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com Storm California Legacy A violent storm sweeps through California taking on a life of her own Making her way from the Pacific Coast she gains momentum as she approaches the Sierra and transforms into a blizzard of great strength covering mountain ranges and roads with twenty feet of snow Originally published in Storm is a rare combination of fiction and science by a master storyteller drawing upon a Storm California Legacy by Stewart Storm California Legacy by Stewart George Rippey; Callenbach Ernest avg rating • ratings by GoodReads Publisher Great Valley Books Edition Softcover Language English Prices INCLUDE standard shipping to United States Show prices without shipping Change shipping destinationcurrency Shipping prices may be approximate Please verify cost before checkout About the com Customer reviews Storm California This is my favorite piece that involves history california Sierra winter climate and most of all some deep inspection on what can evolve in a big winter storm which California is experience an excellent water season in If you are into California history geography meteorology and winter weather in general You will be fascinated by this beautifully written account Storm California Legacy by George Rippey A violent storm sweeps through California taking on a life of her own Making her way from the Pacific Coast she gains momentum as she approaches the Sierra and transforms into a blizzard of great strength covering mountain ranges and roads with twenty feet of snow Originally published in Storm Editions of Storm by George R Stewart Editions for Storm Paperback published in Hardcover published in Hardcover published in Hardcover publish Storm California Legacy de Stewart Storm California Legacy | Stewart George Rippey Callenbach Ernest | ISBN | Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Storm California Legacy es George Storm California Legacy Ingls Tapa blanda – ene de George Rippey Stewart Autor Ernest Callenbach Intrprete de estrellas valoraciones Ver los formatos y ediciones Ocultar otros formatos y ediciones Precio Nuevo desde Usado desde Tapa dura Storm by George R Stewart Goodreads A tautly written and gripping story of one winter storm system that over days brings heavy rain and snow to Northern California It's a powerful storm but not unusual for a California winter but Mr Stewart tells an epic story of the many lives the storm will affect and in a few cases cut short across the state It will bring floods road hazards mountain blizzards utility failures epic struggles to keep the highway | Storm California Legacy | Stewart 配送商品ならStorm California Legacyが通常配送無料。更にならポイント還元本が多数。Stewart George R Callenbach Ernest作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。 California Obituaries | Legacycom Browse the most recent California obituaries and condolences Celebrate and remember the lives we have lost in California Legacy Reserves About Legacy Reserves Inc is an independent energy company engaged in the development production and 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    One of my favorite books of all time This book is directly responsible for my interest in meteorology I've read it at least 10 times in my life and it never gets old Particularly interesting is the sub plot conflict between the old meteorologist's use of intuition and direct observation versus the young meteorologist's use of tools math and newfangled theories which of course would nowadays be considered obsolete as well Many different stories combine to create one giant narrative of a couple weeks in the life of a Pacific storm

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    I was looking into the history of naming hurricanes and stumbled on this The New York Times reviewed it as “phenomenal” although I think the author was having a bit of pun since a storm is a meteorological phenomena Still it was a very positive review You can look at the original review from November 20th 1941 which was just about two weeks before Pearl Harbor Here is an even enthusiastic amateur review Oddly the tradition is to name tropical storms and hurricanes not extratropical storms such as the one in this bookOf special note an unnamed junior meteorologist names the titular mega storm Maria In a 1947 reprint the author wrote a forward explaining that The soft Spanish pronunciation is fine for some heroines but our Maria here is too big for any man to embrace and much too boisterous So the name was to be pronounced with a rye in the middle not as in the traditional Spanish pronunciation So when Storm or less inspired the musical and movie Paint Your Wagon it included the song They Call the Wind Maria pronounced as the author of Storm intended And to wrap up the special note this is the origin of Mariah Carey’s name also uite big and boisterous? Note to self One reprinted edition has an introduction by Wallace Stegner a later one has an introduction by Ernest Callenbach Well duh all towering San Francisco Bay Area literary elites Still how to choose?

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    Storm is similar to Fire yet different – it’s pacing is leisurely its characters developed and the storm itself has less personality than the blaze in Fire does The reader and the characters are farther from it not only in distance but also in immediacy So overall the story that develops is in itself less directly intense yet broadly and thoroughly positioned It is interesting to contrast the two books; perhaps they were written with in mind how each subject would directly impact an individual standing out in itReaders of Stewart will recognize his characteristic style one he carried forward into Fire and Earth Abides and which introduces a world facet and follows with action or conseuences pertaining to it If this method works for you this book will too It’s an enjoyable volume and an interesting snapshot of a slice of the culture of the time

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    If the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and The Weather Channel got married and then jumped together through a time warp back to the 1940s this book would be their childIt is easy to see why Storm became a runaway best seller when it was first published back in 1941 eual parts hard science and disaster movie plot laced with touches of poetry and philosophy it is difficult to put down The state of weather forecasting in the book cutting edge for when it was published takes nothing away from the reader’s interest for being than seventy five years out of date Although the author goes relatively light on the characterizations of the people in the story—one really gets the feeling that Irwin Allen producer of “The Poseidon Adventure” and “The Towering Inferno” must have kept a copy of Storm next to his bedside—the main character throughout is the weather in particular the storm of the book’s title which the Junior Meteorologist who discovers it or JM as he is called after we meet him names Maria in the opening pages The JM has a habit of calling storms after women he has known; this became the reason why the National Weather Service for many years gave female only names to hurricanes in real lifeMaria is a living breathing creature same as we are; but she is by nature very destructive and has no conscience about what she does where she does it or to whom over the twelve day course of her life All the humans can do is observe and get out of her way as much as possible And of course she is indiscriminate about her targets; various animals have to cope with her just as all the people do George Stewart was not only a good writer he was also prescient the book is way ahead of the time in which it was written in a couple of ways Not only does Maria grow physically huge foreshadowing the increasingly large storms the world has seen in recent years but weather events on opposite sides of the globe are shown to be intimately connected a concept that was not on the average person’s radar in the early 1940s In the age of global warming Storm remains timely and worth a read

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    After recently reading Earth Abides I found this marvelous book and got a copy through the Interlibrary Loan systemIt was just as timely as it must have been when first written Finding the anachronims was fun but easy to ignore

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    Great book about a terrible storm which hits the west coast of the USA but really about meteorology and the systems in place to deal with disaster and catastrophe Although somewhat dated the basic structure of all that is detailed is still in placeThis follows the development of a storm from its initial formation off the coast of New Zealand across the Pacific Ocean then when it crashes into the Americas held in place by a polar inversion through the midwest For several days in a row the storm rages against this barrier and this book examines the reactions and effects on the people plants animals and landThis sounds kind of mundane and the focus on detail sounds perhaps dull but Storm is written so well and is so interesting you hardly notice how much you're learning about disaster response The leadership might be terrible but the men and women doing the work on the ground to keep things going and limit the damage are fierce and working hard

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    First published in 1941 this book is firmly set in its time with slide rules the latest meteorological innovation streamliner trains traveling from Chicago to Oakland in 40 hours 180mph airlines telephones with actual wires The story traces the 12 day long life span of a storm from its birth over the western Pacific to landfall over California to its death Every day starts with a sweeping description of the great meteorological and geographic forces that create and sustain a storm and then focuses in on the effects of that storm on people's lives George Stewart one of America's great unsung authors keeps the focus on the big picture by identifying many characters the Junior Meteorologist the Load Dispatcher the General etc only by their job titles as a way to emphasize how small we are compared to the great forces that shape our planet But the stories he tells of them are drawn with than enough detail to make us care about their successes and failuresI think I've read this book four times now Some books are just that good And now for a small spoiler The pig dies

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    Boy I was glad to crack STORM; it was not only a good 'you were there' scenario but took me back in time to when a novel strode firmly forward and didn't mince around The only thing I felt it lacked was some sort of central character to get to know beyond the weather bureau guys of course to make it monumental Of course being a resident of centralnorthern CA helped; it was engaging than if it had been set in Maine or Florida We still have storm related crises here tho not often as severe as other locales on a regular basis now we specialize in wild fires in 'urban' areas and I can think of a few that were made poignant by this narrative The changes in technology transportation etc since 1940 are amazing but weather still holds sway when it chooses to

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    A uaint and dated story of a winter storm the people it impacts and the meteorologists who track its course Most people will know by now that this book allegedly was the inspiration for the National Weather Service's tradition of naming tropical storms The prose is a bit stiff and about what you'd expect from someone whose dust jacket photo looks like Floyd the barber from the Andy Griffith Show Props to the author though for learning so much about various fields meteorology hydrology road maintenance transportation systems for the book's numerous plot lines

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    I love this ponderous book Read the top reviews here to understand what a big influence it has had on our world One thing I did not see mentioned in other views is how fast organizations and physical structures were set up to deal with automobile and train travel after they became major modes of long distance transportation The development of levees and weird on the Sacramento River and how information was conveyed from the river to the man in command was amazing and sophisticated Off to read Stewart’s Earth Abides while self isolating from covid 19