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A Mother S Worst Nightmare Can Her Son Be Guilty Of Murder Sarah Newby, Who Left School At , And Was Living As A Teenage Single Parent On An Inner City Estate, Has Worked Her Way Up To Begin A Career As A Criminal Barrister Then In A Terrible Irony Her Own Son, Simon, Is Arrested And Charged With A Series Of Brutal Rapes And Murders The Evidence Against Him Appears So Strong That His QC Advises A Guilty Plea, But Simon Swears He Is Innocent And Begs His Mother Take On His Defence There Is No Law Against A Mother Representing Her Son, So Sarah Agrees The Only Other Obvious Suspect For The Murders, However, Is A Man Who Has Already Been Acquitted Once With Sarah Acting As His Defence Lawyer Has Sarah, In Her Single Minded Determination To Create A Career For Herself, Neglected Her Son So Much That She No Longer Knows Him Since He Has Often Lied To Her In The Past, How Can She Trust Him When He Says He Is Innocent This Time And What Should She Do When She Herself Uncovers Evidence That Seems To Suggest His Guilt It Seems That Telling The Whole Truth Must Be Weighed In The Balance Against Keeping Certain Information Well Hidden

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    mother s worst nightmare can her son be guilty of murder Sarah Newby, who left school at 15, and was living as a teenage single parent on an inner city estate, has worked her way up to begin a career as a criminal barrister Then in a terrible irony her own son, Simon, is arrested and charged with a series of brutal rapes and murders The evidence against him appears so strong that his QC advises a guilty plea, but Simon swears he is innocent and begs his mother take on his defence There is no law against a mother representing her son, so Sarah agrees The only other obvious suspect for the murders, however, is a man who has already been acquitted once with Sarah acting as his defence lawyer Has Sarah, in her single minded determination to create a career for herself, neglected her son so much that she no longer knows him Since he has often lied to her in the past, how can she trust him when he says he is innocent this time And what should she do when she herself uncovers evidence that seems to suggest his guilt It seems that telling the whole truth must be weighed in the balance against keeping certain information well hidden Author description A Game of Proof is not only an outstanding legal thriller, but an outstanding British legal thriller, which makes a nice change from John Grisham and Scott Turow Mr Vicary writes with a sure clear hand and there is nothing in this novel I would change There are no wasted words, overblown or soppy sentimental descriptions, and the author has triumphed in his descriptions of the emotions his characters go through All the characters are superbly portrayed, Sarah Newby herself, her family, the police, the villans and the victims He deftly portrays two of the central themes in the book how do defence lawyers feel about defending the accused, even if they feel he could be guilty and how do outsiders feel about the role of the defence barrister He realistically shows both sides of the argument The climax of the book was superb and I found it impossible to put down the book at this stage, preferring instead to burn the midnight oil to finish it 5 very big s.

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    Leeds, England Sarah Newby criminal barrister, U of Leeds, Middle Temple U was defending Gary Harker for the crime of rape of Sharon Gilbert mother Julian Lloyd Davies QC Crown Prosecution barrister , James Morris Jr barrister were for the Crowns side.Judge Stuart Gray 65, lordship was presiding over the case 8 woman, 4 man jury.Maria Clayton high class hooker was raped murdered Karen Whitaker college student had got lucky escaped The Evening Press headline read The Hooded Knifeman 1 day Simon Newby Sarah s son came to visit his mom at work.Jasmine Hurst Simon s ex GF was later found with her throat slashed.Mrs Miranda Hurst mom was notified of her daughter s death by DC Harry Easby, DS Tracy Litherland DCI Will Churchill York PD , DS Mike Candor with a search warrant in hand were headed for Simon house Simon delivery driver was arrested transported by DS Conroy Scarborough PD , DC Lane Scarborough PD.Lucy Parsons solicitor arrived at the York PD station Sarah Bob Newby 2nd husband, stepfather, teacher went to Hull prison to see her son Simon.Gary was acquitted released Scarborough PD still had their doubts he was innocent, These woman Maria Clayton prostitute , Karen Whitaker, Sharon Gilbert, Helen Steersby attacked , Jasmine Hurst, their families still needed someone held accountable punished,Crown Court Judge P.J Mookerjee Lordship is presiding Sarah defense will represent Simon.Philip Turner Yorkshireman, prosecuting Jr barrister, Merton College, Oxford took his place in the courtroom 7 men 5 women jurors Count 1 the murder of Jasmine Antonia Hurst 23 not guilty.Dr Jones forensic pathologist testimony was very graphic Laila Ferguson forensic scientist was next Many finally Miranda Hurst Jasmine s mother The prosecution rests your Lordship.Sarah s final remarks.Will Simon be acquitted My egg donor mum I never met was from Leeds, England Mrs Dr St paedophile pedophile , neighbor,Warning This book contains extremely graphic adult content, violence, or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one All thoughts opinions are entirely my own.A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written crime thriller book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make another great crime thriller movie, or better yet a mini TV series There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars Thank you for the free instafreebie White Owl Publications Ltd Author PDF book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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    A good read but given the astuteness of both key characters I cannot believe that they did not make the vital connection sooner Will read the next one in the series, where hopefully the somewhat disfunctional son will have improved

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    Pretty good read particularly near the end when Vicary flipped back and forth between the trial and an investigation happening at the same time Somewhat predictable.

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    Compelling Courtroom DramaAfter having read a couple of extremely well written historical fiction books by Tim Vicary before, I decided to give the first in this Sarah Newby trilogy a go and was not disappointed As a fan of courtroom drama both on the page and the screen I had high expectations and they were met on every level.The story follows a young ambitious Barrister called Sarah who is trying to make her mark in the courtroom and set her career on the right path She took to the professional of Law later than her peers after spending time bringing up her son It s a competitive world which is very male orientated and it s not easy to out maneuver the old boys club mentality which exists She is very cold and calculating at times which is no doubt a reflection on these issues and a survival tactic but doesn t always make her an endearing person.It begins with a big trial for Sarah, one which has courted much media speculation putting her in an even bigger spotlight and therefore under pressure than normal She is defending an alleged rapist who has a known violent history and a previous relationship with the victim which automatically places doubt in the minds of everyone connected to the trial She treats the case as a game of proof and regardless of her own thoughts or feelings, sets out to dispel any preconceptions and clear her client.The tables are turned on her when her own son becomes charged with rape murder and she has to put personal feelings out of her mind in order to fight his corner but doubts shroud her every move and she starts to question the decisions she has made for both family and career her son is like a stranger to her.The details of the crimes are quite explicit, the characters are believable and the plot is extremely compelling and a definite page turner Vicary skillfully reconstructs the tension of the courtroom as well as the dramatics which continue outside of the trial He uses excellent dialogue exchanges which convey the tense atmosphere as well as the characters of the witnesses You get a real sense of what is going on and understand the importance and the differences of the roles of both the Solicitor and that of the Barrister.It certainly shows both sides of the justice system warts and all and highlights the some of the faults in the system.I could definitely see this as transferring onto the screen and will definitely be reading the remaining two books in this series I would recommend for all lovers of the crime genre.

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    A Game of Proof was originally published under the pen name of Megan Stark, and follows tough Barrister Sarah Newby as she defends the indefensible, and, ultimately, her son.The book is set in York, and is a very British crime book The books begins with Sarah Newby defending a thug who is up for the crime of rape Sarah believes that the courtroom is a game, a game of proof She ultimately has doubts in her mind about the guilt of her client, but she defends him regardless She is a tough, driven woman who has battled the odds to reach the upper echelons of the British justice system.As the story progresses, we see Sarah take on the case of her son, Simon, who is accused of the brutal rape and murder of his girlfriend The book is gory and gruesome when the nature of the crime is recounted, but you do get a real feel for the almost clinical and detached nature of the British courtroom As the story, and case against Simon, develops you, as the reader, begin to think yourself about the validity of any conviction You work in your mind alongside the police as they try to piece together other possible suspects for the rape and murder.A Game of Proof kept me engaged throughout It s skilfully written and I ll be looking to read of the Sarah Newby trials books She isn t an especially likeable character there are times as which she epitomises the eternal question of can you ever have it all The successful career, marriage and family life At times she appears cold and calculating but is she ultimately just doing her job The book is very thought provoking in this regard.There are some very minor inconsistencies in this book, and some frustrating typing spelling errors but not what Vicary does is to uncover the workings of the British legal system, and the importance of presentation You can t help but feel that, at times, it is all just a game, albeit with a very high price Witnesses are treated appallingly, in the name of justice, and at stages this book makes for painful reading when you put yourself in the place of the witness The book is well written and is a brilliant British crime thriller that you really should read And even better is that at the time of writing, A Game of Proof, is free on ,

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    Thrilling and FascinatingSarah Newby has fought hard for her success Finding herself pregnant at the age of fifteen, she managed not only to bring up her child, but to continue her education and achieve her ambition of becoming a criminal barrister She regularly defends people she suspects are guilty, but in the courtroom that is irrelevant What matters is how cleverly you present your case It is, after all, just a game But she feels differently when her own son is accused of a particularly brutal rape and murder A Game of Proof is the first of the Sarah Newby courtroom drama series And what a tremendous d but it is Not being aware, when I first came across Tim Vicary, just what a superb writer he is and that I would want to read everything he s ever written, I read them in the wrong order starting with the second book, A Fatal Verdict But, even though that made me aware of the outcome of this first novel, that scarcely impinged upon me once I began to read This book fairly flows And it is SO exciting The characters are so well drawn that you are drawn into their lives so completely, in my case, that I forgot place and time and didn t surface until I had finished.It left me wanting Luckily there are Read this one first, and then there are another two to go And then there are the other Tim Vicary books But I ll leave you to find out for yourself There are few greater pleasures than that of discovering a wonderful new author and exploring everything they ve written.

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    It took me a while to get into this, and to begin with I found it difficult to engage with Sarah Newby s character She gave up so much to improve her circumstances, but seemed utterly heartless This is, of course, a key foundation for her character s development As the story was revealed, layer by complex layer, it became an utterly compelling read The courtroom scenes are particularly strong I m glad I already have the sequel on my Kindle, and hope it ll be just as good.A few minor editing gremlins and errors, but still a worthy 4 star read My reviews are written in somewhat general terms as I prefer not to write, or read, spoilers.

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    This was pretty good A new author and series to me it s subtitled the Trials of Sarah Newby and is about a woman barrister over here in Leeds who s worked her way up from single motherhood at a young age to this great career She has 2 kids both teens Her son is accused of rape and murder and since there s no law to prevent it she chooses to defend him Interestingly, he s being accused of the same crimes another guy had been accused and tried for, only Sarah got him acquitted There were some howling spelling errors and for some reason perhaps the author uses an American editor as there were a lot of Americanisms peppered throughout.I l certainly try the next instalment.

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    I am going to give this a high three starts, but could not give it four because of all the errors that were with in Not sure if it was just my kindle copy, but to many to ignore The story was really good and it did keep you guessing up until the end Very interesting to read a novel about the English judicial system and I will put other Vicary Novels on my list of must reads I just could not get over the fact that this was a Professor that wrote this book and it seems to have missed the editor before being published All of these errors will not help those wanting to learn English.