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This book breaks new ground it is the first complete listing and guide to all the known reptiles of the five East African countries Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Burundi Written by expert East African herpetologists it incorporates virtually all known information on the East African reptile fauna Nearly 500 high quality color photographs illustrate most of the species involved many of which have never been illustrated in color before Keys and introductory essays are included for all orders families genera and species giving clear introductions for every group There is an individual account for each species describing its appearance habits and habitat accompanied by a map showing its known distribution within East Africa and notes indicating its Africa wide distribution as well Hence this book will be useful not only in East Africa but in the surrounding countries as well for which no reptile guides exist In addition the descriptions of dangerous snakes include a section on their venom A comprehensive appendix discusses aspects of snakebite risk and treatment in East Africa and the do's and don'ts of first aidKey FeaturesIllustrates nearly all of the c 420 species found in East AfricaContains keys and full descriptions to aid identificationContains a distribution map for every speciesProvides information on snakebite and effective first aid

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