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Three out of four Americans now think of themselves as environmentalists Millions of children are busy with projects to save the Earth But we all would be effective at resolving today's pressing environmental issues if we had a clearer understanding of the ecological principles behind them With this lively guide to the essentials of ecology Ernest Callenbach provides a pocket sized introduction to the wonderful complexity of life on Earth—and our part in itCallenbach uses everyday nontechnical language to explain sixty basic ecological concepts These brief information packed entries are arranged alphabetically and amply cross referenced Thus the reader can move freely around a dynamic network of ideas gaining easy access to the new thinking that scientists environmentalists politicians government officials business people and concerned citizens everywhere are using to seek a sustainable future for humanityAs timely as today's news Ecology includes current findings on the microscopic beings that first made plant and animal life possible and now regulate global temperature and oxygen levels—a dramatic new story of the intricate interconnections of all life on Earth Finally we have a book that euips us to take informed personal and political action with the ecological wisdom needed for the twenty first century

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    Overall this book was a satisfying read to become familiar with ecological concepts and understanding the fundamentals of our Earth and biosphere I did learn many interesting facts such as too much oxygen in the air would start spontaneous fires and the algae in the ocean produces most of our breathable air and that fungi creates massive underground networks to feed the forests If you are expecting this book to be filled with this kind of specific information be wary Overall it is still a pocket guide and skims only the surfaces of major topics in the science I do recommend though if you are curious in ecology and want to understand some of the actionable steps we can take to sustain our lives and environment

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    I tend to intensely dislike any book I am being forced to readThe pressure of knowing I have to read something and by a deadline just doesn't sit well with me In short I'd rather read a depressingly boring book that I choose than an interesting one I am told I have to readThis book falls into the category of have to read but I didn't get the feeling I normally do It's very easy to follow and it great if you want to read in short spurts I liked that it's compact which made it easy to bring with me and read when I had the spare time Ecology as a subject is also not my thing However I genuinely enjoyed this book and I have to mention that it did not feel like a school textbook

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    10% Ecology 90% Social Studies with Environmentalism a Pocket Guide would've been an honest title earning a higher rating However Ecology a Pocket Guide was another mid 90s to mid 2000s popular attend to make ecology a science instead a synonym for environmentalism and political ideology The great irony here is that this book preaches to the choir and even though I'm a member of the choir I picked this book to read about the natural world and the interactions within it There's too little of that Of what is there has an interesting uniue interpretation compared to the tired descriptions in textbooks However it's just too little of the book I don't like people turning something pure into something with an agenda and I'm not a fan of being preached toI've met people that refuse to read a science book because it's boring compared to the emotional and personal ethic validation of a political book However abusing the term ecology perpetuates and perhaps even initiated the idea that environmental protection is partisan beliefs instead of something universal Besides not being seen as universal to the survival of society it's also often seen as something to serve humans instead of a part of an intrinsically valuable entity in the universe The anthropocentric mindset On some level I understand teaching sciences in terms of human values to retain people's attentions and so to say making the sale to people that don't inherently value nature but you can do that honestly Misusing ecology is unnecessary There's environmental studies the social side of environmental sciences environmental stewardship natural resources though can be an objective term resources is broadly regarded as referring to human resources environmental sociology environmental economics environmental ethics and ecological anthropology how humans interact with the natural world would have been better terms to use as a title I prefer environmental stewardship in this case since the author goes over his ethics and ideology and writes them as if they are absolute and objective not a style I'm fond of and general objective methods that we can be responsible to the environment It seems to fit under stewardship than anything else I think it also would've been a better read and bona fide to his purpose if he wrote in an essay style than an encyclopedia one Essays are supposed to be a mix of opinion and supportive facts like this book but encyclopedias are supposed to be absolute fact or objective reporting of existing theories in the absence of proof too academic for this book's contentOverall not my kind of read It's too preachy and touches far too little on any actual natural science despite the title Indeed don't judge a book by its cover

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    A fantastic little reference book for anyone interested in ecology Each section offers a few paragraphs to a few pages detailing key ecological topics such biodiversity carbon decomposition energy evolution niche predation sex species urban ecology viruses and wilderness It's a network of information that can be entered into from any point Callenbach's Laws of Ecology All things are interconnected; everything goes somewhere; there's no such thing as a free lunch; and nature bats last

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    I picked up this book on ecology because I felt like it was a subject that we should all be informed about I knew absolutely nothing about this subject and couldn't have given you a definition of ecology before reading it Though I haven't finished I am finding the book easily readable and very interesting No hard science talk here just easy to understand information categorized in alphabetical order so it can be read any way you like So far so good

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    Good introductory book for anyone interested in Ecology and would like to be in the know when scientistsconservationists speak technical terms

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    Concise introduction into the stunning world of ecological patterns and nature A good one to carry on hikes camping trips or for that lazy day in the backyard

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    An excellent user friendly reference book on ecology and environmental issues Would be a worthwhile addition to any library