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FROM THE SAFE HAVEN OF A LONDON ORPHANAGE TO THE SAVAGE SEAS OF LOVEA Safe, Respectable Orphanage Was The Only Home Aurora Dayne Had Ever Known Teaching There Would Mean Security But When The Mysterious Letter Arrived, Offering Her A Position As Lady S Companion, Aurora Seized The Chance, Embarking For Jamaica With Her Sole Legacy A Little Golden Lizard Bearing A Strange Rhyme And So Began The Daring Odyssey That Would Throw Her Into The Clutches Of A Ruthless PrivateerFeared By Men, Desired By Women, Vashon S Eyes Gleamed Green As He Vowed To Possess The Innocent Beauty Who Held The Key To His Quest Could Anything Ever Equal His Obsession To Retrieve The Legendary Emerald The Star Of Aran Held Captive On A Secret Caribbean Isle At Dragonard, His Solitary Lair Aurora Would Struggle Against Her Own Passions, Determined To Tame The Very Dragon Who Had Awakened Her Fire

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    My favorite pirate book of all time Although it does have one hilarious scene in it, it s not really humorous But if you want a pirate book that portrays pirates realistically and goes right to the edge of making the hero unlikable, this is it His redemption is the most moving thing I ve ever read.

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    I said in another review that I appreciate when an author lets me draw my own conclusions as reader I have been reading romance novels voraciously for 2 months now, and I can only conclude that in this genre, the authors by and large cannot rely on something like the readers own intelligence No, no the author must tell the reader exactly what to think An exercise in control against which I as reader rebel.This would be tolerable if this were done with an omniscient POV Unfortunately, that POV is never used The de rigeuer POV is third person limited, which SHOULD mean that the reader only observes what that specific character does But how then to control the reader s opinion and response when limited to the Third Person narrative Ah, you see here is when we find the standard romance machima a heroine and sometimes hero who observes a godlike amount of detail and insight into the people around her or him Usually, this insight is limited to the lover, but occasionally the villain But in order to keep the story moving, to create dramatic tension or sometimes create mystery, the author then has the heroine or hero completely misunderstand, misinterpret, forget or worse still, ignore what she he has just observed So observational omniscience interpretational idiocy Really, it is frustrating, annoying and insulting to the reader.Since starting The Great Romance Reading Project of 2013, I have found scenario in nearly every novel I have read There were some noticeable exceptions, and universally, those novels were enjoyable AND outstanding You will find those in my 5 star column.In several books, I have managed to fall for a book with such authorial intrusion simply because the Author only occasionally resorts to such heavy handedness, and the overall technique balances out these instances My reviewed Julia Quinn novels would be examples of this.Then there are the novels that were wonderful in some aspect characterization, plot, setting but whose POV s sloppiness and authorial intrusion make the novel unsuccessful for me That would be this novel, and it pains me There is much to like in Till Dawn Tames the Night the beautifully drawn hero Vashon, an exciting kidnapped by pirates plot, a villain worthy of all the angst but I simply cannot get past the technique or lack thereof This was a novel that needed an editor I am really annoyed thinking about it because with some careful editorial assistance, this novel could have been a Romance classic.Unfortunately, it is not.To return to the POV discussion, here is a humorous reinterpretation of the observational omniscience I had when reading Till Dawn Tames The Night Aurora looked down over the railing to the stranger on the deck below Her eyes unwillingly met those of this dangerous, dangerous, oh so dangerous but still sexay man They were green in an unnatural way never found in nature but which 200 years later would be easily recognized as the color of anti freeze As his eyes held hers against her will, she could see the speculation in them Speculation and triumph As if he had finally achieved what he had wanted all these years, when he was a youth and swore revenge on his brother She would have wilted under this knowledge that his eyes held, but it was as if his eyes forbid her from turning away They bore into her and she felt like he could see her soul, as if he knew all her secrets He knew she was an untried virgin who had only now today ventured out into the world and had no understanding of people, let alone dangerous, dangerous men like him And she knew then that she had revealed to him that it was she, Aurora, who had broken the vase in the Orphanage s drawing room and blamed it on another orphan when she was 7 His look changed and he smiled Something fierce like future sex lurked there And she knew in her heart that he really only wanted her to exact revenge on his brother andand that he had had nothing to eat since breakfast and that he was likely to drink brandy before bed All this she could see even though I the author just told you it was midnight, it s dark as hell and the man is at least 20 feet from the heroine But you needed me to tell you all this because it s sex ay writing and because you, the reader are too dumb to ever understand what I meant if I had only written the stranger s eyes lit with a speculative gleam Anyway, this novel was chockfull of such passages There was also a continuing conflict between the hero and the heroine which grew tiresome and repetitious, the only purpose of which was to make their sex semi non consensual sexay writing Even this I could rise above if it hadn t been contradictory as hell erwell An editor, an editor My royalties for an editor

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    I m pretty sure I read this one back in the day if not this particular one, then dozens with similar plots I reread it because Sarah MacLean chose it for our OSRBC BoTM for October it s one of her favorite old school romances I have consistently found that my sentiment for these books is much greater than my opinion on rereading and once again, that is proven true.Our hero, Vashon, is a former pirate who owns a small secret Caribbean island called Mirage, conveniently linked to St Kitts by an underground tunnel He has built a vast mansion there, run by former slaves He is also rightfully Viscount Blackwell, but Josiah Peterborough, his stepbrother, gave thirteen year old Vashon to white slavers from Algiers to be put to service in a brothel Vashon killed the first man who would have raped him and managed to escape He grew up in the streets of Algiers, eventually became a pirate and made a fortune his past is sketched in a bit hazily what isn t at all hazy is the mutual hatred between Vashon and Peterborough, who took the title how if he was a stepbrother and not a blood son of the former Viscount Blackwell, the title would have passed to the next closest male relative.Aurora Dayne was left at an orphanage by her father, Michael Dayne The only thing he gave her was a locket in the shape of a lizard, with a nonsensical sounding rhyme about a Star of Aran inside it As the story begins, she is leaving England to become a companion for a wealthy, elderly Lady Perkins who lives in Kingston, Jamaica Lady Perkins had written to her at the orphanage and offered her the position However, there is no Lady Perkins The letter was written by Vashon because the Star of Aran is actually a giant emerald that was stolen from Viscountess Blackwell by Michael Dayne and he believes Dayne left instructions with his daughter on how to find it Peterborough is also after the emerald because it supposedly gives power to the possessor over his enemies he wants it so he can kill Vashon.There are some really good bits I love the opening sentence, which is repeated as the last sentence of the first chapter Her adventure had begun There is a really good secondary romance between an older couple Also, the banana scene had me LOLing.Whew All kinds of crazy sauce in this one, which is the best thing about these old school historical romances What aren t so good, to 21st century sensibilities, are the repeated coerced seductions If your tolerance for this kind of love scene is low, you ll want to steer clear of this one, otherwise you ll throw the book against the wall a number of times Having cut my romance teeth on classic bodice rippers, I get the reason for this good girls weren t supposed to want sex or initiate sex or even enjoy sex Which is, of course, a bunch of hooey However, having a rational brain also once considered the province of males only , I can separate what is tolerable in fiction from what is unacceptable IRL.

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    This romance has it all superb writing, intriguing plot, a tortured but strong hero and a heroine who won t give up Oh yes, and did I mention pirates Set in 1818, this is the story of Aurora Dayne, raised in an orphanage where she stayed on to become a teacher think Jane Eyre , until the day she received an offer to become a lady s companion in Jamaica Desperate for a new life, she leaves behind her past and strikes out for adventure, never knowing the invitation came from a pirate named Vashon Vashon was the heir to Blackmoor but his twisted half brother sought to kill him and steal the title At 13, Vashon was sold into white slavery in Algiers and that experience forged the dragon that lives within him He has grown wealthy as a merchant seaman though he is not above piracy He has lured Aurora to the Caribbean because her father, a thief, gave her the key to finding a cursed emerald he stole, the Star of Aran an emerald Vashon s half brother is desperate to have Much of the story takes place on the high seas where innocent Aurora is taken captive by Vashon, who will use any method, including seducing Aurora, to get the clues to the emerald But Vashon doesn t bargain on Aurora s fierce goodness that sees the lost goodness in him.A great story of lost innocence, unrequited love and passionate moments that won t be deniedall set aboard ship and turquoise Caribbean seas You will not be disappointed.However, I must say that it was most unfortunate McKinney engaged in disparaging comments about Christianity and the message of William Wilberforce who was truly a great man who fought slavery all his life It was also unnecessary to the story If you can overlook the author s obvious bias, it s otherwise a wonderful historical romance.

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    More like a 2.5.

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    Enjoyable with dark overtones.Warning spoilers Aurora dayne is the illegitimate daughter of an Irish adventurer who had stolen a necklace from an evil noble man imposter villain Peterborough is searching for her as it is believed that the necklace will hold they key to the location of an emerald with mystical powers this aspect of the book is pretty ridiculous Anyway, aurora grows up in an orphanage and when she is 17 , she leaves for an offer of a post in Jamaica She boards the ship the sea bravery In fact the whole thing is a set up by the hero vashon there is no job and this is just a cover to hide her kidnaping For a large part of the journey, aurora is suspicious of vashon She is attracted to him but feels that something is wrong and she is alarmed by his fairly ungentlemanly knowing comments When they come to port at a carribean island, aurora overhears vashon talking about his plans with the captain She is discovered and is over powered by vashon who ties her to his bed There follows a cat and mouse game between the h and h He keeps her prisoner and she lives in fear that he will rape her They call at another island to collect water and she tries to escape He catches her and the pair fight in the governer s bed room There is a violent altercation between the two with what starts off as a rape eventually ending up as a seduction However afterwards vashon is cold and cruel, not wanting to be exposed to any tender feelings and aurora is devastated They spend further weeks at his hidden island where despite sexual tension, he does not bed her further, although there is a rape threat Eventually aurora realises she is in love with him and they make love Peterborough attacks the island and whilst they escape , they are pursued they return to the uk, find the emerald but peterborough wounds vashon and aurora believes he is dead Peterborough is killed Aurora returns to the orphanage to work and realises that she is pregnant Vashon turns up alive, having reclaimed his title and they have a hea.This probably sounds pretty confused Some of the book was fairly silly but there was great tension and chemistry between the main couple The will he won t he element in respect of the hero worked well and although he was close to the line, he never crossed over to the part of unforgivableness I really enjoyed this.

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    Wow There haven t been much romances lately that have captured me as much as this one did I don t remember how I found this book, I m guessing it was on a page from one of my favorite authors about her favorite books And boy do I get that Not once have I been tempted to skip paragraphs or pages to hurry the story along knowing I wouldn t miss anything When I did stray and skipped a few lines, I immediately was forced back Wow I haven t got the words for it The only thing that could have made it even better, was if there had been an epilogue This book had me near tears at one point and only the knowledge that it s a romance novel and they all have the HEA kept me from actualy crying Instead it made me get up very early the next morning instead of turning and sleeping some , to get to the end as fast as I could and now that I have ofcourse part of me is sorry it s over but wow, what a read.This must be the ultimate boy hates girl romance in history They hate each other most sincerely and are, although stereotypes at some point, so opposite from each other She the stiff, orphan, schoolteacher and he the very very bad pirate I absolutely LOVED how miss McKinney showed us how bad he was I know I m going to read this book again, just to read those descriptions again and again.It s an older book, so although it s a historical, it s a little bit dated It didn t bother me at all my 5 star rating is proof of that , but I can see why some readers might have a different opinion Our hero in this book is bad, bad, bad and his scenes, even the intimate ones, are not seen through a pink cloud The word no is used and not listened to like saying no means yes , but in the end, nobody forces anyone to do anything intimate against their will The actions make that clear, but if you can t or won t see that the way the author has intended it at least in my opinion , as a way of making clear that our heroine isn t some silly girl with no sense, but she does know right from wrong, but is, in the end and forced to the limit, to admit that she s not who she thinks she is.This was also my first Megan McKinney book and since I saw a lot of them on , I just know I won t be able to resist reading some and hoping they all turn out to be this good Then I m going to find the webpage of that author again, and read every last book she recommended We definitely have the same preference in reading.

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    Old School Romance 3.5 stars I m sure I would have enjoyed this had I read it in the late 90s Forced seduction is such a hot button issue that it s difficult for the reader to place herself in the timing and setting of Till Dawn Tames the Night and not have their opinions be colored by today s events It s truly unfair to the book and the author While I liked the adventures and the development of the love between the main characters, I didn t much like the characterization of Aurora She seemed a bit silly and annoying Vashon is your typical alpha male, very forceful and slow to love What I liked best is the presence of diverse characters I believe the author is ahead of her time in that aspect of storytelling There was humor and loads of action Overall, a good read.

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    I would probably go with 3.5 stars on this actually While there were times I felt part of the story was a bit redundant, there were some good parts that made you express emotion and turmoil.

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    4.5 stars excellent book This was my first read by MM I own 6 of her other books and am looking forward to reading them