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Resilience Is A Crucial Ingredient Perhaps The Crucial Ingredient To A Happy, Healthy Life More Than Anything Else, It S What Determines How High We Rise Above What Threatens To Wear Us Down, From Battling An Illness, To Bolstering A Marriage, To Carrying On After A National Crisis Everyone Needs Resilience, And Now Two Expert Psychologists Share Seven Proven Techniques For Enhancing Our Capacity To Weather Even The Cruelest Setbacks The Science In The Resilience Factor Takes An Extraordinary Leap From The Research Introduced In The Bestselling Learned Optimism A Decade Ago Just As Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Were Transformed By Flexible Optimism, Readers Of This Book Will Flourish, Thanks To Their Enhanced Ability To Overcome Obstacles Of Any Kind Karen Reivich And Andrew Shatt Are Seasoned Resilience Coaches And, Through Practical Methods And Vivid Anecdotes, They Prove That Resilience Is Not Just An Ability That We Re Born With And Need To Survive, But A Skill That Anyone Can Learn And Improve In Order To Thrive Readers Will First Complete The Resilience Questionnaire To Determine Their Own Innate Levels Of Resilience Then, The System At The Heart Of The Resilience Factor Will Teach Them To Cast Off Harsh Self Criticisms And Negative Self Images Navigate Through The Fallout Of Any Kind Of Crisis Cope With Grief And Anxiety Overcome Obstacles In Relationships, Parenting, Or On The Job Achieve Greater Physical Health Bolster Optimism, Take Chances, And Embrace Life In Light Of The Unprecedented Challenges We Ve Recently Faced, There S Never Been A Greater Need To Boost Our Resilience Without Resorting To Feel Good Pap Or Quick Fix Clich S, The Resilience Factor Is Self Help At Its Best, Destined To Become A Classic In The Genre From The Hardcover Edition

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    Could have been boiled down to a pamphlet I skimmed the beginning, mostly because it didn t hold me interest I am vet interested in the positive psychology movement, but I suggest you just read the practical applications section of this book.

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    A dry book in some ways, but filled with useful information I was already familiar with the cognitive distortions, but it was nice to go over them again I m going to try to apply what I ve learned here because I am not a very resilient person.

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    This book provided some good insight and tips to become resilient which are very much needed by yours truly However, it was so exceedingly dry I couldn t muddle along to the end DNF.

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    my name okta ardiansyah putra, iam from indonesia, now i am college in university of muhammadiyah malang this book is very importent to me couse, in this book i take the teory of recilience about aspect of recillience i tried to looking for this book at many libraries but i cant fine it please allow me to read this book my parrent very hope i can finis my collage in november bucouse my dad retired on this month and he want to see me on the graduation day in that month so please give me opportunity to read this book thank you so much and i want say, my language is very bad so i ewant to apologize for tou all

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    Very practical guide to the thinking traps that make us turn mountains into molehills and build walls between people who really, truly want to get along I was frankly surprised by my results on the resiliency quiz in the beginning of the book, and knowing my own resiliency profile made the suggestions in the rest of the book much relevant and real.Shares a good deal of theory with Learned Optimism by Marty Seligman.

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    Hypothetically, let s say you have a problem It doesn t really matter how it happened, we all have them to some degree However, some people seem blessed with the ability to cope with anything that life throws their way Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte have both spent their careers studying the unique quality that these people have tempered in order to survive and thrive.This book is a fascinating one, it covers a topic that is near and dear to many, especially in our crazy, fast paced modern world We may be stagnating at work, maybe a relationship with a spouse or significant other is losing its magic, maybe your kids mystify you since they suddenly became different people overnight, or perhaps it is something else that throws you off This book prepares you for life s troubles.The Resilience Factor opens with one of many relatable stories with our focus on a guy named Robert Robert is living the American Dream he has a fulfilling job, a beautiful wife, and three children Unfortunately, things have been getting him down recently His youngest child was diagnosed with ADHD, his middle daughter used to be vivacious and lively but has now become a teenager which makes her sullen and monotone His eldest child is out until midnight some nights doing who knows what with strangers His job has become a place where he puts out random fires, and rumor has it that downsizing is in the works His relationship with his wife is on the rocks since he barely has any time to spend with her.The major content of the book begins with a quiz to quantify your current level of resilience after which it discusses the techniques to increase it The main idea is to reframe the events that happen to you There is to it than that, but I don t really want to write any redundant sentences.So all in all, this book was pretty interesting.

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    I took the Master Resiliency Course MRT through the Army and really enjoyed it It provided me a new way to view situations and a systematic approach to deal with really valuable skills such as Goal Setting, Putting things into Perspective PIIP , and learning techniques to mitigate thought processes like catastrophizing, downward spiral, and scatter shot all of these are described in depth in the book and within MRT Additionally, I was afforded the opportunity by my Commander First Sergeant to host weekly MRT sessions of 1 hour in length This was an incredibly positive experience and my unit cohesion was significantly enhanced and the program I ran received a lot of positive feedback I know folks who may have served had plenty of MRT jokes, but I was able to make an effective program and teach my Soldiers there is to MRT than just hunt the good stuff So I wanted to see where it MRT all came from, and that is why I picked up this book It s a great self improvement self awareness book that you can use in relationships, with your children, friends, etc I think the main reason why I gave it 3 stars instead of 4, was because the way the MRT program taught all the principles and main points of this book was just so much effective Being in a live classroom environment, working in small groups, and then the even greater reward of helping Soldiers in their day to day lives, just didn t compare to the book If you are looking for a good self help book , I would definitely recommend this one.

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    The Resilience Factor looks at seven ways that you can increase your resilience The authors show ways in which your current thinking can lead to negative emotional spirals They provide a number of exercises that help to pull you out of those spirals and help you to learn to increase resilience Rather than come up with general steps for increasing resilience, this book personalizes it by helping you to uncover your own issues.

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    This is a self described self help book, so I shouldn t be critical of that format The information was great I particularly liked the part about iceberg beliefs I ve thought about those a lot over the past few weeks as I analyze my interactions and responses In general, I prefer books that talk about methods and the science behind them But, this was a good resource nonetheless.

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    Read this for class Wasn t my favorite.