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Julie Ellis And Luke Muldenhower Have Always Been School Sweethearts Now Both Are In High School And Deeply In Love Luke, A Talented Football Player, Is Almost Certain To Receive An Athletic Scholarship To A Top College And No Matter What Her Parents Say, Wherever Luke Goes, Julie Intends To Follow When Luke Can T Shake What He Thinks Is A Virus, Julie Persuades Him To See A Doctor Luke S Test Results Are Alarming, But Julie Believes Their Love Is Stronger Than Anything Can Love Survive, Now And Forever Whoa there, Nellie Spoiler alert But he does. Don t Die My Love by Lurlene McDaniel is a beautiful love story that will pull at your heartstrings I read it in one sitting and fell for the main characters right away Luke and Julie s love for each other was truly genuine IMHO, and I was sad for Luke when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin s The events unfolded at a steady pace, but I was not prepared for the final outcome, or rather in denial I should say As realistic as it was, I was still hoping against hope and eventually found myself reaching for the tissues, which is saying a lot as I usually don t get emotionally vested in fictional stories.About the story Luke has loved Julie since he was a little boy When the story commences, they are high school sweethearts and Luke, who comes from poor means, has worked hard to become the star football player with good grades in the hopes of getting into college with a scholarship and making something of himself He loves Julie with all his heart and she feels the same for him Their lives are turned upside down when Luke is diagnosed with Hodgkin s, which is a form of cancer He fights for his life and struggles to gain his stamina back after a bout of chemo and radiation Luke is definitely the perfect model of a great guy He is loving, thoughtful, strong and courageous His comeback gives the reader hope, but hang on as the ride takes turns and twists your mind and your heart will struggle against This story really had me on an emotional roll a coaster It was angsty, happy, sad, but most of all beautiful I highly recommend it if you want to read about genuine love Great story The author, Lurlene McDaniel, does an awesome job in her work I wish I had time to read her books I love to read her writing It is so vivid I can actually put myself in the main characters place This book is an amazing love story I love how the main character shows how devoted to her boyfriend Yet, as many changes he faces she stills stands by his side even when he doesn t want her love Don t Die, My Love takes you a journey of two young adults as there undivided attention to one another and the choices each person makes will send your mind on an expedition on what true love really is And the struggles that come with it My heart broke the some of the problems they faced I even cried once or twice Lurlene adds turns and twists I wasn t able to put the book down I like how the author always incorporates at least one person that has cancer Her son had cancer so that is one thing that you can find in every one of her books She does an awesome job on the way she writes her books I have read many of her books and wish to read. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel Stars Luke has always loved Julie since he was a child even though Julie originally hadn t felt the same way Now, years later, Julie and Luke have been highschool sweethearts for 3 years They plan on attending college together where Luke will play football and eventually marrying When Luke receives a scary diagnosis, Julie decides to stand by him and show him how much she loves him The book is heart breakingly sad It s an extremely fast read which I finished in 3 hours It s an honest portrayal of a situation like the one told in this book Luke is adorable and I wish I had a boy who cared that much about me I loved the ending and the thing that Luke did for Julie I won t say what because spoilers but OMG MY HEART I didn t like Julie in particular and at times found her to be rather annoying Julie s mother made me very angry and annoyed about how she was constantly on Julie s case about college, although I do understand her reasoning behind it I also didn t care for a lot of the dialogue in the book It seemed a bit slow at times but over all, it was a touching story. Adapted in the 1990 s into the Lifetime Moment of Truth film Shattered Hearts, this novel, which follows two high school sweethearts trying to cope when one is diagnosed with a serious illness, is still as timely and relevant today as ever, although perhaps a bit less likely than it was in the 1990 s Not only does Don t Die, My Love look at the harrowing nature of an illness through the eyes of a young person, but it also on the side looks at the difficult transition from high school to college, and how hard it can be to know what you really want to do with the rest of your life at that age.Albeit a little preachy at times and somewhat predictable, Don t Die, My Love is a very powerful novel and it presents very realistic characters McDaniel really understands grief though a younger person s eyes, as well as the general attitude and mentality of high schoolers, which gives the book a very realistic tone that many other books in this sort of genre can t pull off as effectively. Don t Die, My Love is a book about growing up, love the same person you grew up hating, and have to go through knowing the person you love has only a short life to live Julie Ellis is a young girl who is dating the perfect boy that every girl in the school would be lucky to date, but the only problem is that he doesn t care much for her an only has his mind on making into the big times for football Luke Mulden is her love, he has liked Julie since they were little but she was so mean to him Luke was the quarter back for his high school football team, and his dreams mean to him then anything Luke was sick for very long, Julie had no idea what was wrong but Luke wanted to finish the football season Once he finally decided to go to the doctors he finds out that he has cancer He loses all his hair, he doesn t eat, he gets sick all the time and through all of this Julie didn t leave his side Julie and him travel to California for the summer to visit with Luke s uncle When they come they come to find out that he has a tumor in his lung Julie and him talk about getting married and Luke doesn t know what to tell her He ends up having to go through a big surgery he knows that this surgery could take his life but Julie has all confident that everything will be fixed Julie, Luke s mom and Julie s family wait for the news of how Luke s surgery goes This book has a very good begin, it s sad, makes you want to fall in love and it will make you cry I love the author made it so Julie s story about her life seemed like it was a true story This book made be think of what if this happened to me and my boyfriend which made me for sad The story of the love in California made me really happy and be very thankful for what relationship I am in This book is trying to get a point across that you should always live your life on the edge, and always remember that life is short This story really brings out that when you really love someone that you need to stay by their side through anything I give this book 5 stars because I think any girl who loves a good love story they would like this book a lot It s definitely a romance book which isn t for everyone so if your into those books like Dear John I wouldn t read this book If you really like heart warming stories and cute young relationships I would recommend this book for you. Don t Die my Love is the saddest love story i have ever read in my life It talks about this guy who is a really good football player, but one day his girlfriend notices something wrong with him and suggest that he sees a doctor He was afraid to go to the doctor because he s scared that if something was wrong with him that he won t be able to play football any, and football was basically his future When he finally went to the doctors with the encouragement of his girlfriend, the doctor told him he had leukemia That s when everything started to change This book will leave you will and endless stream of tears falling down your eyes I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a sad story, because this might probably one of the saddest stories you will ever read It is such a touching book you have no idea what it can do to you I would also recommend this book to people who want to see how deep you are because if you feel you won t cry over something sad, you definitely will after reading this story. If it s possible to send a message from heaven, I ll get one to you Luke Spoilers You want a book that rips out your heart and stomps all over it You got it with this one This book is beautiful and the kind of love any woman wants from a man Childhood friends and still deeply in love with one another They reach high school and are still going strong, their love never dies Then Juile finds out Luke has cancer and everything goes downhill However her love for him never died in fact it grew stronger She went with him to every doctor s appointments and was there for him when he wasn t strong She prayed that he would stay alive but the tumor in his lungs grew worse and sadly, Luke died However the ending his beautiful and Luke sends a message to Juile from heaven, flowers covering the football field I read this book in class and I cried my eyes out for an hour in front of my class This book is easy to read and a very short read So grab a copy and begin to read But have tissues with you Oh My Gosh Seriously I never cry Never All my friends call me heartles becuase of that reason But I was literally crying a tthe end of this book Just thinking about it makes me want to cry again This is an amazing book and I think everyone should read it.