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Caitlin Kane Knows About The Impact Of Schizophrenia Than Most People Could Imagine Both Her Parents Were Afflicted With The Devastating Mental Illness, A Disease That Tends To Run In Families, And Caitlin And Her Brother Grew Up Trying To Navigate The Chaos Of Living With Two Schizophrenics Her Tumultuous Childhood Left Caitlin Determined To Forge A Peaceful And Serene Life For Herself Now , She Is Living Her Dream Married To Her Best Friend, She And Her Husband Are Raising Two Bright Young Children In The Suburbs Of Seattle While Her Unusual Upbringing Has Left Caitlin With Emotional Scars, She Enjoys The Love And Support Of Her Extended Family And Her Challenging Career As A Pediatric Nurse But No Matter How Hard She Tries, She Can T Shake The Obsessive Fear That The Family Illness Will Strike Again, Robbing Her Of Her Mind Or Stealing Away The Sanity Of One Or Both Of Her Children

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    PLAYING THE GENETIC LOTTERY BY TERRI MORGANBLURB from Caitlin is happily married to her best friend, has two healthy children, and enjoys a rewarding career and the love and support of her extended family Her seemingly great life is marred by an obsessive fear that Caitlin can t shake Having grown up with two schizophrenic parents, she is terrified with what may be in her DNA, and haunted with the knowledge she may have passed the genes to the disease that robbed her parents of their sanity down to her children.BLURB from Caitlin is happily married to her best friend, has two healthy children, and enjoys a rewarding career and the love and support of her extended family Her seemingly great life is marred by an obsessive fear that Caitlin can t shake Having grown up with two schizophrenic parents, she is terrified with what may be in her DNA, and haunted with the knowledge she may have passed the genes to the disease that robbed her parents of their sanity down to her children.MY REVIEWI wasn t sure what I expected from this book when I began reading,it had crossed my mind it may be quite a depressing read However I thoroughly enjoyed it It is a tale of mental illness and what affect it has on those who suffer from it and those who live with the sufferers too I found myself smiling, laughing, sighing, and yes at a couple of points sobbing There is a fair share of sadness and death in the book, but there are also uplifting parts that show how Caitlin learnt to cope with her relationships with those around her Caitlin endures a rather sad, disjointed upbringing where really her parent or the person she looks up to is her brother Jon, or Jondalor as their mother calls him Their mother lives in her own fantasy world at times and thats where her childrens names come from, a fantasy book Caitlin is originally called Ayla who is a female character in her mothers favourite book by Jean Auel Her brother rescues her from this name as when she is born he cannot say Ayla and ends up calling her Ava.When Ava escapes in her late teen years she changes her name to Caitlin, in her mind, its a fresh name to go with the fresh start she is trying to make Caitlin goes through a lot of torment in her life, and all the while wondering if one day she may succumb to the same illness that has claimed those surrounding her.Caitlin does have some great supportive family.I am not going to go into the story as I think you need to read and discover what happens and how and why things happen for yourselves as the readers.Did I enjoy the book Yes, it could have been a totally true life tale Would I recommend it Yes, its a roller coaster ride of emotions Would I read by this Author Yes, this was so well written, I couldn t wait to pick it up and read the next part of it.

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    I had guessed from the title that the story would have something to do with genetics in some way What i hadn t realised was the amount of emotions this book would bring out in me Without giving too much away, i can relate in a small way to certain parts in the story from my own life But the way the Author has handled the sensitive personal lives of the characters is admirable.I completely warmed to the main character and found myself getting annoyed for her, i cried with her and laughed with her I found myself nodding in agreement at the descriptions of certain characters behaviours, thinking that is so true.I have to wonder whether the author has previous experience with the subject matter or did lots of indepth research since some of the issues discussed would be thing that families like to keep to themselves for personal reasons.This is a book i would highly recommend to anyone male or female It has certainly given me of an eye opener to the subject matter and i already understood it fairly well.

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    Is it going to happen to me, just like my parents Will I turn into a schizophrenic Will my children That is what Ava and Jon had to worry about their entire childhood They couldn t live a normal childhood because of their parents illness.The author did a great job explaining the disease and made the scenes in the book real Learning how awful this disease is and how it ruins families and robs children of their childhood and adults of their lives was enlightening and frightening.You will fall in love with Ava, the narrator, who changes her name to Caitlin when she turns fifteen She is such a strong character and tries to act normal when she knows nothing is normal at home Her brother Jon was her protector and confidant throughout their childhood trauma Things didn t turn out the way they wanted it to for them as the years passed, though Jon was also a very strong character and made you wonder how children do make it through when their parents are ill Thank goodness for Ava and Jon that their grandparents were there for them.The book gives a lot of information about the devastating disease and is put in laymen s terms through the story told by Ava Caitlin You will feel Ava s frustrations dealing with their unsettled, bizarre childhood and sympathize with her and her brother even though Ava was left alone after awhile to deal with it all It isn t a gripping story with an outstanding plot but of a saga of the Swarthout family The grandparents were wonderful It did get a little tiresome going on and on, and I was actually glad when it came to the last pages It seemed a little too long, but it was a very well written book with a lot of information about mental diseases I enjoyed the book for the most part 3.5 5 because of the length.it could have been shorter and not include as much dialogue.

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    This review is part of Orangeberry Book Tour You can read the blurb, interview with the author and the review,here I read the title, at the beginning, I thought that this was a book about genetics, full of medical terms I was pleasantly surprised that I read a book about family, fulfilled with emotions The whole story is seen through Caitlin s eyes Growing up with two schizophrenic parents, her life was not easy at all Her older brother was the only one mature enough to take care for her, so her childhood was somehow normal She was lucky, she had a family Her brother was there, her grandparents were there It is really important to have someone you can count on Some people don t have that, either Caitlin was a child, she didn t understand some things She didn t know what was normal, what was not She was a child, and all she needed was love.Seeing both of your parents sick, loving them both, but not being able to help them, is very hard for everyone, especially for a little girl Trying to escape from your past might be an option, but your memories are going with you wherever you are, no matter what you do The things that happened in your life define you as a person, just take them as experiences and move forward.Caitlin fears that her children will inherit the disease that ruined her parents and her brother But, life is like playing the lottery You might win, you might lose All you can do is to love them very much no matter what.The plot of the story was very well written I liked the way this story was narrated Wasn t depressive at all It was very easy for me to connect with the characters I know what is like to live with a parent who needs your help because of disease, so Caitlin s story touched me deep in my soul and my m

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    Description Eighteen years ago, Ava changed her name and fled from her Schizophrenic parents, intent on escaping the disease Now thirty two and called Caitlin , she works as a pediatric nurse, is married to her best friend, and has two amazing children but her past constantly lingers in her mind Will she become like her parents Has she passed this disease onto her children What the future holds for her family all depends on the genetic lottery Review I don t have as much experience with people suffering from Schizophrenia as I do with Bipolar disorder, so I thought that Playing the Genetic Lottery could help me understand about the disease it was an eye opener I appreciate that Schizophrenia is explained in layman s terms, and that Terri Morgan s depictions of the disorder are realistic as well as haunting The characters speak to the reader immediately, and it is hard not to sympathize with their situation and their fears The story line is well written, albeit a few chapters too long, but the story as a whole is true to life and full of emotion I finish this book knowing much than I did about a neurological disorder that effects the individual as well as everyone around them most commonly the family I understand how some of the characters feel about the disease and the fear of not knowing what the future holds I recommend this book to readers interested in a realistic portrayal of Schizophrenia and characters that will stay with them well past the final pages.Rating On the Run 4 5 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon Please head there for in depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.I almost want to call this book a memoir, but it isn t this is fiction and comes with an appropriate selection of questions for if this novel was read by a book club It s in the genre I ve been reading lately, and it was super enjoyable, if somewhat thought provoking and painful at times.I read this novel in one sitting, and although I couldn t say it was gripping in the same way as an action packed fantasy novel, I could really feel the characters and their interactions and kept reading for that reason.This is another handy novel in the mental health interest group This one covers schizophrenia, depression and post natal depression Of those, the schizophrenia is the worst, and Caitlin and Jon spend all their time in fear that they might get that horrific disorder next.Something I found super interesting was the research that the author has done or perhaps has personal experience with into the way schizophrenia treatment has changed over the years The concept of half way houses is also an interesting one The point that could have made it even relevant for me would have been if it was set in Australia, but that s a far hope.Four stars from me Sorry for my horrifically short review I will try update it when I actually have some energy within the next couple of days, but no promises.

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    I feel a bad for having to rate this book so badly, but I was expecting so much and feel really disappointed The premise of the story was really intriguing and I expected it to be quite an emotional read, considering it deals with the impact schizophrenia has had on the protagonist The book covers the protagonists childhood and adolescence, but it was shockingly descriptive and I felt so detached from the narrative Obviously, people react to growing up in a dysfunctional family quite differently, but the characters seemed to unidimensional and hollow And, this might be the worst portrayal of adolescents I have ever read, but that would be a rant in itself I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and kept telling myself that the trauma might have resulted in the protagonist dissociating However, the further I read, the harder it was to lie to myself I was expecting a lot from the psychology of the characters and was looking forward to complex relationships and dynamics between them, but there was absolutely nothing There was so much potential and I m really annoyed at what it turned into How can you have barely any character development when the story begins in the protagonists early childhood and finishes when she s 32 Well, to sum it up, it d just be a massive no.

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    Terri Morgan s told a story describing the insecurity and confusion of growing up with schizophrenic parents and the struggle to develop a sense of self worth It was told in a manner of recollections of a young child This story is heart wrenching at times It shows how the scars of our youth go on to live forever in our adult self The Main Character in this story is Ava who at the young age of 16 ran away from home to live with her Uncle This character goes through all the emotional ups and downs of living with parents with an illness The way it affected her shows in her adult thoughts The name of the book comes from the premise that it is a genetic based disease Ava who changed her name to Caitlin, now is the mother of two children and wonders if she will be diagnosed with the disease or if she has passed it on genetically to her children.The characters in this book seem real The authors deep understanding of this disease and its effects on children and adults is amazing The pure amount of research that must have been done for this book astounds me I highly recommend this book And I must give it 5 Star Love

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    Caitlin is a girl in a hurry She wants to finish high school early in order to start college early, in order to graduate and start her life before before it happens She is afraid she will become schizophrenic like her parents and older brother But in the process of hurrying through life, something amazing happens she discovers herself, finally connects with a boy and receives lots of support from her extended family that gives her the confidence to fully live in the present.Through the channel of fiction, in The Genetic Lottery, Terri Morgan presents a story about the struggles of a young girl against the fears and stigma of a disease that is often not talked about The story is presented in a straight forward manner, as the heroine finally deals with her family history of schizophrenia bravely, as one would do with any other illness She struggles under the burden but eventually accepts herself and finds happiness This touching and enlightening book will no doubt help others to do the same.

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    This book was different than what I usually read but I thoroughly enjoyed it, the concept was interesting and while I have little personal experience with schizophrenia I found the portrayal of mental illness as a cold, harsh reality refreshing particularly with the new trend of romanticising mental illnesses.There were some issues with the writing, there were a few spelling mistakes and sometimes inclusions of seemingly irrelevant information that I felt interrupted the narrative.Regardless, I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it I got it free on the kindle store so check if it s still on there if you re interested.