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In The Fourth And Final Installment, Maggie And Caleb Must Tie Up All The Loose Ends Of Their Lives And Make A Way To Be Together Completely On Their Own With Everything That Happened With Bish And Maggie S Father, She S Almost Reluctant To Move On And Move Out And Now She Must Figure Out All Of Thisstuffwith Haddock But Of Course, Nothing Can Stay Simple For The Jacobsons Enemies Who Were Thought To Be Dissolved Have Decided To Not Go Down So Easily And Old Flames Come Calling For Than Just Maggie Caleb Is Torn Between Leading His Family And Personal Wants Maggie Is Torn Between Caleb And Being The Leader Of Their People But Neither Will Let What They Need Most To Be Pushed To The Wayside They Are Determined To Make It All Work, Design A Plan Toward Destiny, And Make Everything Right Again For Themselves And Their FamilyAnd Then There S A Wedding

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    I am so, so, so just twitching with excitement about this book I can not wait for you to read it I m sad, though, that it will be the last I ll miss Caleb and Maggie, Kyle and Lynne, Peter and Rachel I really have an array of emotions about it, but the main one is excited There s so many things about this book that will a new experience for me to write I can t wait And I really hope everyone gets the significance of the cover

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    It was a good story to end the series Too much kisses and tongue through the books, hahaha. I will miss the characters..Maggie Masters image error

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    I cannot believe this book is coming to an end sigh I cannot count how many times Ive read and reread these books because I love them SO MUCH Im seriously going to miss Maggie and Caleb They have the healthiest relationship in any of the books Ive read so far The whole aces virtuoso idea was GENIUS I seriously want a caleb to imprint with I PRAY TO SHELLY that this book ends ten years after the wedding with Maggie Caleb and their kids Im probably going to cry when I finish this book

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    FULL REVIEW TO COME God thank you, for he was beautiful Maggie Tomorrow you ll be mine in every way, every sense, every second, but I know that no matter how tight I hold you, it ll never be close enough No matter how long or hard or passionately I kiss your lips, it ll never be sating Caleb My Thoughts So sad to see it endI enjoyed Independence The tone of the book was less anti climatic oppose to it s predecessors, giving only two heart racing scenes Action took a back seat but Crane threw in a few twists with certain characters which was cool It was obvious that the focus was on the romance a lot in this book which I loved Caleb and Maggie are truly adorable And the epilogue was AWESOME My RatingsCharacters Lovable, Strong willed and determinedWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Sweet, with a small dose of drama and actionSteam Factor PG 13Overall I enjoyed it I recommend to YA PNR lovers Now go forth and read Then come tell us about on Goodreads For reviews go to

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    17 December, 2012.The time has come.Mood excited 21 December, 2012If there was a Caleb in this world, I am so going to run after him Who wants a Caleb Hands up Consumed, happy, married and together This was it, what it was like to be real significants Finally Forever Mine It has ended The significance novels have ended. Oh god, I am so going to miss Caleb He is just too perfect to be true, shame on reality shame on the real guys hahah My standard for guys just went up too much.Ok enough about mister handsome charming and perfect.The story I loved SignificanceI loved AccordanceI loved DefianceBut I can only say that I liked Independence Therefore, I will give it 3 to 4 stars I would be too biased if I gave it 5.Maybe I was expecting too much because of all the teasers Oh god, YES. I remember me being hysteric every Tuesday, but this somehow was just a plain ending.Don t hate me for this I am hating myself for writing this but some parts seemed so cliche and unsolved.Beck s attitude was weird.Haddock and Maggie s bond was like scribbled down at the very end because it was like forgotten by the time the story was about to end.Markus random revenge Lack of visionary. Euhmm Things You know, the action things like in Defiance Or anything with the other clans or enemies By the way, Fiona seemed so mean Lack of other characters in the story. Kyle, Lynn..someone not Caleb or Maggie I loved Caleb and Maggie but somehow their romance started to become cheesy I don t know the right term but in Dutch it is called klef , google it..It felt like the story was written at the very last minute. That is why I feel so incomplete And besides that, it felt like the story was, of course, racing to the finish so it could have a happy ever after concept, which makes everything fake Hmm, this is than I thought it would be but there is actually but I can t pinpoint them.But despite of those points I pointed out and mentioned above, I can still say it out loud with all my heart that I truly enjoyed this journey with Mags and Jacobson till the end I loved the installments in general and don t regret a thing for picking this up and reading it.Hereby, I thank you for writing these amazing books They are definitely claiming my all time favorites shelf.And Hey Now, there is going to be a movie Sweeeet Please, cast a handsome and lovely Caleb. You should Really Haha.But for now The End For Infinity I am realising now after writing this that I am going to miss this so freaking bad Ok I am getting emotional now.By the way a last random shout out, if I am getting married I am so going to design my rings like theirs hahahaPeace.

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    It s the last one I can t wait, but I also don t want it to end.Ahh, it s the red dress giggle P

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    Oh My GOD I can t believe this The last book Really Seriously I m gonna have a terribleterribleterriblewithdrawal, swear to God Though I honestly can t wait to find the happy ending at last, but it still sucks that I d have to say goodbye to Maggie, and especially Caleb the best hero ever and their amazingly beautiful love story But, seriously, CAN T WAIT to read this book DAwwwwhat a book Maybe I was just too attached to the series and that s why I loved this book so much The story was just so sweet I felt giddy all the time cause they were so in love and always really sweet to each other and so lovey dovey that I couldn t stop smiling while reading the book It was just too cute and adorable Though it just felt like the finishing of the series, and the trouble that was supposed to be a horrifying climax near the end wasn t very exciting, I could forgive that cause the whole series was just too perfect to satisfy my girly fantasy of having a perfect guy as your soul mate Lol I couldn t believe that it d ended I loved the character, Maggie, so much,, and I was just speechless when it came to tell you how much I LOVED the character Caleb I meanif that kind of guy ever existed, I would chase him aggressively than Ashley had Can t help but wish that I could find my own Caleb , a guy who s so amazing, kind, sweet, selfless, loving, very nice, understanding, caring, considerate, brave, and just would do anything and everything for the woman that he loves sigh Where Where could you find such a guy Only in romance novels, people And Caleb was one of the best hero, ever And of course, all the other characters were just great and very amusing as well AwwI m having a horrible withdrawal One of the best series, ever I still feel overwhelmedI wish this story could continue forever sobs Great job Shelly Crane D

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    Bittersweet would be my one word to describe this book This series is simply amazing, with just one touch to be able to know you have found your true soul mate Caleb and Maggie are just too adorable for words and love that although there was some conflict the book didn t center around it, but instead the anticipation of good things to come Loved the end, and always highly recommend anything written by Shelly Crane

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    I was excited about the final book in the significance series I loved the previous three, and have re read them all a number of times There is just something beautiful about the way the romance between Caleb and Maggie is written, it is so sweet and tender that it just makes me sigh I was so eager to read about their happy ever after in Independence wanting to get lost in that great connection It is actually hurts a bit to write this, but Independence left me disappointed.Let me start with the bits that I did like That wonderful connection and romance is still there between Caleb and Maggie I loved that we got so see them have their happily ever after, I loved that we got to see them married, and finally become one I loved that none of that amazing connection was lost in the last book, and it remained a sweet and innocent YA read about soul mates I liked that Maggie was finally comfortable with the skills and not doubting herself or Caleb, making her a much stronger and confident character I liked Caleb could any guy be that sweet really I also liked that for the most part everyone else s story was completed For these reason s it got three stars, it s the ending everyone wants.Now for what did not leave me all warm and fuzzy, but rather disappointed and annoyed It was all the other bits of the story, it did not have the wow of the previous books of where is this going , it honestly felt like bits of the previous were repeated, and because of this it felt like the magic was lost Apart from the wedding there did not seem to be anything tying the story together The storyline was very thin, without any of the depth of the previous books I did wonder what was going to happen in the previous books, but this one felt so obvious and held no mystery There was so much that could have been done that wasn t What happened to the storyline of Maggie and Caleb taking on the council and changing Significants to make them better people What happened to Maggie being the all mighty Visionary Apart from this being used a small amount, it was hardly bought up, to me I felt she lost power because of this In addition secondary or maybe I should third characters where returned that I still don t know why Maggie s mum and Chad, both make appearances Why Their part in the story was finished in previous books, the part they played in this book added nothing to Maggie and Calebs tale If it was to add any conflict or tension, it did not work for me, it felt like just reading their parts from the previous books We already knew what they were like, it just reinforced this, adding nothing, and not learning anything new either On top if this Maggie has a huge falling out with Beck, again I am not really sure what this added to the book apart from wondering why Maggie has such poor taste in friends, and is this what you really want to be doing by book four, questioning if the main character is stupid But one of the things that annoyed me the most was about Maggie and Caleb trying to change a vision This vision involving themselves, and Bish and Jen, at the beach So what do they do go to the beach Argh, this annoyed me.I wanted to love this book as much as the previous ones, but I m so sorry to say I didn t The plot was very thin, repetitive and very predictable I know that even after giving this review, I am still going to tell you to read the book If you have read the previous ones you want to know how Shelly chose to end Maggie and Caleb s story The happy ever after ending is nice, but I wanted than just that I wanted the magic of the previous books, and this one did not have it.Will I read it again No