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My brain must have felt sorry for me, so it d created the only type of guy I could touch a fantasy oneRELATABLEThis would ve been a five star review, but there were just so many unresolved issues Was this meant to be the beginning of a new series or I mean, yes, for the most part, the main story arc of the book is wrapped up, but there were still so many unanswered questions It s honestly a shame because I would ve LOVED to have had a series revolved around these characters.For all the reviews that called this an X Men Shatter Me concoction, they weren t wrong Some people have been endowed with a gift in this world After a fatal car accident, Ember s little sister, Olivia, brought her back from the dead But she didn t just come back to lifeshe also came back with the ability to kill whatever she touches Fast forward a few years, and in swoops Jonathan Cromwell, who whisks them away to their home, a safe haven for other gifted people, including his adopted son, Hayden Like Juliette from Shatter Me, I really empathised with Ember because she was so traumatised and emotionally shut down from the aftermath of the accident, and was practically raising her little sister, since her dad died in the accident and her mum was basically a vegetable, who didn t even acknowledge her existence Hayden was such a change from JLA s usual dark and broody alpha male types Lux, anyone He was just so sweet and genuine, and his background was as equally heartbreaking as Ember s They truly healed each other, and their relationship was so pure I love them so much 3I really enjoyed this, but I wish that it had either been longer, so that everything was completely wrapped up, or that it had been continued as a series I also wish that the antagonist had been a tad less predictable But regardless, I loved this book and completed it in one sitting It s definitely one of JLA s under appreciated books. Jennifer s done it again This is an amazing, riveting page turner And I m lucky enough to be her editor, so I get to be one of the first to read her books Ok Not a bad book, but it feels like Armentrout planned on making this into a series, and then didn t So, yeah While the ending ends, it still feels like there are too many loose threads dangling for the book to be over over ButI mean, whatever That s fine, right Heh Anyway, the basic gist of the story is that Ember has this Poison Touch power If someone even brushes up against her bare skin, they re screwed.So how did this happen Well, her entire family was in a car accident, in which Ember and her father were both killed Now, her little sister has the power to bring people back from the dead, so Ta da , Ember is still among the living.Unfortunately, their dad was super duper dead, so there was no bringing him backI guess.Alrighty, a few days after the accident, Ember starts to realize that everything she touches pets, plants, etc die within seconds of coming into contact with her skin Lucky for the paramedics, doctors, and nurses who treated her, the spooky Death Fingers thing didn t kick in immediately after being resuscitated. Ok, so flash forward a bit, and Ember is trying to raise her little sister because mom has gone crazy , she s being bullied in high school, and they are quickly running out of money.Long story short, her life suuuuuuuucks.Enter Shady Professor Xavier his team of mutant superheros Unfortunately, even among the weirdos, she s is an outcast Except for that One Special Boy who loves her juuuuuuuust as she isSo will Rogue Ember learn to control her gift find twue wuv Ok, that s not exactly the entire plot, because there s questions surrounding the accident that gave her powers, a whole lotta questions quasi evil place called the Facility, and serious questions about the leader of this group of super kids.But.None of that stuff ever gets real answers Which is why I think the author had grander plans for this book Still, it had a beginning, middle, and end.Plus, it was entertaining enough that I don t regret reading it at all view spoiler But, seriously, Ms Armentroutwhen is the next book coming out hide spoiler That horribly corny ending did it in for me there s just no way I can give this book than two stars.Jennifer gave me the feeling that she simply couldn t bother cooking up a satisfying finish because merlin knows she s definitely capable of it with all her wonders and tying up loose ends, and that disappointed me so much to the extent that Hayden and Ember s once thrilling romance build up now just pissed me off with their immensely cheestastic I Love You s Seriously, I m drowning in all the cheddar here It would have been much appreciated if we d gotten an insight into all the other things at hand how things would progress from here, if Ember could grasp control over her gift , character development for every single other bloody person who wasn t Hayden hell, maybe even him view spoiler and WHO IN FACT HAD WIPED HER MOTHER S MEMORY AWAY hide spoiler Dying Sucksand High School Senior Ember McWilliams Knows Firsthand After A Fatal Car Accident, Her Gifted Little Sister Brought Her Back Now Anything Ember Touches Dies And That, Well, Really BlowsEmber Operates On A No Touch Policy With All Living Things Including Boys When Hayden Cromwell Shows Up, Quoting Oscar Wilde And Claiming Her Curse Is A Gift, She Thinks He S A Crazed Cutie But When He Tells Her He Can Help Control It, She S Than Interested There S Just One Catch Ember Has To Trust Hayden S Adopted Father, A Man She S Sure Has Sinister Reasons For Collecting Children Whose Abilities Even Weird Her Out However, She S Willing To Do Anything To Hold Her Sister S Hand Again And Hell, She D Also Like To Be Able To Kiss Hayden Who Wouldn T But When Ember Learns The Accident That Turned Her Into A Freak May Not Ve Been An Accident At All, She S Not Sure Who To Trust Someone Wanted Her Dead, And The Closer She Gets To The Truth, The Closer She Is To Losing Not Only Her Heart, But Her Life For Real This Time So many issues, so, so many issues I hardly know where to start First off, I guess I should preface my review by saying I like Obsidian and Onyx, and Jennifer Armentrout s Lux series They are what drew me to Cursed in the first place I think they re fun, have great characters, and a good plot I also think Armentrout is a good storyteller Her books draw you in and make you want to keep reading, so I will absolutely keep reading other books by her But.Yes, there is a but This book drove me absolutely crazy You can ask my family, it honestly put me in a bad mood And this book is supposed to be a stand alone If it was a series, I would probably like it better, but the ending was horrible Be warned, from here on out, I m giving away basically the whole plot, so there are tons and tons of spoilers If you don t want to know, don t keep reading, but I can t review this without giving some major stuff away I m sorry, but so you killed the crazy guy trying to kill you That s nice, but you re still living with a family of creepers who kidnapped you and mind wiped your best friend How is that possibly okay Okay, I ll back up First off Ember gets kidnapped along with her little sister Then Cromwell and his family tell her, if you can t accept living her with us, not giving away our secrets, and not trying to run away, we will keep your sister and send you to The Facility, basically a place where the government locks up and trains read tortures kids with gifts Then when she tells her best friend she is staying with family because she isn t stupid enough to tell him she was kidnapped by a crazy family of paranormals and he comes to visit her because he is worried I mean, she left suddenly, aka was kidnapped , they wipe his mind of all his memories of her Then they get mad at her for not telling them that she told her friend where she was staying, claiming the mind wipe thing it is all her fault And in the end, these people are supposed to be the good guys I m sorry, but in what universe could they ever be construed as decent human beings Oh, wait, I guess they don t even think of themselves as human In fact, they don t eat lunch with humans, or really associate with them at all because they re gifted If they were good, why didn t they talk to Ember straight up instead of kidnapping her in the beginning She was desperate, and the home they took her to could have been a refuge, but I guess where s the drama in that Then there s Ember s love interest, Hayden Yes, he is sweet to her and gorgeous and tries to help her control her curse gift, but he also believes that the mind wipe thing was justified, blaming Ember for not telling him, and he stalked her for two years I get that he is a broken boy and is drawn to Ember because of everything she suffers, but how could Ember ever really fall in love with him when he supports the his adopted father and helps kidnap Ember Can you say Stockholm syndrome Plus, he still sympathizes with his empathic sister, Phoebe, who put dead bunnies, nooses, and models of the car crash that killed Ember and her father in Ember s locker because she doesn t like her You would think since Phoebe can literally feel how miserable Ember is, she might try and help a little, but no Let s just scare the girl into running away or being taken by the Facility Yeah, lovely family of creepers we have here.Now to the ending Okay, so throughout the book someone has been trying to kill Ember Finally she gets kidnapped, big stuff is revealed, mysteries solved, etc But not really Yes, Ember kills the bad guy before he kills her, and everyone discovers she has partial control of her gift But she also finds out that Cromwell tried to train someone else with her exact gift years before and failed He tried so hard to help and did horrible things that caused the girl to commit suicide Then, when the Facility tries to take Ember away, he doesn t let them, stating, She s mine now And she s very important Does it get any creepier than that I mean, the girl who can kill with a touch is his and very important But in the end this is supposed to be okay Cromwell tells her he would have never sent her to the Facility, though he threatened her with it earlier in the book So am I supposed to believe that Ember s life is going to be great now Yes, she can kiss her beautiful boyfriend for almost a minute now which is how the book ends , but she is still basically being held captive by a creeper family The absolute only difference in her situation now is that she is in love with one of them, and she has partial control of her ability Oh, and they didn t kill her father That s it The mind wipe thing is never addressed again, and suddenly they look so much better because someone worse kidnapped her from her kidnappers Yes, let s introduce another villain so we can pretend the love interest and his family aren t a bunch of crazy psychopaths.The worst part about this book is that there isn t a sequel If there were, I would think that all these issues would be taken care of or at least addressed I would be okay with the ending, probably even her being with Hayden, because obviously the author would, after a lot of struggles, pull out some kind of escape or punishment or mind wipe and leave us with a slightly less creepy ending As it is, why is Ember happy Because she is in love, and therefore all is forgiven I don t get it.As far as writing goes, this book is probably 3 stars for me Obviously Jennifer Armentrout drew me into the story and made me feel things mostly frustration and irritation, but at lest she made me feel things and care about the Ember As far as how much I liked the book though 1 star I m sorry, but I just couldn t get over the aforementioned issues I know most people like this book, and that s fine I really wanted to as well, but I couldn t First reviewed on my blog Rachel s Reads 3.5 StarsEmber McWilliams feels cursed I think I would feel the same way if I had her ability Two years ago she was in a car accident in which she died and was brought back to life by her little sister, Olivia Ever since then her touch kills any living thing She goes around with gloves to prevent any accidents but also to cover scars all over her arms left by the accident As if that wasn t enough, her normally brown eyes were turned sky blue after the accident Ember once was a popular outgoing normal girl in school and now because of the changes, is ridiculed and treated like a freak at school School isn t the only challenge in Ember s life though Her father was killed in the accident and her mother is basically catatonic, leaving Ember to care for Olivia, who is now five years old Talk about being dealt some bad cards Ember starts seeing a mysterious boy, Hayden, show up all over the place, seeming to know way about her than she does of him Okay, he s sort of gorgeous, but that doesn t make it any less creepy For two years Ember has managed to keep things together but after an ex boyfriend, and now bully, backs Ember into a corner and pretty much assaults her, he dies from her touch Hayden and an unknown group steps in to cover the accident, and takes her whole family in Well, maybe not takes in as much as kidnaps Ember does not go willingly, and they don t care Turns out there are others with special abilities that all live together as a family with Hayden s father, Jonathan Cromwell as the leader Olivia couldn t be happier and bonds with this family immediately Ember is a different story though, because of her ability, none of the others besides Hayden want her there Ember is drawn to Hayden, understandably so because he is basically her only friend and advocate Sparks fly between these two, but she wonders if she can trust him with his obvious devotion to his father Ember is completely suspicious of Mr Cromwell s intentions, and he s not so friendly to her either Then, Ember discovers there may be to her accident two years ago and no longer knows who to trust I really felt bad for Ember She really had her life go down the toilet, and then had to shoulder such great responsibility on top of coping with her power The members of the Cromwell house, with the exception of Hayden, Parker and Ms Liz, are downright rude to her Phoebe, the twin sister to Parker, really got under my skin I thought she was a hateful, jealous, witch I can t imagine living a life where you couldn t touch another living being How horrible would that be Hayden has a power that helps with that issue, but I don t want to say any and give anything away I really liked Hayden in this story The fact that he made it his goal to make Ember feel welcome and normal again totally won me over Well that and of course some swoon worthy scenes Here s one that got my blood pumping in anticipation Hayden opened his eyes Em His stare held so much intensity that I found it difficult to breath A look of yearning, of desperation, and he was studying me Studying my face, the way my top had slipped down And is stare was spreading a hot flush over my body Slowly, he dipped down, placing his weight on one arm He brought his hand to the side of my face, his fingers hovering over my cheek My own fingers curled into the sweater God, I wanted him to touch me so badly The need consumed me burned like fireI ll leave you to wonder whether he touches her or not While I enjoyed Cursed and had a lot of fun reading it, it s not my favorite of Jennifer L Armentrout s With that said, I still think any JLA fan will still enjoy this story, as I did If the first half was as engrossing as the second, I would ve rated this higher it just dragged a little in the beginning Also, while the mystery does wrap up in this book I felt like we could have to this story I was a little surprised that this is a stand alone Unless someone knows something I don t But don t worry it doesn t leave off on a bad note or anything I just want to shout out a thank you to my wonderful blogger friend, Alexaover at Collections for lending me her copy She s a book lover s dream friend You can find this review and at The Readers Den. This was a tough read.The main character, Ember was absolutely helpless, vulnerable and picked on throughout this book The painful scenes were never ending She didn t feel like she belonged in school, she was bullied, she didn t have answers to the mystery that surrounds the accident that claimed her father s life, she blamed herself for everything, she has a death touch, and on top of that, someone wants her dead and have attempted to do so than once It was hard to read because she couldn t fight back, she was completely helpless through the series of painful experiences.The moral of the story is, we can sometimes confuse our gifts for curses, and that almost always makes us a prey for bullies We need to embrace who we are, let people in, then we will see what gifts we are to the world. It s my unofficial booknerd mission to read every single one of Jen s books I m up to date on all her latest releases, so let s step back five years to 2012, which was when this book was released I was a little worried, as Jen has improved loads as a writer and I thought the writing wouldn t be as good, but I was wrong This was, just like the rest of Jen s books, really enjoyable It tells the story of Ember At first, you think she s just an ordinary high school student, but then you discover that she s had a unique experience she s died, and was brought back to life This was due to her five year old sister s unusual ability to bring back the dead When Ember was in a car crash with her family two years ago, Ember s survival seemed miraculous, especially since her father died But his death knocked Ember s mother to the core, and now she can t get out of bed to take care of her children.So it s been Ember s responsibility to be both a parent and a sister to Olivia, and it s taking its toll on her Especially since when Ember was brought back, she was got this mysterious ability that means she will kill anything she touches Pets, plants, even people Ember s life is incredibly tough as she alienates herself from her classmates and struggles to accept the hand she s been dealt, when suddenly, her life changes drastically again A man called Jonathan Cromwell takes in Ember, Olivia and her mother, stating that his home full of people with different gifts, like Ember and Olivia, so that they will be safe and taken care of This house also includes Hayden, who really impacts Ember s life, and he says he knows her, understands her and just wants to help her But after two years of hating her gift and avoiding people at all costs, why should Ember trust any of them She s not gifted, she s cursed And why does she suddenly get the feeling that these people also have something to do with the infamous car accident This book constantly had me wondering who could be trusted, or couldn t, just for something to happen for everything to change again Ember went through so much, and I don t blame her for not believing she could control her gift after constantly being told what a freak she was She and Hayden were really cute as well.The only thing I didn t like was the fact that Hayden was a little bit obsessed with her and the only reason he has for why was because she felt bad for her Other than that, I would recommend this book if you re a fan of Jennifer L Armentrout like I am. Quick Reaction I feel kind of bad about the two stars thing But the truth is, Cursed was at best just a mere okay for me Actual, full review Original is here on my blog Note due to copy and paste, most formatting and links have been lost If you are a frequent reader of book blogs, you re probably than familiar with Jennifer L Armentrout She wrote the Covenant and Obsidian series, both of which are quite the hit, especially among bloggers So I would like to preface this review with a giant sign THIS IS NOT A POSITIVE REVIEW IT S ALSO SEMI LONG READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK.Awesome Now that we ve got that out of the way, let s continue, shall we Here s the thing I love me some Jen Armentrout She s really nice and awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed Obsidian But Cursed just didn t meet my expectations and though I usually would have high expectations for such a great author, this time my bars were set to mediocre at best, since the premise of Cursed is nothing new and I was worried about clich s But Jen has this uncanny ability to shift clich s into something actually really, really enjoyable So why should I be worried Turns out I was right to worry.Let s take a look at the story Ember McWilliams, she who lost everything, is suddenly faced with a super hot guy who she just can t seem to resist, despite his father s extreme weirdness.This kind of sounds like Wither, right Let s look at it again Ember McWilliams, she who suffered greatly due to a car accident, is faced with a dangerous power and a terrifying secret.Hey, why does that remind me of Unraveling How about one last time Ember McWilliams s touch is fatal She then discovers a facility of people like her And a hot guy She is now fighting for her life.Shatter Me and X Men come to mindLook I m not saying this book isn t original In fact, though Cursed shares a lot of elements with a lot of amazing books just like Half Blood did with Vampire Academy , it also stands on its own Ember s situation is much different than Rhine s, her secret has nothing to do with what Janelle discovers, and she s a much spunky heroine than Juliette Besides, there are only seven plots under the sky, right So, no worries But when your material is not really unique, you have to fall hard on your characters and voice to keep the reader s attention, since now plot twists are extremely easy to guess due to previous interactions with the same situations.Here s usually where Jen shines Her voice is amazing Her characters are so true to life It s completely addicting But you were waiting for this but, weren t you I can t really say the same for Cursed.I don t know, maybe writing like five books in one year isn t the best thing to do when faced with detailed narration, or maybe I m just hallucinating and weird, but the voice in Cursed was not the usual spunk but rather dry The characters are really, really clich , to be honest They remind me so much of Twilight and a lot of other books There were no surprises at all that I got from this book And with its uncharacteristically mediocre narration and recycled character molds, it s an understatement to say that Cursed didn t meet my expectations.Overall, I do love Jennifer L Armentrout I think she s great Lots of people love Cursed In fact, I m one of only three people who rated this book with two stars on Goodreads So maybe I m just different But I think it also needs to be said that I was never an extremely zealous fan, so I approached this book with a here goes instead of a hopeful, optimistic push of an attitude Maybe this is just me, but alas, I highly recommend going into this book without holding your breath.You never know how you ll feel until you let yourself feel without being restrained by previous, fangirling infatuations right