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Three Curses Two Brothers One Love TriangleSometimes Love Is Meant To Be But Sometimeslove Is The Death Of YouSeventeen Year Old Scarlet Has Just Died Only, Dying Isn T Unusual For A Girl Under A Centuries Old Curse That Left Her Semi Immortal This Time, Though, She Comes Back To Her Current Life Instead Of Awaking In A New One, And She Realizes Her Curse Is Changing With The Help Of The Immortal Archer Brothers, Scarlet Tries To Piece Together Her Life And Break The Curse Before Her Impending Death Comes AgainFans Of Once Upon A Time And The Vampire Diaries Will Fall Head Over Heels For The Desperate Characters And Endless Mysteries In The Archers Of Avalon Series Praise For Anew, Book One In The Archers Of Avalon Series This Book Enraptured Me Original Breath Taking Heart Breakingin All The Right Ways UtopYA Reviews The Love Triangle In This Book Is The Best Kind Of Triangleone Where Everyone Believes And Everyone Loves And Everyone Suffers The End Left Me Wide Eyed, Open Mouthed And Longing Desperately For The Next Book The Book Hookup Anew Was So Freaking Good The Suspense, The Passion, The Chemistry, The Love Triangle, The Fabulous Writing, The Best Characters Ever, The Conclusion, Deep Breath OMG The Conclusionit Was All WOW Holy Cow Awesomeness Anew Was A Completely Original Paranormal Romance Reading, Eating Dreaming Reviews Talk About One Crazy, Complicated Love Triangle Chelsea Fine Sure Knows How To Pull Heartstrings At The End I Yelled, Shut Up Ahhhhh I Seriously Need The Next Book RIGHT NOW Goodreads Reviewer Amazing, Beautiful Book I Liked The Idea Of The Plot It S Fresh And Unique, I Loved The Characters, The Pacing Of The Story Was Perfect And The Ending Promising Great Style Of Writing And Nice Humor Just Perfect A Must Read Goodreads ReviewerDon T Miss The Final Installment Of The Trilogy, Avow, Which Will Be Out In December

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    Awry The Archers of Avalon 2 by Chelsea Fine Goodreads Author Sometimes love is meant to be But sometimes loveis the death of you.Seventeen year old Scarlet has just died Only, dying isn t unusual for a girl under a centuries old curse that left her semi immortal.This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing Together with the immortal Archer brothers, Scarlet must piece together her life and try to break the curse before her impending death comes againSo, at the end of Anew, I was all WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN I can t wait that long I m missing Tristan Thank goodness She s going back to the same life God, I wouldn t be able to stand her finding them and getting to know Gabriel again no offense, Gab Your just not Tristan Anyway, THE COVER I love it The guy has green eyes, yo Why are authors using my weakness against me Love them green eyes sigh that s Tristanmy lovely, sexy Tristan faints Review Holy mosey immortal hotnessI loved loved loved loved loved loved Awry.I had so many emotions while reading this Here s some of the faces I might have made image error

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    To start offmy ideal Archer brothers would look like this And yes, I m aware that these are in fact, Jack and Finn, but a girl can dream DSo Scarlet s all, Pffft, no I don t have feelings for Tristan averts gaze Whatwhat on Earth are you babbling about So basically this book was torture The girl s got amnesia Everyone s out to kill her The curse gets worse Her love life s in ruins Plus, we as the reader, have to choose between two amazingly talented, sweet and gorgeous guys I mean, can t we just have both As for Tristanthe Hot N Cold act gets on my nerves, until his green eyes melt into hers and he looks at her like he could never look away because his heart, his dreams and everything he is, belongs to her sighs And the evil guy or gal in this case sends ASHMEN after them Zombies Seriously Do we have to go so old school Why not a nice assassin, or a hit man or something that links with this whole hunting and chivalry era Oh, no by all means find strange flowers and cast spells to raise the dead Go right ahead, don t mind me Also, Nate needs to attend a few classes One being WHEN PEOPLE ARE HAVING A CUTE FANGIRL WORTHY MOMENT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND EVERYTHING SACRED IN THIS WORLD DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM YOU GODDAMN IDIOT But no, he s all No touching , Distance , Do I need to put you two in those big plastic bubbles Review completeI am now off to hunt down the next book so as to fangirl a little bit There s no such thing as too much fangirling.Or reading.Or Tristan D

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    OHMAFUCKINGGOD PEOPLE have you read the first chapter It s on Chelsea Fines blog READ NOW. N O W Oh and read the book now too it is AHHMAZING view spoiler SHE REMEMBERS ahahahahahaha so frickin joyful right now, scary ashmen and battle for victory aside of course I love the last page when she remembers everything. I swear if she wasn t going to, I was definitely going to kill someone because of how unfair everything is for Tristan I loved Tristan and Scar s story, it was heart breaking, heart wrenching and sooo sad I thought we d have to go through the Stefan v Damon phase talkin about the tv series not the book you know, this guy gave you hope after you lost everything blah blah blah but what about the guy who consumes you and makes you forget everything you lost As you know I m a Tristan fan and I think this book just finalised the Tristan and Scar being a couple thing And hinted at Heather maybe going with Gabe. you know, veerrryyy subtly.AND THE STORY BEHIND THE TATTOO AND THE FLASHBACK AND THE LAYING ON TOP OF HIM gyahhhhhhh Tristan and Scar are just MEANT TO BE hide spoiler

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    5 Star crossed Stars Scarlet inhaled as she looked into his soft eyes and deep dimples He smelled like leather and water I think, she said quietly, now that their mouths were close to each other, that easy and clean love is not true It is simply convenient Messy love, though that is something to revel in My thoughts are a jumbled mess and I am giant ball of giddiness I can t say this story had as good of an ending as the first The first had an epic ending , but it did a better job of showing us peril throughout Oftentimes authors tend to rely on cheesy dialogue and unrealistic situations to get them through a complete trilogy, but Chelsea Fine handled this second book with a grace unlike many other unmentionables do today Sure, there was some repetitiveness and I would sooner punch Gabriel in the face than to have his grimey paws all over our dear Scarlet..but that is neither here nor there I loved this story, and I loved it despite these flaws.She licked her lips Tasting Gabriel Feeling Tristan.The three of them made a tragic triangle.Probably my favorite thing about this story, aside from Tristan and Scarlet s uber hot and forbidden relationship, was the flashback aspect of this story Now, that is usually my least favorite part of a story, but in Scar and Tristan s profound and utterly overwhelming journey, I think it added an intricate layer of heartbreak and desperation, loyalty and young love, and, ultimately, the foundation to one of the most beautiful and tear inducing tragedies of, you guessed it, a star crossed love that I have ever seen It s not about a clich d back plot or the recycling of old ideas in a new story, it s how it was executed. Execution is key if we are to care about what comes of these two romantically robbed teens I ve seen it happen time and again where there is a tragic story line that is literally above and beyond epic proportions only to be floundered by poor execution I do wish some things would have happened and that certain scenes had been extended, but overall, Fine created a flawless portrayal of desperation and impossible but all consuming love, and that in itself is execution enough And, guess what, I cared when Tristan cried in agony and I cared when Tristan s heart was broken for the hundredth time I just, simply, cared Slowly pulling back, Tristan murmured, Is it okay if I love you Scarlet tried to catch her breath as she looked into his beautiful eyes Only if it is okay that I love you back Tristan What a beautiful, broken boy I must admit, I adored him over the ever present Gabriel in book one with just a single dark look and the clench of a jaw so sue me, I might be a tad easy But in this book My heart and soul shattered into a million tiny pieces as we learned the truth of what happened in the past No detail was skimped on and no stolen moment was passed over We learned how everyone met and what led to the death and betrayal of all our beloved and not so beloved immortal characters I can t say what I want to say, not really, but what I can say is this If Tristan hadn t won me over in book one, he certainly would have with these flashbacks Every look, every touch, every ache and pain and grievance of the soul it crushed me Now, and don t get me wrong, every moment from the past was absolute perfection, my favorite re telling was the origin of the tattoo How it came to be, what it represented, and why it meant so much to our dear Tristan I loved it, and I likely won t forget what it meant to him in every life any time soon His eyes blazed into her and he slammed the door closed First of all, he said angrily, I couldn t stop loving you even if I tried And I ve tried. He shook his head and laughed without humor, his hands balling into fists God, how I ve tried But I am completely lost to you I am lost and empty and broken My heart is broken too My heart is not broken, Scar My heart is dead His eyes were hopeless and wild It is a hollow black object that sits in my chest without purpose, haunting me with memories Heather is back and zany as ever, along with the rest of I swore I wouldn t bring it up Team Awesome Ah, yes, they have a team name, did ya know that Well, now ya do And this is precisely why this series gives me the warm fuzzies on top of a heaping pile of angst Fine can write literally the funniest conversations without making them completely over the top or cheesy They are just short enough and they cut off just perfectly before they become redundant or rendered useless They all banter and bicker, accuse and deflect, grouse and project, but they always make me laugh and I really, really need that right now It s perfectly light but has just enough mystery, action, and emotional turmoil to keep me on my toes, and I couldn t be happier with how it s making me feel So She threw her hands up, her chest tight with frustration Loving anyone is dangerous There s always going to be something at stake Your life is not just something , Scarlet He said her full name and Scarlet s heart broke It s everything. Sigh I loved book one I adored book two Now, with one book left, I have to face the only book that ever tends to be over the top or annoying in a series to me My friends all don t understand why I like series to just end at book three Why is that, they ask Well, I ll tell you why I fall in love with books one and two in a trilogy, only to wait a year or however long for the impending wrap up of said series that I do so cherish, only to be disappointed by the lackadaisical explanation of why everything is the way it is and what they are going to do about it So, when I think of a series an author is debating on drawing out or finishing snugly at book three, I ll always root for the trilogy There s a point where the line needs to be drawn the heroine can only be rescued so many times, the hero can only be dark and mysterious for so long, the newly found relationship can only lead to complacency for me as a reader after such a long build up, and we can only expect so much So, after that long winded affair I will wrap it up neatly redundancy isn t key, and I only hope this is all wrapped up as beautifully as I know it can be.that s all I can ask Scarlet exhaled through her nose as she looked back at Kristy She s such a flirt Tristan tucked his lips in You don t like her flirting with me Scarlet looked at him and answered honestly No Tristan nodded and looked away Kristy is just a girl, Scar So Looking back at her, Tristan leaned in close and lowered his voice She s not you For of my reviews, please visit

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    Anew Book 1 review For all the glamour of living forever immortality is really just a long curse Finite life is precious it s fleeting and significant But immortality immortality isn t living at all It s a permanent existence void of meaning So this gem was light years better than Anew in every way Though still predictable, it wasn t as taxing as the previous book The characters are a lot better, defined with a lot depth She licked her lips Tasting Gabriel Feeling Tristan.The three of them made a tragic triangle While I know there are other aspects to this story let s just be honest and say this is the reason most people read this trilogy It s obvious who Scarlet is going to end up with but that doesn t mean the ride hasn t been awesome The angst between each of them is so thick, you can cut it with a knife I loved their interactions together despite its awkwardness and harsh reality Yes, Gabriel is an ass and Tristan has quite an irritating sacrificial agenda but somehow don t ask me how it just meshes to perfection His eyes blazed into her and he slammed the door closed First of all, he said angrily, I couldn t stop loving you even if I tried And I ve tried He shook his head and laughed without humor, his hands balling into fists God, how I ve tried But I am completely lost to you I am lost and empty and broken My heart is broken too My heart is not broken, Scar My heart is dead His eyes were hopeless and wild It is a hollow black object that sits in my chest without purpose, haunting me with memories How can I not fall in love with that heartache of a man While I was rooting for him in book one, he hadn t really won me over I just prefer to get on the winning team But here There was absolutely no way I could have resisted his charms He had me drooling from start to finish, had me aching with his heartbreak and drooling with his sweetness Tristan is the type of male lead you just can t resist Not that you d ever want to, either Gabriel cocked his head to the side Is that what happened in her last life too You just accidentallytouched Scarlet enough to set the lifeforce transition into motion God How much touching did youdo Tristan narrowed his eyes What do you want, like a scale of one to ten Dear lord, I loved them For some reason despite fighting continuously and arguing endlessly, these two are a match made in heaven Through their constant bickering you still see their love for each other, you just have to read in between the lines lol I found their sarcastic nature brought a dark humor to the story and just the right amount Had me chuckling than normal _ Heather nodded merrily, still clapping Yay, I m part of the team We re not a team, Gabriel said through gritted teeth.Heather ignored him and looked at Nate I think we need a team name Ooh Good idea Nate pointed a finger into the air How about Team Awesome Heather wrinkled her nose Too vague Team Super Secret Fountain Seekers Too specific Nate shook his head Team Ash Guy Hunters Ashman Heather shook her head Too hard to say Nate scoffed And Super Secret Fountain Seekers is easy to say Gabriel rolled his eyes And then we have dumb and dumber, aka, Nate and Heather You are bound to end up cackling with these two They bring a lightness to the story that was lacking in book 1 and an all around feel good vibe In the end, this one was all I hoped it wound be It had an amazing pace, the story was interesting through out with no boring parts, the characters all brought their A game and the plot thickens to the point where maybe it s not just about a love triangle but about friendship, loyalty, and love.

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    Have you ever read something so good that you have to reread it 1, 2 or maybe 10 times before you move on to another book Well that is this book I am going to be re reading it already and yes it just came out yesterday This book was awesome Much better than book one Ok, how much do you LOVE Tristan Because I LOVE him so much I wanted to scream at his brother you have no right to her, no reason to be upset, she was never yours I loved reading the story about how they met and fell in love, and how she ended walking down the isle with Tristan s brother It did make me like his brother too However my heart just breaks for Tristan, let me tell you I loved the concept of this series Well done This series just got better I am hooked The next book better be out by the end of the year This book has made it to one of my top favorites of the year

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    Way better than book one I liked the flashbacks we got to see how the three main characters met the plot was also captivating, though still predictable I also came to like all the characters , not only Tristan The MC s best friend was much sympathetic in this one for me She and Nate made for great comic relief The book was also way fun to read The writing is still bad though, and it s still not exactly original Uh guys Nate s voice trembled a bit as it echoed across the cellar Does anyone else feel like we re in a scary movie Perhaps one in which all the main characters die I m sure the storm just knocked out the power, that s all, Scarlet s voice said Yeah, Nate replied That s what all the main characters say right before they die Nate, Gabriel said into the blackness, trying not to roll his eyes You re immortal You can t die But I can still feel pain Heather plastered herself to Gabriel s side, sinking her fingernails into his upper arm I m not immortal I m totally killable She sucked in a breath as her pitch rose And I m blond Blonds always die first That s true, Nate said matter of factly.

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    Love is rare.But always worth pursuing there s no victory without a battle Rating FIVE FUCKINGLY HUGE STARSI m having a heather moment, O M G O M G O M G O M G O M GIT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD O_OOh look its the amazed kitten from my Anew review. image error

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    My god, Chelsea Fine, you torture us by not releasing Awry now WHAT HAPPENS NEXT If Scarlet admits to loving Tristan, then what happens to Gabriel More importantly, what happens to Scar since she kind of seemingly died at the end of Anew

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    5 Hello, hunter stars One minute please What a wonderful journey It s been a long time since I enjoyed a sequel than the first book I m not saying it never happens, but, well, that s pretty rare, you know When we read a trilogy, beginning the second volume is always filled with fear and followed by tons of existential questions, which we can sum up with this one Will the sequel ruin or glorify the expectations born in the first book Anew ends with a cliffhanger the kind of cliffhangers I despise the most, you know, those ones which break our silly heart Those ones which made us be completely eager to continue the adventure Well, seems to be a good way to sell your books, I guess Because it completely works I literally jumped on Awry well, almost literally begging Chelsea Fine silently Please, please, Tristan s creator, don t disappoint me.She didn t You like messy love, do you Because I have to say I loved everything Every single part of it What a memory What a wonderful, hot, passionate Tristan cleared his throat.Scarlet stopped reminiscing Here s my lazy review Understand hey guys, I love you but it s 3 a.m here Real review coming soon Where Anew was an amazing introduction to the world of Avalon, Awry just overtakes all the single expectations we could have Seriously I m speechless right now You loved to follow Scarlet and the Archer s boys You ve seen nothing and I m weighing my words here Someone needs to fix her Heather looked around Where s the nerdy, little immortal Chelsea Fine offers us two stories here, thanks to the wonderful flashbacks in our protagonists first life, and I must admit I was passionate about both of them, which is just amazing I mean, that s the problem we often meet when an author cuts his story in two parts I often grow bored by one or the other aspect of the story While here, each page made me want More of Scarlet badass More of Tristan s awesomeness More of crazy nerd Nate More of makes me laugh out loud Heather Even of Gabriel, that says it all well, when I didn t hate him Sometimes shrug Dude Nate stared at the blade What is with you always being armed It s weird If by weird you mean incredibly convenient, then yeah It s weird Tristan wiggled the knife Just shut up and take the weapon And, if you have to use it, no battle cries Love Trust Choice Selflessness Magic Annnnd obviously, another cliffangher sigh But a good one Those ones which make us eager to read , but keep our heart filled with love and wonder And by the way, Tristan s just entered in my favorite of all times Yep I know, wow Tristan Now I know, I know, he s fictional and all that stuff Hey What better spokeswoman than the only red haired princess to show you how impatient I am Look eight hours after the end of Anew, I kinda feel still off Awry More Tristan Of course I know I totally behave like a little girl but Tristan I can t wait to enjoy of his moody style Yes Yes, Gabriel I m the Grim Reaper You caught me I drive around in my car full of weapons collecting souls.