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let s see if i still remember how to write a decent book review of the five of my friends and friends who have read this, all of them have given it five stars, but not one of them has bothered to write a i guess this makes it my responsibility, but i apologize for the timing of this, because i have been in a real rut lately, when it comes to writing reviews i have been boring even myself over here but i will try to do this one justice, because it was a fantastic read this was recommended in the RA group as a good literary horror novel so as i was reading it, i had certain expectations, and every time something eventful would happen, i would be on the edge of my seat, waiting for the is not a horror is a novel in which horrible things happen, but don t expect any supernatural ghoulies or anything it is just a really well written west virginia crime story in which creepy, potentially supernatural things circle the text, but never actually enter it this is just kill or be killed backwoods violence what lee calls writing from the sharp and serious end of the stick and i wonder if he is sad his name is misspelled on the back cover it is a third person, multi character novel we are perched above the action, watching it all unfold underneath us, helplessly swept away as cause leads to effect leads to massive and spectacular ending.not too shabby for a first novel.this falls under the eloquent yet terse category of these kinds of stories benedict is not afraid to use his words, and there are some lovely poetic descriptions in here, but just as many things that are only hinted at and left to the imagination it is a perfect balance of lovely and revolting definitely my kind of book.if i could say without giving too much away, i would if i ever get my review mojo back, maybe i will return and do a better job on this one or maybe mike reynolds could take care of this we count on you, you knowand because i love lists scary dogsanchoritecrazy cultsexy ladymarijuanabroken bonesdead bodiessecret cavesgravestone snugglekabooms saw this on offer at one penny on and Karen others say it s great, so have ordered It s got dogs thoughgood,good, good, but fucking dogs everywhere Malamutes now I never want to live in rural USA If I visit I want to take an armed guard.A superbly written novel that hooks you from the start It bursts with memorable characters like the charismatic mad Tannhauser, the leader of a marijuana growing gang, and Peanut the hitchhiker who evades several awful fates by luck including being eaten by rampant wild hogs Maybe the women are not quite as well drawn It certainly has a masculine checklist, if I may be so sexist all guns and trucks and dogs and fights boxing, kind of and aeroplanes and helicopters Not usually my thing, but the writing is a dream, with wonderful set pieces For example the truck crash chapter which could stand alone as a story is superb, like watching a film where you re at the wheel and can do nothing to stop the mayhem about to happen The sound of the crash is like a giant man digging his thumbs deep into your ears, way back in where it is waxy and dark and it is so sensitive that you can t bear anyone to touch Or that same place, if a bug were in there, a big black beetle, and its wings were beating against your eardrum a hundred times a second, and there was no way to get it out but to go in after it with something long and thin and pointed, something sharp made out of steel. Brilliant too on the aftermath for one of the survivors, who goes around grinning and describing the scene with its bodies and crushed metal to anyone around, ignoring his busted leg and those shocked by his excitement I m not smiling, he says smiling.I raced through this and enjoyed There are some unexpected elements too, like the strange but fitting end which maybe view spoiler goes beyond death having been warned that a weird end was coming I expected the alien ship that Tanhausser said was buried just below the surface in the caves below, but this end is much satisfying hide spoiler Imagine a suicidal goth obsessed Eastern European director wants to remake Any Which Way You Can But the studio, in sending him the script, manages somehow to interleave the pages with parts of Deliverance, High Risk, and Cheech and Chong s Up in Smoke The director receives the script, reads it, thinks it s a work of avant garde genius, and films it.Pinckney Benedict has written the novelization of that nonexistent film and called it Dogs of God Vulgar, brutal, unassuming, twisted, and intensely fascinating in all the right places, Benedict has taken the modern primitive concept, applied it in novel form, and succeeded all too well A profoundly disturbing book, on my top 15 reads of 99 list. Synopsis blurb.A tale of malevolence and violence, this stunning novel New York Times Book Review is the story of Tannhauser, a crazed backswoodsman turned drug lord, and the idiosyncratic characters who are enticed into his destructive orbit.I ve had this book sat on my shelves unread since I bought it new back in either 1994 when it was first published, or a bit later in 1995 Eighteen years on Mount TBR has got to be some sort of record, for me at least I ve previously attempted to read it than once, but could never get than about 30 pages in, before turning to something else Well this time around, I got past the initial stumbling blocks and finished Dogs is populated by the kind of people, I like reading about but wouldn t want to meet Tannhauser is a 12 fingered, ex military drug dealer He s commandeered an abandoned women s prison, burnt out the hippies that were growing their own weed there, literally and has his own captive, migrant work crew The local sheriff s on the payroll and with a massive arms shipment arriving in exchange for his crop, he s looking to expand the operation Cruel, ruthless and psychopathic he s running the show.Goody, a drifting bare knuckle fighter who has a match up with Tannhauser s bodyguard, Yukon arranged by Inchcape a sometime farmer, part time truck driver and Goody s landlord Carmichael s the DEA agent tasked with getting to grips with West Virginia s burgeoning marijuana crops He s running an operation that s targeting Tannhauser and which will cause conflict between the local law and their unofficial paymaster.Bodo and Toma are outsiders commodity dealers brought into the mix with their arms shipment in exchange for Tannhauser s dope.Pilot and co pilot two guys with a have plane, will smuggle mentality.Benedict deals in other characters whose significance eludes me an anchorite, which after googling is apparently a spiritual person who is living as a hermit and Peanut another drifter, ready to assume Yukon s mantle after his catastrophic collision in the ring with Goody.The book throughout is violent and for the most part interesting The boxing scenes and the wild boar hunt are compelling and fantastic, but ultimately I put it down feeling slightly unsatisfied Whether the anchorite and the apocalyptic climax has some allegorical meaning, I m unsure I m not a student of the Old Testament or Aesop or Greek mythology so will pass on that one.The passages earlier in the book concerning the underground caves in the region, that run for miles and miles, seem a convenient device at the end to allow one of the participants to ultimately survive the carnage Benedict wreaks on nearly everyone.3 from 5Bought new a long time ago.https 2013 0 This was a pretty good read, but a little too action adventure for my tastes There were too many characters to really care a lot about any of them Usually, when everyone starts dying in fits of explosion and body parts dot the sky like falling rain I m tuning out But if you like a good action packed, violent mystery thriller, this may be for you The writing itself was pretty strong. It s like Sam Pekinpah was writing a novel, died with one chapter left and then a semi coherent William Burroughs wandered in, shoved the corpse aside and took the reigns That last chapter definitely generates some mixed reactions, as you can see from other reviews The hallucinations of a dying man A metaphor for the process of dying Pointless gobbledygook I don t know, but to me it s a pivotal piece that elevates this book beyond some El Leonard influenced tough guy story. Popular Book, Dogs Of God By Pinckney Benedict This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Dogs Of God, Essay By Pinckney Benedict Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Years ago, I read this tale of bad men and dumb men wrenching each others lives out of shape I found it repellant but beautiful and intense, strangely deep and hallucinatory Then I loaned it out and couldn t remember the title or author s name But the book kept after me, haunted me I couldn t stop wanting to read it again I looked all over for it, high and low and even called a few people to see if I had loaned it to them Recently I finally found it, hiding in plain sight, and now I read in it from time to time Benedict is one of those cadenced Southern writers skilled at spell casting and concocting games of existential horror and unfathomable cruelty He takes on William Blake s tiger questions without flinching I hesitate to re embark on This book s mad ride into full dark or its full dark ride into madness, but I want to keep it nearby, in case. The ending of this novel is so grand, so right, it may make you turn around and read the whole book again. Oh how I disliked this book I am too stubborn to not finish one, but this was a chore I love description, but this writer was far too descriptive, to the point that I lost concentration on what was being described to me None of the characters were well written and they all lacked an arc They were written in one way, and that was it from start to finish Hard pass