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The Doctor S Diagnosis For April Lancaster Is Not Good April Has A Brain Tumor Which Cannot Be Operated On She S Only , And Her Future Is Uncertain But When She Meets Mark Gianni, A Year Old With A Passion For Car Racing, Things ChangeMark Is Handsome And Charming And Has Cystic Fibrosis Despite Herself, April Falls Completely In Love With Him April Says Yes When Mark Asks Her To Marry Him But A Racing Accident Aggravates Mark S CF, And April Must Make A Decision That Will Change The Course Of Her Life Forever

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    Romance Fatal IllnessSo, for those who love cheesy romance novels, McDaniel has produced yet another, perfect cardboard cutout There s not really much else to say We meet both of our protagonists, who are dying of terminal illness, but of course they are meant for each other, and insist on marrying despite the odds What a pity that with a terminal illness they are doomed to die It s a quick read, but you will have to stomach nasty stereotypes, bad prose, and sickening sentimentality But hey, if you like this type of books, it s the one for you.

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    April is living the life of your average American teenager She s popular at school, she close with her group of friends, she s dating the school s star soccer player Everything is going her way Until she faints in class and learns that a brain tumor has taken up residence in her head.This is a bit of bad luck for our girl, April But it does allow her to meet Mark While her soccer star boyfriend couldn t handle her being sick, Mark understands You see, he has cystic fibrosis, so he s very familiar with hospitals And the fact that April is sick doesn t put him off for a second.Mark is book boyfriend material, for sure He is smart, and sweet, and funny He flirts like a champ He encourages April through everything And he knows exactly what he wants out of life to live it He was given a death sentence when he was a child, so he embraces every day to it s fullest.The ending is a real tearjerker, but well worth the read.

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    In this novel April Lancaster gets sent back to the hospital to have the tumor in her brain checked The tumor had been small and dormant ever since she has it taken care of at age nine now it s back and it is causing her to have to go through radiation April has a boyfriend named Chris, but at the hopsital a good looking guy named Mark Gianni introduces himself to her, and starts flirting with her Soon enough, they start hanging out and getting to know each other, and each other s conditions very well When April s relationship ends, her and Mark become inseperatable The only problem is that Mark has cystic fibrosis At the end of the novel Mark asks April to marry him and she accepts While on his death bed, Mark and April get married and then he passes away In my opinion the novel is a great read, and very easy to finish in one sitting The way McDaniel writes keeps the reader intrigued and makes then want to continue reading The plot is common, but not too everyone, so readers, like myself, are excited to see the outcome at the end of the novel I think the author s purpose in writing this novel is to prove that love should not be based on looks or other traits that we as humans cannot control Love is a strong connection between two people that is hard to break In this case even though April knew Mark was going to die, her love for him kept her at his side up until his death The title of the book is Till Death Do Us Part and there is meaning right there in the title The theme of the novel is that love can make one do crazy things In this novel April gives up her friends, and former boyfriend to devote all of her time to Mark She knows that his CF will kill him and she stays with him, knowing that it will just hurt her in the long run April met Mark in a hospital and did not like him at all when they first met Things changed when he would not leave her alone, and they soon fell in love Each with a problem, only one with a fix.

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    I really love this book it is about this girl named April Lancaster,she had cancer so she had to go to the hospital when she was there they had told her that she had a brain tumor.While she was in the hospital this random boy went in her room and was flirting with April ,but she turned him down because she had a boyfriend but after a while when they were starting to be friends she started having feelings for him So she decieded to break up with her boyfriend for the other boy named Mark When Mark finally told her that he is CF and that he won t live a short life and that he want have any kids.One day he was racing ,because he loves to race sports car.When he was racign his car got out of control and crashed and cought on fire ,it was horrible for april to watch because before that day he had proposed to her and were gonna have a wedding.When he went to the hospital they told them that he wasnt going to make it because he has CF and he has a breathing problem so April wanted to get married right before he died and they did and then he went up to heavenand she needed time away from NY so they went to a trip far away for now.

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    This Romance novel by Lurlene McDaniel is about two people with physical and mental challenges meeting and falling in love April Lancaster is 18 years old when she is admitted into the hospital for a growing brain tumor There she meets Mark Gianni who suffers from cystic fibrosis Mark likes April but April s boyfriend is still in the picture April s boyfriend dumps her though when she gets diagnosed and so she and Mark can pursue a relationship The two get engaged, even though their parents are not excited about it and plan to marry until the accident There is a sequel to this book called For BEtter, For Worse, Forever, but I don t care to read it There are some differences with this book than with other YA books The protagonists are both older I think that McDaniel had to do this in order to have their love and engagement be believable THe reader of Romance may enjoy this book because it does add an additional twist on the classic Romance having both people be sick but other than that, I don t see a YA audience connecting with the book.

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    April has been diagnosed with a brain tumor Mark has been suffering from cystic fibrosis since he was born While they don t have much in common, they help each other suffer through their pains and sicknesses and find happiness living for love When the two decide to get married with no support from either family, they learn how hard it is to fight against everything keeping them apart Mark s love for racing cars has always been a debate in his home His mother is against it because of the poor conditions he must put himself in, but he and his father believe that he can t live a full life if he never experiences things even if they are dangerous After Mark s crash, he and April both realized nothing in life was important than their love for each other, and they were married just before he took his lasts breaths The realistic nature of this novel allows readers to feel many emotions while they try deciding for themselves what would be most important to them in a similar situation.

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    I think this was a very heartbreaking true love story Throughout this whole book Lurlene helps portray the part of how not to judge someone by whats on the outside but rather by what s on the inside In this book a young girl learns that she has cancer for the second time and while she is at the hospital getting tests she meets a young man who has CF Upon meeting each other, he tells her that he will marry her some day As April keeps receiving bad news, she turns toward him for comfort They soon fall in love and start planing their lives together but after a tragic turn of events Mark is in the hospital and isn t given much time to live April does everything she can to make his wish to marry her come true This book was very heartfelt and kept you feeling everything the characters were filling I recommend this book to anyone who likes love stories and those who need to renew their perspective on things.

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    This book was about a girl named April and she was 18 Because of her health problems, her future is uncertain She has brain tumor and could not be operated on She meet Mark who loves car racing and they both fell in love with each other Mark proposed to her and she said yes However, Mark got into an accident and his cystic fibrosis worsened April is struggling to make a decision.I think that this book is inspiring and really relates to readers because people would face different challenge each day and sometimes they have to make an important decision in their life Making an important decision is hard, making a right important decision is even hard Because making a decision can affect someone s life, when we make decision, we don t want regrets, but life is not the way we planned.

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    Death is a very serious matter, and so is love Will you still let yourself love someone is you knew that they d be gone very soon April Lancaster can This book reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, where they can love each other to DEATH April Lancaster had everything Her parents handled her with care, her friends adored her, and life carefree But it changed after she met Mark Gianni They met in the hospital, and Mark is awaiting death The young man fell for April, and after many conversations, their love sparked April and Mark were like paper and glue, inseparable I liked this book a lot because it s so touching The denouement made me cry, I ve never seen love so strong I recommend this to those who want to read a sad love story,containing a bitter sweet love.

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    This book was the best one I think I have read by Lurlene McDaniel April is diagnosed with a tumor that she thought she got rid of when she was 5 but its back The can t do surgery to remove it because its too big and it could kill if they tried April meets a boy Mark who has Cystic fibrosis Mark really likes April but she is dating another boy April and him break up after he finds out about her tumor Then Mark and April start to hang out They begin to date Mark also proposes to her Then when Mark was racing his car crashes and he is rushed to the hospital Unfortunely he does t make and dies but not before April and him get married at the hospital This book was really sad I give it five stars.