Epub Michele Scott ☆ A Perfectly Purloined Pinot A Wine Lovers Mystery #65 MOBI ☆

NOTE THIS IS A SHORT STORY WITH TWO ADDED EXCERPTSNikki Sands is back In this short story Nikki discovers that a rare and extremely expensive bottle of Pinot Noir has been removed from the Malveaux Estate Cellar and everyone she knows and loves is a suspectWhen Nikki's newlywed husband Derek asks her to locate the only bottle left of the very exclusive collectible wine of Pearl's Pinot for a couple of special clients she figures that it's not a problem The problem that she sees is that Derek seems to have forgotten that the evening he has invited these important clients to dinner also happens to be her birthdayPriding herself in her organizational and management skills Nikki is shocked to discover that Pearl's Pinot has disappeared from the cellar There are only a few people who have access to the private cellar and they include two of her closest friends Simon Derek's brother and Alyssa as well as the new chef at the gourmet restaurant on the vineyardNikki refuses to give up trying to find who took the perfectly purloined pinot and as with all of the mysteries this modern day Nancy Drew solves the answer as to whodunnit is sure to surpriseIncludes recipes and wine pairings as well as the chapters of the next Nikki Sands' Mystery; A KILLER MARGARITA along with an extensive excerpt from the debut novel in Michele Scott's new mystery series THE GREY TIER; A DEAD CELEBS MYSTERY

10 thoughts on “A Perfectly Purloined Pinot A Wine Lovers Mystery #65

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    A cute short story

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    Really a 25 A short story masuerading as a novel and with recipes yet And a long excerpt from a forthcoming novel nearly a year past pub date Still earlier Wine Lover's mysteries have been uite enjoyable

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    I wish this book was longer

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    Not worth the bother

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    Predictable and much shorter than I was expecting