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Grief Stricken By The Loss Of Mark Gianni, April Lancaster And Her Parents Have Gone To The Island Of St Croix For An Extended Vacation One Day On The Beach, April Meets Bitter, Lonely Year Old Brandon Benedict Brandon Blames His Father For His Mother S Recent Suicide April Is Still Trying To Come To Terms With Her Own Grief The Two Become Very Closebut April Doesn T Tell Brandon About Her Medical Problems Then April S Headaches Return, And She And Her Parents Quickly Fly Back To New York, Leaving An Angry, Bewildered Brandon Behind April Is Dying Can She Bring Herself To Tell Brandon That He Ll Soon Lose Another Person He Loves

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    well lets see what did I learn I learned that just because someone you loved died doesn t mean that you can t have two people you love

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    I read the book FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE, FOREVER, by Lurlene McDaniel The setting is placed on an Island in St Croix The main characters are April Lancaster, and Brandon Benedict April lost her fianc Mark and she dwells over it, she also has a sickness that comes back and it s even stronger and she didn t know what would happen Brandon Benedict is someone April meets at the island I found this book through the author because I like her books April had lost her fianc , and her parents had noticed a change in her attitude April s parents decide to take a vacation on an island in St Croix As April was on the vacation she meets someone named Brandon Benedict Brandon was also suffering from a loss of his own Throughout the book, the two started to get close but she became distant because of her illness and she didn t want to scare Brandon away As you continue to read you ll see that April finally decides to tell Brandon and he is frustrated that she didn t tell him as soon as she found out I liked how the book was throughout the story, Lurlene McDaniel had made this story very interesting This was a series so I didn t get to know the back story very well In the book there was parts that was really exciting but at the end of the book and middle it started to get sad My personal opinion about the book was good I ve always enjoyed reading books that are romance, but this was of a sad romance Other books that are like this is a lot of Lurlene McDaniel s books Almost all of her books are kind of the same except different stories If you like reading romance stories that has a twist to it, I suggest this book.

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    I was just really sad about the ending I wanted typical romance but this brought me start reality Overall, it was well written.

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    After the death of Mark ,April had went to an island for a trip for her and her parents so she can get Mark off her mind But she couldnt she thought about him everyday in the day and night for months When she went hiking on top of a mountain she looked up at the sky to see if Mark was wathing over her and he did All of a sudden this random stranger scared her and Thye started talkig and They talked a lot and had feelings for eachother but he never knew about her illness she didnt want to scare Brandon off so she never told him.They had a lot in commen they both lose something very important to them in their lives When April went to go see the doctor again he tolf her very bad news the tumor in her brain wouldnt stop growing so that means that she is going to die soon and untill she did she told brandom ,he didnt handle it very well so he went crazy The day she died he got a balloon with a red ribbon Meaning that he is giving April to Mark forever it was time for him to say good bye.

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    I remember reading this book in middle school with my eyes glued to every page It was a different experience for me because it introduced impending tragedy This is a sequel to Til Death Do Us Part The main character, April Lancaster, is terminally ill and mourning the death of her fianc e in the first book Her family decides to take her on a vacation There she meeds Brandon Benedict They spend time helping each other heal from hurtful memories of their past With April still in mourning, she can t so easily give her heart to Brandon This complication last through the book but comes to a head at the conclusion While utterly depressing, I think these types of books are valuable subject matter and thought provoking This is a young adult series that gives teens a solid understanding of how fleeting life can be It definitely makes you reflect on how lucky your life may be I definitely recommend this read.

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    For Better, For Worse, Forever is a controversy love story In the book, the main character, April, is recovering from her now dead fianc She thinks she can not go on loving anyone else On her vacation, she meets a new boy who falls for her During this time, her brain tumor returns Find out if she survives and loves the new boy she meets, or everything turns for the worst If you enjoy love stories, this is a good book for you This book is a catchy, sad love story I really enjoyed this book because every page was something new This book never got to a dull moment I also enjoyed this book because I love, love stories This was an awesome book and you might want to cuddle up with a box of tissues as you read.

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    I didn t know what to expect when I picked up this book I had never read anything by Lurlene McDaniel and was quite skeptical Well, I loved it I had no idea that this was a sequel, in fact, for practically the whole book, I assumed it was the prequel I liked that it was realistic There was no miraculous healing in the end When people have diseases like that, there is usually no miracle That s life, and it s hard, but I get tired of those books where the author builds up so much suspense and you fully expect the character to die, but they live and do that happily ever after Yes, that s how you want it to go, but it s not how it usually happens Kudos to Mrs McDaniel

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    I adore this story time and time again It s such a bittersweet story about how April Lancaster goes on with her life after her husband Mark s sudden death from Cystic Fibrosis You can feel her agony at moving on to love another and then the end will make you re think about your life The one thing that I have gotten from all of Lurlene McDaniel s books are that life is way too short to be hesistant and regretful, even in painful situations If you read this book along with a few of her other novels, you ll understand what I mean.

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    This author lurlene McDaniel is wonderful at writing She s great at making the books good and the endings to be great The book For Better Or Worse is an amazing book, the way the two couples come together and end up loving each other is romantic My favorite part was when Brandon shows her around his place and where the beautiful things are where he lives Most of all I would recommend this book to people who love romantic story s.

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    Oh, man I just about stopped reading fifteen times in the two hundred pages of this book It s incredibly over the top okay, so was the last one, and so are just about all of her books, but this goes beyond even the others The ending felt really rushed, I didn t really care about the characters, and I was kinda glad when it ended Actually, I think two stars is being generous2 5 on here, 4 10 for myself