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Heaven Must Be Missing An AngelThe Angel Bethany And Her Mortal Love, Xavier, Have Already Pushed The Boundaries Of Heaven With Their Relationship In This Conclusion To The Halo Trilogy, The Two Take Their Love To The Next, Forbidden, Step They MarryAt A Time When They Believe Nothing Will Come Between Them Again, They Are Faced With Their Most Daunting Challenge Yet The Sevens, A Military Order Of Angels Designed To Maintain Balance In The Universe These Soldiers Won T Stop Until Their Job Is Done Capture The Wayward Angel And Send Her HomeSecrets, Exile, And Unexpected Allies Flavor The Rest Of This Intense Love Story And AdventureBeth Discovers There Is Only One Way Back To Earth, But The Cost Is Higher Than She And Readers Ever Imagined If She Can Survive, She Can Prove To Heaven And Earth That There Is Nothing Stronger Than The Power Of Love

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    I just want to tell you all this is the first book I really considered quitting not once, not twice, but three times I am so happy that this series is over and that I will never pick up any of these books from this series again for as long as I live I am the definition of done Also, spoilers will be abound and aplenty throughout this whole review, and this is going to a a mostly Supernatural gif filled extravaganza, because A That is how angels demons etc should be done and B I can So if you do not like spoilers or Supernatural, leave now, because shit s about to get ugly up in here I do not even really know where to start in the shit fest that was Heaven, but I suppose where I started with all of my other reviews of this series, and the root of most of these book s problems Bethany And even with her I don t really know where to start First off, this is what Adornetto tries and make us believe that Bethany is going to be like in Heaven I let the timid girl I d once been shrink into the shadows like a wallflower at a dance and allowed the new Beth to take over I didn t know her too well, but somehow I felt like she d been there all along, waiting in the wings, an understudy ready for her moment to shine No Just no She is vapid, she is stupid, she is judgmental and critical of other females, she complains about every single thing that happens to her, and even when it s not about her and she s not even directly effected by it, she still somehow turns it around and makes it all about her She is only strong when it is convenient for her to be, which is normally at the worst times literarily possible Like this tidbit, for instance, right after she gets married to Xavier in a church with a priest, and first off, what the fuck is the priest even doing marrying them It is told to us that he clearly knows what Bethany is and what they are doing and the repercussions of such actions, but he does it anyways And what are the two of them even doing getting married in such an extremely religious way, anyways They are already basically giving God a one finger salute, and if they thought getting married in this way was going to somehow sooth the man upstairs, they were incredibly wrong If anything, that s adding not only the one finger salute, but adding fireworks, a ten piece band, and a huge, fluorescent sign with the words, FUCK YOU emblazoned onto them So, the priest basically gets murdered by this reaper which I think he totally deserved and this is how Bethany reacts immediately afterwards about the man who basically gave up his life for them And, let me remind you, we are supposed to think of her as strong now Beth, what have we done he whispered We killed someone No, we didn t I knelt down beside him and took his hands in mine Listen to me, Xavier, this isn t our fault Get in, she commanded Now No, I objected, pulling feebly away from them I m sick of everybody telling us what to do You have betrayed the laws of Heaven and caused the untimely death of a man of the cloth, my sister said through clenched teeth Have you no regrets We didn t know that would happen We just wanted to be married Why is that so wrong In the eyes of Heaven it is, Ivy said, her rainstorm eyes meeting mine calmly for the first time That s not fair, I protested, and at the same time felt tears threatening to spill Are you kidding me Are you fucking kidding me, Bethany How is it not your fault Because you two idiots decided to get married, the guy died And you seriously didn t think that something like that just might happen I m not even an angel and I know that and angel human shacking up, and then getting married is a pretty big deal, so you honestly didn t think that there would be some serious repercussions for your actions And, Adornetto, how is this supposed to make me think of Bethany as anything other than a weak, spineless, little idiot, exactly It s not like I m inferring these things, you pretty much put them smack down on the page by calling her feeble and making her cry and complain about how much her life sucks when a guy just died And then you have Gabriel say stuff like this You do not experience emotion, Bethany you wallow in it, you are controlled by it, and everything you have done is based entirely on self interest Just because you don t understand love doesn t make it wrong This isn t about love any It s about obedience and responsibility Two concepts you appear not to understand First off, as a little aside, that made me want to like you Gabriel but then Adornetto had to go and mess it all up As usual, which I will be talking about later And everything Bethany says just makes me want to puke We ve never talked about it, you know, he continued in a tentative voice I knew he didn t want to push me The time you spent in Xavier petered out But I wasn t afraid to say it Hell I prompted There s not much to tell It was everything they say it is I saw a poster on a door that read WE LOVE OUR REBELS I stopped for a moment and thought about it Maybe I would fit in here because that was who I d become now A runaway A rebel But not without a cause Really, Bethany Because everyone knows that Hell is full of nightclubs with massive sex orgies and 5 star hotels with suites where the demons and super speshul AKA hot people from the orgy club evil people can hang out with one another, and don t forget the random deserts here and there We only saw the way Hell is normally portrayed once Once And that was for what Ten pages Maybe First off, adding the not without a cause made everything before that sound so tacky that I couldn t even take any of it seriously And what does Bethany think That they are actually a bunch of rebels Ole Miss is a very preppy southern college just because that s their mascot saying does not mean that the class populace are a bunch of nonconformists And if anyone is actually questioning whether or not Bethany is actually as stupid as I say, here s a real gem for you What s wrong I was seized by a wave of self consciousness Had I done something wrong I wracked my brain, trying to remember every move I d made so far, but I d been too lost in the moment to remember We don t have protection I didn t think we d need it Forget it Yes, Adornetto, just tell your young, female, audience that it is okay to have sex without protection, because love and your hubby s ability to pull out quick enough will see you through Just fucking kill me now And nothing bad still really ever happens to her through the whole damn book Right after they are uprooted from Venus Cove, first they stay in a five star resort cabin, and then guess where she gets to go, in case you guys couldn t tell, she gets to go to Ole Miss And, what makes it all worse, is that they change identities and guess what they are listed as Brother and sister So guess what happens Tons of judgmental attitude and slut shaming from Bethany as Xavier gets hit on by every girl on campus, who it isn t even their fault that they didn t know that they were married, but Bethany hates them all, anyways I m glad you did, Mary said in a high pitched, fluty voice I rolled my eyes behind her back It was starting already The female attention that Xavier received was going to get on my nerves fast Stop it, Bethany But does it Nope Because not only does the slut shaming continue, but Bethany literally goes crazy I slept fitfully from then on I dreamed of Peyton and Xavier s wedding, full of rapturous guests and bouquets of flowers just as it should be instead of substitute rings and a dead priest like ours had featured Xavier s entire family was there and Peyton s father gave her away at the altar Mary Ellen was there too, tugging on my sleeve incessantly and crying this bitch is fucking crazy when Xavier failed to acknowledge her presence Then the scene shifted and I watched as Wade proposed to Molly I saw her accept without hesitation and he carried her across the dance floor She seemed to be dancing while standing on his feet so he was propping her up like a ragdoll None of the moves she made were her own and her head lolled eerily to one side like she was a puppet full of stuffing When her vacant eyes met mine, they were looking right through me because this was all a dream, and did I mention I m crazy I snapped I was not going to let this happen Xavier and I had been through enough and there was no chance I was going to let some frivolous freshman screw up the one place that was still safe for us I pointed a finger at Mary Ellen s mouth and a second later a thick layer of skin began to creep across her lips Was that really necessary he hissed into my ear as he helped Mary Ellen to her feet Ordinarily, I would have felt regret or guilt over what I d done, but today I looked into Mary Ellen s alarmed face and frightened eyes and felt nothing Yes, it was necessary Yes I added parts for creative allowance, but can you really blame me This girl is off her rocker A few pears short of a fruit basket You guys get what I mean And, yes,And, of course, Bethany is absolutely useless without Xavier She literally cannot do anything without him, and threatens that she will kill herself if anything happens to him so many times that I wanted to puke my guts out which I will also talk about later But you know what really got to me The way people treated her I held the elevator door for a woman carrying a cardboard box piled with pillows and picture frames Oh, I can wait, she said emphatically You re so nice and pretty, I don t wanna mess you up No real person who was actually struggling with their stuff would wait a whole extra elevator just to not mess Bethany up And how would she even mess her up, anyways It s walking into a goddamn elevator just go stand in the corner so you don t run into anyone Jesus Adornetto does not need to make Bethany so special I need to move on, so now I will go to Gabriel and Molly Yup, that s right, I said Gabriel and Molly I wanted to like Gabriel so badly, since him and Ivy were basically the only ones that told Bethany how it actually was, but then Molly has to walk in with absolutely no redeeming qualities Oh, just little things, Like how I should dress and how I shouldn t speak to men who aren t my husband She waved her hands at Xavier Don t worry, you have a wife so you don t count Molly You don t have to believe everything they say Well, actually, Wade is my fianc And I have to be obedient to him She is so incredibly stupid, and is in an incredibly abusive relationship with this jerk off named Wade most of the book Now, I am not against Angel people romance, hell, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker with Angelfall, and in Supernatural I enjoy Cas curiosity about sex cough cough Pizza Man porn boner cough cough, but if you re going to do it, you have to make it not only believable for Gabriel, an archangel no less, but for me to boot And let me tell you, Gabriel would not fall for anyone like Molly And what makes it worse is that the scene where he kisses her is so random My life is governed by rules, Gabriel said, almost to himself Before any of us knew what was happening, Gabriel took Molly s face in his hands, leaned down, and kissed her At this point I was so done with this book if it hadn t been on my computer I would have chucked it across the room, but I ll just leave my final thoughts about this to the real Gabriel Thank you Gabriel bby let me have your babies Now, we get onto the writing Everything that was supposed to be funny was not and everything that was supposed to be hilarious I found annoying And let me tell you something Adornetto is one of the worst sex writers I ve ever seen Our first night as husband and wife felt like exploring a magical underwater world where nothing existed save the two of us.I still felt like I was diving from a great height The same feelings from last night washed over me as I descended back into the coral sea of vivid colors and warm sensations, a place where only the two of us existed in a fantastical dimension BAHAHAHAH ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS LIKE WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE THE LITTLE MERMAID OOH HO HO HO IT S SO FUCKING WET LET ME JUST DIVE INTO YOUR DICK HERE XAVIER.And when Mary saw the two of them making out in the locker rooms they were supposed to be brother and sister , and The Seven, who I realized were basically just Slendermen just made me burst out laughing and go And I was never able to take anything seriously in this book ever again.And the stuff that was supposed to be funny Like when this scene happened Reckon they re vampires I heard one whisper Girl, you have got to stop watching True Blood, her friend said, shaking her head in mock concern Molly and Xavier shared a chuckle while Gabriel and I looked on blankly Xavier patted my knee I ll explain later I did not find funny at all.And just the whole damn plot was ridiculous Like I said earlier, nothing bad ever really happened to Bethany Ever The only thing that happened that I felt was actually horrible, Bethany losing her wings, was completely down sized by Adornetto because Bethany wanted her wings off and, as she liked to whine about for the last ten percent of the book, hated Heaven and didn t even want to be there So what the fuck bad actually happened to her Really Nothing, that s what And the amount of loopholes when it came to Xavier like the time that he died and this happened I don t know what I can do He s already gone What I almost screamed at her You ve done this before, you ve brought people back I ve seenyou do it People who were close to death, my sister said On the brink But he s past that point now No I cut her off If he dies, I die Okay You can t just make loopholes like that Just because Bethany threatens Ivy with suicide when Ivy said it was impossible does not make it automatically able to happen And just everything with Xavier period First he s dead, then he s fine, then he s possessed, and then he turns out to be some half angel This just makes me so upset Why can t just one person be a normal, intelligent, human being Why is anyone that is special smart not human I don t like that some authors make people think they need to be angels vampires other creatures to be important or worth anything Not that I don t want them, but just they way Adornetto objectifies humans and angels really bothered me.So, I hated Heaven, and am going to end my review with this Because happiness Pre review Something I just saw in this books synopsis is incredibly pissing me off two parts of it, actually First off, this quote Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat. No And if you don t get it yet, fucking no She does not know how teen hearts beat, if anything, she knows how to make teen hearts stop beating because their books literally kill you with their idiocy I ll just direct you my review of Hades and my review of Halo to show you my rage over those two books, and you ll just have to scroll for not even two seconds to see the absolute hatred of what Adornetto has done in these books and with this series I don t know who wrote that synopsis for this book, but either they ve never really read the books or is being paid a lot of money to write something that would clearly be incredibly painful for me or just about anyone else I know And then, just the rest of the damn synopsis I mean, what the hell What in the Hell is this They re actually going through with getting fucking married Just kill me now, because I can already tell that this book is going to be one of my most hated this year, if not the most hated The plot in this already leaves me with questions What in the hell happened with Hell Last time I knew, the Colonel from KFC Satan was still pretty pissed at her and wanted her ass dead, but now he s apparently leaving her alone now He s the devil he doesn t give a damn if they re getting married That s not how things work, Adornetto You re creating a plot hole the size of China, here, and it s pissing me off And what the hell is God doing about all this The synopsis says rouge angels so I m assuming they re aren t allied with God or even going against his wishes, so he s just totally cool with her marrying a human and possibility producing Nephilim children Fucking No I understand the need for creative license and all that, but she s taking it too far Honestly, I m rooting for those rouge angels They re the only ones actually doing the job they re meant to do Seriously, though, they should be called the correct angels, and everyone else who s just rooting or even passively ignoring this stupid relationship like God apparently is should be the rouge ones All of them, besides those seven angels, are failing at the job of being angels I hope they drag Bethany s ass to Heaven and hopefully God suddenly remembers the fucking Bible and punishes that idiot This fills me with so much rage I think I ll just let Sokka explain my feelings for this Sokka Thank you, Sokka.

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    As of 7 9 2012So I finally got around to reading and trying to make sense of the synopsis Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat,You see, this is the obvious bait I m not going to take it I m going to walk away and move on to the next sentence, because if I were to even get started on how much of an insult this is to teenagers and really every human being on the planet I wouldn t be able to stop And none of us want that.So instead I m going to take this the literal way and say that I hope Adornetto knows about the blood pumping processes of the heart, teenage or otherwise Because that would at least ensure that she has the basic biological knowledge of a third grader Bethany, an angel sent to Earth, and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier, have been to Hell and back But now their love will be put to its highest test yet, as they defy Heavenly law and marry.I mean, really, this is literally the stupidest thing I ve read all week It just, I can t, I can t do it It hurts when I think about this for too long.I really can t understand whyI just don thelpOkay, I m going to try to make logic out of this.So I guess Adornetto is trying to go for the Nephilim thing here But the problem is, and I m not positive, the reason why God didn t want any angels marrying humans is because they always had kids and those kids were Nephilim.So, to me at least, it seems that as long as Bethie and Xavier agree to adopt nobody should really give a shit.And it s not like, even in the bible, you saw God getting all flustered about the whole thing I mean he kind of let them do it anyway, right, so it must not have been that big of a deal They don t tell Beth s archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, but the angels know soon enough, and punishment comes in a terrifying form the Sevens, who are rogue angels bent on keeping Beth and Xavier apart, destroying Gabriel and Ivy, and darkening angelic power in the heavens.Wait, okay, what, this is the part where it really starts to not make sense.If the Sevens are rogue.And the rogue are, like, not with God I assume that s why they re labelled as rogue And God is not with Xavier and Bethie getting married.Shouldn t the Sevens not care And even if I ve got it all wrong, and the Sevens are really with God, there is still no reason as to why it s such a big deal Who cares Oh god, no pun intended, I just can t understand why anyone gives a fuck It s just so hard for me to care, why would they Don t they have important things to do with their time than dabble in the lives of two very annoying brats AND IF THE SEVEN ARE BENT ON DARKENING ANGELIC POWER THEN, UH, DISOBEYING GOD WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD PLACE TO START WITH THAT The only way Bethany and Xavier can elude the Sevens is to hide in the openWhat the fuck HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE The only way they can evade the Sevens is to HIDE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT AOGJ LERABIVAP ,O KJETHAJO,O I DON T UNDERSTAND HELP Gabriel and Ivy set them up at college, where they can t reveal their relationship,HUH WHY Look if there are a group of dangerous angels on your tail then NOT MAKING KISSY FACES AT EACH OTHER EVERY FIVE SECONDS ISN T GOING TO HELP THEM FROM FIGURING OUT WHO YOU ARE.And they could very, very easily just have a relationshipINPRIVATELIKE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN T BE TOGETHER IN PUBLIC DOEVERY DAYWHY AM I EVEN ARGUING LOGIC WITH THIS BOOKAND WHY AM I TALKING IN CAPS AND NOT USING ANY PUNCTUATIONUGHSORRY Will Bethany be called back to Heaven forever and face leaving the love of her life OH MY GOD WHO GIVES A SHIT.First of all we built the entire fucking synopsis up to this pathetic ending and sad excuse for a conflict trust me, I know it s hard to write conflict, but this just sucks Second of all every single problem Bethie and Xavier face could be simply enough solved or doesn t make any logical sense.Third of all THAT ISN T ANY REAL CONFLICT.I mean okay lookIt s like either she s called back to Heaven or she isn t.Either God tells her to bring her feathery tail back up to the clouds or he doesn t.THAT ISN T CONFLICT.THAT ISN T EVEN A CHOICE THAT BETHANY HAS TO MAKE, HOW IS THAT CONFLICT.WHY AM I STILL TRYING TO ARGUE LOGIC INTO THIS BOOK.WHY AM I ANGRY THAT THIS WHOLE SERIES IS A HUGE GLOP OF BORING BULLSHIT WRITTEN BY AN UNINTELLIGENT UNEDUCATED PERSON WHO S PRESENTED AS A SPOKESPERSON FOR ALL TEENAGERSI MEAN I WENT THROUGH THIS WHOLE THINGWHEN I READ HADESAND NOW I M DOING IT AGAINLIKE A SICK CYCLEUGHAs of 4 10 2012 EXTRA EXTRA BIG WARNING DUE TO EXCESS OF TROLLS THE FOLLOWING CONSISTS OF SWEARING, HATE DIRECTED TOWARDS THE HALO SERIES BY ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO, GENERAL DISTASTE FOR PEOPLE WHO RATED THE BOOK FIVE STARS BEFORE THE COVER HAD EVEN CAME OUT YET, GIFS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SWEARING AND ANGER.IF YOU LIKE THE HALO SERIES IN ANY WAY YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT CONTINUE IF YOU RE LOOKING FOR A TASTEFUL, CLEAN PRE REVIEW OF THIS BOOK THEN YOU SHOULD NOT PROCEED IF YOU ARE UNDER 12 THEN YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT PROCEED Not like I can stop you if you are under 12 and decide to proceed anyway, though MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU ARE A FAN OF THE HALO SERIES DO NOT PROCEED AT ALL AND IF YOU DO PROCEED ANYWAY, NO LECTURING ON HOW GREAT OF A WRITER ADDIE IS AND HOW I NEED TO STFU, M KAY M KAY Warning Will be flipping out Halo does things to meHOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE FUCKEDY FUCK.Why, why, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHY IS THIS MONSTER RATED SO HIGH THE SHIT HASN T EVEN COME OUT YET To combat all of the morons rating this book five or so stars before the motherfucking cover is even released, I ll be rating this bastard one, one, A SINGULAR star even though I wish I could give it NOTHING You get NOTHING You LOSE GOOD DAY, SIR STOP RATING BOOKS YOU HAVEN T READ, PEOPLE ESPECIALLY BOOKS IN CRAPPY, PREACHY, NASTY SERIES S LIKE THIS cries In this bloody creature of a series, I wish the average rating was fucking ONE STAR so there would be TRUTH about this THING everywhere on the planet crying even crying

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    RAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHH FUCKING PIECE OF ROTTING BULLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT AHAAAHAAAAHAAAAAHHAAAA HAHAAAHAAA You see what this series has done to me.It s driven me crazy 0.0 WHHHHYYY WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHHHHHYYYYEEEEE FUCK THE WORLD DXUpdate 3 21 12I just read the synopsis Is this for real Really REALLY So, in order to remain safe from some oooh scary angels, Bethany and Xavier go to college Oh sure, just blow 100,000 and party and whatnot I am working my ASS off just to afford the first year You know what, fuck you You are going to college to hide while I am trying to go to college to LEARN and to better my FUCKING LIFE GODMOTHERFUCKINGDAMMIT sorry, it s that time of the year when I am impatiently waiting to hear from the rest of the colleges I applied to and researching thousands of scholarships It s a stressful time _ I am so glad I am not reading this shit I hope Bethany gets what she s always wanted and gets her wings ripped off so that she can stay with Xavier as a mortal and DIE BAHAHAHAHAHA XDEdit 4 1 12 stares at cover Is Is this for real Is this the actual cover..BAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA snorts AHAHAHA falls on the ground and kicks feet in the air Teeheehee Oh my god Ha, ha, heh That seals it, there is no god damn way I am getting this I was worried that if the cover was too beautiful that I would have to get it But this cover points at cover and laughs Just go away You are killing me Edit 8 1 12So I read the first chapter because a friend of mine gave me a link to it At first, I didn t even want to read it I had sworn that I would not even glance in this hideous book s direction, that I would plug my ears and sing, La la la la if anyone mentioned it s name.However, curiosity got the better of me.UGH.Yet, in a way, I am glad I read the first chapter It helped me see what direction the book will go, and I do NOT want to go down the same path with this shit.So its starts out where Hades left off There is an earthquake, the ring falls to the floor, and Bethany is preparing to be sent back to Heaven or whatever.But then the earthquake stops, and everything is honey dorey.Are you kidding me Hades left us hanging on an oh so intense moment where we think something bad is going to happen, then its just ends But I suppose I expected this Ally has a thing for over dramatizing every little thing when, in reality, nobody gives a flying fuck.After the little, Oh it was just a warning tremor from God or whatever, no biggie Xavier and Bethany go to the church to get married I noticed that the writing improved, but I still found myself skipping paragraphs and details here and there Does the author have to explain every action of the characters and detail of the surroundings I think I get the picture, Ally I have imagination, you know So Father Mel holds the ceremony, and woohoo, Bethany and Xavier are married I got up from the computer at that point and asked myself, Do I dare continue with this atrocity I noticed I didn t have much longer to go, so I took a deep breath and continued on reading Then it finally started to get interesting A Grim Reaper holding a scythe comes marching into the church At first, I am all like, Cool since I am a huge fan of Death and the Grim Reaper I am hopping up and down in my chair, hoping that the Reaper has come to take Bethany or Xavier s soul or maybe both, since I equally hate them and exact punishment on them But then the Grim Reaper turns on Father Mel, basically blaming him that Bethany got married to a mortal He takes Father Mel s soul, and leaves the real culprits behind.WHAT THE FUCK I hate this Grim Reaper Why did he have to take it out on poor Father Mel Bethany is to blame She started this whole mess I JUST DON T GET IT AAAAAAGRRAAAJNGONDOGNINAISFN I WANT HER TO DIIIIIEEEEEE So I am done I can t I just can t Reading that first chapter completely sealed it Done Finito I hate Bethany so much it makes me want to tear my hair out I despise Xavier with a passion that I did not know I could ever feel And I can no longer tolerate this stupid, pointless, aggravating, insulting, blasphemous, horrible, atrocious series any longer This is the reason I no longer carry hope for the YA genre, when books like these get published and idolized, when people with actual talent get dismissed or ignored I will not read this thing I never will I already have an ending tot his series, and I am sticking to it.MY version of the conclusion to this series God You are no longer fit to be my messenger I strip you of your powers, your wings, and your place in Heaven Bethany Nooooooooooooo She gets banished, her get ripped off, and she is sent back to Earth as a mortal Xavier Beth What happened Bethany I am no longer an angel sobs briefly I am like you now We can be together, and grow old.Xavier We can Oh, Beth We will be together till then end.Bethany Yes, and we A bus runs over her After that, she gets trampled by stampeding cows Then, a group of bicyclists speed over her crumpled body She dies Xavier Nooooooooo Why, God, why Xavier gets struck by lightning He dies God That will shut him up The End

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    Am i the only one who liked Jake

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    For some reason, there is a lot of bad review I like the book because I love all book The author work hard for it And i m mad that people are being ass You can dislike the book but you don t have to be bitchy about it How would you like it if you write your own book, and you get a hell of hate message But again, i m no one side Although in my other side, i guess that this hate message to Alexandra Adornetto can enlight her to do better in future writing Sign people these day i don t know what to say any In the beginning, I was just annoyed with the main character Beth, because she still act childish and very stubborn But doing all of this and why she have to do for her beloved make me like her even She sweet and strong Her love for Xavier and going against Heaven for what she truly fights for is the reason why I really respect her Even if the story end beautifully and very teary, I still felt that there some thing that still need to be explain The relationship with Archangel Gabriel and Molly What the hell happened to them Ah, It impossible to write how the Archangel such as him would fall in love I don t think she the author can take the risk of explain how that could happen But it could that she make the reader VERY curious for sure Overall, I like the second better with Jake It was very intense But I would prefer this book over the first one The ending and the whole setting was just beautifully well written.

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    Now, I m not one to draw anatomy correctly 24 7but at least I know how to critique myself and find my faults A COVER LIKE THIS HURTS ME.That is THE tiniest ribcage I have ever seen, and her neck looks way awkward arched like that Also, I haven t seen someone so tiny about the waist since Ariel the mermaid For serious.And I didn t know hair could be wings That must be a new development in angel anatomy The silhouette should also still imply foreshortening with arm muscles and size and whatnot, but here, Bethany s arms look like they belong to a five year old.I wanna learn how to bend like that without strain.That s my new goal.Also, Xavier s got quite the pointy moobs.okay I m done.

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    Ugh Here I was thinking, hey, Heaven can t be so bad if I read it as a parody, right Right Crickets Who am I kidding, it s still terrible The only thing that s remotely amazing is how I ve now managed to finish this series even though I couldn t get past chapter four of the eye gouging turd that was Fallen, but that s neither here nor there Only means this book isn t the biggest pile of crap, but it s still a pile of crap.Where to start Not a revelation at all, after Halo and Hades it s really to be expected, but I ll go ahead and confirm this last installment is as filled with the same melodramatic writing, laughably bad dialogue, and ridiculously overwritten prose as its predecessors Except this time, renegade angel Bethany finally marries longtime flame Xavier, so Adornetto gets to replace her standard cheesy lines with bizarre over the top exchanges that even I had to reread several times because, sorry, I don t get it Then I just decided I didn t need to be enlightened about the intricacies of teen marriage and gave up Consider the following I want to kiss you, I said suddenly I want to kiss my husband I think you need a distraction Xavier sighed I completely agree Not that kind of distraction Ummm WTF As if Beth s preachy attitude and teen marriage as a gesture of eternal love obsession aren t enough shudders , I get lines like I don t even know what that is Take it from here, Gabriel yes he actually says this to Beth You re delusional Yup I mean, Adornetto just keeps adding fuel to the fire, like, come on Beth, don t you know how a safe house works Ummm, when Gabriel AND Ivy tell you to stay indoors, you DO NOT get Xavier to agree to let you wander around the yard and then turn it into a jaunt in the forest so the killer angels after you, who you know are nearby, can find and kill you And judging Molly when she gets engaged because her relationship is totally different from yours, right I just can t But Bethany isn t even the worst thing about Heaven, I survived two books with her so far after all, what s troubling is how the schizophrenic storytelling has gotten even worse much worse Beth and the gang go from hiding in the woods to hiding on a college campus to finally hiding in their hometown umm WTF didn t they all agree at the beginning that staying in Venus Cove was a BAD idea , and somewhere in the middle Lucifer pops up with Jake Thorn in tow, all connected by the most tenuous of logical connections and featuring pointless scenes like Beth and Xavier posing at siblings in college because there will be a make out scene that somebody will interpret as incest, duh , Beth and Xavier making out in the woods even though the angels on their tail can supposedly easily track them unless they re indoors or hiding among a whole bunch of people also, must resist dirty pun involving Xavier s last name , Beth dealing with her high energy err perky roommate, Mary Ellen, and Xavier falling for fellow college student Peyton, leading to this bizarre I don t even know how to describe this dream sequence I dreamed of Peyton and Xavier s wedding, full of rapturous guests and bouquets of flowers just as it should be instead of substitute rings and a dead priest like ours had featured Xavier s entire family was there and Peyton s father gave her away at the altar Mary Ellen was there too, tugging on my sleeve incessantly and crying when Xavier failed to acknowledge her presence.Except Peyton s dropped right after whatever that was and never seen again while Adornetto goes back to dredging up every single college cliche, stereotype, and oversimplified misconception she can think of, sororities, Rush Week, the freshman fifteen come on, I ve been in college longer than I ve been out of college, let s get real Then, there are the indescribably bizarre gems, oh wait, once again I have just the quote Gracious Xavier exclaimed loudly So much for sticking together What a bad wife That alone deserves an extra half star for this book rounded down , I don t know how I could ve have survived otherwise, because at this point the warning signs in my head are all saying in big bold letters, who s editing this Is anyone editing this Why would anyone willingly edit this There are so many plot holes it s not even funny besides the make out session in the woods that goes against common sense and every warning from Gabriel and Ivy, let s see, while Beth and Xavier are hiding in the cabin, Gabriel and Ivy go out but leave the keys to their jeep behind, a couple of days pass, then the two angels drive back in the jeep the same day they left Or, Ivy and Gabriel leave Beth and Xavier alone in a room, and then, three paragraphs later, Beth starts talking to Gabe again Wait, WTF Even Beth admits it Great This is so messed up Yeah, pretty much Lampshading Let s just say this series ends with a huge deus ex machina cop out and I just wasted hours of my life I ll never get back Head desk Oh, and I just looked at the cover Am I the only one who notices her neck is abnormally long

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    READRaphael belongs to the SWAG club.WHAT HAVE I DONE SWEET SIGNLESS IN A MOTHERFUCKING DREAM BUBBLE, I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF.Okay, what the fuck was this story about What was the moral even supposed to be Let s all get married at a young age, have sex, then give up everything for a man Alexandra Adornetto But not really This sums up my feelings this Dolorosa does not approve of this message And neither do I.Okay, let s continue.What the hell was up with rehab Heaven All I could think of was Alcoholics Anonymous What was the point of rehab Heaven Why do people suddenly think it s okay to make Heaven into a weird ass place You know, as a believer of God, I find this book offensive.This book mocks Christianity and shits in its face And what Emily said about Bethany and Xavier is true Those mofos are way too co dependent.Thank God this series is over EDIT CURRENTLY READING The bitch put it in there The fucking comment about marriage is a bond between a woman and a man who love each other Let s begin the rant.Dear Adornetto, marriage is not only about love People marry for money, when they are pressured, and what about those drunk marriages like Britney Spears Exactly, I think I ve proved my point.Also, if two homosexuals love each other, who are you to judge them and condescend them for wanting to marry each other You talk about God, but obviously you re quick to judge You re not God.Adornetto gives a bad name to Christians She really does She has spit on the face of angels Since when did Raphael have swag REALLY Raphael is not some wanna be ghetto kid, okay Thank you ver FUCKING much And really, angel sex Also, why the fuck doesn t Bethany feel and pain when she s having sex for the first time Honestly, Adornetto, if you re a virgin and you re going to write a sex scene, do it right and research DUH, logic.You write blasphemy, Adornetto.And the cover is still as ugly as fuck.Ahh, hell naw, I m too sober fo this Grabs a six pack of Sam Adams That s better.So, what do I think of this book The cover Xavier has some nice tittiesdayum, can I have them Takes a swig Bethany THE FUCK IS THAT That looks NOTHING, and I mean, nothing like an angel It s a.dinosaur Nah, looks like wings over the sun, and look, they re making a heart over the evil sun Takes another swig I m an airship pirate, the only airship pirate.I KNOW this book is going to be bad.UPDATE I decided to have a go at commenting the sypnosis of this bookremember, I m A Goth Reads My Immortal yes, I came up with that commentary that was lovely, but short lived LET S COMMENT Only sixteen when she started the series I began writing my book when I was fourteenI m twenty and I still haven t finished writing my book Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat Really No, no she doesn t , and this long awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet Most popular to flame Bethany, an angel sent to Earth, and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier, have been to Hell and back Hahahahahaha But now their love will be put to its highest test yet When Bethany discovers she s pregnant , as they defy Heavenly law and marry Best angel EVER They don t tell Beth s archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, but the angels know soon enough, and punishment comes in a terrifying form the Sevens Who are loosely based on the seven deadly sins , who are rogue angels RESEARCH, ADORNETTO bent on keeping Beth and Xavier apart, destroying Gabriel and Ivy, and darkening angelic power in the heavens What was your first clue Seven deadly sins The only way Bethany and Xavier can elude the Sevens is to hide in the open, and blend in with other mortals their own age Haven t they already been doing that Gabriel and Ivy set them up at college, where they can t reveal their relationship, and where there is still danger around each corner Will Bethany be called back to Heaven forever and face leaving the love of her life Yes, please

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    I thought it couldn t get any worse Boy, I was wrong.Bethany Church, or the Paranormal Mary Sue, whichever you want to call her, hasn t changed At all.After Xavier proposed to Bethany at the end of Hades, God made it really clear that this marriage was an abomination Did Xavier and Bethany listen Of course not.So, they get married, cheese cheese blah blah, and OMG A reaper appears to destroy it What should they do Bethany protects Xavier which made the reaper KILL Father Mel, Xavier s family friend DID I JUST READ THAT RIGHT BETHANY, AN ANGEL, KILLED SOMEBODY Okay, not directly, but she caused it.Her response after Gabriel and Ivy arrived We didn t know it would happen sighs Bethany, you marry a human, which is prohibited by Heaven law, and you didn t know it would happen I doubt that Bethany will realize that, though.So, Gabriel and Ivy tried to reason with her but she Won t Listen But why This is not fair We only wanted to get married Why can everyone see this from our perspective What we have is TRUE LOVE Selfish, is Bethany s new name.The new plan is to hide them because a group of Slenderman like angels, the Sevens, are out to destroy them Thanks a lot, Bethany, your stupid actions caused a lot of chaos But I didn t mean it Fuck you and shut up.Gabriel and Ivy produced new identifications which is impossible considering it was made in no time so they could pass as brother and sister in Oxford Okay, pause That s impossible You can t just go to college without filling out applications It takes time, damn it Something that Adornetto doesn t seem to understand So, they get into college and Bethany gets a roommate, Mary Ellen, which is another excuse to mock teenage girls and their sins once again.Blah blah blah, drama with a popular girl wanting Xavier, blah blah blah, a bonfire and record scratches Bethany and Xavier HAVE SEX.Oh, no.The worst part is, they decided not to use a condom because Forget about it So much for the abomination of Nephilim.Blah blah blah, AND MOLLY IS BACK ON THE PLOT Really She moves to Oxford so she could get together with this creepy, controlling, guy named Wade.She s SO over Gabriel, y all.Oh, talking about y all , Adornetto couldn t help but stereotype Southern people Yes, really.NOTHING CHANGED.Then, Hell breaks loose over Xavier and Bethany s marriage Wtf and like, always, Bethany is being selfish I felt my stomach sink to my shoes Was this my fault Were people now dying because of me, because I d been stupid enough to make Lucifer angry Yes, Bethany Thanks for your stupidity, everyone is suffering Get it through your head.Blah blah blah, MARY ELLEN CATCHES THEM MAKING OUT SCANDALOUS BECAUSE THEY RE SUPPOSED TO BE BROTHER AND SISTER BETHANY ERASES HER MEMORY Done.Blah blah blah, SEVENS ATTACK AND KILL XAVIER Wait, what THE BEST THING FROM THIS BOOK, PERIOD.But it doesn t last Blah blah blah, demon possession, blah blah blah, Jake is back, blah blah, Gabriel gets his wings stripped BLAH BLAH BLAH, I don t care view spoiler By the way, she meets Xavier s dead girlfriend, Emily And Xavier is part angel HOLY SHIT Way to go, Adornetto You couldn t help but make him special, could you And apparently this whole mess is because he is part angel and not because Bethany is marrying Xavier Now that s what I call totally missing the point hide spoiler

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    0 starsOh my I have to say this was the worst one yet One would believe that when someone has three tries to get something right, that person eventually wouldWhere do I begin Let s start with the fun fact that the dense, smoky forestry in South Carolina can, in fact, hide your sinning asses from the Great Cheezus himself Yup Bet cha you didn t know that Well there you have it So, if you sin beyond imaginable circumstances you now know where to hide your shame riddled face And to help you get there a black jeep They can outrun angels Oh and stay indoors Also, a large college campus can hide you from angelsbeings that watch you in the skybut not at Ole Miss Completely fucking stupid. It s almost as if you have to have an out of body experience as you read this or the sheer stupidity of it would do you in Locked up, key tossed.This is what left me mind bottled Why did the priest that married these two assholes get killed Beth lied to him to sway his decision to marry them saying that it was God s plan That doesn t seem fair that he believed an angel and was killed How was he dealt with so efficiently but Bonnie and Clyde get to resume FUBARing everyone s life they come in contact with and have been doing such FUBARing for a little over a year now Why did I have to sit through 296 pages of mind numbing shenanigans from the bobsy twins why why Why was the Archangel Gabriel going to give up his wings for the selfish needs of an adolescent angel and her husband and don t feed me that bullshit about angels are supposed to protect man and that s what he was doing because that seems pretty convenient There is a whole wide world out there that needs a Arch not just some sniveling teenagers with bad case of the sassy times.Is Heaven good or bad I couldn t figure thay shit out.Does God actually know what s going on Ever Cuz I couldn t figure that shit out either It was made to seem like maybe God got in a bit over his head creating the whole worldAnd for all the donuts in Springfield, Why wouldn t Beth, who said repeatedly that she d give herself up because she wanted to take responsibility for her actions just give herself up Take what was coming to her like an adult and then find her way back Boom Story over and Adornetto doesn t have a hit out on her The rascals Beth Wow, Beth She was absurdly self centered I felt it was so in this book than with any other She thought only of herself and how she would get Xavier She didn t care about Gabriel, Ivy, Molly, anyone Just herself How was Beth feeling after she lied the Father Mel and got him killed bad but she still had Xavier How did Beth feel when Xavier had to leave his family with no explanation to follow her around bad but she still had Xavier How did Beth feel when the trail of bodies just kept piling up around her just because they said Hi to her once in passing bad, but she still had Xavier How about when Gabriel was getting his wings CHOPPED the fuck off and Xavier was battling Lucifer Bad But She Still Had Xavier It was sickening.She would say she felt some emotion close to gratitude and then do something that completely contradicted it She would flip flop back and forth about being tired of fighting and wanting a fight She even took on an Avatar State at one point but never once channeled it again fucking weird and stupid Now, I have to say that I don t do the whole God thing Personal choice Yeah, I know, I m going to Hell Thank you The amount of hypocrisy in this book was difficult to swallow Beth found some way to twist every God thing to fit her needs She would go on and on about His will and Her Creator just so that she can explain away the unhealthy relationship she had It was as if Adornetto didn t want to stick to her guns about what it was she exactly believed happened with religion or God She would write one thing but turn around a chapter later and refute it What stay on one side Xavier is part angel.humph Seriously Whatevs I can t take it any Molly was in an unhealthy relationshipper Beth Ha She was also shit on routinely in this book Poor Molls.Gabriel and Ivy Humph That is all.Jake Thorn Welcome back That whole scene was so utterly fucking unnecessary All in all I m so fucking happy to be done with this series that I cried I cried on the last page I also cried during the book at varying parts because my psyche couldn t handle the dribble any Alexandra Adornetto,My disdain for you has only grown since Halo I would ride this wave for all it s worth Honey, because your success was a fluke I am almost afraid to think about how any of this mirrors your real life Or worse yet, how you would want it to Molly wasn t the only one in an unhealthy relationship I really hope you understand that.One day, America will have a chance to be top billing in the world wide race for the title of Country with the Best Education System and these books will be nothing but cinders I hope that I am around to witness that day Until then, I will have my own bonfire.Nearly Cockeyed in California.