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This funny sad yet wonderfully life affirming story is about a misunderstood boy genius who refuses to accept the limitations of the world in which he lives Young Ug is always on the brink of finding a better and nicer way of getting through life Told in than 100 colorful frames with speech balloons much like a graphic novel but for a younger audience with witty footnotes Illustrations

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    Perhaps you know Briggs' wordless picture book The Snowman? Well thanks to Rosemary I read this sort of picture book reflection on the nature of curiosity imagination and invention set in The Stone Age where people mainly live a stone centric life; they wear stone clothes play with stone and so on But one boy Ug wonders why he has to wear carved stone pants and why not soft trousers? And why not heat the food? Why not a boat with materials lighter than stone which as you imagine works out so well Why only live in caves? The Stone Age shifts to the Ice Age; how to prepare for that change? And as the planet heats up in the Anthropocene how do we change our habits and ask how we could live better with our environment?

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    Generation Conflict in the Stone AgeThis comic book is about a Stone Age Family that not only lives in a cave but also wears stone pants and sleeps under stone blankets because well that’s just how things are done “This is why nowadays is called the Stone Age footnote No one living in the Stone Age would know he was living in the Stone Age He would believe he was living in the Modern Age Today we believe we are living in the Modern Age Time will tell”Stone pants and blankets are a bit on the uncomfortable side so curious Son Ug wonders “Why can’t trousers be made of something else? Something softer” Dad is not amused “SOFTER Look there's nothing in the world except mud bushes and stones so take your pick what do you want? Trousers made of mud? Trousers made of bushes?” It’s pretty funny and it’s by Raymond Briggs so you know it’s clever and beautiful too Recommended

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    I loved this book It just arrived in the post today and I had to read it immediately The drawings as always with Raymond Briggs are lovely The stone age furniture and clothing is barely serviceable and clearly pre Flintstone Ug has big ideas about how to change things for the better but his mother hates any thoughts of change this is the way we have always done it this is the way we will always continue to do it Maybe some nice warm soft trousers would improve her mood but I would not hold my breathStill Winter is coming and proper clothing might turn out to be a very good ideaI loved the writing and the notes about all the anachronisms used There is a lot of great information in here as well as a great story Originally I was going to uickly read this book then pass it on to some deserving little kid Sorry kids I'm keeping it

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    Another uniue amusing and simply weird book by the inestimable Raymond Briggs The basic plot follows caveboy why do we live in caves mum? couldn't we build something outside? Ug who tries to invent all sorts of things despite the general bafflement contempt and even anger of literally everyone else in his world It's unusual for Briggs to focus on a smart character but not at all unusual for him to satirize ignorance which he does here with rather less tragic effect than in many of his other books eg Gentleman Jim not that we have a happy ending here either as Ug's idea of inventing soft pants rather than the stone ones everyone wears it is the Stone Age after all comes a cropper when he isn't uite bright enough to figure out sewing One might read this in different ways smartness isn't good enough; brilliance cannot thrive when surrounded by indifference or antagonism; genius can be suelched by bad parenting; failure is the human lot etc None of these are particularly comforting messages for a kid's book but I'm okay with thatThe humour is enhanced by Briggs's use of footnotes to subvert whatever dubious plausibility his narrative has after all stone pants stone blankets this is a silly world Several times Briggs uses footnotes to point out anachronisms in his text and then subverts even this uasi serious device by turning the notes themselves into jokes and silly commentaries eg a note on the use of the word minutes suggests that the word minute is an anachronism as it was unknown in the Stone Age but of course there were billions and billions of them anywayAnd of course it's all drawn in Briggs's deceptively simple and superficially cute style which perhaps helps make the text's essential pessimism amusing rather than depressing Briggs is a genius

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    Found this gem of a book under a £1 at a local charity shop My sons and I chuckled and giggled throughout this book A great book to read aloud with different expressions especially when voicing the mother It is so engaging with its amusing tongue in cheek fictional style text that offers historical facts that link to modern day The comic book layout of this book with its speech bubbles would offer a great alternative read to the reluctant readers of any class Eually the pictures are funny and compliment the storyline A must have book for any Year34 teacher who is using the Stone Age as a study topic

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    220919 I was done with this book before I even started it I hate this guy To be fair the character descriptions are okay the retells are okay the scenes are okay and the portraits are okay so it has inspired a wide range of work BUT SUPER HAPPY TO BE ON TO The Pebble in my Pocket A History of Our Earth140918I'm not sick of this book but my god I'm done with it Been reading this for two weeks and I'm sick of everything I teach being related to Ug Ag Dug and Dugs To The Pebble in my Pocket A History of Our EarthMy class loved it I did not realise how long this book actually was It took us the best part of 40 minutes but it was the first day and EVERYTHING took longer The children learned LOADS from this What a great read We will be reading it for the next two weeks to gain ideas on our 'failed inventions' story SO yeah this is going on my 'currently reading' status SorryA delightful introduction to the Stone Age 4The author of The Snowman is back again with an ingenious introduction to the Stone Age I love the comic book style format Ug is a boy ahead of time and the links he makes to the modern world will make the Stone Age so accessible to children The whole point of the book is about a pair of trousers but this book isn't 'babied' down It is a very intelligent picture bookThis will be my first book to my new Y4s 2018 2019 so I will report back on their reactions to their book We will also be using this for the first two weeks of English so I'll be reading it until then

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    A clever idea to have a boy genius in the Stone Age Ug doesn't like his stone pants and wants nice comfortable soft ones Fair enough too Ug also doesn't like the stone bed he sleeps on or the stone blanket he sleeps under And the cold raw dead animal bits well they don't seem that appealing either Somehow though the book falls a bit flat even the concepts behind it are uite imaginative

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    I really enjoyed reading and teaching literacy with this book because it provided many opportunities for drama and talk I liked the fact that the book was written in a comic strip style because it was slightly different to the texts I was used to and taught me about the different features of this text type There are some aspects of humour within the text and many opportunities for discussion on what might happen next and why might this have happened? Also there is an opportunity to be creative and create your own comic strip either to rethink what the characters were saying or as a follow on from the book I liked how this text is themed around the Stone Age and could be explored in literacy alongside a topic unit on the Stone Age to create cross curricular links Overall a good read

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    I really enjoyed this sweet story about a stone age boy who just wants some soft trousers to wear Loved the parents constantly referencing things they would have no idea about and the book pointing this out

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    I absolutely loved this book witty and sarcastic and slightly educational I think it would be great for a year 45 child who appreciate the humour of this great read