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Season 9 Volume 1 Live Through ThisThe supernatural world is reeling after the loss of magic in Joss Whedon's best selling series Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 a prelude to the events that shape Angel FaithThroughout history Angel has had a lot to make up for but it's his most recent mistake taht may forever alter the course of this fan favorite antihero the murder of one of Buffy's most trusted allies In his ongoing search for redemption Angel firmly believes he's found a way to make amends by reviving the dead Cue Faith rebel Slayer charged with helping Angel recover in the aftermath of his biggest misdeed Out of fierce loyalty she supports his ridiculous scheme if only to prevent him from going too far to attain his goal Past present and potential future threats emerge as this unlikely duo struggles against real and personal demons while hitting the dark streets of LondonComic scribe Christos Gage Avengers Academy and series artist Rebekah Isaacs DVS launch readers into the heart of Angel Faith the newest addition to Joss Whedon's world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer This collection also features a one shot starring vampire Harmony with art by Phil Noto

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    Being in a post season eight funk I approached this book with some trepidation Angel coming to terms with his actions? Great WhateverAnd then Faith told Angel Y'know what? Your whole Twilight phase makes about as much sense as a David Lynch movieTHAT'S MY GIRLGod I love Faith and I love her so much in this book She's written and drawn so well She's always been one of those characters that said in her body language than she'd ever say out loud Isaacs catches her dynamism perfectly and there's moments where Faith doesn't say anything verbally but says a whole world of stuff physically It may just be in the tilt of a chin or the widening of an eye but it's there and it's beautifully done This book is really good The dynamic between Faith and Angel one of hard won trust from soldiers who have seen their darkness is brilliantly judged There's a faith sorry that should either one of them go off the rails the other one will pull them back and there's an understanding that they will do whatever it takes I thought I was struggling with the Buffy comics I was just because I wasn't reading the right ones I don't uite get current Buffy I get current Faith I love her humour and her nuances and the way she can't uite believe that she's somehow turned out to be the grown up This book is so very very good

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    Angel Faith picks up roughly where season 8 of Buffy left them while under the possession of Twilight Angel killed Giles Naturally he decides to make this right by bringing him back from the dead Naturally Faith realizes that this means he's no less dangerous barely sane and worth watching very very closely If like me you were less than enthused by season 8 the first volume of Angel Faith will be enough to get you excited about the comics again Some of the best characterization I've seen yet back to the sort of storytelling that Buffy and Angel so much fun in the first place read there are no dragons I'm also pleased to note that you don't need to have read Angel After the Fall to understand where Angel is coming from The entire events of that series are covered in a panel or two and generally don't seem to bear any weight here A nice side effect of After the Fall having been published by a different company

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    I'll let this review stand for the series not just this first volume I'm not a rabid Buffy fan I don't just categorically worship at the altar of Whedon But I have seen every ep of Buffy and Angel and I do really love some of them and some of the characters Faith is far and away my favorite so I was very excited to find out about her future And then I was disappointed to find out that she's basically willing to follow Angel around and help him and serve him forever I like their loyalty to each other in theory and I know you can't explore her heart without her relationship with Angel But somehow Faith always seems to end up the sidekick The story is pretty mediocre graphic novel fare fine but not extraordinary But I really think it fails to be about Angel AND Faith It's really just Angel with a bit of incidental Faith and I think it sucks that the title is so glaringly inaccurate At this point I get the impression that if they made a Faith book it would manage to me about Kennedy or something P

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    Angel has never been one of my favorite characters I loved him in his own show but any time he teams up with Buffy I feel like he gets shoved into the Buffy's emotional baggage box and loses what makes him interestingThe combination of him and Faith on the other hand is one I genuinely love They share darkness guilt and a desire for redemption they don't think they deserveI'm excited to see what this series has to offer

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    It has been a while since I've read Buffy so I was a bit slow to catch up with Twilight issues I might even have to reread the whole arc The artwork was better than expected The characters seemed slightly off from what I rememberIt was an interesting approach and will have to read of these soon

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    Read for Book Roast's Magical Readathon NEWTs Exams Subject Care of Magical Creatures E Level Less than 160 pagesOkay you know what maybe humans are hard to draw Sure Eliza Dushku is the most beautiful woman anywhere in the entire gorram galaxy but maybe your pencil slipped A lotAnd you know Mercedes McNab has cheekbones for days and was even in Playboy so you definitely know the shape of her human personage but drawing her could be intensely difficult because you lost your glasses and all of your light bulbs burned out at once But how the ever loving goat humping fuck can you screw up Clem?HE'S ALL WRINKLES WITH SOME EYEBALLS IN THERE HOW DO YOU SCREW THIS UP?I can't even think about plot the last volume totally screwed everything in my brain up Give me a second I need to take a walk slams down tea cupOkay I'm back So I am not up to date on the Buffy comic 'verse So there were events I was not aware of before I started this Dead like events And without context I am really unhappy about itBut Angel's back on a redemptive arc and Faith is his trusty sidekick While also trying to deal with slayerettes who are losing their minds a little We get a nice call back to season 1 of Angel with the Morha blood But we also get an appearance of Whistler complete with his most iconic line which feelsreally stupid? And forced? Like bringing him back is cool and all even though he's helping the bad guys? Which makes literally no sense? but I'm pretty sure someone reading this comic can figure out who he is without being hit over the head with a sledgehammer Have I mentioned how supremely unhappy I am about this artwork? It's best I forget this ever happened But I am invested in reading WTF happened in season 8 because whtthfck

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    This series picks up several months after the end of Buffy Season 8 and runs concurrently with Buffy Season 9 My review for this will be pretty spoiler ish for Buffy Season 8 and a little for the first volume of Season 9 So if you haven't read that series of books you may not want to read further Angel was the big bad for season 8 and took on the persona of Twilight a luchador mask wearing figure that had a pretty nefarious plan Of course Buffy ended up stopping this but when she did so she destroyed all magic in their world It also cut of the connection from that world to the dimensions of demons In the Buffyverse vampires are human bodies that have been taken over by demons from a hell dimension Since the link to that dimension is cut off all vampires sired after Buffy Season 8 are feral mindless beings that lack the control previous vamps had The discovery of this is one of the major plot points of the first volume of Buffy Season 9 While Buffy and her crew are a doing there thing in California during Season 9 volume 1 Angel and Faith are nearly halfway around the world in England At the end of season 8 Angel is nearly comatose and distraught over the fact that one of his last acts as Twilight was killing Buffy's friend and mentor Giles Faith feels obligated to stay Angel and help him any way she can because he did pretty much the exact same thing for her on the Angel TV series Instead of trying to comfort the inconsolable Angel Faith reads to him Something she reads to him out of Giles' Watcher's Guide brings Angel around This book picks up not long after that and we find out the major plot for this entire series is Angel wanting to right his most grievous wrong by finding a way to bring Giles back to lifeWhile there are other players in the book Angel Faith are the stars as the title implies Writer Christos Gage writes each of these characters and their relationship with each other perfectly Since her introduction in Buffy Season 3 Faith has been my favorite character in the Buffyverse I am ecstatic to see someone write this character so well and continue the growth of the character From her first appearance until now Faith has gone from a streetwise thug that only looked out for herself to a person that cares for and looks out for many others Somewhere during the break between seasons 8 9 not only did Faith look after Angel but she rounded up some of the surviving slayers and helped them come together as a group She also pops in from time to time to lend a hand with some fighting and the girls look to her for guidance I've read several of the original Buffy comics that came out when the TV series was still on all 8 volumes of Buffy Season 8 the first volume of Season 9 the first 5 volumes of Angel After the Fall but this volume right here is the best Buffyverse comic that I've ever read Christos Gage's writing has a lot to do with that Rebekah Isaacs' art has plenty to do with it tooWhile the art in most of Buffy Season 8 had characters that looked like their counterparts on TV the art was in a style that doesn't have a lot of detail I love comic artists like Jim Lee that put tons of detail into it The art in most Buffy books is reminiscent of what you'd see in an adaptation of the Twilight series or some other book series that is aimed at female target audience Isaacs' art not only makes the characters look like the actors that played them on TV but the art would be right at home in a superhero I personally think it the best art that any Buffyverse comic as ever had At the end of the book there is an art gallery that shows the original issue covers plus a few variants One of those variants has Faith Angel wearing Red Sox t shirts and taking down a vampire wearing a Yankees shirt I'm a huge Red Sox fan and I've never seen this cover until now I plan on tracking one of these bad boys down one day so I can frame it and hang it in my houseBoth the writing and art aspects of this book get 5 stars from me That makes averaging the overall rating for this one pretty easy This is a 5 star all around book Anybody that loves the characters from the Buffyverse NEEDS to read this one

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    Found these shelved with graphics and decided to read now While I liked this story I felt Faith could have been proactive

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    Brian Lynch's Angel After the Fall was a riotous comic in every sense full of life colour and extraordinary art It was an epic felt fresh and its own thing Gage's Angel Faith has wrenched Angel kicking and screaming back into a down to earth Buffyverse the direction is good but the execution needs pep I miss Urru's art a lot which made the Angel comic feel like it had a wild unpredictable uniue uality Just as Buffy Season 8 was out there and has been brought back to earth after the wild events of that comic for Buffy Season 9 Angel has also been reined in in an attempt to make the appeal of the comic human againI'm not really a fan of forming hasty opinions about comic series based on one story arc it's something like judging a book's merit based on the first few chapters But Angel and Faith doesn't do it for me yet like Buffy Season 9 does it for me Maybe it's the lack of Buffy or Spuffy or Pocalypses Or maybe it's just the general generic sense of this could be an episode of TV Angel which generally played out as a lot of emotional hand wringing too often without Buffy's deft satirical humourAngel has stopped trying to help the helpless and fight the good fight at least and he's pursuing an adventure of a deeply personal nature that's shows depth to his charcater that was too often lacking With an often introspective Faith by his side he finally has a worthy companion too Cordelia having vision headaches was the dullest and she's constantly forced to make tough choices independently of but which affective Angel and the narrative This is called Angel and Faith because it's Angel and Faith which is kinda cooler than just Angel and boringfriends Still this first arc is than solid and there are intriguing strands that could go places Often the best comics build on the seeds of their opening arcs and I hold out a lot of hope that this will become satisfying as it progresses That said the Harmony one shot story in #5 made me mostly cringe Gage's attempts at humour falling really uite flat

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    3 and a half starsI love Buffy The Vampire Slayer I'm totally convinced it's one of the best tv shows ever I have not read any other Buffy related Graphic Novels This one made me want to get out my Buffy DVD's and WATCH THEM ALL Angel was always someone that I was not a huge fan of Every time I re watch the show I like him and but he still doesn't come close to Spike I think if you combined Angel's sweet sensitive nature with Spike's British sexy sarcastic greatness then you might have something pretty specialI did like Faith in Buffy though She brought the drama and she was feisty and bad So I was kinda O when this graphic novel told me that view spoilerAngel had killed Giles hide spoiler