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Michaela Bancroft is expanding her training and riding business by buying four new horses from colleague Audrey Pratt Then Audrey is found in the stalls strangled to death with a pair of reins and it's up to Michaela to corral a killer or she's next

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this trilogy and this one didn't disappoint for being a uick read I think one of my favorite characters to come back to definitely had to be Joe It's hard not to love a guy who takes on the role of older brother with a multitude of cousins that know people who know people and can find out information Michaela ends up getting the mystery solved while the police seemingly are not really doing any detective work That's something that irked me a bit in this book It really feels like there's no involvement from the police just her and Joe and I know it's fiction but it would have just seemed realistic if she ran into a police officer Could just be a petty thing to think about This book revolves around horse racing as opposed to breeding in the first book It was pretty fun getting to learn about the history of uarter horses and their involvement with racing Michaela very much delved into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous in this one but I very much enjoyed the characters that were involved in this book It never seems to fail that Michaela finds someone dead somewhere and her irrational instinct to solve the mystery instead of leaving it to the police is ever present But this story kept me awake wanting me to really try to figure out who was responsible for her friend's death

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    Death Reins In is an exciting second book in the Horse Lover's Mystery series by Michelle Scott Her main character Michaela Bancroft is a strong independent woman who is madly in love with her horses She is learning from her past mistakes and moving forward with her life a new manmaybe a new interest using her horses to help autistic children cope in this world Her hectic life is going well but when she decides to take a break from her busy schedule and attend the races with her friend Audrey things go terribly wrong Her friend Audrey winds up dead Audrey's brother winds up missing and Michaela finds herself in the middle doing everything possible to find out who murdered her precious friend Michelle Scott's characters are real relatable Michaela is faithful to her friends passionate about horses and willing but wary of falling in love again This book is full of suspense and will keep you guessing the identity of the murderer until the end I look forward to reading the next book in this series to see where life take Michaela

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    So Michaela the heroine is a trainer of horses and finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving additives in the expensive horse breeding world Action occurs in southern California lots of driving back and forth from the inland area to the famous locations up and down the coast Malibu Los Angeles San DiegoI felt sad that her dearest friend and mentor had to be killed for nothing And Michaela is pursued by a very dashing gentleman who is actually the deranged killer yecch but she has a very dashing admirer who is steady and there for her that is good

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    Abduction horses money substance abuse back stabbing friends unfaithful spouses murder oh another murder and an attempt at sympathy surrounding the death of the main character's life long friend rinse and repeat This series is built on characters with tons of literary potential — sadly when this book ended I felt as cheated as a rich horse owner I am moving on to the next in the series see where the ride takes me

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    New cosy mystery series by the author of the Wine Lovers' Mysteries This is a great mystery and worthy of five stars but I prefer the Wine Lovers' stories Partly because of the setting and partly the characters

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    I love horses but really could not get through this book Nothing about it drew me in and I finally gave up

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    A good seuel to the first one Better if you read them in order but this has enough of a stand alone plot that you should be ok

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    I am really enjoying this mystery series Murder suspense and ponies what could you ask for