farming practices post World War II the soils have become even depleted in this essential mineral So even if you are eating plants that would normally be high in magnesium those plants are probably depleted as well because they have been grown on depleted soilsintravenous magnesium is administered in hospital emergency rooms in case of heart attack and stroke It is a lifesaver Intravenous magnesium is also administered to pregnant women who are experiencing a number of irregular symptoms as they are in their third trimester or approaching deliveryA lack of sufficient magnesium also causes calcium to be drawn out of the bones and the calcium is mistakenly redirected to the blood vessels and the kidneys instead This causes hardening of the arteries and kidney stones Magnesium must be taken in the proper relationship to calcium Because of the constant litany of take calcium prevent osteoporosis over the last few years most people are getting way too much calcium in their diets and they are also supplementing – – and this has been uite detrimental to blood vessels and hearts and kidneysAnd while they are getting too much calcium they are not getting enough magnesium Magnesium is essential for the calcium to work the way it is supposed to Magnesium is also a vasodilator and a muscle relaxantThese two books on magnesium or remain in my library and I will never loan amount primarily because I will be referring to them often over the next few years They are both a wealth of information and should be reuired reading by anyone who cares about good healthI have reduced my intake of oral magnesium and increased my usage of transdermal magnesium Just in the short time I have been using magnesium chloride transdermal he I have noticed some small improvements in my very severe MS mobility issues

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    Magnesium is so important for general health and doubly so when you have a serious disease such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis etc It plays important roles in heart health muscle function neurological function and so much This book talks a lot about how magnesium can help in many different conditions This book contains little practical information about supplementation however There is not much in detail information about the use of magnesium oil or doses of magnesium over 400 600 mg being needed by many ill peopleCarolyn Deans website is an excellent source of this information though and so much and it is regularly updated and so very up to date Magnesium oil is recommended on the site among other forms including angstrom magnesiumThis book is worth reading but to fully educate yourself about this topic you really do need to view Dean's website as well I also recommend her free e newsletter 2012 update Carolyn Dean's new 2012 ebook 'INVISIBLE MINERALS The Pico ­Ionic Magnesium Solution' is a brief update on the practical information contained Dr Carolyn Dean's 2006 book 'The Magnesium Miracle'The new practical information in this book focuses on the new pico ionic or angstrom magnesium product available which is many times stronger than others on the market and so is a significant improvement on other products and to a lesser extent the value of transdermal magnesium oil magnesium chloride This book has all the practical information on magnesium you needPico ionic magnesium has the right size and charge to be very well absobed and utilised by the body Because it is almost 100% absorbed it wont cause loose stools and so can be used even by those with gut problems such as Crohns disease where loose stools are an issue as can magnesium oil used transdermally It is also very concentrated at 50 000 ppm as opposed to the 3000 ppm of many angstrom magnesium productsThe book also explains why taking standard calcium supplements is dangerous and why calcium should only be taken in through food or angstrom calcium supplements which have an almost 100% absorption rate to avoid the possibility of calcification of the heart etcThis book does to some extent fall into that problem that almost all books do when they are on the topic of one nutrient in that it seems this one nutrient is a magic bullet for everything But being low in any vital nutrient will cause real problems and so in a sense every nutrient does everything We need all of them in optimal amounts So this is really just a book on magnesium and not a book on how to get well from illness or how to put together a comprehensive supplement regime or nutrient dense diet Both of thoese things are vital for real healing and healthIt should also be mentioned that making sure your vitamin D levels are optimal is essential for proper bone health Of course calcium wont do this all my itself but neither will magnesium Vitamin D levels can and should be tested and making sure you have optimal amounts of the other minerals is also importantThis book lists case studies where fatigue headaches or anxiety were cured just with magnesium supplementation While of course it is true the lack of this one mineral can cause these symptoms and they can resolve just with magnesium supplements there are also hundreds of other causes of these symptoms as well and very often far than one nutrient level will be low and will be a cause of symptoms So it is not true to say magnesium is a cure for headaches or fatigue only that it may be a cure for those conditions for some people Magnesium is great and an important major mineral but it is one note in a symphony not the entire songFor information on all the nutritional players and how to start real healing form serious illness I recommend books by Dr Sherry Rogers Dr Abram Hoffer and others Primal Body Primal Mind is also a wonderful book on nutrient dense nutrition and eating the foods that suit our genes and affect our genetic expressionI was happy to be able to get a free copy of this eBook as although I get Dr Dean's very good regular free e newsletter I appreciated having her latest recommendations and insights all in one place and in a format I could read on my offline tabletI was also happy to see that as I was writing this my first shipment of angstrom minerals has arrived in the post I'm throwing out the calcium citrate tablets I was taking at a low dose today too I'm now taking a small amount of angstrom calcium angstrom or pico ionic magsesium and also some extra magnesium oil applied transdermallyMagnesium is an essential part of my healing plan You can feel the difference when you start taking it uite uickly Taking the dose up very slowly is always a good idea though especially when you have low blood pressure or a slow heartrate both seen in ME or are very ill and suffer terribly with detoxification or healing reactions to things Over time when your magnesium levels have been fully topped up you can go down to a lower maintenance dose too The right dose is worked out through slow trial and error and going on and off magnesium at different doses using yourself as a test subject reallyJodi Bassett The Hummingbirds' Foundation for ME

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    This is a well written easily read and IMPORTANT book magnesium being the most essential supplement neededIn this comprehensive treatment of the various ailmentsdiseases caused by lack of this mineral the author includes chapters on depression migraines strokes hypertension PMS diabetes chronic fatigue syndrome etc etc In fact the author lists 68 common complaints caused by lack of magnesium and cites various medications also causing such lack Magnesium regulates than 325 enzymes in the body and since nowadays our farmlands are mineral depleted we cannot obtain enough magnesium even from an optimal diet rich in organic vegetables without supplementationWe are provided with a wealth of facts about the mineral for example that fluoridated water banishes magnesium that stomach acid is essential for magnesium absorption and that magnesium is blocked by certain foods such as raw spinach Also magnesium is reuired for adeuate blood sugar control can't remember reading that in any of the many diabetes books I've read and reviewed and treatment of stressIn fact this book is an absolute mine of essential little known information about magnesium that can contribute to optimizing our health should we choose to implement this knowledge Not only can this simple mineral cure us of many serious complaints but we can thereby avoid having to take the harmful drugs our doctors might otherwise persuade us were necessary to poison our systems withThe best forms of magnesium in the author's opinion are magnesium taurate magnesium glycinate magnesium citrate magnesium malate magnesium orotate and magnesium oil Your magnesium supplements should preferably be taken between meals since absorption reuires stomach acid and if magnesium is taken together with meals the stomach acid will be busy digesting the meal and this may impair magnesium absorption Kelp is the foodstuff containing the highest amount of magnesium 760 mg per 100 gMoreover Carolyn Dean endears herself to me since unlike many health authors I complain about in my reviews she is well aware of the dangers of aspartame and statins and warns us against their useI have personally long been aware of the importance of magnesium since if I don't take magnesium supplements I suffer from psychomotor seizures characterized by 1 hearing of loud bangs or clicks that no one else hears 2 experiencing my head being lit up inside perhaps together with a bang 3 seeing fire coming out of a wall These symptoms can be accompanied by jerking of the legs and generally occur in the stage preceding sleep Also I have had a period with acute and constant pains in the head All these symptoms disappeared immediately on magnesium supplementation with two strong pills a day and do not recur as long as I continue to take these pills However when I attempted also to supplement with calcium the pains recurred so I had to stop taking calcium supplements These two minerals work together and I assume I was getting too much calcium in relation to magnesium in my diet Without magnesium I also suffer from leg cramps or ticsThe only thing I lacked in this book was a comprehensive treatment of the importance of magnesium supplementation for sufferers of epilepsy as mentioned above there being only a small paragraph on this topicTo sum up I would strongly advise everyone to read this essential book

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    Important health information your family physician may never speak to you aboutThis little book is very dense with important information and I cannot begin to even tell you what a life changing experience it has been for me If you are seriously looking to feel better and improve your health overall this book will help you do just that One interesting point I would like to make here is that whatever your ailment may be it probably is due to a magnesium deficiencyYou are probably wondering how I can make this statement however it is a true fact that magnesium deficiency causes many different symptoms and even diseases depending on the individual Even though some people share similar symptoms some may be extreme depending on how magnesium deficient they are due to daily nutrition Others may have subtle symptoms if they are getting a little magnesium in their diet this also includes our children there health and the current epidemic of obesity autism and ADHD in our society However the simple fact of the matter and the main point of this book is that there is an epidemic in our society because of magnesium deficiency Which has been made worse since the Got Milk? was licensed to the National Milk Processor Board MilkPEP in 1995 Other agencies following the push including to this day the NIOH National Institutes of Health and other government agencies who stream into the mainstream society that we don't get enough calcium in our diets when the fact is we get than we need Which is why people are so sick In the 1950's the soil used in farming had already began to be depleted of this mineral it has only gotten worse since then Farmers do not add this mineral to the soil and food grown in the soil do not contain this mineral and if they do it is in minuscule properties So much less so that even if you think you are eating healthy by eating a healthy diet and incorporating fruits and vegetables in your diet you are not getting enough of this mineral Unless you are eating organic foods grown in magnesium enriched soil you definitely are not getting the magnesium your body needs Creating an imbalance in your body of too much calcium which builds up and causes a wide variety of symptoms and problems to your health and the health of loved ones friends and familySo if you are like me and wonder why even though you eat healthy stay away from high fat processed foods corn syrup soda and other unhealthy foods exercise regularly yet still feel lousy and are having health issues you need to look into magnesium as a daily supplement If you are not like me and are having serious health issues you seriously need to look into magnesium supplementation One thing you cannot do is go asking your doctor for a magnesium blood test as Dean points out in the book Our blood only carries 1% of magnesium the rest all 99% is stored in our body tissues So a blood test will only tell you and your doctor that you are not magnesium deficient This is another reason why people are not aware of their deficiency because it is not picked up in a serum blood test However if you really want to know at all costs Dean does speak of less than a handful of other specific tests that you can have done to find out your levels I however am not adamant about being tested or recommending a test for two reasons The main one being you cannot overdose on a magnesium supplement Whatever your body does not need comes out in your stool and urine If you are sick of feeling ill then you need to take that fact into consideration Magnesium will not hurt you The only symptom you will have if you are taking too much is diarrhea which is not totally a reason to cut back and I will tell you whyThere are many forms of magnesium out on the market today Some are less tolerable than others depending on each individual and their bodies ability to process or break it down This is one major reason to either read this book or study other information on magnesium deficiency from a reliable source as you want to make sure to get the right information Even the author herself has already amended this book by including a few pages of information I found important for me You can receive a copy of this information free on her website when you sign up for her newsletterI however will save you some legwork here with a little information that has helped me and will help you whether you have a sensitive digestive system like mine or you just would like to take the maximum absorbable magnesium out on the market because of your symptoms or illness to get better as uickly as possible On Dean's website she talks about how she came across the most highly absorbable magnesium only after she wrote The Magnesium Miracle You can say maybe she did not do her homework before writing this book or you can just say that the information was just not available to her at the time It really does not matter as I am sure she did not do it intentionally and this is why she provides this additional information on her website for freeDean also speaks how she is not able to tolerate many of the magnesium supplements on the market due to her sensitive digestive system and that raised a red flag for me right away as I have these same problems I had actually bypassed the forms of magnesium which could cause me diarrhea like the citrate after working on a review of Natural Calm from the company Natural Vitality I am not saying this magnesium did not work for me as it did wonders for me right away However a few days after I had started it I was having loose stools due to not having a gallbladder and a sensitive digestive system If you are prone to constipation or do not have sensitive digestive issues this is a great form of magnesium in fact I started giving it to my mother and she is doing fine with it For me however I switched over to taking a chelate form of magnesium which is easier for my body to break down and absorb There is also a magnesium oil that can be applied to the skin which bypasses the digestive tract and also eliminates the problem of diarrhea Since I do poorly when it comes to remembering to apply something to my body I decided to go with an oral form I am now moving onto the form of magnesium that Carolyn Dean has listed on her website that she came across after writing this book This magnesium is called Angstrom Liuid Magnesium and can be found easily online at many health outlets or through the manufacturer itself Angstrom This magnesium not only will not give me any sort of diarrhea or upset stomach but it also is the most highly absorbable form there is on the market It is 999% absorbable by the body where the other forms of magnesium are less then 40% absorbable depending on the type All different types of magnesium and absorbability information is included in The Magnesium Miracle except for information on the Angstrom magnesium

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    I read the original book a couple years ago when it first came out and decided to purchase the updated version to refresh my memory on a few things It’s interesting how many metabolic processes depend on Mg and how many medications will deplete your Mg stores Another item of interest is the soil depletion of Mg with aggressive farm practices so it is difficult to get the needed magnesium from your food supply I used to take around 100 to 200 mg of magnesium citrate to help me sleep better This did work but it had a laxative effect I had some blood pressure issues so I switched to magnesium glycinate and upped my amount to 600 to 800 mg a day This along with upping fruitsveggies decreasing sugar brought things to normal Anecdotal for sure but I do feel better in many waysIn short a great read with lots of references

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    Didn't finish as I found it a bit repetitious It seems like everyone who gets on the health kick of a particular supplement seems to find cause that it is the cure for everything That just was a bit much Further I tried the product and it doesn't sit well with me I do think that D'Adamo is on to something we're not all the same and don't have the same digestion for every thing

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    I cannot stress enough the power of magnesium I freuently reference recommend and gift this book

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    An informative easy read about the importance of magnesium in several body system functions As a female I've long heralded the necessity of calcium intake for bone health Balancing magnesium intake with that calcium was a new fact I uickly put into practice Dr Dean touts transdermal magnesium oil as being uickly absorbed and highly bioavailable so I purchased some to apply daily I have noticed significant changes consistent sleep and relaxed muscles to name two I highly recommend

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    This book opened my eyes to how important magnesium really is When I first heard of this book I said I don't need to read that I can just take magnesium and I'll get all the benefits But now I know that I will never stop taking magnesium in fact I have been taking it a lot I feel better then I ever have I'm turning 40 and I feel 18 again my hormones are normalizing and my health is flourishing Read this book I've read probably hundreds of books on health and this is one of the best books if you want to get healthier

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    This book was very informative and I was very much interested in the subject matter It is somewhat clinical so there were parts of it that were over my head but overall there was much good information to be gleaned I do highly recommend it as information we all need to know I didn't give it stars only because it's just not the kind of book that leaves you spellbound But for the type of book it is it is excellent In fact I have purchased three copies to give to family members