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Author Rich Bottles Jr continues his brand of humororrorotica with his second novel HELLHOLE WEST VIRGINIA Not content to simply focus on a single plot, Bottles offers several seemingly unrelated storylines before mashing them together in an over the top riot of Mountain State madness in addition to vampiric eco terrorists, you ll find cave dwelling zombies, a seedy motel tattoo parlor with unusual amenities, and the real story behind the Mothman.HELLHOLE is a swift, entertaining read, with frequent detours into deviant sex and colored with raunchy, often unspeakable humor there s a doctor s visit in this book that ranks as one of the most hilariously repellent scenes I ve ever read Fans of Richard Laymon or Edward Lee s backwoods tales will want to plan a trip to Hellhole. Very imaginative Targeted as funny erotic horror but it wasn t that funny, scary or erotic Yet, not bad. Not my favorite Hellhole was given to me as a gift and it has a personalized autograph inside the flap so of course it will remain on my shelves, but I did enjoy Bottles first novel Lumberjacked Hellhole was just ok in my opinion I completely loathe long chapters and there s only five in the whole book The writing is also choppy, I think it s just Bottles style just not my thing I did find the zombie coal miners to be relatively humorous with their mining hats and pitchaxes I m not sure why we re supposed to just know that zombies like the beach though I think if you re up to par on supernatural events and local tales that you ll get from this book than I did I still don t know what the Mothman reference was, but I also don t know the story itself so it kind of breaks even for me I will agree with other reviewers that if you don t like reading SM, graphic pornography or really anything kinky maybe this isn t the book for you It didn t bother me really, the book as a whole just wasn t enough for me If I could really take the time to learn all the supernatural tales or become familiar with strange occurrences in West Virginia, I would love to revisit this book at a later date and try again. This is definitely a bizarre one It was a very fast read but view spoiler I chalk part of that up to the overly repetitive way every chapter started hide spoiler From The Heights Of Mothman S Perch High Atop The Silver Bridge In Point Pleasant To The Depths Of Hellhole Cavern In Pendleton County, Evil Lurks Within The Shadows As The Sun Sets Upon The Haunted Hills And Hollows Of West Virginia Bizarro Author Rich Bottles Jr Blows The Coffin Lid Off Horror Genre Clich S With This Tour De Force Cast Of Eco Friendly Vampires, Beach Yearning Zombies And Sex Starved She Devils