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UNBELIEVABLE MAGIC REAL LIFE LOVE TRIANGLE DEATH YEAR OLD CAT TOWNSEND S LIFEAll Her Life, Cat Couldn T Shake The Deep Rooted Feeling That Something Was About To Happen That S Why The Night She Suddenly Woke To Find An Unknown Man Sitting On The Edge Of Her Bed, She Wasn T Afraid Rather, In A Strange Sort Of Way, She Was Expecting Him Their Eyes Locked, He Gently Touched Her Hand, And As A Brief Shock Passed Through Her, Deep Down Cat Knew Her Life Had Forever Changed Then The Man Disappeared Before Her Eyes She Blinked Away The Blur But In That Undefined Place Between Asleep And Awake, The Moment Felt Hazy And Surreal A Chill Ran Down Her Spine, And Cat Glance At The Time It Was Am

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    Highly recommended for ages 14 and up Quick read, perfect for beach, pool or summer read.

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    It saddens me to read a book that has a somewhat interesting premise, only to find out the story spirals out into a complete mess Scenes switch from one to the other with no transition, which not only disorients the reader, but makes you wonder if you ve missed something The title is only referenced about three times it s the time on the clock when protagonist Cat awakens from a bad dream and the significance is never explained Actually, nothing is really explained It seems Ford took the easy way out of making sense of anything by having characters with any knowledge of what was happening to Cat tell her they would talk about it later Brushing things under the rug is a constant theme in this book, and is a big turn off What s the point of having a your protagonist discover this amazing thing happening to her if she s never told where it originates, why she was chosen or what she s fully capable of 2 32 AM follows the typical YA novel formula There s an extremely beautiful teenage girl on the verge of a life changing event that she keeps secret until the end of the book an extremely hot guy who is into her, and another extremely hot guy who is also into her and stalks her Of course, the stalking is in her dreams, so it s perfectly ok Not Insta love is in effect, big time Or should I call it Insta lust It would have been nice to not have the love triangle in this book It was an excruciating thing to put Cat through when it s obvious she doesn t have the brain capacity to make an intelligent decision The editing of this book seems to be nonexistent In fact, I can t imagine an editor even looked at this If so, I d want my money back The amount of commas used in this story and the grammar mistakes leaves me dumbfounded For the most part, they re used at the oddest points in a sentence, creating pauses that pull the reader from the story and cause unnecessary confusion The tense of some words is incorrect, and there are sentences where words are either missing or are in the incorrect place Not only that, the author uses strangely spelled words to put across the cadence of a character s Southern accent Cat, da on t mind them they re sao lame Oddly enough, after the introduction of Charlotte into the story, she no longer had the strange accent thing going for her She spoke like everyone else.The formatting of the piece is cramped and makes it difficult to read The plot is paper thin and the characters have no substance I don t know how anyone could find any reason to like or relate to them Cat is easily one of the most ridiculous protagonists I ve come across She has strange dreams yet chooses to ignore them She has feelings that alert her to danger yet thinks it s just some weird coincidence She sees men in her dreams, then in real life and tells no one The idea of Cat being watched by multiple persons if I sad who they were I would spoil a major part of the story since her birth is disturbing I don t understand why Cat doesn t think about it for longer than two seconds, nor do I understand why the knowledge doesn t frighten her How readers are supposed to sympathize with Cat when she brushes these weird occurrences off as no big thing I think I was worried about her being stalked watched over than she was.The most offensive thing in this book occurs within the first three pages The mysterious man we come to know as Finnegan is initially described as the black man while all other characters are identified as being male or female, or are described by hair color The synopsis calls him a mysterious unknown man so why the change in the actual pages of the book Finnegan is the only character who is described by his ethnicity I wondereded if Ford was pointing this out because all the other characters in the book are Caucasian, or because his skin color actually played some part in the plot It doesn t He s just the black man with an Irish name who appears in Cat s dreams and eventually in person I feel the description of Finnegan is meant to gives him an ominous connotation when he s actually Cat s guardian of sorts One character should not be singled out by his skin color just because it s easier than saying the strange man from my dreams Oh but wait, that wasn t so difficult after all See my above statement about the book s synopsis.I got so confused while reading this story because it contradicts itself repeatedly It isn t a good read and is frustrating than entertaining I felt like I was being fed a lot of nonsense and being told it s fiction I understand creating a new world or circumstances, but things need to make sense Nothing about this story makes sense I started skimming at the 30% mark and then only read the dialogue which was juvenile and unnatural to say the least When the characters start sounding like soap opera actors, I know a book isn t going to be worth my time I m sorry to say 2 32 AM is not a book I would read again nor would I recommend it to anyone I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest opinion.

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    My review in French Townsend has an amazing life Her family has traveled all around the country, even went to Spain for a while Her dad has a cool secret job She s close to her three brothers, especially Haden the eldest who s her best friend They arrive in this new town and she instantly makes new friends and they are great The guy she used to have a big crush on as a kid has moved there too So, they meet again and end up dating and falling in love Obviously, she s a good looking girl and seems smart.She has everything any teenage girl would dream of.Expect, her weird nightmares scare the crap out of her She sees a black man appearing in front of her in her bedroom, smiling at her and feels like she s known him forever She has visions which look and like premonitions Worse or is it , she keeps dreaming about a gorgeous guy who wants her to wait for him She s in love with her boyfriend Todd but she can t help but wonder who this blond guy is.Finally, she meets the black guy whose name is Finnegan and who is a Djinn Because her life couldn t get any better, the genie wants to give her all of his power and rest in peace Finnegan opens her mind to a world of magic that explains her weird visions and her nightmares and she meets the blond guy, Rolf, her soul mate.You witness her introduction to this new and mysterious world while going through the normal stages of adolescence She s a regular girl, a lucky girl, being given an extraordinary destiny and a love triangle that drives her crazy.Even though I cringed a few times at how perfect her life is and how I wished her problems were my problems you knowthe two gorgeous guys at her feet , I enjoyed it very much The huge battle at the end seemed a little easy for a rookie genie but she is powerful and she s not alone I m still surprised the people she told about her powers took it so well and easily.it seemed too convenient but it s just the beginning We ll see what s next.The cover is aweful by the way It needs to go And, I need an explanation about her waking up at 2 32 am because there is none.Very promissing story

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    Thank you so much to Samantha Lien for hipping me to this new series I have to say that when I started reading it I was like oh no this girl has the best family the best friends ever and then she started dating the perfect guy so what could go wrong Well Cat Townsend is nearing her 17th birthday and she has experienced a lot in 17 years She has traveled with her family and seen lot s of sights Her best friend is her older brother and she worries about nothing That is until she starts to have these weird nightmares She is not sure of they are real or not because she keeps dreaming of different stuff and then she dreams about a blond headed boy who keeps telling her to wait for him.Then one night she has this dream or so she thinks that a man is in her room When she sits up she realizes that it is not a dream but reality and she also realizes she is not scared of this stranger in her room Once the stranger touches her hand she feels something but it is only comfort and fear so she stares at him When he disappears she is not afraid but she wants to know what is going on She wants to know if her nightmares have anything to do with this stranger.Then she meets the blond boy from her dreams and she is confused because she has a boyfriend Todd who is great but she feels something for this boy Rolf Rolf and Finnegan who is the man who touched her explain what she is and what powers she posses she is confused at first and she really does not believe it But she is soon faced with the reality of her powers that were given to her What will Cat do Will she give up her family for her new life Will she embrace her new powers Will she stay with Todd or will she be with her soul mate Rolf Come along for the greatest adventure ever This is a must read for all of those who love a good supernatural story.

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    Readers will be amazed and enjoy the world Emily Ford shares in her magical young adult novel, 2 32 A.M. Cat Townsend will charm readers with her fun loving attitude and propensity to deal with the lemons life throws her way.Cat s dreams have never been normal Visions of people she doesn t know and of people from her past haunt her while she tries to make sense of it all When Djinn Master Finnegan steps into her life as a mentor, her life becomes a miasma of confusion and hard decision making Ford takes readers on a walk throughout one of the most sensitive times of a teen s life and channels all the emotions and indecision into a wonderful, true character.Though beginning in a relatively normal setting, 2 32 A.M. escalates in action, worry for the protagonist Cat, and above all, excitement for the mind boggling changes Cat faces Sometimes it seems as though the story is circling itself and not revealing any new information to drive the action forward, but those moments are few and far between A world where magical powers can help a loved one s dreams come true, or give someone the ability to manipulate time, is a world many would love to experience Ford hands the opportunity to experience that kind of world on a silver platter with the added bonus of an entertaining story Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books Review copy provided through Netgalley for an honest review and blog tour purposes

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    My review Let me start with saying, that the idea of the book was quite good I like settings with Djinns and it s not very often I have read books about them 2 32 AM by Emily Ford is a young adult novel about 17 year old Cat who wakes up at 2 32 AM and after that her life changes She has interesting life, she has seen the world, has awesome friends and family She gets a choice, one choice is her life as she knows it and another is complex and fascinating She is introduced to the life of genies and magic, which she has hard time believing The closer her time gets, the weirder her everyday life gets.The characters were well created I liked Cat a lot She was lovable, she has a strong will and she was honest towards herself Her boyfriend was quite typical teenager who was than ready to have sexual relationship with Cat, but Cat did not give in I also enjoyed Cat s friends and they were believable and acted mostly like teenagers do, so I think the author did a good job with describing teens There was one characters which I did not know what to think of and that was Cat s soul mate to be Rolf I enjoyed Rolf, but he gave me feeling, that there is lot about him what meets the the eye and I hope we will know about him in the sequel.2 32 AM is a fun book to read if you would like to see an alternative look into the world of genies I would recommend it and it is suitable for young adult readers and of course also to people older than teens

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    I would actually rate this book with a 4.5 stars Emily Ford does a good job dveloping the characters, then describing their choices obstacles approaching major life choices The story line is addicting, and really pulled me in as the main character struggled with her personal growth life choices Must admit that after completing the book I immediately jumped my Kindle online to search for the next installment, which is obviously coming Really keft hanging at the end, so I can hardly wait to see what she does next Not a really deep book, but fun to read

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    This book was excellent It had a very interesting story line in which I haven t read before I ll be waiting on the sequel

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    I was very impressed by Ms Fords first novel The characters are easy to relate to, and the storyline has enough to keep you interested This is the perfect by the pool book fast and fun..

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    I really enjoyed reading this book I am wondering if she will be coming out with any books from this series It was such a fresh new idea for a book Very interesting