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In the style of WHEN BUGS WERE BIG and WHEN FISH GOT FEET this book discusses all the exciting developments of the Triassic Age from the recovery of the planet from the most deadly mass extinction ever to the first appearance of the dinosaurs We also get to meet the first mammals the first pterosaurs flying reptiles the first frogs a host of predatory marine reptiles early turtles and the first coral reefs  With the books' signature blend of humor and clearly presented information cartoon illustrations help keep the fact filled material extra fun

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    While we think of the Mesozoic as the age of dinosaurs in the beginning this wasn't so guaranteed In this seuel to When Bugs Were Big Bonner covers the Triassic Explosion where the earth was repopulated after the Great Dying This is the origins of the earliest dinosaurs but also many other archosaurs and marine reptiles along with the earliest mammalsIn fact so much is covered in this book that my one caveat is that it's a little overwhelming in the number of species name drops compared to her last two books Fortunately it benefits form being recent and thus getting all of its links and extra information up to date She even includes a section noting that this is based on the best current research and the dates for when there were feathered dinosaurs keep changingI'd kind of love to see some of these for other less addressed geological periods like the early Cenozoic or the CambrianOrdovician they're just such fun introductory books for older children

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    Fiction Twin TextYolen J Teague M 2016 How do dinosaurs stay friends? New York NY Blue Sky PressRationale When Dinos Dawned Mammals Got Munched and Pterosaurs Took Flight A Cartoon PreHistory of Life in the Triassic is a highly detailed resource containing a great deal of information illustrated in colorful and elaborate cartoons about dinosaurs and other life forms from the Triassic Period The book is appealing to readers at every level as it ties together cartoon stories with detailed information about species and habitats How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends is an entertaining picture book that depicts dinosaurs misbehaving in different contemporary settings such as a classroom or a neighborhood After each scene of misbehavior the dinosaurs learn to resolve their problems through apologies sharing and other appropriate behavior The dinosaurs are each labeled with their scientific name which allows for cross reference with the non fiction twin textStrategy ApplicationDL TA would be a great strategy to use with these books as the topic of mending and creating friendships can be introduced and explored through the highly engaging dinosaur characters in the fiction text By stopping intermittently while reading this book aloud students could be introduced to different dinosaurs by type and name The non fiction text could then be explored as a way to extend student knowledge of these amazing animals and their habitats Because it contains information at a wide range of reading levels from cartoon interactions to highly detailed text the possibilities for extending learning through the use of the Bonner book are almost limitless It could be easily be used as a reference for children at different ability levels to creatively express their learning through drawing or writing activitiesText Structures and Features of Non Fiction Book Table of Contents Diagrams with detailed descriptions Timelines Dinosaur Family Tree Author notes with additional information Pronunciation guide Glossary of words not defined in text Index List of sources for text and images

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    I loved the topic and the graphic presentation of it but had some issues with understanding and basic comprehension First a disclaimer I didn't read it straight through but had to stop and start which may have caused some of the issues However I had difficulty placing the book in geologic time until about 75% of the way through I think that moving the timeline and some of the overall tree visuals to the beginning would help frame the book so that readers would understand that this is before the popular dinosaursJurassic period In general I'm a big fan of big picture info The endpapers were pretty but rather useless in setting the stage or conveying information so I'd probably go with another option even if it's only plain paper I really enjoyed the humor but occasionally I felt like it got in the way of information or only made sense in retrospect rather than on the first read through That all said I love the Some Notes From Hannah section at the end where we get a candid explanation of some of the choices she had to make The pronunciation seemed useful but would likely be useful at the moment The book seems well researched between Bonner's credentials and a solid list of resources

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    Title When Dinos Dawned Mammals Got Munched Pterosaurs Took FlightGrade Level 2nd grade and upSummary This book is an informational book about dinosaurs from beginning to end This book talks about the climate during the Triassic period in Africa It also talks about the different dinosaurs that lived in different placesReview The illustrations in this book were great and enjoyable I did think that it was a very cluttered informational text It had too many speech bubbles and diagrams on each pageIn Class Uses 1 You can use this book to teach children about Dinosaurs 2 You can use this book to teach children how to use a table of contents 3 You can use this book to teach children where to find the glossary and how to use it

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    An interesting educational children's book about the various animals and plants found in the Triassic period of lifeFilled with lots of great illustrations this book should keep both children and adults entertained as they learn about life in the early Triassic when the continents were joined together and the climate was hotter and drier Dinosaurs in their many varied forms had not yet appeared but the book sets the scene for their arrival by the endHighly educational and you're sure to pick up a few facts about living in the Triassic period

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    Flowering plants didn't take off until the Cretaceous period As a result on Valentine's Day the poor inhabitants of Pangea had to give one another bunches of pinecones instead Hannah Bonner is brilliant and I love everything she does A fantastic review of the Triassic in her signature style comics high uality information and hilarious interjections

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    Humorous cartoons are inset to add whimsy to this overview of the Triassic period This is a nice introduction and it continues to blow my mind how briefly people have populated the Earth in the grand scheme of things

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    An entertaining informative book for young fans of all things prehistoric

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    my five year old loves anything about dinos including this book

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    A fun way to present the era of the dinosaurs My five year old son says I liked the whole book