If It Hadn't Been for Yoon Jun MOBI î It Hadn't Been

Adopted as a baby 12 year old Alice Larsen is of Korean heritage but feels 100% American Then Yoon Jun a Korean immigrant moves to her small Minnesota town and Alice's parents start pressuring her to make friends with the strange new boy as a way to get in touch with her heritage Alice resists what would her friends think? Anyway she's American But when she and Yoon Jun are assigned to work together on a school project she learns about KoreaIand about doing the right thing

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    This had the prayer my mom's family used to say verbatim and they were from Minnesota Crazy

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    This 1980s gem was was very well written and dealt with tough topics particularly for its time It dealt with trans racial adoption racism towards Asian Americans immigration Native American poverty and the white savior complex I was really impressed with it Though there were some difficult moments of bias and stereotyping in the beginning of the book I think that Marie G Lee did a good job of confronting them and showing the main character's journey as a trans racial adoptee I really wish that this book was still in print because I think it would be great for middle schoolers to read about such important issues in a really relatable way