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After reading the Foley series the Knight Miscellany , I have to say I had mixed reviews Some of Foley s work is brilliant, and some of it just aggravates and disappoints The problem is, you never know what you ll get until you read the book I really contemplated not reading this series, because it was her first, and you d think that an author s first is not her best How wrong I was Pirate Prince put all of her Knight Books, including my favorite The Duke to shame This is reallythan just a romance book It is about a man running from his past, and his journey back to fulfill his destiny.to rule the island of Ascention This is not an easy journey His family was betrayed and murdered by a friend He was held in captivity as a slave when he was only 13beaten, abused, and purposefully given drugs to addict him He is the definition of a tortured hero His only reason for living and not suicide is for revenge against the man who killed his family Allegra is this man s daughter Lazar plans to kill her and then kill her entire family to avenge his family s slaughter All is well, until they meet The attraction is immediate Allegra is so lovable, spunky, gracious, and sweet that Lazar immediately wonders how he ll ever kill her Anyway, he doesn t and they end up on a ship together.ahhh Allegra is Lazar s one weakness He cares for herhe cares what she thinkshe cares what she does.he cares what she feels The contrast between his Pirate facade and his endearment of Allegra is so touchingly sweet I loved how Lazar loves Allegra Allegra is a prize She is really, in contrast to my previous paragraph, Lazar s strength She compels him come to terms and deal with his past She accepts and loves him as he is, and once she commits herself to himhas no selfish, stubborn pride She loves him and will follow him wherever..even at her own expense I know this sounds weakbut Foley allows her to have these charateristics in the midst of her strength She is an unforgettable young lady This book moves along flawlessly..I can t believe it was this author s first work After reading 8 books by this authorI can without a doubt say This is her best workby far I was gifted this book from my book friend, Cristal when I decided I wanted to read a historical romance I really enjoyed this story Parts if this book had me crying like a baby I will definitely read the other two books in this series, which are about other characters Thanks, Cristal HRBC BOTM RevengeListened to audio from Hoopla.The H in this book had some compellingly justified reasons to have tortured soul Lazar was great, Allegra was annoying I have read a later series by this author, Gaelen Foley Knight Miscellany series and she is adept at creating tortured heroes in HR Her heroes are awesome dudes, but their love interest s are not always as compelling as they are. I was in the mood for some big enemies to lovers drama and adding cold hearted heroes and pirates to that, this book should have been the perfect recipe for me.Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy it that much I reckon it had potential, but there were some things that just annoyed the hell out of him and made me lose interest and focus in the story.First of all, Allegra s insistence that Lazar couldn t possibly be who he claimed to be was just aggravating He kept on insisting he was the long lost prince of Ascension, proving time and time again his claim by knowing things no one else could have known and still she said he was a charlatan.I mean, forget the fact he s the spitting image of his dead father, the former king, and an obviously older version of the teenage prince Lazar How would he know what prince Lazar did and said fifteen years ago if he was not Lazar himself How would he know there were hidden passageways and tunnels under the kingdom I understand she didn t want to face the fact her father was a traitor and a murderer, but what was the point in denying what she knew deep down to be true I also hated how she was constantly undermining him, by calling him a coward or a fraud, forcing him to face extremely painful things she had no business putting her finger on.Is it such a big crime that he didn t want to go back to the place where his entire family was killed like pigs in the slaughter Is it such a big crime that he didn t want to go back to where he faced torture, humiliation and even rape I wouldn t want to go back either Not in a million years I was angry that she kept on ripping his wounds open when she didn t know a damn thing about what he had been through.But Lazar wasn t a saint either He also did some things that maddened me.First of all, it is not okay to go on undressing a woman, caressing her and putting your fingers in certain places, when she is not conscious or rational enough to say whether she wants it or not.Also, that curse thing and the fact he was such a bastard to her because he believed everyone he loved would come to an untimely death was simply ridiculous.Allegra wasn t one of my favourite heroines, far from it actually, but even I hurt for her You can t say such things just because you re scared of losing people, so you re trying to drive them away first No, no, no Be a man and do what makes you happy God knows we re miserable enough already without deliberately doing things that will cause us tremendous pain.Anyway, I did enjoy this book enough to keep reading the series, plus there were some loose ends which will be resolved in the next books, I believe.And I can t wait to read about Darius and his beloved, who is going to be Lazar and Allegra s daughter, Serafina Very interesting, indeed. I think I got my hopes up again.I really wish I hadn t though Most reviews raved about how magical and fairytale like this book was and I was excited to read something fun and silly The beginning was fun at least I was engrossed in the story and I was rooting for the characters, but I quickly lost interest after they left the city If this book truly had been silly and fun, then I think I would ve enjoyed itBut the whole story was riddled with over the top cliches and overused romance tropes that I mostly felt like throwing it across my room And Allegra made it so much worse She just really really wanted people to do what she wanted them to do and literally could not leave anyone alone My main example Lazar was a pretty abused human being and there were a lot of things that he need to discover on his own before he could move on Except, Allegra just pushed and pushed and pushed until he did what she wanted him to do And then she d cry if it backfired I m pretty sure he made ZERO decisions for himself past 40% of this story So if this book had beensatirical and light, not so heavy on the dramatic cliches or so serious then I think it would have been way, way better. 4.5 stars.Bloody Gaelen Foley I wanted to hate this book, especially after the way our hero behaved at one stage, but I just couldn t This is a difficult book for me to review, because I did get very involved in the story, and it was not easy to deal with the hero s issues, but I am glad I finished it.Our hero, Lazar, is a very conflicted individual who suffered a horribly traumatic adolescence, struggling under the weight of a huge burden of guilt, with strong suicidal tendencies Yep, he is one complicated dude And Foley knows how to write about these kinds of guys It doesn t always work for me, and if my GF friend Dangermousie had not given this book a good rap, I might have skipped it, given some other friends hated it As it was, and the layers were gradually peeled away, I did start to understand him a lot better and was able to make some allowances for his behaviour That did not excuse some of the things he said to our heroine, Allegra, but knowing his motivation even if believing in some ridiculous curse seems pretty lame, one has to remember how superstitious Italians could be, especially in those days helped, if nothing else, to explain his actions.Allegra started out as a bit TSTL for me so naive and rather weak She was very young, but having spent a number of years in Paris before she returned to the small Italian island of Ascension, you would think she had acquired a little sophistication and worldliness But no WAY too trusting However, she also grew throughout the book and finally became tough enough and, most importantly, had enough self respect something the hero had done a good job of undermining, unfortunately that is really not what love is all about to make the hero beg If he had not, I would have kicked this book across the room Ok, maybe not it is on my iPad, but MENTALLY, that is what I would have done Of course, being the hard, unforgiving bee ahtch that I am, I would have liked her to hold out longer and have him believing there was no hope, before she finally took pity on him But maybe, Ms Foley felt he had suffered enough in his life it was pretty fucking awful, actually and had mercy on him What was great in this story was Allegra s faith in Lazar, in his essential goodness and desire to do the right thing Her own sense of justice and passion for the future of her homeland dictated everything she did, indeed, she was a muchresponsible, mature individual than he was, and by shaming him into questioning his own motives and values, she awakened the latent love Lazar had for his birthplace and had him questioning the direction his life had taken, once he was in a position to choose that direction himself His selfish hedonism and obsession with revenge initially, he was going to do something really awful to a lot of innocent people it was very disturbing and put me in mind of the many acts of genocide that have taken place over the years in many parts of Europe, such as,recently, the Balkans gradually gave way to a sense of purpose and desire to do the right thing for others Without Allegra, he would have beed dead within months, probably by his own hand.I am no psychologist, and I am not sure severely depressed people who have already attempted suicide once and almost have a second shot at it can be turned around so quickly, but this is Romancelandia, where everything is possible where love can perform apparent miracles raises a sceptical eyebrow.The fact that I had such strong responses means, I suppose, that the book was successful for me, in that I really cared about the outcome, and despite my occasional fury or disgust, I could not stop reading When GF is on fire, boy, she is really on fire A crazy, probably incredible, tale that somehow worked really well for me I believe this was her first book Bloody good effort, is all I can say 3.5 stars I did truly enjoy this It s an interesting story and it kept me engaged Written in 1997, this is one where you see the clear shift from the old skool to the new skool alpha In fact this hero could be the poster boy Don t get me wrong, I like him He was sexy, but I think I m stillattracted to the old skool type in books anyway The new skool alpha is in my opinionof a woobie see He feels his tortured past This one even went so far as to view spoiler attempt suicide hide spoiler When Allegra Monteverdi, The Daughter Of Lazar S Sworn Enemy, Throws Herself On His Mercy, The Pirate Prince Lazar Di Fiori Agrees To Spare The Lives Of Her Family But Only If She Sails Away With Him Alone At Sea With This Dark, Intriguing Man, Moving Between Seduction And Fear, Allegra Realizes It Will Take Than Her Growing Love For This Pirate Prince To Bring Peace To Her Beloved Home For Lazar Must Face The Demons Of His Shattered Past If He Is To Forge The Destiny That Is Theirs To Claim I m either having very bad luck with books or I m just in another extra picky phase I m only going to list out all the things I didn t like about the book because I can honestly say that the only thing I liked was the promise it held on the book jacket summary.Cons No spark between hero and heroine Story conflict took away too much from the romance Took almost half the book for them to get on the boat and for the getting to know each other part to start, which is the whole reason why I m reading the book Did not like the whole story about the prince It didn t make me feel anything for him Boring The heroine I don t even remember her name any had no reason not to believe that the hero was the prince Her excuses were pathetic.Not recommended I didn t finish it. Great audio book I love Gaelen Foley s descriptions This is where she shines.