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The latest installment in the Akashic Urban Surreal series Boy Genius is a powerful identity satire the picaresque odyssey of a child seeking to avenge the wrongs perpetrated on his parents Park’s genius born into the turmoil of post war Korea is used as a puppet by the South Korean government—before being banished to America From a remote New York city ghetto the boy wages a clandestine guerilla war against all symbols of authority Park renders his vision of late 20th century global culture with the bold surreal strokes of Pynchon and the wild political sensibilities of Godard the painful largely unmapped narrative territory of Boy Genius creates a gripping harrowing readYongsoo Park is a Korean American writer and independent film maker living in New York City

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    Not interesting enough not funny enoughThis novel tries really hard to amuse us with snark and quirky characters but neither is well done After 60 pages it’s already tedious and of little enjoyment