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I deleted my reviews for the Premonition series because ALL my thoughts and feelings have changed from 2012 Hands down for Mrs Bartol This was incredible.It s the first book of the series I m giving 5 stars to but it full on deserves it because every single bit of it was enchanting and it made me want I love the world she s built and as the series progresses I love and the characters and grow attached to them Needless to say that my favorite character is Reed I mean I cannot choose but if I were to pick one I d pick him I just can t help adoring and feel for him He definitely is one of my most favorite fictional characters I love the way he evolved and how he is still trying to change because that, having someone to love and have them love you back so much, is new to him He is such a good person He may be a killer since he is a Power but he is every bit as loving as he is an evil terminator His instincts tell him to protect Evie and he doesn t want her involved but he really wants to change that since there hasn t come any good from that but what really matter is that he is trying hard I love how he says he is hers and when he says it I believe it He Evie make up for a breath taking couple As the story goes one, I realize one thing unpredictability Mrs Bartol will always find something to surprise us with It ll either be throughout the book, or in the end but she ll definitely do something unpredictable and that s a nice way of making her readers want to read of her amazing world and her amazing, terrific characters.Thanks for reading my review WINNER OF THE UTOPYA AWARD FOR BEST VILLAIN I Hang My Head In Sorrow For Just A Moment When I Know I Am Truly Alone I Feel Like I M Going To My Execution, Just As He Had Said Then I Move Forward Again I Hop A Fence Of Fieldstone And Cross A Field Dotted With Queen Anne S Lace Goose Bumps Rise On My Arms As I Pass The Cluster Of Windmills That I Have Seen In A Dream The Scent Is Sweet In The Field Though, Not The Scent Of Heat, Like It Had Been When It Was Forced Upon Me In Visions I Gaze Down The Hill, Beyond The Small, Whitewashed House That I Knew Would Be There The Church Looms Dark And Grim With Its Rough Hewn, Timber Fa Ade, Capped By Tall, Oblong Spires Reaching To The Sky Black, Ominous Clouds Have Collected Above The Roofline, As If Heaven Is Showing Me The Way Just finished another amazing fucking read by this legendary author HOLY FUCK she just blows me the fuck away with each book.I want to be a Gancanagh when I grow up And I want to be Brennus s QUEEN Fuck me that bloke I want to be best mates with him and blow him at the same time And Finn I d fuck them both.I fucking love The Fellas And then there is my Reed My man has me motherfucking SWOONING with every page.The love he has for Evie makes me want to cry and Evie is fucking badass in this book I adore that bird Buns and Brownie have to be two of my favourite characters ever I just love them I love Molly too Oh fuck it, I FUCKING LOVE THEM ALL 3This series will stay with me for life Now onto Incendiary Every single page is an ode to Evie s beauty, wits, kind heart and every single page goes something like this X I will protect you Evie.Evie No, I will protect you.X You are beautiful.Evie I will protect you.X I won t let anything happen to you, look there is the evil guy.Evie I will make a sacrifice, I ll go to the evil guy to protect you.X No, you are bautiful, I will protect you.Evie No you won t, I will protect you.Evil guy Come to me, I want you, you are beautiful With X being the hero, anti hero, the other hero, the friend s hero, the other friends, the other enemy, every single being on the book AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD that s exactly how it goes for pages and pages and pages.Don t get me wrong, it has it s good moments Only when Reed or Zee appear, and some of the fights are pretty nice choreographed , but everything is redundant everything is about Evie everybody wants her, everybody thinks she s beautiful and powerful and everything comes effortless for her M A R Y S U EAnd I still hate Russell.The only good things about this book are Reese Zee Buns Brownie Just devoured the third in the Premonition series Of course now I am tweeting the lovely Amy Bartol to get INCENDIARY The Premonition Series the next installment in this young adult series.I am so in love with these characters I of course love Genevieve as a young female heroine She really embodies the qualities of a young woman trying to find her way in the world in which she has been thrust intoand honestly I have never read a love triangle if that is what you would REALLY call it, so beautifully writtenAmy Bartol has finally written two male characters that I love equally and understand their separate relationships with the main character Evieone does not have to win out over the otherfascinating plot lines and histories make these two love lines so believable and probableI do have to admit I am addicted to Reed, my angel This character is going down on my list of romantic male leads I need to fantasize about when trapped on a desert islandright up there with Edward gasp , Jericho Barrons, The BDB Brothers, and Fouryup that s pretty heady companyReed is special in his own waysand extremely attractiveas I teasingly mentioned to the author in a tweet ReedGivesMeWingsSo ladiesread these books and share them..they deserve much attention than they are gettingand I cannot thank Celeste and the Book Hookup enough for once again making my imaginary life a little brighter with their recsxoxo 4 starsPicking up just after the ending of the last book, the action and excitement is in full swing as Evie Reed, Zee and Buns are trying to track down the remaining members of their group Russell and Brownie , while hiding out from the myriad of groups who want to get their hands on Evie Evie and Reed are very much together and blissed out in love Their love for each other is undying and eternal, and it s a beautiful romanceEvie, you are my aspire my only love Don t you understand It s just you I am no longer whole without you I will never love anyone but youBut the multiple factions that are after Evie aren t about to back down, and her world is about to get turned upside down once again Evie s pathological self sacrificing reaches epic proportions in this book when she throws herself into danger not once but at least four different times in order to protect or save her friends And one of those times sees her enter into a contract with the Gancanagh to live among them as Brennus partner for six months, during which she will not be allowed to have any contact with Reed at all Oh Evie I must confess, at one eye rolling point of this story, I actually thought it would be easier on everybody if she just died and saved them all the drama of violence, torture and death that seems to befall those who are protecting her Is she really worth it I get that her heart is in the right place, and she believes her actions are for the best, but every time she started going on about her need to protect everybody else, at the expense of herself, I just wanted to smack herI know what I cannot survive without so the risk of dying isn t as grave as the risk of losing what I loveHaving said that though, the consequences of her actions make for some very compelling reading As much as I love Reed, I loved reading about her time with the Gancanagh They re such a great group, and even though they re technically baddies, I can t bring myself to dislike them They re so funny, welcoming and very respectful of her, and I love that they sort of become a family to Evie And even though she knows in her head that she should be revolted by them, she grows to care deeply for them, and I really like that, it creates a great dynamic And then there s their leader Brennus, who is so fascinating His original plans to make Evie one of the undead are no , as he has come to appreciate her just as he is, and he spends this book caring for her, protecting her and trying to prove to her that he loves her You know that he has a dark side simmering underneath, but that just makes it exciting Sick, I know, but there you have it Evie may feel torn by her growing feelings for Brennus, but it s Reed that holds her heart, and just when we start to think that Brennus may not be such a bad choice for her, Reed makes an appearance to remind us of his awesomeness, and his forever, undying love for Evie, and I fall even deeper in love with himI miss the outline of your body pressed to mine and the feel of your breath on my neck when you sleep I miss the sound of your voice I need you I have to go soon, but I will be back for you I promise you Then, I will show you that there is still beauty in the world not a future full of despair I promise you, I willI really like the way this book is put together Evie is separated from her family for most of the book, but we know that they In the meantime, bad guys emerge and holy hell, they are violent, sadistic bastards The paranormal world continues to grow with new creatures introduced some of which are truly horrifying , and the violence and action is fantastic mixed with a bit of magic as Evie starts to learn about her powers, and she is developing into quite the badass herself The story has some surprises and it builds really nicely to an epic showdown which doesn t disappoint And then there s a happy ending which is romantic and very satisfying, while still giving us a hint of danger and awesome to come I m so excited, but I m also slightly terrified It s all gearing up to something big, and I hope and pray that everybody makes it out alive I m loving this series 4 stars. Absolutely 10 5 unpredictable stars for this one Compared to the previous 2 books of the series, a lot things happened in this one and there were TONS of surprises that always made my palms sweat and kept me from breathing Reading this book is like riding on a roller coaster, there were twisting plots and never ending ups and downs The whole story went on like dominoes, combined with the chain effects and led to something huge and unprecedented The main charaters were trying to find loopholes when a decision was made they were extremely intelligent, strategic, and never failed to come up with some well thought plans What s , the entire story was no less than a mixture of all kinds of fictional creatures such as Undines, Ifrits, Gargoyles, Reaper Power Virtue Dominion Fallen Angels, Seraphim, Gancanaghs, Devils, Demons, Vampires, Faeries, Werrees, Inikwi, Kevevjust to name a few Therefore, I didn t get bored at all It was truly fascinating and full of unexpectedincidents that left me in astonishment at the same time My favorite quote from Reed to Evie Doubt thou the stars are fire Doubt that the sun doth move Doubt truth to be a liar But never doubt I love I love thee best, O most best, believe it. Doubt the stars are fire Doubt the sun doth move Doubt truth to be a liar But never doubt I love I love thee best, O most best Believe itThe third book in the Premonition series was a little different for me Did I love some parts of it Yes Did I love all of it No I will get into my reasons soon, but overall still a solid 4 star read for me I m going to start with Brennus We are NOT supposed to like Brennus He is the bad guy, the villain Don t get me wrong, he will never take the place of my Reed but why oh why do I LOVE THIS GUY Well I do Brennus saves Evie many times over in this one But with him saving her, he makes a deal with her He keeps her for six months where she cannot communicate with Reed He is to the point where he doesn t want her undead any He just wants her He really does love her and would do anything for her There were a few times I really thought she was going to jump ship Evie spent time with Brenn his people than anyone else in this book Even though Reed, Russ, Buns, Brownie and Zee are her family, these guys became her family too She loved Brenn in her own way, but Reed owns her heart When did I start loving him I ask myself But, it doesn t really matter It s the bottom of the wave, not the top where love crashes over me and washes me away, like it does with Reed Nothing can compare to that nothingYe take away all of da emptiness of death, mo chrio Ye make da possibility of a true death seem less important den losing ye Ye have become da only ting dat matter ta me and I know ye are na aloof ta me Now we ll get to Reed 3 Oh my darling Reed I wasn t happy with the amount of time I got with Reed this book Need Reed Reed and Evie are together, bonded, and happy at the beginning of the book There is SO MUCH going on in this book, I don t even know where to start Evie has so many people who want her for so many different reasons She gets separated from Reed But of course my Reed finds her and saves her Evie can t commuinicate with Reed, its part of her contract But he can come to her, and once he finds her, thats exactly what he doesHold onto the string, love, until the current shifts and we can be together again Evie, you are my aspire my only love Don t you understand It s just you I am no longer whole without you I will never love anyone but youI have so many mixed feelings about this girl right now What I DON T love about Evie she is a martyr to the extreme I get it, everyone wants to protect the ones they love, but she is so self sacrificing and doesn t always look at the big pictureI know what I cannot survive without so the risk of dying isn t as grave as the risk of losing what I loveI would say it is aggravating that she loves Reed, Russell, and Brennus, but I understand her connection with Russ and I have some love for Brennus too so I can t judge her too harshly for that What I did love about Evie she is tough She is also funny She learns so much this book so many new abilities and strengths She also finds out who her angel father is, I think he will be a big part in the next book we shall see I have learned something in the length of time that I have been here This is temporary Everything changes, whether you will it to or not What you feel now will eventually fade and you will cease to remember it, until you need the information that you learned from it to survive, then it will be there for you. Wow, where do I begin with this book I am again blown away by the intensity of it, that I need a drink to recover It is so rare in a series, that the books get better, but this one really is better I thought that my attachment to the story, was because of the location in the first two books I lived in Michigan for awhile, so the scenery felt good to me That s not it though, because in this book, the locations are China and Ireland, with a little of Tahiti thrown in I thought that the love triangle between Evie, Reed and Russell was what was holding my interest, but that s not it either Another love triangle develops in this book, that was like no other triangle I had read about before I wanted so much to continue to hate Brennen, but at times it was difficult Not once did I forget about Reed though, because Amy made sure that Evie didn t either Whenever he would find her, I would hold my breath to keep from crying At times it didn t work though, and the tears would fall I think that Reed and Evie finally have a better understanding of each other, despite their time apart I am hoping that by the end of the last book, I ll have figured out what it is exactly that s made me fall in love with these characters and this story Kudos to the author