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Don T Look At ThemNever Let Them Knowyou Can See ThemThat Is Ethan Chase S Unbreakable Rule Until The Fey He Avoids At All Costs Including His Reputation Begin To Disappear, And Ethan Is Attacked Now He Must Change The Rules To Protect His Family To Save A Girl He Never Thought He D Dare To Fall ForEthan Thought He Had Protected Himself From His Older Sister S World The Land Of Faery His Previous Time In The Iron Realm Left Him With Nothing But Fear And Disgust For The World Meghan Chase Has Made Her Home, A Land Of Myth And Talking Cats, Of Magic And Seductive Enemies But When Destiny Comes For Ethan, There Is No Escape From A Danger Long, Long Forgotten My Name Is Ethan ChaseAnd I May Not Live To See Myeighteenth Birthday

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    OMG a spinoff of Ethan I though its Puck Oh well I know he will be there to guide Ethan plus we see of Megan and Ash super excited I miss you Puck

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    This book is all about Meghan s little brother, Ethan Of course, Ethan is a teenager now and he s really cool I loved that he took Kali in the book because I used to take that before I got sick I loved it so much and I love that the author added it into the book Ethan can see the Fey, he always could since he was a young boy He tries his best to ignore them so they won t catch on, but it doesn t work out too good He has changed schools several times because of what people think is bad behavior In reality it s Ethan fighting off the fey or running from them In his new school, Ethan ends up becoming friends with Todd, who is a half fey Ethan doesn t want to be friends with anyone but it happens He also takes up with Kenzie who is on the school newspaper and is relentless in getting a story out of him We all know she ends up a love interest, right At one point Todd goes missing and the Ethan has to search for him Of course, Kenzie brings herself along It turns out there are these bad fey out there kidnapping half fey What are they doing to them I m not telling you, but it s narly Ethan ends up back in Nevernever when he calls in his favor to his sister, Meghan, the Iron Queen We do get to have some cameo s from Grim, Meghan, Ash and Puck I miss them all Keirran who is Ethan s nephew decides he s going to help them out He s part fey as well and he lives in Nevernever They end up going on a little cray adventure with the help of Leanansidhe, she s in it again too and she makes it to where Kenzie can see the fey Kenzie is just human and can t see them but now she can Anyway, I thought it was good and I hope the next two books are good as well MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    I can t stop it I can t stop Them from following me If it was just me that the fey picked on, I d be okay with that But someone else always pays for my Sight Someone else always gets hurt instead of me Tearing my gaze from hers, I looked out over the fields I d rather be alone, I muttered, then to have to watch that again Do you remember the little boy who was kidnapped by a vicious fey, and his big sister set out a journey to find that kind to a strange and magical place called NeverNever Well, guess what, after a time leap of twelve years, that little boy has grown into a handsome hunk Yes, that boy is Ethan Chase and he is back with a bang The Iron Fey is my all time favorite YA novel series When I mourning over why the series came to an end, then Julie Kagawa announced there is going to be a spin off and my heart stared hammering against my ribs And when I finally managed to get my claws on a pretty ARC and I finished the story, nausea gripped my mind in excitement and I took an entire week to collect words and wrap my thoughts around it A Prince on A MissionEthan always wanted to stay from anything relates to the magical fey realm or fairies The nightmarish memories from his childhood of being a prisoner in enormous iron castle is still haunting his so badly that his heart is nothing but full of hatred against entire fey kind He even blames them for the distance that has formed between him and his older sister Megan, who fell in love with one of them and left their family Hence Ethan wouldn t dare to think or look at the fey kind neither could he let them know about his existence or his power to see through the glamour of fairies Hence when his half breed friend got kidnapped by a new and vicious race of forgotten fairies, and they stared chasing Ethan too, he was forced to enter in the world of NeverNever he despair most, and along with the girl he would never dare to fall for Of on his mission we see a not so happy family reunion we again met the icy prince and the great prankster, the dark muse and our beloved fur ball Ethan, Kenzie and KeirranEthan was kind of brooding and smoking hot, also occasional jerk ass I could help but mentioning how Ethan somehow reminded me of Ash Ethan has always kept a bad boy image to build a barrier around hi true self, kind of the icy walls Ash used to shield his soft interior But as the book progressed, we saw who Ethan Chase is actually deep down The fa ade of rudeness and a tough guy image is just a cover for his rebellious spirit, his true feelings for the girl he is afraid to fall in love with and the pain and the anger he is carrying with him He has no fey magic to fight of the evils he is just a human teenage boy who is extraordinarily skilled in martial arts When I first read about Ethan, he was a toddler, now it s strange to read about him that he has grown into a hot ass hero However I m impressed by the female protagonist Mackenzie St James or Kenzie, as we call her She was just kick ass as any boys of her age, and also the girl who secretly melted Ethan s heart She much than what is seems to be, I just can t stop appalling for her She made me smile, and brought tears in my eyes as the same time She didn t flinch to make deals with fairies she didn t back away from Ethan, even if she was gravely unwell to go on with him She was fearless of any incoming danger, audacious explorer who wants to see everything and experience them You rock girl.Now talking about Keirran, I just don t believe Ash is his father, I mean what the freaking hell, Ash became a father Really However half fey and half human Keirran was shadow of Meghan, rather than Ash, and he got same features as her, and skills as Ash, swift and deadly Keirran is master extraordinary power he can exert three kinds of magic, summer, winter and Iron He played a major role in The Lost Prince, he accompanied Ethan and Kenzie into their quest imagine Ethan has a nephew of same age and fought battles beside them I wonder why Puck mentioned Ethan and Keirran reminded him about a certain pair Rings a bell Yeah, he was talking about him and Ash, and their golden old days The Old LegendsWell, when we are talking about the spin off of The iron Fey, how can we possibly forget to mention our Iron Legends, Meghan, Ash, Puck ohhh Baby and Grimalkin Meghan is no longer that teenager girl we knew she is now ruler of Iron realm, powerful and responsible Still handsome as ever, Ash is Meghan s iron Knight, and father of her son sigh Well, good news is my Puck, the prankster is single and ready to be mingled with me He appeared only twice in the book, and both time he kicked some ass Yo love, you rock My cutie Grimalkin was with the trio for all the time, and who could be the best guide to NeverNever other than him Overall Thoughts As a fan of The Iron Fey series, I had very high expectation for The Lost Prince, and I was breathlessly waiting for the book to come out quickly And, I was again spellbound by my favorite storyteller, author Julie Kagawa Her gorgeous prose and amazing story weaving kept me hooked on the book until late night Any Iron Fey fan in any corner of the world wouldn t dare to miss the book, and I bet my money on that.Update 15 10 2012 just finished with The Lost prince, and fainted each time Puck appeared Also, Kenzie, you girl rocks and you made me cry I so want to be you best friend now.Update 17 08 2012 I just got my copy, not a digital one, a 100% read print ARC My god It looks so yummy faints Goodness, Ethan is so damn fucking hot, I need oxygen and the first chapter behind The Immortal Rules ARC made me hungry for this book so so so much Holy freak, Hell yeah

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    Pre read review ETHAN THAT is ETHAN Wow blinks I guess for some people puberty, umm, brings out the Ash in them Ethan is quite the specimen of male supremacy there, so I m pleasantly surprised This book is probably going to be brilliant since it s Julie s D I m looking forward to a little Puck and his humour and maybe even a glimpse or two of Ash coughs guiltily Ok, ok I get the series is now about Ethan But a girl can dream, right

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    Look, last time I knew Ethan he was a five years old Please tell me I m not the only one conflicted about the boy on the cover I almost didn t want to read this book because I kept expecting Chris Hansen to come in and tell me to take a seat.Then I d be like, I swear He s sixteen I just READ about him when he was five He s totally of age now Then I d cry dramatically JUST like this.But, facts are facts, folks Ethan s aged like a fine brandy if brandy had washboard abs and a butt built for spanking AAAAAAaaaaaannndd, I just reach my creepy quota for the review Wow That didn t take long.So Ethan meets up with Love Interest while trying to avoid the Fae working their darndest to ruin his life To save his and the Love Interest s life they escape into Fairyland to track down his sister and solve the mystery and try to save the world.More Facts you don t need to have read the Iron Fey series to read this book There s enough back history and explanatory exposition to make it through I certainly haven t read The Iron Fey series and I managed to enjoy this one as a standalone.Like angst Ethan s your main dude Seriously Kid could bottle that stuff I m sure there s a roaring trade in teenage self pity tears But he s balanced out so nicely with Kenzie who would, by herself, be kind of a meh character I might have found them both insufferably frustrating except they seemed to bring out the best in each other So if teenage hot boy angst is your thing hit this one up It has it in spades.Other than that you have all your old friends back Meghan, Ash, Grimalkin, Puck et all and then you have some newer ones and then you have a pretty decent and solid mystery action story going on.Julie Kagawa s come along way since the first novel of hers that I read, The Iron King I didn t get bored, kept eye rolling to a minimum and largely enjoyed the narrative.There s one young man in the book though, I won t mention who he is But I will say this Son SON Don t go breaking our hearts, m kay You ve reduced me to quoting Elton John here It doesn t get serious than this.So, over all summation is that I want to hunt down the Iron Fey series and read that Then I want to hunt down the novellas and read them Then I want to start badgering the Harlequin Teen s publicist to put me on the list for the next one I d say that s a ringing endorsement Wouldn t you

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    The words mildly entertaining come to mind This is a fun and quick read, but I think I liked Meghan s original story way .

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    Check out my blogs for reviews and book stuff t wait Edit Omg Omg the title is Iron prince meaning little Ethan is going to be an Iron prince soooo cute 3Edit Name changed from Iron Prince to Lost prince.Omg is that Ethan on the cover how did he get so big dreamy Edit just finished it and OMG what a book i don t think i will survive another book Ash, Puck,Ethan and Keirran sooo much hottnes in one book i think i will melt

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    Actual rating 4.5 stars Show of hands How many of you were worried about Kagawa returning to the Nevernever with a spin off of an already successful series raises hand I mean, let s think about this for a minute The Iron Knight concluded and it seemed everything was happy happy, joy joy, right But then there were whisperings in the wind of a spin off and I found myself saying, What NOOO NO, Julie I forbid it Ya hear At the time the saying Don t beat a dead horse was running through my head and I was so nervous about this new endeavor If I m being honest here, spin offs usually suck big time But just like in the case of The Immortal Rules, Julie Kagawa has put me in my place saying, I got this, YO And boy, did she ever The Lost Prince is everything I could want and With fresh new characters, cameo appearances and a new evil threatening the Nevernever, how could anyone resist Before I begin, I need to get something out of my system.PUCK I LOVE YOU clears throat What Don t judge me Remember the little boy from The Iron King Meghan s little brother Did you ever wonder what happened to him and his family once Meghan had gone off for good with her Ice Prince to rule in the Nevernever as a Queen of Faery That s just what The Lost Prince does And let me tell you, Ethan Chase is not what I expected The years of being tormented by the fey and losing his sister to their world has made him a very bitter and angry person Honestly, I don t blame the guy He has to constantly look over his shoulder, attempt to pretend They don t exist so as not to draw attention to himself, push people away so they don t catch the eyes of The Good Neighbors It s a lot of responsibilities for anyone, let alone a teen boy and yes, he actually sounds like a teen boy But this is what he has had to endure all his life hopping from school to school due to bad behavior Unfortunately for Ethan, the fey just can t seem to stay away from him and he ends up on a quest to save the Nevernever.The plot was brilliantly done The characters were brilliant This book was insert any positive adjective hereThe Iron Knight correctly But even as someone who has followed this series very closely, I have to admit, I have no idea what direction it could possibly go.The one thing I was worried about most with this spin off would be comparing the old characters to the new characters I LOVED the trio in the original series Meghan, Ash and Puck were the perfect blend of romantic tension, banter and comic relief And they all do make cameo appearances Did I mention how much I love Puck , but this isn t their story It s Ethan, Kenzie and Kierran s I really think fans will really enjoy the new trio and it seems like Kagawa has us in for a world of hurt with them too I mean, I bawled by eyes out so hard with The Iron Queen Whenever I go back to read that last scene I fall to pieces But it feels like that could come a lot sooner with The Call of the Forgotten MY EMOTIONS Kagawa, stop being so awesome all the time Wait DontStopAnd you know what Even if you haven t read The Iron Fey which you d better go do if you haven t gives dagger eyes you could still follow along easily to this story For those who have been waiting for a certain Cait Sith no relation to the cat pictured above, of course to guide you back through the Nevernever, this will merely feel like a continuation from the original series And you noobs There are a few rules you must familiarize yourself with Never make a contract with Them Show no fear when dealing with the Fair Folk Don t draw attention to yourself And as Grim would say, Do try and keep up Welcome to Faery.ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley Thank you Want to win an ARC of The Lost Prince Head on over to Cuddlebuggery Book Blog for a giveaway and other fantastical things OMG, guys This is on NetGalley

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    I have just finished reading Ash and Meghan s story and fell deeply in love with these characters, all of them The Iron Knight had me in tears, especially the last paragraph, I don t know if it was because it was goodbye, knowing I won t be captured any by these characters and their quests, but it left me with a hole in my heart, a void that needs to be filled, but when I saw she was coming out with a spin off my heart beat a million times faster can not wait for this series to come out Hello all, I have finally read this and it did not disappoint at all I loved hear from Ethan, though his story was sad, dark and very depressing, but hey I guess that s the other half The story after someone is taken, how their lives change so dramatically and how they have to pick up the pieces Now keep a very open mind, this is nothing like the other books, this is Ethan s story, you will see some very familiar characters here and there, but this book offers new ones in the place of old I was happy to see those oh so familiar names jump out in my page, but I felt there place was in the shadows, where it should be, and hopefully they will remain I don t mind if they make guest appearances here and there, but I want the focus to be mainly on these new ones The last books gave me the feeling of being pulled into som place magical and wonderful Where as this book, I see it for what it is to be a human, scary, uninviting and real Julie kagawa did a wonderful job and I can t wait for this new series to take shape