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The Last Thing Dawson Black Expected Was Bethany Williams As A Luxen, An Alien Life Form On Earth, Human Girls Are Well, Fun But Since The Luxen Have To Keep Their True Identities A Secret, Falling For One Would Be Insane Dangerous Tempting UndeniableBethany Can T Deny The Immediate Connection Between Her And Dawson And Even Though Boys Aren T A Complication She Wants, She Can T Stay Away From Him Still, Whenever They Lock Eyes, She S Drawn In Captivated Lured LovedDawson Is Keeping A Secret That Will Change Her Existenceand Put Her Life In Jeopardy But Even He Can T Stop Risking Everything For One Human Girl Or From A Fate That Is As Unavoidable As Love Itself

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    It amazes me how quickly things go up on goodreads Anyway, writing this was a treat

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    Thank goodness I read the other books first

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    When she nodded, he bent down, pressing his head against her forehead Seriously though, I want this I want you The earlier awkwardness was gone from his voice He was all intent and purpose now More than I ve ever wanted anything This was an uber sweet and heartbreaking prequel novella about Daemon s brother Dawson, and how his love for Bethany changed everything.I won t say much because this one is short and I d spoil it for everyone How I liked itDawson and Bethany were great, and I wish their story was a bit longer because they really have potential They are so sweet together sigh Love it Love the glimpses of the other characters, Andrew was always a jerk I guess, and I like Adam even now.The ending with Daemon just broke my heart completely If you re a fan of the Lux series, don t miss this one, although I advise that you read it AFTER the first book Yes everything is explained here, but you aren t meant to know all these things when you read the first book, soJust my opinion

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    3.75 stars I ve been doing some catch up on all of my JLA novellas and stories This is one I ve always meant to read but never got around to Shadows is the prequel novella to Obsidian, in which we get the story of Daemon s twin brother Dawson, and his love Bethany.This was a very sweet and fast read, I love JLA s heroes, mean or nice they are all perfect to me LOL Glad to get some background on these two characters because in a way it makes you understand where Daemon is coming from in the first book.If you are a JLA fan this book is a must read Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    4.5 stars Ok, seriously, this YA series has me HOOKED Like woah hooked I feel like I could easily devour ten of these books in a sitting I m totally and completely in LOVE K, first off, very important but this book should be read AFTER Obsidian I repeat, READ Obsidian FIRST Even though its the prequel, trust me, everything will make a lot sense if you read it after You won t be missing anything, I promise Just because these events came first, doesn t mean they should be read first because the world is introduced in a very different way, almost expecting the reader to already be acquainted with everything so I really don t think it would make sense to start with this.But, that being said, if you have already read Obsidian, you ll be sure to love this one because it fills in so many blanks about that world, the back story, the way their alien species works, the structure of their families and relationships, the way their lives are run and the intricacies of their relationship with the government, and character insight too like what happened in Daemon s life that made him so outwardly hostile to Katy at first, the way he sort of became the defacto protector and felt so responsible for everyone this story has a lot of little missing puzzle pieces that help to round out the world we have already been introduced to.This is the story of Daemon s twin brother Dawson The story is alluded to in Obsidian but never described in detail All we know coming into this story was that Dawson was very loved and close to his siblings, that he fell in love with Bethany, a human girl, and that one day, they both mysteriously disappeared.OH THE SWOON I love Daemon I really do But oh my Lord did I ever melt over Dawson He was day to Daemon s night Hot, sweet, funny, kind, with an easy smile and a heart of gold If Daemon was the bad boy brother, Dawson is the good boy.He literally just falls hard and falls fast for Bethany Its mutual and just seriously, completely adorable and swoony Totally warmed my heart But in their world, while relationships with humans are not forbidden, they are frowned on Strongly But Dawson doesn t care He s completely smitten with Bethany and is willing to risk anything for a chance to be with her I want this I want you More than I ve ever wanted anything. I want to be with you As the story progressed, my heart started to clench up and the anticipation built cuz I knew where the story was headed I was so lost in the beautiful swoon of their relationship, I didn t want anything to happen to them They were just too freaking perfect and happy You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just want to pluck a couple out of their little nightmare and throw them on a happy little island together forever, yeah, I totally got that here.It was heartbreaking watching these guys fight so hard for just a chance to be a normal couple in love Not judged or hindered by the rules of their species Nothing else mattered except the girl he cradled to him Gah They were just so beautiful and innocent and in love and I just wanted them to be happy clutches heart GURK I need to read in this series I need them to get their HEA The ending left me totally hanging and desperate for But, don t worry, its a cliffhanger you should read anyways, because we already know they are missing from Obsidian I m sure their story will be dealt with as the series goes on and I can t WAIT for it to happen Like I said Totally Freaking HOOKED CASTING see pics above and below For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Initial thoughts after reading Oh god, I think I might cry This was so heartbreaking But this gave light and understanding about Daemon s attitude and actions towards Katy in Obsidian If I could just jumped into the story and help them, I really would Haha I have so many theories coming up on my mind now and I m also so in the mood to re read Obsidian Final Thoughts This went like my review for both Shadows and my second round of Obsidian Teehee This was a wonderful and heart wrenching story I loved that I was able to get to know Dawson and Bethany and their tragic love story And though it ended pretty sad there were parts I had definitely enjoyed, especially those times Dawson and Bethany had been together It was lovely, sweet and definitely heartwarming Dawson s relationship with his siblings was utterly beautiful too I saw how much the three of them cared for each other And of course, this book has definitely helped me understand Daemon s character and answer the questions I had about him in Obsidian I now understood why he was such a jerk to Katy and why he was so reluctant to her when it was pretty obvious that he like her too And speaking of Obsidian, I was serious when I said I was so in the mood to re read it, so yeah, I did And yes, I still enjoyed it and still left me as high as I was the first time I read it It was also funny to see how Daemon ate almost everything he said about his brother doing stupid things Seeing him do almost the same things his brother did and much and I would say it was really way entertaining actually was just really amusing Anyway, I find most of the things that happened way clearer now Theories were popping up on my mind and I noticed a lot of things now that I ve read Shadows too view spoiler Well, things like in Shadows, when Dawson switched to his Luxen form he cannot speak to Bethany because she wouldn t be able to understand him But in Obsidian, when Daemon switched to his true form he was able to speak to Katy and Katy did hear him in her mind Making me think that there is definitely something special about Katy To support that, there was also this thing when Katy passed out the first time Daemon used his power near her to scare off the bear Daemon said that he didn t know why she passed out and that she was a human so it shouldn t have affected her like that And of course the last part, the things that happened in the field the power from Dee and Dawson she seemed to absorb and the power surge she used to kill the Arum And then the healing thing Daemon did to Katy and made them sort of connected, like they became the other half of each other Which I m pretty sure was the same thing Dawson did to Bethany But something happened to Bethany when Dawson fought, it was like what happened to the other affects the other one too I wonder if the same thing will happen to Daemon and Katy too hide spoiler

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    The tragic story of Luxen Dawson Black and human Bethany Williams I have already read the main books in the series, so I knew how this novel ends Still it was nice seeing Dawson and Bethany falling in love no matter their cultural differences and the negative comments and actions by their family and friends.Dawson is a sensitive sweetheart and he absolutely knows what he wants.Bethany is quite nice The book made me understand her better She is ready to fight for her love.Daemon is the old grumpy self before he meets Katy and realises that humans are not that bad Evil laugh here because I know what will happen to him and how much he will change.Probably if you have read the next books, you will feel sorry for characters that won t have much future left There will be glimpses of most of the main characters of the next books.If you haven t read the next books, expect a huge cliff hanger in the end And you will be probably be hooked Otherwise you know how this continues

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    Actual rating 3.5 starsUsually I don t like reading novellas I find that I have a harder time connecting with the characters with such few pages So I was surprised that by the time I read the last page of Shadows I found myself missing Dawson and Bethany Perhaps it s because I devoured Shadows right after completing Obsidian I m not sure Or maybe it s because despite Dawson and Bethany s absence thus far in the series, I can still feel that they play a much bigger role than perviously realized Whatever the case, I found this novella to be entirely bittersweet.If there is one thing that I take away from reading Shadows it s the reasons behind Daemon s interactions with Katy in Obsidian Don t get me wrong That doesn t make his actions okay in any shape or form But it does give the reader better insight Basically, it s nice to know Daemon wasn t just being a complete jackass just for the hell of it though, I do think he enjoyed tormenting Katy at times and she him What s interesting was seeing the almost the exact same events that happened with Daemon also happening with Dawson something Daemon tried very hard to prevent.Going into the novella, I already knew the general story behind what happened to Dawson and Bethany since it s referenced a bit in Obsidian, but to actually see it play out was a different story Dawson is the kinder twin of the Black family, so it was relatively easy to grow attached to him and root for his determination at staying with Bethany despite the obstacles in their relationship Unfortunately, I didn t have the same feelings for Bethany as I did Katy She wasn t a bad character and I didn t dislike her, but I don t feel I got a good feel for her I think it s because most of the events were focused around Dawson than Bethany And not to mention I was still riding my Katy high when I dived right into Shadows I did like Dawson and Bethany together And I usually don t like love at first sight stories, but there wasn t any insta love to be found, just instant attraction that later turned into something , which is perfectly realistic.If fans are looking for a action packed story, this one probably isn t it since it does focus mostly on Dawson and Bethany s first meeting to their getting to know you s and dates It s a much slower paced book than its processor and less witty I thought that was appropriate considering the novella carried a certain level of foreboding from the first page that demanded seriousness All throughout the novel you are watching them go through the motions, attempting the impossible, all the while heading for the inevitable I wanted to reach out and tell Dawson to not go to that movie theatre that night, but alas, the book was already written sigh All in all, this was a very good novella and I will definitely be continuing with the rest of the series.

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    drools at the cover For the love of all Aliens I loved this book For those of you who know me already know that I m a HUGE fan of Jennifer L Armentrout She is such a brilliant author and I simply can t get enough of her stories.I ve been looking forward to Shadows ever since I found out it was coming our way Not only was I thrilled to see Daemon and Dee again, but I ve always been mighty curious about Dawson Black who fell in love with his human girl, Bethany Williams This is his story Her story Stupid, irresistible and in love Just the way it s suppose to be.Dawson and Daemon might be identical twins, but they are so different in personality Daemon is just as intense, edgy and obnoxious in this book as much as he was in Obsidian, but I finally see the why s and feel like I understand him just a little bit better now Dawson is warm and kind and infectiously good But just like his brother he s got a temper and it was a real treat to see him unleash it Just wow The way he feels about Bethany is so raw and real I loved those moments between them It never felt fake or even rushed, it just felt completely natural I also really loved how much Dawson and Daemon love their sister Dee Some of those conversations had me laughing out loud while other times I just wanted to hug them.It was also good to see Adam, Andrew and Ash in this one Overall, it was just nice to get to know these characters on a different level For anyone who has already read Obsidian, knows what happened to Dawson, so I don t think it s much of a spoiler when I say that it was hard to read the last two chapters and very sad I m still clinging to hope And that s all I m gonna say about that.Bottom line, I loved this book Yes, this was a novella, but that s the beauty of Jennifer s books, it never feels that way I just totally lose myself, done to quickly and always wanting .I m thrilled and thankful that she gave us this glimpse into Dawson and Bethany s world It was beautiful and so very very bittersweet It was a story that needed to be told to get a better understanding of the first book and future books to come Also, this only increases my anticipation for Onyx to a madding level, but I ll take what I can get For now This is a must read for fans of the Lux series I absolutely missed this world and it felt amazing coming back to it even for a short while.MORE Thanks to Entangled Publishing for sending me a copy

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    3.5 stars I usually don t rate novellas than 4 stars And as much as I love the Lux series, I couldn t connect with the characters in this book Especially Beth No one is gonna replaces Daemon and Kat, of course So it was good to see him again, how he was before I had this unexpected feeling that I missed them and then I was thinking about rereading Obsidian Which is something I rarely do I just wish I have read this book before starting the actual series, but it was nice to remember why I loved it that much.