Across the Red River Rwanda Burundi and the Heart of

'When seven Burundian paratroopers booted down the door of my hotel room and arrested me I was wearing nothing but a towelling dressing gown With angry movements of their Kalashnikovs they gestured to me to get dressed What I wondered in that long slow motion second before the fear kicked in do you wear to your own execution? Would the Gap jeans do one day?' In the summer of 1994 Christian Jennings arrived in Rwanda with an almost impossible mission he had five days to track down the army officers and government ministers responsible for the slaughter of 850000 people and persuade them to participate in a TV documentary about their crimes He had USD 15000 taped to his thigh a satellite phone thirty feet of rope 18 litres of mineral water and a good command of French Nothing in his past prepared him for the three and a half years that followed

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