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The Flying Dutchman, A Legendary Ghost Ship, Brings Despair And Death To All Who Encounter Her Cursed By The Captain S Deadly Sins, The Seventeenth Century Ship And Its Crew Are Doomed To Sail And Suffer For All Eternity Unless A Holy Relic Can Be Brought To Them Philip Vanderdecken, The Captain S Son, Vows To Rescue The Ship From Its Living Hell In The Employ Of The Dutch East India Company, Young Vanderdecken Sets Sail For A Gripping Series Of Adventures, From Sea Battles And Shipwrecks To An Encounter With A Werewolf

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    So, at my day job, I was looking at material to include in a forthcoming GOTHIC story e book collection we like to throw in some novels as bonuses , and I decided to process this classic Gothic novel about the Flying Dutchman, as it was long on my reading list anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone Prior to this, my knowledge of the Flying Dutchman myth was his appearance in an episode of LAND OF THE LOST when I was a kid, and general knowledge that a lush filmed version had been made at one time.It should be noted early on that despite curses and ghostly ships and magic rituals and even a werewolf , this is decidedly a Gothic novel and not a Horror novel although the questions it raises about religion and the disposition of one s soul would have nudged it closer to the realm of disturbing for readers at the time of publication.And what a Gothic novel it is It opens on a lurid, small scale scene with a mother s bloody death throes and the revealed secret of a sealed room Our main character, Philip Vanderdecken a brooding, violent youth, quick to anger is told of an ages old ghostly visitation to his mother by her seafaring husband The Captain cursed God in the teeth of a storm and now is fated to sail the seas until Judgment Day, an ill omen to all sailors, unless his son can track him down in his spectral wanderings and present him a sacred relic, a piece of the True Cross, upon which he must weep in contrition And so Philip swears to save his father s soul and sets forth on dangerous journeys around the worldHuge and sprawling, this book takes in many events and characters Mynheer Poots the greedy, conniving doctor and his beautiful, exotic Arabic daughter Amine raised as a Muslim and tutored in occult magic by her Mother , Schriften a sardonic, one eyed sailor It was not a man with one eye, but one eye with a man attached to it forever tittering and cruelly taunting, turning up like a bad penny at the worst of times and possessed of knowledge than he lets on , Krantz a stalwart friend of Philip, with his own mysterious background and Father Mathias who takes it upon himself to council and convert Amine There are as might be expected shipwrecks and storms, desert islands and castaways and naval battles, but also skullduggery and greed and even not so unexpectedly the Spanish Inquisition You ll get a history lesson about the Dutch East India shipping company, Christianity spreading in Japan and, in the climax, the cruel, corrupt and devious bureaucratic machinations of The Inquisition You ll meet a quirky captain who keeps a bear as a shipboard pet, one who talks to his boat as if it were a living woman, there s desertion, mutiny, a hanging, a gunfight with robbers and an attempted poisoning followed by an accidental one.Some memorable moments Amine thinks Philip a ghost on his first return home from the sea a ship s crew spooked by sighting the Dutchman and driven by the prompts of the sinister Schriften become deliberately intoxicated in the teeth of a dangerous gale and drunkenly wreck the ship a prophetic, visionary dream of riding on a seashell and encountering a mermaid a horrific scene of rafts coming apart in heavy seas with woman and children drowned and crushed a ruse whereby Dutch sailors suffering from scurvy pretend to be English when finally reaching a Spanish port Spain and Denmark being at odds at the time the Flying Dutchman runs a pursuing ship aground by sailing onto dry land and later plunging straight through Vanderdecken s ship a raft full of greedy, backstabbing wretches plot against each other as they sail on a quiet sea under a starry sky, later gambling away their worthless money and slaying each other when stuck on a desert island gold is a curse The characters and the moral spiritual conundrums they face are also surprisingly interesting Philip, aware that he is cursed, can t justify buying a ship to pursue and free his father, as he would knowingly be putting the crew at risk, but neither can he sign up as crew on another s craft until he contrives a way to compensate for and share the danger Later, debate is made over whether Philip should pursue his father s spirit or just follow the Catholic prescription of lighting mass candles for him Catholicism and the Papacy, as usual for Gothic novels, gets raked over the coals quite a bit when Amine is stuck in a convent later in the book she finds it a hive of gossips.Amine Vanderdecken nee Poots is, in fact, a fascinating character bold, resourceful, forthright and courageous she rallies the crew of a storm tossed ship at one point, purely through her strength of character she is also other a woman, a Muslim and a practitioner of heathen magic While these aspects cause her endless problems even until the shocking climax one can t help but be impressed by her portrayal, constantly making well reasoned arguments against the restrictive and reductive doctrine of the Catholic religion Amine dares to believe in spirits as a source of positive guidance, not just infernal trickery, and her final fate is determined by hypocritical, pompous, arrogant men, not God She even argues the case for suicide at one point A scene where she renounces Christianity after honestly considering it but judging the religion by the actions of its followers as she is cast adrift in the ocean, is well done.The twin climaxes are also extremely powerful and quite satisfying, even poetic the reveal of Schriften s true identity took me by surprise , after the epic ordeal of the narrative.Two minor notes a chapter from this book is often excerpted as The White Wolf Of The Hartz Mountains when sailor Krantz reveals his own background involving evil forest spirits and werewolves and appears in many anthologies it was nice to finally read it in context here, although the final disposition of Krantz in the narrative following his story is surprisingly perfunctory Also, I really liked that the cursed Flying Dutchman, when finally engaged and not just encountered in a storm, sends over a seaman carrying the ship s mail to ask if it can be delivered as they have all been a long while out and their loved ones must be worried not realizing that decades have passed In all honesty, this was one of the most entertaining Gothic novels I have ever read

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    A book about sea adventures, bravery, friendship and the importance of forgiveness Although it is a book from the 19th century, the writer gives us quick descriptions and mainly focuses on the action itself, the subtlety is not that important here.It is also a book about ghosts, creatures from the other world and forces beyond the world we know It talks about a tragic fate that pursues the protagonist and that cannot be eluded, a fate he accepts, a burden he is destined to carry.In addition, it depicts the figure of a courageous and brave woman, Amina, who fights for her own believes and proves that she is as bold and strong as any other man can be, and even She is a witty and smart lady who takes advantage of the misfortunes she encounters in her path and uses them in her on benefit.

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    As a tale of the Flying Dutchman, it drags, and drags, and drags, in a way completely impossible in modern fiction My previous candidate for toneless dragging, Joseph Conrad s Victory, is not even in the same league Mind you, the despair is well done indeed.

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    Good heavens What a tale of tragedy, mishap, murder, betrayal, and misfortune This is the tale of the unfortunate Philip Venderdecken, whose destiny is to attempt to save his father from the fate of captaining The Flying Dutchman forever As long as you don t mind the slightly archaic language, this is a really great read It s full of interesting and quirky characters whose motivations, passions and moral quandaries are all larger than life From the annoying and ill favoured Schriften, to the virtuous friend and confidante Krantz, to the youthful, beautiful, angelic and exotic Amine, each character is drawn in bold, clear strokes with little gray in any of them The style is rather breathless and expository and it moves at quite a pace, but it can get a little tiring after a while.It is a throwback to an earlier time and the details about maritime life and adventures are interesting This is a time before even sextants were in use how the hell did anyone manage to navigate The book is full of evil characters, plots against our hero, shipwrecks so many shipwrecks , musings on Catholicism vs the strange and magical arts of Araby, triple helpings of tragedy and plenty of human frailty It s one heck of an adventure Shout out to my friend Shawn, whose review got me interested in reading this.

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    Oh One of the best novels I have ever read It had a great impact on my heart It causes very great emotion and I loved the end of the story too I definitely recommend it

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    I was a little confused about when exactly this book was written the narrative is old, but there were many modern ideas, especially in the portrayal of Amine as a strong, independent character She was without a doubt the strongest character in the entire book, so the fact that this was originally written in the 1800 s is even interesting to me and that in itself gives this book 3 stars There were also some moments of snide remarks that made me giggle and which made me think this was a recent story.The Catholic church gets torn apart in this book, full of hypocrisy and idiocy.

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    Stephen King he is not Marryat does a fair job but, for 1839, this may have been a good novel but, likely as now , it was just an okay novel It s too long and long winded but the core story is a fairly good idea It has some cool stuff when it deals with the Flying Dutchman but it goes off into strange asides most notably a detour on werewolves which, apparently, is deleted from some editions I had this copy on my iPad mini and read it on the bus and train during commutes so it took a long time but it s not a bad book to have if you are interested in looking up an old ghost story.

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    I like the book because it is mixed somewhere between real and fantasy world.The book shows us that forgivness is important and that you ll always pay for your sins,metaphorically said for every bad thing you do,you ll pay.

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    This book, written by a former Royal Navy Post Captain in the early 1800s, may be the best version of The Flying Dutchman I ve read and I ve read several

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    Goofy, meandering, nautical Gothic Sometimes laugh out loud funny, but I m sure not on purpose.