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In This Frighteningly Addictive Paranormal Romance Saga There S A War Raging Between Vampires And Their Slayers Here Are The Stories Of A Secret Band Of Brothers Like No Other Six Vampire Warriors, Defenders Of Their Race And Now A Dutiful Twin Must Choose Between Two Lives Fiercely Loyal To The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury Has Sacrificed Himself For The Good Of The Race, Becoming The Male Responsible For Keeping The Brotherhood S Bloodlines Alive As Primale Of The Chosen, He Is Obligated To Father The Sons And Daughters Who Will Ensure That The Traditions Of The Race Survive, And That There Are Warriors To Fight Those Who Want All Vampires Extinguished As His First Mate, The Chosen Cormia Wants To Win Not Only His Body, But His Heart For Herself She Is Drawn To The Noble Responsibility Behind The Emotionally Scarred Male But Phury Has Never Allowed Himself To Know Pleasure Or Joy As The War With The Lessening Society Grows Grim, Tragedy Looms Over The Brotherhood S Mansion, And Phury Must Decide Between Duty And Love

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    2.5 Really don t care for Phury Stars SpoilersFirst read 2014Reread 4 1 2017Oh God where do I start with the hot mess that is Phury This book is the one I like the least of all the books in this series and that s because I really don t care for Phury Let me just say that I like Cormia but I don t really understand how she and Phury fell in love He totally ignored her for like 6 months When did they spend enough time together to fall in love Phury is a total drug addict for 85% of the book He spends almost the whole book doing drugs, buying drugs, and talking to an imaginary voice in his head that he called the wizard And us readers had to deal with The wizards constant stupid, boring ass chatter for like 90% of the book Was J.R Ward watching the Flintstones when she wrote this book because the wizard was just like the great gazoo and drove me bat shit crazy Phury was so annoying to me He was always playing the victim, feeling sorry for himself and whining about how bad, his life was, how much he failed everyone, but instead of getting off his stupid ass and doing something about it he just got high Z said it best when he told him For fuck s sake, get off the cross Someone else needs the wood Cormia was likable but not real deep as a chosen she doesn t really have any personality It was cute when she would learn something new since she was kinda like a newborn with no knowledge of the world around her But it was sad that everything she would newly discover she did it with John Matthew because she was completely abandoned by Phury He was getting high while she was going outside for the first time, running in grass for the first time, watching tv, a movie, eating MMs, etc Which just made me dislike Phury He should have been there I feel like Phury and Cormia didn t really have a relationship And what little bit of one they started to have Phury ruined by casting her aside as first mate and trying to take another I don t care that he didn t end up sleeping with anyone but Cormia He hurt her and rejected her and it pissed me off Yes he does redeem himself a little at the end but it was just too late for me I was glad the chosen were freed and with them V s twin sister I also really loved all the parts with John Matthew and Xhex They have such strong chemistry I also melted when Blay and Qhuinn had their first kiss Little Nalla was born at the end of this book and I love Z as a father I love Z period Overall it was an okay read but all the stars are for everyone but Phury If I was rating this book on Phury and Cormia alone I would have gave this book 1 stars Thank God there was other story lines going on that saved this book for me Below I leave my favorite quote from the bookI want to fuck you, he mouthed, not caring that he was making a fool out of himself Do you Clearly, she read lips Either that or cocks, because God knew his had its hand raised and waving in his jeans Yeah, I do Lot of women in this club Only one you I think you d be better off with them And I think you d be better off with me John Matthew and Xhex

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    I was so excited when Phury s book came out He was the only man I liked in Black Dagger Brotherhood I thought he was different in a lot of ways from the other guys Stronger and reliable My type of hero I bought the book and planned to love Lover Enshrined and Phury even Boy, was I wrong How many times did we had to see how tormented this guy was How many times did we had to know that he had emotional issues that go way back to the century he was born in How many times did he had to go into a pity fest about himself How many characters can I hate from this book Answer TOO MANY TIMES AND I HATED ALL OF EM I have a horrible past so feel free to pity me and tell me how many times I screwed up as I smoke this joint Kick me in the ass while you re at it too I d appreciate that Thanks PhuryYeah, I like to kick you a million times Phury and believe me, it wouldn t be out of love I understand that it s not Phury s fault I disliked him so much in his own book I blame the author Ward took a perfectly good man and turns him into an emo, self destructive, pot head machine that had no personality or characteristics I could come to like.How about the heroine Well, let me see WHAT HEROINE Cormia the Chosen one wasn t even worth being a heroine or even be call a main character I mean what the hell What kind of heroine was she in this freaking book We knew nothing about her except she s the one to bear Phury s baby, has no backbone, and um..hell, we know about the drugs Phury used than Cormia and that is sad I liked her from what I read in the other book but in her own book Ward made her seem like she was a back up character No personality, no dreams, no power, no dialog, no nothing She could had been a cardboard who could talk and still wouldn t be interesting Lover Enshrined should had been called Guess How Many Plotlines I Can Stick Into This Book I couldn t follow any of the plotlines at all I gave up by the end of the third chapter The only plotline I was interested in was Phury and Cormia s love story if you can call it one and even that wasn t enough to keep me drawn in It was rushed and by the time you finish it or try to finish it you wonder if maybe you missed something along the way Maybe you missed the TWENTY chapters of how Phury and Cormia fell in love Maybe you missed HOW Phury kicked the Brotherhoods ass and moved on with his life Maybe you missed Cormia STANDING UP for herself Maybe you missed out on WHO the hell the real villians were Maybe you missed Cormia ACTUALLY being a useful character Maybe you missed Phury acting like a TRUE hero that he was supposed to be No wait You didn t miss any of that because THEY NEVER HAPPENED.Skip this book It s a mess and it s proud to drag you along through the stupidity and confusion if you allowed it to.

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    You tell the others I was not worthy of her As the Directrix s mouth fell open, he pointed his finger at her That s a goddamned order You tell them she is too good for me I want her elevated to a special rank I want her fucking enshrined, do you understand me You do right by her or I ll bust this place into ruins I have to say that these 4 stars go to the BDB world and stories revolving around all the other characters I enjoyed the book even though I wasn t thrilled with the MCs, and in this case, YAY for J.R Ward and her inserting as many characters as possible in her books D The storyAfter accepting the role as Primale of the vampire race, Phury brings Cormia, his First Mate to the BDB mansion, without consummating the union, which means he still hasn t accepted all the other forty Chosen waiting for him to impregnate them Yep I just said that ahahahhah D He is still in love with Bella, and is easing his suffering with red smoke and drugs, which is getting worse by the day.His drug addiction is making him think of nothing else but his next fix, and his obligations as Primale and one of the Brothers are in second place.His other favorite pass time is torturing lessers, and the Brothers are worried about him, which makes Wrath take drastic measures to force Phury to wake up and see where his life is heading.Cormia has adapted to her new life with the Brotherhood, even though she wants the closeness Phury isn t giving her She s in love with him, but knows he still loves Bella.Torn between wanting him for herself, and her duty to all the Chosen, she will have to make a decision, fight for Phury or return to the Scribe Virgin and let another take her place.The story Well, the MCs don t really have that big of a role here If those two were in the book, I d probably hate it.On the other hand, if the author made the characters a bit different without the damned Wizard , and they had time in the book, I might have loved it Who knows, but as it is, I was most looking forward to reading absolutely everyone else in the book There really isn t a big storyline here, mostly Phury dealing with the drug thing, his inner battles, and the other characters dealing with a shift in the Lesser Society, a new bad guy gasp The bad guys Lessers Again yawn Those morons get on my nerves like crazy I really can t stand them.Lash OMG The most irritating character ever to be created EVER I want to kill him Then revive him Then torture him a bit Then kill him Then do it all over again OMG rant over The characters Well first, there is Rhevenge He has a big role here well cause his book is next We get to see exactly what is the deal with his blackmailer, and it s some twisted sh t I tell you Terrible, I hate it all I mean I love Rhev, but all that s going on Jeez Very disturbing.Tohrment finally Won t go any into detail so I don t spoil it for you Lassiter new character I love that guy LOVE , and I somehow totally forgot that he knows everyone already D John Xhex D In my first read of the series I didn t really care one way or another about both of them, but now DDD I can t wait to get to their book Next time say my name ahahahhahaha Love it Qhuinn Blaylock after the attack in the bathroom shock , everything changes between the three friends, and we find out about each of them, the family background and stuff And finally, FINALLY we get a few scenes with B Q 3 Highlight of the book The feel of the book Somehow, this feels like a transition book for me It has huge parts in it just for the characters for the following books, their storylines have started here already, and the new grand bad guy is made here too, plus there are loads of other characters introducedSo yeah, this is like a filler book, stuffed with loads of characters but without anything major happening.Maybe it s just me I don t know It was hard to know what was worse him being with her and all her sisters, or him being with none of them because his heart was held by another Cormia is one of the Chosen, she is to be the Primale s First Mate, well, when he gets around to having sex with her.She hasn t known anything beyond the Sanctuary, and it takes her a while to adapt to her new life.She is in love with Phury, even though he s still in love with Bella.Eventually they start getting closer, but Phury just makes decisions that drive them apart He thought of her brushing out his hair, and realized with a shock that she had actually managed to calm him in those moments and not just through the strokes of the brush, either Her very presence eased him, from her jasmine scent, to the way she moved so fluidly, to the soft sound of her voice Well, Cormia was OK, definitely the better half of the couple DI liked her, but didn t love her She had potential, but not enough page time, and definitely not a good combo with Phury s character being whacked.Oh well There were a few good scenes with her when she went exploring, and watching Dirty Dancing with John D That was funny Phury stepped up close to her Her body was roaring with so much heat, he could feel it against his own skin, and her jasmine scent was as thick as his blood.He flashed her his fangs and hissed like a cat We re going to my room But I have no reason to go to your bedroom Yes You do Phury is now a Primale and is obligated to revive the vampire race.He took the job to save his friend, but didn t really TAKE the job, he doesn t want to do it, and is dragging it all along, pushing it back so he doesn t have to think about it.He brought Cormia to the Mansion, but doesn t intend to sleep with her and seal the deal that way He s ignoring Wrath and direct orders, he s doing drugs and butchering lessers like a maniac.He has a voice inside his head The Wizard who is basically a big suicide mission waiting to happen.It takes a whole lot of sh t to happen for him to pull his head out of his a pardon my expression Okay Fine Whatever she wanted Hell, at this point, she could have told his heart not to beat, and the thing would have complied with the order quite cheerfully She had become his control tower, his body s master, and anything she told him to do or say or get for her, he would No questions asked No care of the means I think I would ve really liked Phury if it wasn t for the Wizard Honestly, I don t remember ever hating an imaginary character so much No, actually it isn t hate, it s just irritation It went so much that Phury started to get on my nerves too, along with the damn Wizard Such a shame His relationship with Cormia was weird too, at one point he s madly in love with Bella, but a few days later he realises he s bonding with Cormia Based on what It s not like they spent any time together, there were one or two almost sex scenes and that s it I know most books here have that insta love thing, but usually it s believable Or maybe it s just me again I don t know, but I wish they got page time with a REAL story and a REAL romance falling in love thing.Through most of the book, Phury felt sorry for himself, and doing drugs Well that one sentence could just describe him totally as a character BUT I am very happy with how it all turned out, him being a Primale, and that decision at the end regarding it all Very, very great, a big applause for him My favorite quotes from other characters No this couldn t be the Fade The aches and pains in his body and the screaming in his head were too much like what he felt on Earth.Except, what about the sun He was bathed in its warm glow, and yet he breathed.Man, if all that vampire no daylight shit was a lie, the race was an idiot as a whole What is wrong with you, he whispered, that you care so much about me Blay s sad smile added about a million years to his age, lining his face with the kind of knowledge that came only after life kicked you in the nuts a number of times What is wrong with you that you can t see why I would One thing, though, Qhuinn murmured What The voice that came out of his throat was unlike anything he d ever heard from himself before If any guy breaks your heart or treats you like shit, I will bust him apart with my bare hands and leave his broken, bloody body for the sun They pulled apart, looked into each other s eyes and something shifted In the silence of the whole training center, in the vast privacy of the moment, something changed Just once, Blay said softly Do it just once So I ll know what it s like Getting him out didn t save him Zsadist s eyes drifted over That s the point, Phury There isn t any saving him There isn t any saving me I know that s what you keep waiting for, living for But it s never going to happen Look I can t thank you, because as much as I love Bella and my life and where I am now, I still go back there I can t help it I still live it every day After a moment, Wrath turned to John This is Lassiter, the fallen angel One of the last times he was on earth, there was a plague in central Europe Okay, that was so not my fault that wiped out two thirds of the human population I d like to remind you that you don t like humans They smell bad when they re dead All you mortal types do The glowing man laughed Well, if it isn t good King Wrath and his band of merry merry happy happy I swear you boys should do kiddie shows, you re so fucking cheery Great, Rhage muttered, his sense of humor s still intact Vishous exhaled Maybe I can try to beat it out of him Use his own arm to do it, if you can Wrath glared at the two of them, who shot him back a pair of who us stares This book could ve been better, you feel me

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    I loved this book I had heard many criticisms about it not being as good as the others, and Phury not being as fleshed out I have to say that I have a real understanding of Phury now His torment is very much internal and revolves around his sense of failure, his not being able to get there on time , as my mother so wisely said as we discussed the book last night at dinner He failed in helping his parents, he failed in getting his brother back faster Boy does he have a whopping case of Survivor s Guilt.I went through the whole gamut of emotions as I read this book anger, sadness, joy, rage, helplessness, you name it I was right there next to Phury every step of the way And most of all, I felt his isolation I firmly believe that he is the least understood of the brothers, and in some ways has been given less understanding I would never justify drug abuse, but pretty much all the Brothers, possibly excepting Wrath, have had some pretty destructive habits.I hurt for him when he was kicked out of the Brotherhood, but at the same time, I knew it was for the best He could not grow if he didn t leave that safety net behind And in my understanding of addiction, you cannot enable the addicted person Zsadist said some harsh things to Phury, and maybe they needed to be said, and at the same time, I am so glad that Phury confronted him on never saying thanks It needed to be said Phury has been in a vicious cycle, as my sister said He always feels the need to play the Knight in Shining Armor, yet continually goes without having his own needs met It has taken a toll on him and I believe, lead to him seeking solace in drugs These Brothers are very highly sexed individuals, so I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to spend many, many years celibate, and Phury did not have Zsadist s issues with sex to lessen his sex drive The red smoke was a coping mechanism that started to consume him But what is most telling is that when Phury gets the chance to have all the sex he wants, as the Primale, he is tormented about it, and hedges at doing his duty I interpreted this as Phury being a romantic, pure and simple Also it tied into his Savior complex issues He was just burned out, and the last thing he wanted was to be responsible for forty people, and their offspring Plus, he wanted one woman, Cormia Once again, I am utterly impressed with JR Ward s ability to tell a story This book shone from the first sentence I love how she starts the book from the Omega s perspective, showing a little of his side of things, and showing some vulnerabilities, and what seems like humanity in him It leads so well into a major shift in the storyline And what a shift it is.I read this book late compared to other reads I did that on purpose I wanted to stagger my reading of the wonderful series because I did not want to go a long time before a new installment came out Since I am very active in the romance novel fan community, I have heard many comments about this book, a lot of them less positive Another area of major complaints was with Cormia I don t understand why I adored Cormia I think she is PERFECT for Phury They are both innocents in some ways, and their coming together could be nothing but destiny I was quite annoyed that Phury wouldn t yield to this destiny, but understanding his Savior Failure complex, he felt his was not worthy of her, and would only destroy her if he gave into his love for her.Cormia was not a doormat, as has been implied She is a soft, sweet woman, with a backbone of TITANIUM This is made clear in how she steps up and is not afraid to tell off the Primale I can t blame her for being intimidated by a houseful of enormous, formidable warriors Going from a world of white and blandness to a world full of color, textures, emotions, and sensations In fact, I loved seeing her immerse herself in this world I enjoyed her innocent childlike enjoyment of simply running around on the lawn, and swimming naked, smelling roses, and watching movies for the first time If anything, I wish that Phury had spent time with her enjoying these moments Whenever Phury was off lighting up I was telling him, go play with Cormia However I did like that we got to see John Matthew interact with and be attracted to Cormia and to realize that his destiny lay in another direction as far as mates, a tough, strong woman that makes his heart beat faster That person being Xhex.It was nice to see Cormia and Bella interact and become friends Cormia picks up right away, that Phury is mooning over Bella She feels that Bella is a rival for his affections, because right away, Cormia feels possessive of Phury He is her man, and she does not want to share him with anyone, much less her Chosen sisters, or Bella But soon, she realizes that Bella is a true friend, and that Bella wants Cormia to win Phury I loved their girl bonding moments.Cormia did help Phury in ways that the other characters could not Her love and peaceful nature helped him to deal with his demons as he detoxed from two hundred years of drug abuse That was a grand moment for me I love Phury and I hated seeing him on that awful downward spiral The scene in the bathroom was one of the most painful scenes in a book I ve ever read and since we are talking about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, that s saying something It made the final triumph of Phury so much sweeter That is not to say that Phury doesn t have a hard struggle ahead, but he is not alone in it, as he soon finds out.It was painful to see Phury and Zsadist so at odds in this book, but I realize that this had to happen for their relationship to evolve and to heal I was so glad at the scene near the end where Zsadist comes and sings again for his brother, accompanied by the other Brothers I was practically crying, but also smiling at this In fact, had this not been in the book, I would have been severely disappointed And we also find out that although it seemed that Zsadist washed his hands of Phury, he never did abandon him That was also great to experience.I loved seeing Cormia and Phury interact There was chemistry and fate in their interactions, although neither really seemed to grasp it I think their relationship is one of the sweetest, most innocent in this series, and for that, it earns a special place in my heart.Now for the other character s in the book It was so great to see of the triad John Matthew, Qhuinn, and Blaylock I wish there was of Blay s viewpoint, but maybe that will be in the next few books I just love John Matthew so much I am happy that he is healing, slowly but surely Not there yet, but he s going in that direction His sense of shame for what happens to him, should not be a burden he has to bear, but I was so glad that he knows that there are people there to love and support him His heartbreak about the loss of Tohr is readily apparent And his joy at his return was sweet Qhuinn is such a complex character that we are just getting to know He is a tortured guy just as much as the other brothers I don t like his habit of picking up any person who s interested, but it makes sense in light of his self worth issues I cannot believe how callous his family was It hurts to see a male of worth treated in such a way And it shows the deep decay and rot in the society of the Glymera that a terrible person like Lash is lauded, whereas a really good, worthwhile person like Qhuinn is disparaged because he happens to have odd colored eyes Come on now His relationship with Blay is so moving to me I wish I could wave a magic wand and work things out for them, but that s not meant to be Time will tell how things resolve in their case.Now onto Rhev Goodness I am fascinated and attracted to his character He is complex with a capital C I loved how Ward seemed to put Phury and Rhev forward as contrasts to each other The interesting thing is that they are like different sides of the same coin The interesting thing is that Rhev is the dark knight, whereas Phury is the white knight, yet in some ways Phury might be tarnished I don t like that Rhev is a drug dealer and pimp Basically he is a smooth criminal But he is also a really good person with valid motivations This book only made my appetite for him grow There are so many questions about him I want answers to I can t wait to see him find his shellan to love him His loneliness is heartbreaking, although he does have his good friend Xhex But even with Xhex, he has to maintain a distance that leaves him in the solitary wasteland of his own inner sorrow.Xhex has just a small part in this book, but it makes me hunger for She is a really cool, interesting character I am dying to see her and John Matthew get together They are made for each other, although one might shake her or his head at the thought of it The bathroom scene with them was short, but WOW Chemistry Other great moments Qhuinn finding his place in the world of the Brothers That was so cool Go Wrath Also loved the advent of the oh so intriguing Lassiter I can t say the evolution of Lash was a great moment, but it made for good reading.I feel I could write ten pages about this book, but I won t belabor the point I love this book My life has been enriched in the reading of it And although not all the moments I experienced in the reading were fun, I have no regrets in following these characters on their dark journey, with the hope of light at the end of the tunnel In fact, it was some of the most enjoyable hours I ve spent in the past several days.

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    What is it about JR WARD s BDB Series that the times I read the books, the I love them.I loved Phury Cormia s story if that s at all possible.after my 4th read I think that Phury is probably one of the most underrated brothersthere s so much to him than just being Z s twin I am even beginning to feel for the Scribe Virginyes I amher perfect world is just fading away..leaving her lonely and so alone AND I JUST KEEP WANTING TO READ THIS SERIES OVER AND OVER AGAIN IT S2nd ReviewAfter rereading this book I still find it the one I like the leastPhury is just not as interesting as he was in previous books and Cormia kinda fades into the background.perhaps if there had been about their relationship in this book I may have had a different opinion about them There are so many sub plots and head reeled.who, whatwhere Of course I devoured each word on Qhuinn.I just adore this guy.I wish he could be mine.he s hot hot hot.I am trying to read slowly..make the next two books last longerknow what I mean Qhuinnyou rock baby 1st ReviewI only discovered JR WARD s books early this year and had no idea what this series was about but I found some of her books on a special price section of my local bookstore and finding the covers and titles quite different and interesting I thought Why not So I bought the first 4 books in the series.I became totally addicted I couldn t stop soon as I finished the one I began on the next and before I got to the 4th book I had bought the entire series.What fascinates me about her books is that each one has different plot lines, different POV S, sub plots and there are secondary characters that we meet and continue to grow so one has a sense of getting to know a little bit about them and kept in suspense of WHAT S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT This book is the 6th book in the series and it s not really one of my favorites..I am not saying I didn t like it it s just that It s Phury and Cormia s story but it does not focus that much on them There is so much happening with other characters that you kind of lose track of their story Phury is very different to the brothers in the previous books He s an angst ridden, artistic, guilt ridden by being secretly in love with Zsadist s his twin brother shellan, Bella, He has spent his life hundreds of years making sacrifices for others even giving up one of his legs and celibacy to save Zsadist from slavery and torture His struggles with his addiction to red smoke and then onto to heroin which nearly kills him. He s so out of control that Wrath kicks him out of the Brotherhood.which I thought was pretty grim even his own brother turned against him.Being the person he is self sacrificing always putting others before himself doing everything for others safety, even the cost to his life, he volunteers to take Vishous place as Primale to the Chosen so that V can stay with Jane Phury will now have to mate with one of the Chosen to continue the pure line of the next generation of the Chosen and the Brotherhood His first duty is to mate with Cormia, one of the Chosen who we met in Lover Unbound, who is sweet and gentle and falls in love with him despite his problems she, sees the other side how noble and great person he is But despite knowing he s in love with Bella, she wants his love and body for herself and no one else, not even to share with the other Chosen.Phury soon realizes that he wants only Cormia but can he forsake his duty as a Primale Their journey takes quite a turn and Phury finally finds a purpose in his life and a solution to the problem with the Chose absolutely amazing I really admired his courage in not giving up on something he believed was right and moral He finally finds joy and peace in his life with the woman he loves at his side The sensuality between them is pure and hot the real hot scenes happen between the secondary characters I would have loved to see a bit romance in the story.Lots of side plots going on in this book I really liked the part where we meet the new brothers..John Mathews who goes through his transition, Qhuinn love this brother hot hot.and Blay..a bit bland Just love these sexy, gorgeous leather, designer labels, the wish I could meet one of them It s another world out there.exciting, dangerous, dark and oh so cool I couldn t wait to read about them in the next books I just know we will get to know them really well.Then there s Bella s brother Rhev, a sinful looking sympathy, dealer of drugs who owns a nightclub and wears a long sable coat..he s a dark and interesting character.The lesser are back with a bang.lots of action, fights a new leader called X and Lash what a depraved guy There s bound to be about him in the next books.And Xhex, the who works at Rhev s club wow what a woman I actually believed that she was a gay woman.why I am not sure just she is so strong, remote, complex and shows no interest in the men around her.I loved her character.sure she will appear in her own book soon..I liked this book much the second time I read it I felt a bit connected to Phury and Cormia s HEA than the first time I read itWhat I love about this series is the great, strong dialogue and the way the writer makes me feel that I am actually there I can see the white colors in the Fade, feel the softness of that sable coat .you can see, smell, taste, feel and hear everything in her books.I am so crazy for this series that I read each book over and over again and find them just as exciting as the first time I read them.

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    5 SELF CONFESSED ADDICT STARS.Yes, JR Ward has most certainly won me over, again Welcome to book six Lover Enshrined , if like me you can t get enough of the brotherhood your in for a real treat.The brotherhood If you want a flowery romance series full of sunshine and lollipops with straight laced characters and a straight forward perfectly happily ever after, then I doubt the brotherhood will be for you BUT if you want a series about a band of brothers, who are fighting for the survival of their beloved race of vampires, with gritty, captivating story lines that are filled with love entangled up in their epic trials of life then sign up immediately These brothers will make you wish you had a vampire to make his claim on you and call you MINE Lover enshrined Unlike some of the former books in the series Lover enshrined is less love and romance and about the struggles of one of the brothers Phury, his life is wrapped up in a struggle with drug addiction and what can only be described as drug induced psychosis Where this book lacked epic love it than made up for with content Vulnerability and strength shines through to bring our brother the ending we all craved for our beautiful hero.Phury is a loyal member of the Brotherhood, in the previous book we see our hero giving himself up as the species primale a job given to keep the race thriving, his first chosen mate Cormia is impossibly beautiful and has lived her whole life in service to the brotherhood Love soon starts to win over their hearts, but can the two move past chosen obligations and all that is against them to find their perfect ending This story captivates the journey of Phury and Cormia and I loved the connection between the two My book thoughts I m not entirely convinced this author can do wrong in my eyes The story telling completely captivated me and unlike other series I ve read, there s not a moment of boredom for me.There s never a dull moment with this series the author cleverly keeps all the characters interesting and included as part of the journey.I won t be able to sum up what the story is about other than to tell you what you can expect More excitement, pages full of drama, plenty of the Brotherhood action, shock reveals, new characters, chapters full of writing that is flawless, drool worthy love scenes, content that will have you begging for of the other characters I could go on and on Lover Enshrined apart from entertaining my reading fixation has done nothing but feed my addiction for all things brotherhood, and I m nothing short of desperate to learn and read about rehvenge, John Matthew, Qhinn, Blay and Lassiter Long live my love for all things BDB.Never going to have enough of the Brotherhood 5 BDB FOREVER STARS I love you forever didn t always need to be spoken to be understood You tell the others I was not worthy of her As the Directrix s mouth fell open, he pointed a finger at her That s a goddamned order You tell themshe is too good for me I want her elevated to a special rank I want her fucking enshrined, do you understand me You do right by her or I ll bust this place into ruins Look, you didn t fail me Because you can t fail at the impossible Zsadist to Phury Blay was the closest thing to an angel Qhuinn had ever come near Last words from me I.LOVED.EVERY.PAGE

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    I love you forever didn t always need to be spoken to be understood Phury and Zsadist are twins Since Z was rescured and healed by his beloved Bella, Phury had tried to help him get past his nightmare and become a man that deserving a woman But it was not that easy when Phury has feelings for Bella, from the last book, he cared for her too much and what happened in Lover Awakened doomed his life irrevocably He chose to become the Primale of the Chosen Among the problems with shame was that it in fact did not make you shorter or quieter or less visible You just felt like you were I pitied him so much for his own choice He had never expected that he would deserve happiness as much as Zsadist So Lover Enshrined worked so hard to pass my expection, as I thought it was very hard that I would enjoy this book like Z s, and proved that Phury was an prominent character no less than his brother.J.R Ward did her job very well this time Her writing style and narration save this book after all Even though I didn t like Phury s story as much as Z s, still the book was excellent in its own way with the unique style that kept me attached to it until the end My heart also broke for him than I could count I loved him Comia isn t a impressive heroine for me She s so shy and humble Her character bored me sometimes.Thai review

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    I did not care for this book at all I thought it had too many plots, scene interruptions and not enough romance I was very disappointed in Phury s character FIVE months and he all but ignored Cormia, then assigned John Mathews to show her around Did not think Phury s way or style of killing lessers should have been grounds for kicking him out of the Brotherhood It wasn t just the drug problem because he d had that for several hundred years The icing on the cake was his torturing the lessers coupled with his carelessness Yes, he was a hazard to have watching your back, but he did his killings alone Phury s reasons for being a drug addict and vow of celibacy didn t tally up for me He was whining about his childhood, when it wasn t that bad, certainly not enough to warrant several hundred years of drugs, celibacy, and guilt I did not care for his internal wizard or his drug addiction and felt the Brother s should have undertaken prevention long ago He was known as a liar and they believed he would be the Primale They knew he was prone to dishonesty and they knew he was celibate For me, Wrath really lacked in leadership in the past couple of books He should have been aware what was going on in Quinn s life and how he was being treated by his family He should be aware of what the Brother s are doing as well.As for Quinn s story, I fail to see how the race can be so desperate for young and treat one as an outcast because he has two different colored eyes No wonder they are faced with possible extinction Between the asinine rules on The Other Side and Glymera coupled with lessers killing them, their ability to remain a solvent race is slim Toss in the added Brother s are practically falling apart and what a mess.I did not care for all the details on Quinn, John Mathew, Blay Their coming of age scenes and internal drama s were too much for me I didn t need to know about their bodies baser urges to such detail and frequency I got it the first time Talk about throwing a wrench in the mess Blay I did not care for Rhevenge or Xhex s stories My WTF meter was at its maximum toleration level when their tales unfurled eyes rolling For me, the ending was the best part, but because there was very little interaction between Phury and Cormia, just didn t add up to a great I love you Finally, there were a lot of mundane details throughout the book that I thought dragged the story lineS down I got the impression this book was rushed and not as well edited as past books I realize all the Brother s have now had their turn at the wheel and this one allowed for the story line to continue albeit in a slightly sci fi urban fantasy genre and not necessarily romance.

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    I m going to have to go with a 4 4.5 Stars for this one There were a lot of things I really liked, but I guess following Vishous book was too tough of an act to follow Phury is Zsadist s twin He is the calm, cool brother Always willing to sacrifice himself to help anyone out Thats whats got him in this predicament in the first place After being celibate for over 200 years can you say world s oldest virgin Phury takes V s place as the Primale This means he has to bed and impregnate roughly 40 of the Chosen It is his duty to reproduce, save the race, make some strong, worthy vampire spawn He thought he knew what he was getting into, but its been months since he took his first Chosen, Cormia, and he still hasn t sealed the deal How was he supposed to climb on top of lovely, fragile Cormia, pound into her until he came, and then hightail it to the Chosen s Sanctuary and make like Bill Paxton on Big Love What the hell had he been thinking Cormia is a Chosen That is all she has ever known Now spending all of this time on the other side, she starts to question things about herself What does she like What interests her At first she was terrified about mating with the Primale, but now that she sees his loving nature and giving soul, she wants nothing than to be with him Phury feels as though Cormia is being forced into this Even though he develops feelings for her, he wants to be with someone else She doesn t deserve him He makes that perfectly clear You tell the others I was not worthy of her Thats a goddamned order You tell them she s too good for me I want her elevated to a special rank I want her fucking enshrined, do you understand me Phury is not as cool, calm, and collected as he seems Not only has he been practically gutting lessers, but he has been smoking even The wizard is in control Phury is a straight up addict It s affecting all aspects of his life negatively, even within the brotherhood Cormia is the only good thing he has going for him And he pushes her away Once he finds his feelings are reciprocated, he tries to get out of being the Primale, but she doesn t want that There is a bigger picture than the two of them I want you to know If I m with anyone else, it s you in my heart There has to be a solutionwill these two find another way to repopulate the race and change things Can Phury get his shit together long enough to try Instead of Phury constantly being the savior, he may need to be saved from himself Cormia may just be the person for the job He finally felt like the hero he had always wanted to be A LOT goes on in this book, Phury and Cormia s story takes up a little than half, maybe The rest is a lot of Rehv, John Matthew, Qhuinn, Blay, Zsadist, Bella, Wrath, and of course small appearances by the rest of the BDB Also, we get a re appearance of view spoiler Tohr YAY hide spoiler

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    Genre Paranormal RomanceType Book 6 of Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPOV Third Person MultipleRating After volunteering to take on a new role, Phury was having a hard time adjusting and accepting that things could no longer be the same The only way he knew how to cope was a destructive measure.Cormia s first time in their world proved to be a learning experience Eager to gain knowledge and please Phury, she learned about herself along the way But thing were not easy when the future if their race hanged in balance.I love everything Phury ever did for this twin and the Brotherhood in general If you think this book would glorify that, think again Shit, all along he d tortured himself about Z s fate all along he d lived in the cold, pervasive shadow of their family s tragedy He had suffered, goddamn it he had suffered, too, and suffered still. Knowing all the noble things he did in the past and seeing him now, it was sad with how he s drowning himself in misery He was self destructive and hurting not only himself but others who cared about him as well She wanted him She was going to have him To hell with her sisters He was hers. I love Cormia s wide eyed innocence Everything was new to her and it was fun seeing her learn the new lifestyle and discovering her rebellious streaks.Lover Enshrined is a story of a couple battling with their responsibilities and their wants amidst the race s troubles As a new power emerged and with chaos in the Brotherhood, they would be looking at a hard time coming ahead I am hoping for some intense confrontations in the future Note 1 As much as I love the original Brothers, the new generations are really latching into my heart as fiercely They played huge role in this book and I m looking forward for their stories.Note 2 You d understand the significance of the ivy in the teaser if you ve read the book Standalone Books in the series Must be read in order For reviews reveals giveaways visit