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Bernadette Fox Has VanishedWhen Her Daughter Bee Claims A Family Trip To Antarctica As A Reward For Perfect Grades, Bernadette, A Fiercely Intelligent Shut In, Throws Herself Into Preparations For The Trip But Worn Down By Years Of Trying To Live The Seattle Life She Never Wanted, Ms Fox Is On The Brink Of A Meltdown And After A School Fundraiser Goes Disastrously Awry At Her Hands, She Disappears, Leaving Her Family To Pick Up The Pieces Which Is Exactly What Bee Does, Weaving Together An Elaborate Web Of Emails, Invoices, And School Memos That Reveals A Secret Past Bernadette Has Been Hiding For Decades Where D You Go Bernadette Is An Ingenious And Unabashedly Entertaining Novel About A Family Coming To Terms With Who They Are And The Power Of A Daughter S Love For Her Mother

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    A douche canoe that I probably shouldn t have dated for a couple months a few years ago once told me that I didn t like Glee because I didn t understand satire I d like to hand him this book and say, Bite me, asshat This is satire I suppose that s an entirely different story The point is, I loved this book It s sharp, witty, heartwarming, and entirely entertaining Of course, it came from someone involved with Arrested Development should I expect any less The first three fourths of this book are told in the form of email correspondence, magazine articles, even doctors bills purportedly strung together by fifteen year old Bee in an attempt to tell her mother Bernadette s story Bernadette is the quintessential misunderstood genius In her thirties, she became one of the few female architects to stand out from the crowd and was eventually awarded a MacArthur genius grant When project particularly near and dear to her heart was destroyed, Bernadette s psyche began to fray Then her husband, Elgie took a job at Microsoft and the family moved to Seattle Now, they live in an abandoned home for girls and their daughter has overcome a congenital heart condition to succeed brilliantly at a charter school, whose wannabe upper crust parents resent Bernadette s refusal to take part in the community Bernadette, for her part, is still struggling to get over the heartbreak of her previous life and has developed an agoraphobia so severe that she has hired a virtual personal assistant to take care of her daily errands remotely from India As the book begins, Bee is cashing in on the promise her parents made that, if she achieves straight A s, she can have any gift she likes She wants a family trip to Antarctica, a request that sends Bernadette s anxiety skyrocketing Meanwhile, their catty neighbor Audrey is declaring war on Bernadette and her blackberry bushes Picture the biggest busybody from a Desperate Housewives style show, the kind of woman who erroneously believes that her obnoxious behavior is beneficial to and appreciated by everyone else She wants to host a bruncheon I don t know if that s a word, but I m coining it now to woo legitimately upper crust parents to the charter school and Bernadette s blackberry bushes are interfering To say that Audrey has it out for Bernadette is an understatement, but when the bruncheon ends in catastrophe, it s the proverbial straw that breaks Bernadette Elgie, concerned that his wife s anxiety and paranoia have become larger than life, attempts to stage an intervention for Bernadette Unfortunately, he instead discovers that Bernadette has disappeared and it s up to Bee to find her.This book gently pokes fun at tech culture and at people who desperately want to be in the next highest social strata, but where Semple really excels is in her unfolding of Bernadette There are certainly aspects of the plot that require some suspension of disbelief, but Bernadette is such a great character She tried keeping it together but at some point, she snapped and completely folded into herself in anxiety and desperation She hates Seattle, the parents at Bee s school, her husband s company, everything around herexcept her daughter She loves Bee desperately and wants to do anything she can for her daughter At the same time, she s an artist whose stunted mental health has fried her ability and opportunity to create, which has only made her anxious and depressed What else can I say This book isn t high minded literature, but it s not really trying to be It s a send up of a wacky, soapish storyline that manages to stay completely engrossing I couldn t put it down And it s touching It s ultimately about self acceptance finding what makes you happy and learning how to balance that with the expectations of others that you can t shake off And there s this quote, which I loved This is why you must love life one day you re offering up your social security number to the Russian Mafia two weeks later you re using the word calve as a verb I dare say that if you can t appreciate it, then maybe you just don t get satire I kid, I kid.

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    Just found this book in my luggage recently, I read it while traveling a while back, and never got around to recording it here This happens a lot I m hesitant to assign a star rating here hesitant than usual Not only did I read this months ago, but the genre isn t one that I spend a lot of time reading.But where do I rank it I know it didn t anger or disappoint me in any way I d remember that but neither did I feel the need to rush on here and review it, or force it on any of my friends I know a book is genuinely good if I feel the need to share it I did enjoy it, and that s saying something, given that it s outside my regular reading habits and I don t think I m the target audience for the book It s solidly written, clever and witty in turns, slightly absurdist in its humor, and comes to good resolution.So four stars Sure Whatever Let s call it four Whatever that means.If you re the sort of person who only reads fantasy as I know some of my readers are be aware this doesn t have any of that in there Also, female main character here So if you re one of those dudes who is terrified of catching cooties from a book, look out There s feelings and shit in this book, and a girl looking for her mother Personally, I liked it If the thought of that makes your nuts retreat protectively up into your body, you might want to think of this as less than four stars And possibly consider getting some therapy to work out your unresolved issues If you re someone who enjoys personal narratives YA stuff Or what s typically considered Chick Lit Though I hate that term odds are you ll like this than four stars worth Parenthetically yours, pat

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    People like you must create If you don t create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society. Oh My Gawd I love this so much Bee Fox, genius daughter of the infamously famous Bernadette Fox, has a puzzle to solve where in the world is her mother Before her mother went missing, Bee s parents made the dubious promise of buying her whatever she wanted IF she got perfect gradeswhich she did and she cashed that in for a trip to Antarctica And with the help of an online Indian personal assistant, Bernadette begins planningand planningand planningand quickly realizes that perhaps, it may have been a bit of a mistake to make such a rash promise One of the main reasons I don t like leaving the house is because I might find myself face to face with a Canadian. Meanwhile the pressures mount from all sides until suddenly poof Bernadette disappears.It s up to Bee to find her and she is not about to back down Hello, can I help you with something If not, please step aside because I m about to kick the shit out of life. In short abso freaking lutely hilarious I was laughing to myself almost every chapter Semple combined just the right amount of hilarity and heartwarming hi jinks.Bernadette has such an amazing take on life she was sassy and witty every single moment she was on the page That s right, she told the girls You are bored And I m going to let you in on a little secret about life You think it s boring now Well, it only gets boring The sooner you learn it s on you to make life interesting, the better off you ll be My favorite part The ongoing battle with Audrey the snooty next door neighbor The petty squabbling and the exponentially increasing responses made my jaw drop especially when the kindergartners got PTSD from billboard incident This is one that needs to be read to be fully appreciated I am absolutely in love The Finer Books Club 2018 Reading Challenge A book you see a stranger reading in publicBlog Instagram Twitter

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    What we have here is a satirical epistolary novel about a bunch of whiny one percenters in Seattle Ms Semple is sending up Seattle elites, which here seem to be typified by Bernadette s husband Elgie, a granola eating, public transport using, bike riding, Microsoft employee with a genius IQ She also sets her sights on the students and parents of a Montessori style preparatory school I don t feel a particular need to explain what happens, because it s pretty well traveled stuff Where BERNADETTE sets itself apart is the storytelling style The story here takes the form of a packet of documents that Bernadette s daughter has prepared after Bernadette disappears These include emails between Elgie s assistant and a disgruntled neighbor, emails between Bernadette and her Indian assistant Manjula, police reports, magazine articles, etc These documents have a kind of zingy, lighthearted, ironic quality about them, and it makes for an energetic and enjoyable story Narration between the documents is provided in brief snippets by Bernadette s precocious daughter Bee Alas, there are many problems, and the book never lives up to its promise Semple is trying to have it both ways Bernadette, for example is a ruthlessly satirized Type A East Coast transplant We re supposed to find her ridiculous, but we re also expected to fall for her Semple wants us to believe she s a genius because she won a MacArthur genius grant, even though there s very little else in the way of supporting evidence She wants us to find Bernadette mysterious and admirable But I was never really drawn in by Bernadette s positive qualities, or able to find them at all This wouldn t have been a problem for me if it wasn t so clear that I was supposed to like her Also, the title and jacket copy of this book seem to promise that it s about the mysterious disappearance of, and search for, Bernadette The problem is that Bernadette never really disappears She leaves briefly, but her reasons for leaving are pretty clear, and it s not hard to guess where she went the setting of Antarctica, promised by the icy mountains on the cover and tons and tons of buildup throughout, might provide a clue But the book suffers the most when the narration switches to Bee full time after the disappearance This switch is somewhat painstakingly explained, but it felt lazy to me There had to be a way to keep the form that had been so successful for the first two thirds of the book for the final act It felt like Semple was trying to write a book that was zany, unique, and inventive, but also perfectly conventional, with all the benefits of both storytelling styles In my mind, this book depended on the inventiveness of its epistolary style, and abandoning it was disaster All in all, worth reading This is the kind of book that very well could have left me shaking my head and wondering how the author pulled it off, if only she had pulled it off Ah, well I received this in ARC form from the Nervous Breakdown book club, and I hope they dress it up a bit for the hardcover I think it would be better if the documents appeared in different forms and fonts, if Elgie s handwritten letter appeared handwritten, etc I can t close this review without saying that this book s cover is unfortunate While I did have issues here, this book represents a serious effort, and it deserved a serious cover It will be interesting to see what Maria Semple does next.

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    Well, let this be a lesson to those who would open their mouths and spew venom into the world I once wrote very publicly and loudly on this here Goodreads that I could never love a satire don t even remember which book I was reviewing The point is, this book has made me eat my words This fucking book, man I loved it It s my cheese, my oreo cookie, my soft blanket on a cold winter s night, my let s pack everything up and head out for an adventure because FUCK YEAH WE RE ALIVE I m so glad I randomly picked this book up at my library Like, last second, I was checking out and there it was, and I just grabbed it Best last minute decision ever Found it And oh, of course it was a Waugh Where d You Go, Bernadette is a modern day epistolary novel, but not like one of those ones you read as a teenager with like whiny emails and diary entries from lovelorn pimple faces, it s like layers and layers of subtle genius Bee is fifteen and loves her mother, her eccentric and troubled mother, who one day disappears The book is a meta compilation supposedly put together by Bee of emails, articles, and other assorted correspondences that tell the story of Bernadette what made her who she is, and what led up to her disappearance The first 75% of the book is just a delightful satire, on the wealthy and privileged, on the self deluded and spiritually empty but what really makes it are the bits of real emotion that are constantly peeking through This story genuinely made me feel things, and like I mean that it in all caps, FEEL THINGS Plus, it s just wacky Maria Semple used to work on Arrested Development, if that gives you some idea of what I mean by wacky Now, just to warn you, I m writing this all high off the ending which was just fucking lovely , so I might be a bit biased, and you might end up reading it and being like, Ashley, what the fuck Just keep that in mind But to put it in frame of reference, I liked this book almost as much as I liked Ready Player One and I fucking love Ready Player One , but it s a different kind of love I don t want to say any because I just want you to go read the book I mean it GO

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    For the first time ever, I m going with the Goodreads appointed rating system This book was simply OK , therefore I am giving it 2 stars I didn t hate it or anything, but it really didn t do anything for me.I didn t find it funny or all that quirky to be quite honest , and the characters were all a bit bland I was also disappointed that what I had originally thought was the whole point of the book Bernadette disappearing right before a trip to Antarctica didn t even happen until way later in the story I found the lead up to Bernadette s disappearance to be quite dull, and I only became vaguely interested when it finally happened.I don t have very strong emotions towards this book, which leads me to believe it just wasn t for me.

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    Simply put READ THIS, or you WILL have a supremely LAME life This I solemnly swearYup, this is a total classic a brilliant novel that the critics have hailed as impossibly LOL fuhu nny But I simply must add on to this and this is why this has been the best novel I ve read since The Art of Fielding truth is, it will make you cry Bawl like a baby cry over the disappearance of this unique individual Finding her is the main objective in this crazy mixed media project Where d You Go, Bernadette is what astute book worms crave ABSOLUTE MUST READREADREADREADREADREAD I will never stop recommending Bernadette It is one of the best novels of the 21 st century.

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    There is a new genre of contemporary fiction in which believability is thrown out the window in favor of wacky plot machinations, but which is not satire because the emotions of the characters are too real See also, This Is Where I Leave You When her daughter was born with a heart condition which gave her skin a blueish hue, Bernadette Fox named her daughter, Balakrishna Branch, because the Indian God, Krishna, is blue and the name means child Krishna Wacky, huh In case you were wondering, Bernadette is not Indian, and she isn t even Hindu Bernadette calls all of the other mothers at her daughter s school gnats because they are bothersome to her always wanting her to particpate in classroom activities Wacky, huh Bernadette spends her grant money buying a girls reform school in Seattle to renovate as their home and which is in such disrepair that weeds grow up through the floorboards so she has to hire a gardener to weed whack the dining room Wacky, huh Oh, and did I mention that she is a genius MacArthur grant and all Bernadette s husband is also wacky He doesn t wear shoes when he works He asks to be removed from his daughter s school email list because he doesnt have time to read all that nonsense He wears headphones so people don t bother him on the Microsoft bus Oh, and he is a genius too with the Number 4 most popular TED talk Semple puts these wacky folks into all sorts of wacky situations a mud slide during the progressive school s prospective kindergarten parents brunch, a police raid at the Westin hotel, a quest to obtain illegal psychotic medication to avoid seasickness, an FBI sting operation, an escape across the Antarctic Sea in Zodiac boats There is so much wackiness that it becomes exhausting.The problem is that Bernadette s daughter, Bee, is a totally believable character A fifteen year old girl who has overcome her health issues, and loves to learn, and loves her wacky parents despite it all, so as a reader, on Bee s behalf, I became outraged when Semple has these parents behave in ways which injure Bee, again and again, through their self centeredness, their childishness, and their neglect I don t understand how Semple wants me, the reader, to react, and that is a problem.Semple writes well she is clever and has a nice turn of phrase, and I enjoyed parts of this book tremendously, but as a whole, it did not hold together for me at all.As a final insult, this book ends so suddenly, it gave me whiplash I was listening to it on CD and I pulled the car over to make sure that somehow I had not lost a disk, despite the fact that the narrator was intoning, Thank you for listening to I could not believe it I could not believe that the book was over I have no idea what happened to these characters or how the plot was resolved I was shocked.

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    Pearl Ruled2017 UPDATE If you can even imagine such a thing, Richard Linklater is filming this craptastic insult to the word chick lit in PITTSBURGH No, no one ll notice it s not Seattle It will be in theaters Mother s Day 2018, which is yet another belt in the chops to women everywhere.Rating 1.6 of five p97 The Publisher Says Bernadette Fox is notorious To her Microsoft guru husband, she s a fearlessly opinionated partner to fellow private school mothers in Seattle, she s a disgrace to design mavens, she s a revolutionary architect, and to 15 year old Bee, she is a best friend and, simply, Mom.Then Bernadette disappears It began when Bee aced her report card and claimed her promised reward a family trip to Antarctica But Bernadette s intensifying allergy to Seattle and people in general has made her so agoraphobic that a virtual assistant in India now runs her most basic errands A trip to the end of the earth is problematic.To find her mother, Bee compiles email messages, official documents, secret correspondence creating a compulsively readable and touching novel about misplaced genius and a mother and daughter s role in an absurd world My Review I do not care where this stupid, whining woman went I want her to stay there and remain anonymous.Awful Negative Condescending to agoraphobics It s as noxious as Gone Girl, and cloaked in humor instead of viciousness it still makes me mad Jonathan Franzen liked it, so did Garth Stein and Kate Atkinson Note to self When writers whose work you dislike intensely blurb a book, ignore the hype and avoid it This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    Laugh out loud comedy about a family in crisis Bernadette is a quirky,opinionated, likable character Bernadette disappears one day after her 15 year old daughter aces her report card and wants to claim her promised award a family trip to Antarctica The only problem is that Bernadette is agoraphobic and uses her assistant in India to run most of her errands My best advice READ THIS BOOK It s hilarious, funny and a welcome relief to books that seem to be similar to other books This book is original, well thought out and laugh out loud funny.