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Mangum, Erynn Rematch A Lauren HolbrookNot Retrouvez Mangum, Erynn Rematch A Lauren Holbrook Novel REMATCH A LAUREN HOLBROOK NOVEL AugPaperback Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Rematch Lauren Holbrook,by Erynn Mangum Rematch, The Second Novel In The Lauren Holbrook Series, Is Just As Full Of Coffee And Chocolate As Book One Yum Lauren Holbrook Is At It Again Laurie S Matchmaking Track Record Keeps Increasing She S Got Two Couples Married So Far Now She S Up Rematch A Lauren Holbrook Novel Book By Erynn Buy A Cheap Copy Of Rematch A Lauren Holbrook Novel Book By Erynn Mangum Lauren S Dad May Be Getting Remarried And Lauren Is Still Looking For The Love Of Her Life Join Lauren On Her Adventure Of Caffeine, Chocolate, Girl Talk, And Free Shipping OverBooks Rematch A Lauren Holbrook Novel Full Do You Want To Remove All Your Recent Searches All Recent Searches Will Be Deleted Cecilia Braekhus VS Mikaela LaurenRematch Cecilia Braekhus VS Mikaela LaurenRematch WEIGH IN RESULTS SUBSCRIBE For Everything Boxing Welcome To BoxingSphere Boxing Is The Cecilia Braekhus VS Mikaela LaurenRematch Cecilia Braekhus VS Mikaela LaurenRematch WHO WINS SUBSCRIBE For Everything Boxing Welcome To BoxingSphere Boxing Is The Greatest Sport In The World BoxingSphere Is A YouTube Channel

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    About this book With two matches under her belt, Lauren s ready to get back to work Lucky for her, her job at The Brandon Knox Photography Studio makes it even easier to work her magic on her best friend and boss, Brandon, and the adorable receptionist, Hannah And since she s at Shawn s caf every day anyway a girl s gotta feed her caffeine and chocolate addictions, doesn t she , why not look for his perfect match as well But with all her love connection luck, Lauren s thrown for a loop when her dad announces that he s heading out of town for a singles retreat And in the midst of panicking about her dad and potential future stepmom, there s also the matter of Ryan Love interest or friend Only time, vats of coffee, and pounds of chocolate will tell Series Book 2 in Lauren Holbrook series Review of Book 1, Here Spiritual Content Prayers Church going, sermons, singing Bible studies Many Scriptures are read, quoted memorized Lots of Bible reading Talks about God, God s sovereignty becoming a Christian H s are capital when referring to God Mentions of those in the Bible A mention of Judgement Day.Negative Content Minor cussing including a darn , a darn it , a dang it , an oh my land , a pain in the rear , a sheesh , a shoot , a stuff it , a wimp , two buck up s, two drat s, two forms of dumb , three heck s, three holy cow s, three stupid s, four shut up s, twelve oh my gosh s Sarcasm Doctor stuff semi detailed A mention of slaughtering a cow A mention of poker Note Watching a R rated movie Speed Mentions of Starbucks Mentions of books, movies, TV shows singers A mention of Old Navy Sexual Content five cheek kisses, two forehead head kisses Watching couples kiss up to semi detailed Touches barely above not detailed Noticing Labor babies are born border line barley above not detailed semi detailed a baby and five babe s A mention of puberty A mention of a conception A couple mentions of sensually talking A couple mentions of a husband wife s privacy Mentions of honeymoons Mentions of kisses Mentions of PMS, periods hormones Mentions of flirting Mentions of cute actors Many mentions boyfriends, girlfriends dating Watching people fall in love Note A mention of a bikini Lauren Laurie Holbrook, age 23 1st person P.O.V of Lauren 326 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Three StarsOlder High School Teens Four StarsMy personal Rating Four Stars I m not sure if I liked book 1 or book 2 better I haven t laughed so hard since the last Erynn Mangum book I read Hahaha Laurie is so off the wall and witty that you can t help but love her Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.

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    Updated five wonderful beautiful stars for this incredible book that had me laughing at midnight, and grinning at 7 Ruby and Nick are pregnant Hannah and Brandon s engagement Shawn becomes a Christian Hallie and Shawn are dating Joan and Mr Holbrook are so close to getting married And Laurie and Ryan.well, just their adorable selves Ahhhh Absolutely wonderful Me Fabulous book, very little negative content Love this whole series sm

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    This book was fun, but I am so disappointed that Lauren and Brandon don t get together How could the author set this up so much like Emma and than ditch Mr Knightly

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    Review reposted from my blog at 3.5 stars Synopsis YOU KNOW, LIKE THOSE CHEESY MUSICALS GUY AND GIRL START TO EXHIBIT THE UNIVERSAL SIGNS FOR ATTRACTION, AND BEFORE ANY SHY HEY, WANT TO GO OUT WITH ME CAN BE ESTABLISHED, THEY BURST INTO SONG AND SPILL THEIR GUTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER.Lauren Holbrook is back, and despite her friends pleading requests, her matchmaking days are far from over She knows that two of her co workers, Brandon and Hannah, are destined to be together, and she ll do anything to help them reach the altar Not to mention the fact that Shawn the coffee guy is totally falling for her friend Hallie.Despite her confidence when it comes to love, Lauren is thrown completely off guard when her long time single, awkward, and hypochondriac dad announces that he s going on a singles retreat to meet new people What will happen if her dad finds love again Will Lauren ever find love for herself Pros and Cons All of the wonderful qualities that made the first book so great return with a vengeance in this novel The same quirky narration that Lauren always brings is present, along with her crazy exploits and coffee addictions And like the last novel despite it being a Christian book, that s easy to forget sometimes Christianity isn t being shoved down your throat every other page and it has a good storyline outside of scenes that take place in church While the Bible is often quoted, so are classics stories like Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, and many others This is less of a hardcore Christian book than it is a book with hardcore Christian characters.I did, however, have issues with this book than I did with the last one I think the problem I had is that these issues were in the last book, too, but they didn t bother me because they didn t last as long Now I ve experienced them for two books and it s starting to get on my nerves a little bit.First of all, the narrator of the story, Lauren, is said to be in her early twenties The issue is, her thoughts, dialogue, and actions make her seem like a fourteen year old girl There s nothing wrong with being a fourteen year old girl, but it does get a little tiring when that teenager is actually supposed to be an adult interacting with other adults My second issue is the descriptions at some parts I think Erynn Mangum does a good job of describing emotions, but sometimes she gets a little extreme It felt so unrealistic to have characters described as having tears streaming down their face and falling to the floor rolling around every time something even slightly funny happened That rarely happens in real life, and it happened at least five times throughout this book Lastly, there were some phrases in this book that were repeated over and over again, or changed only slightly If I removed a book from my TBR pile every time one of these phrases was said I stuck out my tongueI m going to take that as a complimentHere s what I do think want some other variation I would be out of books halfway through And that s saying a lot.Final Thoughts All of those things considered, it was really hard for me to rate this book I know it sounds like I have a lot of issues with it and I kind of do but there was never a second that I was reading it where I wasn t enjoying it Contemporaries like this aren t usually too intense, so I don t expect to be completely blown away after reading it This book has its flaws, it s not quite as good as the first one, but I would still recommend it and I m holding out hope for the conclusion to the series.

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    The Lauren Holbrook novels are laugh out loud funny, but I have to admit, Laurie is very immature and kind of psychotic The psycho part I don t mind I can see how 60 cups of coffee a day could do that to a person , but her immaturity sometimes gets on my nerves I don t think I could handle having a friend like her in real life Lol That being said, I love Ryan Though I get kinda sad about Brandon sometimesjust me sigh I m looking forward to book 3 I hope a new restaurant is introduced It s like all the characters consume is Italian, sandwiches, desserts, and coffee They need some tacos or Chinese or something.

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    AHHHH This is an amazing book like the rest of them any girl that s any girl should read these books They ve really helped me grow in faith.

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    I have read quite a few Erynn Mangum books at this point, and Laurie is definitely my least favorite character She s nosy, pushy, bossy, unprofessional, overly dramatic, and extremely immature Usually, I love Erynn s characters, but it s just plain hard to like Laurie When she s not behaving like a bratty 12 year old, she s stuffing her face with sweets and drinking coffee She never cooks ever She seems to eat out for every meal breakfast, lunch and dinner, and often eats brownies for breakfast Reading about everything she was eating, snacking on, or dreaming about eating got to be a bit much She s 23 but doesn t cook or clean or basically take care of herself in any way, so she seems much younger than her age She s also really annoying with the matchmaking The moment she meets someone new, she starts thinking about who she could match that person up with, only to later lament her plight of being single when she finally notices that all her friends are dating or married Even random strangers are not safe from Laurie She will set anyone up Rather than being sweet and charming, she just comes off as pushy and annoying I don t know how her friends or the said random strangers can stand her I m going to finish the series, because I love Erynn Mangum, and because I dare to dream that Laurie will eventually mature Also why is she so oblivious about the love interest She s so nosy with everyone else, but hates it when anyone asks about her personal life Argh, rant over.

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    Review by Gigi HoffmanRematch, the second novel in the Lauren Holbrook series, is just as full of coffee and chocolate as book one Yum Lauren Holbrook is at it again Laurie s matchmaking track record keeps increasing she s got two couples married so far Now she s up for a challenge, trying to set up her two best friends Brandon, her boss and best friend since fourth grade, and Hannah, the new Christian who s gorgeous both inside and out, are the perfect couple and Laurie knows it But how is she to set them up subtly, without their knowledge Then there s Shawn, the owner of Laurie s favorite coffee and desert store, and Hallie, the new girl at the singles Bible study So many matches, so little time As if there weren t enough love in the air, Laurie s dad, a widower, announces he s going to a singles retreat Laurie doesn t know what to think Is she ready to see her hypochondriac father return to the dating scene And what about Ryan, Laurie s sort of boyfriend Laurie started off pretend dating him to get people off her back, but now the relationship is becoming real What s with the weird feeling in her stomach every time he s around Are they really just friends or is there something With even chick flicks Anne of Green Gables, plus Pride and Prejudice and The Princess Bride in book two, it s hard not to love keeping up with fast talking Laurie and her crazy schemes If you read and enjoyed book one Miss Match , you ve got to read this one

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    This is a worthy sequel to the first book, Miss Match I can t wait to read the third book, Match Point

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    Absolutely in love with this series it s just amazing