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A CITIZEN LEGISLATURE with Michael Phillips outlines a bold solution to the election finance corruption of American electoral politics by reviving with modern sampling techniues the ancient Athenian practice of selecting representatives by random lot As timid campaign finance reforms are repeatedly tried and predictably fail this radical solution gains in appeal

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    his book is a short and reader friendly proposal for a reform of the American House of Representatives based on special interests and elections with a Representative House based on sortition It is a great introduction to the idea of sortition for those who have not seen it yet and want to have an idea of how it could work at a national level I don't think it's the best proposal of this kind but it can help further the discussion The language is simple and the book can be easily finished in a day but it can spark days and months of thinking and debate about the current political system in the US and in many other countries It is also helpful that it includes the critiues made by some relevant people at the end of the book expressing both sides of the argument Overall this is a great read for anyone interested in politics and alternative representation methods