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Wyoming 1902 Ranch foreman Charlie Welch suspects his boss's daughter has returned home with purely selfish motives she wants moneyAfter being estranged from her father for years Opal Bright hopes her homecoming will result in both reconciliation and a solution to help the orphanage she sponsors back home in OmahaWhen Charlie and Opal find themselves mixed up with a ragtag group of bandits and trapped in an abandoned gold mine they must risk everything to survive including their hearts

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    I never know what to rate short stories and novellas 1 2 stars seems fitting since it's such a short work but it gives the impression that I didn't like it 3 feels too mediocre and 4 5 feels like it's too high So take this rating as 4 stars really good novella Heart of Gold was a really fun story Everything was super improbable and the romance totally unbelievable but I uite enjoyed it anyways Opal has traveled to her father's ranch hoping to get moneygold to help with the finances of the orphanage she's working at but because of a past feud they have trouble understanding each other Her traveling escort is Charlie who works for Opal's father and is like a son to him and he and Opal are mutually attracted to each other from the beginning When Opal accidentally states out loud that she's looking for gold she attracts the undue attention of ruffians who will stop at nothing to try and get the gold A very lively adventurous story with a cute romance intertwined To be taken with a grain of slat however since half the things that happen weren't plausible Charlie wouldn't be hit by a bullet one moment and riding ventre à terre the next Nor would Opal's cat survive a whole journey shut up in a hatbox without any oxygen And Opal and Charlie wouldn't make out in a cave without a thought as to the conseuences But all in all if you're ready to accept highly improbable circumstances it was a very enjoyable short story

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    Like other reviewers have noted this is a rather sweet love story set in 1902 Wyoming A bit of a misunderstanding crossed purposes and a scary night hiding out from the bad guys The storyline is promising but not well fleshed out and wellneeds to be longer and the characters better developed Opal's a bit too much of a Mary Sue Charlie is just too busy getting the wrong impression from everything Opal says and as for the bad guys? There are better ways to tell me they're bad than to keep using scoundrels and cutthroats I picked this up free on Kindle but I'd have been a bit upset if it had come out of pocket Not a bad book by any stretch but there just isn't enough substance here for me to rate it higher

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    Rating 255 The pain of being sent away by her father to live with an aunt as a child still runs deep for Opal Now a young woman she finds comfort in helping out at an orphanage However the doors to the struggling orphanage may close for good due to lack of funds so Opal takes it upon herself to get the money needed She travels from Omaha to her father’s secluded ranch in Wyoming expecting gold Set in 1902 this novella also follows the point of view of Charlie a ranch hand who is enlisted by his boss Opal’s father to make sure she stays with them Danger and romance ensues A few points of interest I found in Heart of Gold was in the time period and Opal’s personality I love to read about the early 1900’s especially when it involves places I’m not familiar with such as this setting of Wyoming As for Opal’s personality I was pleasantly surprised to find a female protagonist that was strong willed and feisty not flighty and fragile Unfortunately she came across as uite snobby at first but I believe that was due in part to lack of knowledge about the character Another bonus was that fact that Charlie was a cowboy Need I say ? The first chapters in this novella were so fast paced I felt that it was a bit rushed In the end we do learn about Opal and Charlie’s past but it wasn’t enough for my liking Perhaps it could have benefited from being just a tad bit longer just to fill in some holes and give a better character development I found it to be a decent past time but not exactly memorable for me In fact I had to go back over parts just to write up this review Although it didn’t resonate with me I would recommend this book to people who enjoy fast paced romantic westerns I would consider reading from author Lacy Williams but hopefully in a full length novel and not another short story For of my reviews visit my blog

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    35 stars A sweet uick read There's danger romance and a good story It was a pretty simple story but that's not a bad thing in this case as I still enjoyed it

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    This cute little western kept my interest throughout and was a uick read that contained action romance and a big heart

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    Opal Bright comes to see her father for the first time since she turned six and was sent to live with her aunt in Omaha She seen that gold was found and needed money to keep an orphanage open Ends up there was no goldCharlie is the foreman on the ranch and Opal sees where her dad treats him like a son Both Opal and Frank are too stubborn to sit and talk things outWhen Charlie picked her up at the train station Opal announced loudly that she came for the gold which immediately brought three scruffy guys chasing them for the gold Charlie has promised to protect Opal for Frank but the closeness is making him wish for something lastingJust a short story but sweet I am looking forward to reading her full size historical novel Marrying Miss Marshalhttpwwwsrefnbsbnos

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    It was a cute short story with a slight sense of adventure The story dances around a bit of romance between Charlie a cowboy who works as a close partner and rancher to Frank and Opal Opal is now a woman on a mission to visit her father as a last resort to help save her heartfelt desire of saving the children at the Orphanage back in Omaha When she visits her father who sent her away to her aunt at such a young age she can't help but still feel the resentment and abandonment all those years ago Along the way she meets her father's partner at the ranch Charlie who has a Heart of Gold Their romance is not evident in the beginning but hidden love and desire is definitely within themselves which eventually blossoms towards the end Like I said it was a cute short story A nice light read to pass the time or read before bed Plus it was a freebie for the Kindle so why not?

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    This is a delightful romance with a bit of danger thrown in Charlie and Opal have no intention of falling in love but their misadventures bring them together in tempting waysI thoroughly enjoyed this short book and though I don't usually read romances I highly recommend it

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    Just a short story but I really this book The characters were uite engaging and I would have enjoyed staying with them for a full length novel

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    Lacy Williams is another great Author I really love her books She is an exceptional storyteller Heart of Gold is a wonderful book It was a joy to read For a Novella I thought it was extremely well written A lot of times novellas seem like a jumping off book to the whole series Usually there are cliffhangers; but not this one I didn't have the feel that I was reading a novella At no time did I feel that the storyline was being rushed even as the story drew to a close Like all of the other books of hers that I have read it was a clean readThe main characters in the book are Charlie Welch a ranch foreman who his boss Frank Bright sees as like a son and Opal Bright his daughter He had sent his daughter to live with her Aunt Jennie in Omaha not long after the death of his wife Opal never had understood how her Father could send her away And suddenly now he wants her back with him at the ranchWhile living with her Aunt she had become involved with an orphanage and had come to love and care about the children of that orphanage She had agreed to come back to the ranch in hopes of securing money for the children and orphanage If that didn't workout she planned to marry a rich man back in Omaha who agreed to let her provide for the orphanage A man she didn't love so therefore was hoping for a different solutionWhile at home Opal falls in love with Charlie Welch the ranch foreman And a solution for the orphanage is foundLoved it