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The Partners At Finley Figg All Two Of Them Often Refer To Themselves As A Boutique Law Firm Boutique, As In Chic, Selective, And Prosperous They Are, Of Course, None Of These Things What They Are Is A Two Bit Operation Always In Search Of Their Big Break, Ambulance Chasers Who Ve Been In The Trenches Much Too Long Making Way Too Little Their Specialties, So To Speak, Are Quickie Divorces And DUIs, With The Occasional Jackpot Of An Actual Car Wreck Thrown In After Twenty Plus Years Together, Oscar Finley And Wally Figg Bicker Like An Old Married Couple But Somehow Continue To Scratch Out A Half Decent Living From Their Seedy Bungalow Offices In Southwest ChicagoAnd Then Change Comes Their Way More Accurately, It Stumbles In David Zinc, A Young But Already Burned Out Attorney, Walks Away From His Fast Track Career At A Fancy Downtown Firm, Goes On A Serious Bender, And Finds Himself Literally At The Doorstep Of Our Boutique Firm Once David Sobers Up And Comes To Grips With The Fact That He S Suddenly Unemployed, Any Job Even One With Finley Figg Looks Okay To Him With Their New Associate On Board, FF Is Ready To Tackle A Really Big Case, A Case That Could Make The Partners Rich Without Requiring Them To Actually Practice Much Law An Extremely Popular Drug, Krayoxx, The Number One Cholesterol Reducer For The Dangerously Overweight, Produced By Varrick Labs, A Giant Pharmaceutical Company With Annual Sales OfBillion, Has Recently Come Under Fire After Several Patients Taking It Have Suffered Heart Attacks Wally Smells MoneyA Little Online Research Confirms Wally S Suspicions A Huge Plaintiffs Firm In Florida Is Putting Together A Class Action Suit Against Varrick All Finley Figg Has To Do Is Find A Handful Of People Who Have Had Heart Attacks While Taking Krayoxx, Convince Them To Become Clients, Join The Class Action, And Ride Along To Fame And Fortune With Any Luck, They Won T Even Have To Enter A Courtroom It Almost Seems Too Good To Be True And It IsThe Litigators Is A Tremendously Entertaining Romp, Filled With The Kind Of Courtroom Strategies, Theatrics, And Suspense That Have Made John Grisham America S Favorite Storyteller

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    As a John Grisham fan , I was surprised to hear some early criticism of his latest book However, as I got deeper and deeper into the story, I am starting to understand This story has much humor in it than many of his previous books and that s good not bad One can t help but chuckle at the law firm of Finley Figg They are the epitome of the storefront, ambulance chasing,divorces and DUI small time lawyers They have never been very successful and they are just about able to pay their bills each month Besides the two of them they have a do everything secretary,Rochelle Gibson Actually there is a cautious detente amongst all the players until 2 things happen that may change the lives of all of them First of all, Wally Figg finds out about what may become a major class action lawsuit over a drug called Krayoxx The drug allegedly helps lower cholesterol but may in fact being causing people to die of heart attacks And the second event is the landing of one , David Zinc on their doorstep Zinc has been a successful associate of a big downtown law firm when he has a complete meltdown He is sick and tired of the corporate life and decides to dropout He spends a day at Abner s bar getting wasted and when he decides to leave, he doesn t know where to gogoing home and explaining this to his wife doesn t seem like to thing to do When he finally gets into a taxi, he notices a billboard sign for the law firm Finley Figg and he tells the driver that that is his destination And all the elements of Grisham s latest book are now in play How will the law firm of Finley Figg and their new associate handle the growing class action suit against Varrick How many victims can they sign up to represent and will they be successful None of them has actually tried a case before a judge Please enjoy Grisham s latest legal saga with a generous dose of humor.

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    Poor showing for JG. I disliked it and I believe that JG did not write this. some student or apprentice did There is a touch of the real JG in the main courtroom scene, but it is thin and too short I can t believe this is him that s all I can say I had the Audible version not the text Here is my Audible.com review Please let me rant Until the big courtroom scene, I do not believe the words of this book were written by JG I believe it was either a student s effort at mimicry or a formulaic software program where names and scenes were tossed and spit out as a story The story was weak and no anticipation was built into it When David first happens into Finley Figg, there was so much complaint about his former boss, I expected the boss to be found dead and David accused That would have been a much better story This mess was like a big soup pot wherein alcoholism, sexism, ageism, fat ism, and stupid ism were all put together to create a reason to have a trial The trial, as expected, was an exercise in futility, but it served the purpose of trotting out beautiful, intelligent women for big corporate read bad guys to ogle and demean.The saving grace, in the last 40 minutes of 11 hours was another fiasco While it is all very sweet to hope for the kind of CEO we learn of at the end, it is unlikely and the results were too swift and also unlikely the corporation caved under so little pressure.As for the reader He sounded like Christopher Walken anyway, I do not know if an author gets to prep the reader or even review the reading but this guy mispronounced words specifically Chicago words He pronounced LaSalle Street as Lasall, and the town of Des Plaines as deplanes While that s not a huge deal, it contributed to my dislike for the book The fact that it was in Chicago was a little disconcerting, since I love the Mississippi novels so much, but as I live here, it s fun to listen for landmarks and references Those that were accurately named not renamed as fictional were obviously gleaned from some reference book and had not the ring of any authenticity That may all be the fault of the reader s lack of preparation, but it mattered in the listening Strange and inexplicable There is a dog in the office who gets fed, but never taken OUT There was no scene that I can recall that mentioned AC Ambulance Chaser getting out to do his business A small thing, I know, but goes to making me think JG didn t touch this text When David is at the BIG TRIAL, he has reams of information about a variety of other products manufactured by the defendant We heard nothing about David s research Where did it come from When did he do this While he was walking his infant on the hourly shifts he shared with his wife Come on The tying up of loose ends was fast and stupid Finley and Figg were losers to massive degrees, but their savior, David comes in with a safety for all When he walked in, he had money saved from his old job and he spread it around freely Why He didn t believe in those two yokels, not in the firm, not in the big case We knew he was spontaneous and crazy when we met him, but this behavior is not sensible from within the context of the book At the end, the savior comes through again, and the two hapless idiots get to skate on in their stupid lives David is so good that his one dubious move, which could have caused him some bad press and bad luck, also evaporated.The bar scenes at Abner s were the only times the book felt real They were so good that I thought I was reading a Lescroat Dismas Hardy book Overall, I am shocked by the poor quality of the story, the writing and the reader I am glad it was offered at below regular price, so I didn t use an Audible credit for it Still, at 17, it was expensive If JG really wrote this, I must extrapolate the following 1 He is subliminally poking fun at poor people, fat people, drunks and hot women 2 He may overtly poke big corporate greediness and unscrupulous manufacturers, but his real targets seem to be the poor and uneducated It took David corrosion resistant Zinc to swoop down on the law firm, the poor immigrants, and the big bad capitalists, and David was not even well versed on the law and its machinations 3 I do not have the text to refer to but at one point toward the end the author refers to a drive for one of the lawyers as a small Asian woman of dubious ethnicity While the word dubious is appropriately used, it has a negative connotation, as if the uncertainty of her ethnicity is dubious not that the specific ethnicity was dubious Call it nitpicking, but there are several of these plays on words that make question author s true feelings about some people He maligned the clients of Finley Figg for taking the bait on Krayoxx making them seem stupid, obese lazy and oh, stupid They got their come uppance in the Krayoxx trial But the Burmese clients, with their gentle and self effacing ways, well, they do better They had the benevolent CEO 4 It was a silly book It had elements of Carl Hiaasen and elements of top rate Grisham It had some Jonathan Kellerman but not enough and it had some Dismas Hardy David s capacity for saving the firm and its deserving clients had a dose of Jack Reacher of the intellectual variety that is, his efforts were superhuman, a tad ridiculous and somewhat unsupported by reality.So, why take so much time writing this Shrug. I expected and got less I am complaining I am complaining about what I perceive is a laziness a carelessness by well loved authors Maybe they are contracted to put out work on a timetable This one felt like an obligation rather than an enjoyable undertaking by one of my favorite authors I regret that I have to wait for the next one to come out I will wait for the reviews to hit before I invest money or anticipation in acquiring it.Thank you for reading.

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    Well, I had great plans to jot down some notes and quotes to share with you about John Grisham s newest book The Litigators Yeah, that didn t happen because it ended up being a non stop read for me I picked it up on a Sunday morning and turned the last page late late that night.I was hooked from the opening pages David Zinc has toiled away at a prestigious law firm in relative obscurity for the last five years Until the morning he realizes he can t do it any and walks away And lands at the firm of Finley Figg ambulance chasers, divorce court specialists and anything else they can make a buck at Although Wally and Oscar refer to the office as a boutique firm , they are anything but Wally has just placed an ad for the firm on local bingo hall cards When Wally gets wind of a potentially big case involving a big name cholesterol drug It seems folks taking it are suffering heart damage and even death If they can find a few cases of their own and ride on the coat tails of the big players in a mass claim action suit, they could all be rich It seems simple enoughand that s enough of the plot given away.What made The Litigators a non stop read The characters for sure Wally and Oscar s tactics are cringe worthy, their actions walk a fine line between working for the law and breaking it, but you just can t help rooting for them in this David and Goliath fight David is eminently likable as well He is sense and reason, but with a new found freedom since escaping the big firm drudgery.The personal storyline involving his wife Helen also added much to the book.It seems like Grisham has a lot of fun writing The Litigators there is a sly sense of humour underlying the entire book I laughed out loud many times at the situations and dialogue It was eye opening to see the legal maneuvering much of the machinations involving the drug companies and lawyers gave me pause and made me wonder how much of it is fact Quite frightening actually.The Litigators is by far one of Grisham s best in my opinion and I ve read them all An absolutely entertaining page turner that will be a well deserved best seller

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    When I first began reading John Grisham s The Litigators I was immediately drawn into it It s a must read book, if you enjoy the snappy witty charm of a young black woman keeping her older bosses together It begins with the plot centering on Wally, Oscar, and Rochelle then a short time later David who s personalities are as different as night and day Oscar, the senior partner in Finley and Figg law offices situated on the West Side of Chicago, is a conservative jaded attorney who prides himself as a proverbial ambulance chasing attorney seeking the easy way to make a fast buck His partner, Wally, a recovering alcoholic, sometimes employs questionable business ethics but goes just far enough to avoid too much legal scrutiny Rochelle a former client who threatened to sue Finley and Figg for malpractice, was hired as a settlement of sorts and is the first buffer between the two lawyers and some of their shady clients and business associates David joined the team later brought a sense of soundness to the motley crew, leaving his six figure law firm, high stress job for the peace of mind at the low key firm of Finley and Figg The story tells of good and bad of a class action lawsuit filed against a cholesterol lowering drug that has caused a number of deaths The Litigators presents a very graphic account using drama, humor, suspense, and sarcasm to present a very entertaining and sometimes predictable picture, especially if you read Grisham s King of Torts This has many of the same nuances Nonetheless, it s a great read and I highly recommend it.

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    I won this book as a First Reads giveaway In high school, I loved John Grisham but haven t returned to him since reading The King of Torts as a college sopho I couldn t tell if my tastes had matured or his quality had diminished but I was not impressed at all and he s fallen off my radar since then In fact, I didn t realize he was back to writing legal fiction The Litigators started out rather promising it lacked the intensity of earlier Grishams but it was also surprisingly hilarious I enjoyed most of this book until about chapter 25 of 30 something when the magic wore off The rest of the book has none of the charm it starts with and one can almost hear the crackling on the line reading the last few chapters as Grisham phones it in At least one other reviewer suggested a ghost writer was at work and I can see where they got that opinion from, because it s an abrupt, almost 180 degrees turn in tone It s like someone decided this book could only be 385 pages long and there was a major oh shit moment at page 300 His female characters suck, but I seem to remember them generally existing in three forms fat and matronly, hot and bitchy or the generally unremarkable youngish woman known as wifey I probably shouldn t complain too much about the female stereotypes as his legal books are generally about the story than the characters The male major characters in The Litigators are also rather wooden, and the plot, although entertaining in points, is not a gripping page turner like his 1990s thrillers , making it hard to dismiss the crappy characters The Litigators started out promising but the end of it was so disappointing, I m only giving it 2 stars This is a fine book to grab in the airport concourse well, its mass market paperback edition will be during a day of travel but not really a book I d recommend carving out a cozy afternoon to read.

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    gave up on John Grisham about 10 years ago when I was appalled at how horrible The Summons was What happened to the hard hitting author who had me on the edge of my seat and questioning the ever moving ethical line between right and wrong with his early novels A Time to Kill The Firm The Rainmaker I loved those books After a decade of abandonment, two things happened 1 I met Mr Grisham several times and determined he needed another chance and 2 I heard that The Litigators was a return to his roots I disagree with return to his roots but the book was enjoyable.The law firm of Finley Figg is not glamorous The two man shop chances ambulances, convinced uncontested divorces to fight, and barely eek out a living in Chicago David Zinc is billing 500 an hour buried in the basement of a megafirm doing grunt work and couldn t hate it When these two universes merge over a litigation suit against a big drug company, they quickly realize they are in over their heads.The storyline was fine It was a bit predictable and I enjoyed the crazy characters of Oscar Finley and Wally Figg much than the straight laced and ever golden David Zinc, but it was entertaining However, it lacked the intensity of Mr Grisham s classics He switched from questioning the ethics of big name companies and their deceptive CEOs to questioning the ethics of average people living in near poverty who were too anxious to make a quick buck Everyone likes to beat up on the rich unethical CEO, but picking on Average Joe or below Average Joe in this case wasn t as easy However, in typical Grisham fashion, he did make me think about the motivations behind actions.For me, the most glaring short fall was that this took place in Chicago CHICAGO I have come to association Grisham with sweltering heat, slow drawls, and the courtesies of the South Having his roots in Mississippi always brought a touch of authenticity to the setting of his books and I missed that connection There was no specific Chicago culture to spice up this books and it could have been identically placed in any number of big cities.All in all, I did enjoy the book It was a fast paced, enjoyable read, that was the perfect start of summer read However, I think I need to come to grips with the fact that Mr Grisham s early works were simply outstanding and a hard bar to meet again.

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    While he has had a few less than stellar books of late, Grisham delivers with a stong story steeped in legal jargon in this latest novel I was hooked from page one and remain baffled at how he can write so fluidly about all sorts of legal topics.While we have seen Grisham delve into the litigious side of the law in past thrillers, this one takes on a new angle Introduce the young, wet behind the ears, lawyer out to make the world his oyster Add some legal issue that begs for notice and justice and sprinkle in some character development and an underlying personal victory for the main character That said, Grisham reforms the clay and makes this fresh and all together highly entertaining The HUGE American drug manufacturers are salivating with all their successes and the question remains, could this latest drug be doing harm Grisham tackles the subject head on and builds it up to a great courtroom climax with an end that I will not reveal.I loved the development, the dialogue, and the down right plausibility of this all happening I have been a Grisham fan forever and lived through some minor disasters pizza, anyone , but this is the calibre I prefer and something that I cannot help but recommend to Grisham lovers, or even those who like a good legal thriller.Kudos Mr Grisham

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    This is a most enjoyable book, about David Zinc, a lawyer who got fed up with his job in a huge, fancy law firm He got drunk, then joined up with a two man law firm that specialized in ambulance chasing, DUI s, and quick divorces This small firm had a weak grasp of ethical behavior Zinc suffers a spectacular drop in salary, but sees an unusual opportunity, and grabs it.Along comes the potential for a huge class action suit against a drug company Their drug, Krayoxx, seems to be in the spotlight, and anecdotes of severe side effects are in the news The small firm gets involved, hoping to avoid doing any real work They think that their only job is to find plaintiffs and other lawyers will do their job for them They are clueless they have no idea how much trouble they are getting into This was a fun book lots of twists in the plot, funny dialog, and generally unpredictable That s the type of story I like the most a story line that cannot be predicted ahead of time And the characters are well developed Their personalities are so different from each other, that really helped make the book come alive.I didn t read this book I listened to the audiobook, as read by Dennis Boutsikaris He does an excellent job as a narrator.

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    In The Litigators Grisham shows two sides of law practice the corporate lawyers and the ambulance chasers It seems that the author has no patience with either type of practice So he creates the character David Zinc, who runs away from a lucrative but a boring job in a reputed firm and who ends up with ambulance chasers ultimately rescuing them from resorting to such lurid practice Grisham is always the master in showing the ugly side of the law and justice system And in this story too, he has kept true to his art Additionally, through this book, Grisham exposes the malpractices of big companies and their powerful manipulations to cover their negligence The story is good and engaging This novel might be not one of his best, but nevertheless interesting enough to keep you going through.

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    Grisham Special And a Funny Lawyer Joke 3.75 stars Q What s the difference between a lawyer and a rooster A When a rooster wakes up in the morning, its primal urge is to cluck defiance Prior to reading this book a few years back, I d grown disillusioned with Grisham s books, the recent ones like The Brethren, a book as agonizing as absurd I thought perhaps he d worn out, bored out or his ideas petered out.For his first half dozen years, he stropped his writing skills on the legal profession, slugging Big Business and sellout lawyers with a succession of suspenseful, at least plausible, blockbusters exploring legal issues just then hitting press Much like a sustained thrum, and once a year, out came another NYT 1 bestseller in which Grisham delivered another upper left hook And yet, he apparently lost the fire somewhere along the way, and mailed in some formulaic evanescent stories with stiff, largely unlikeable and forgettable characters, and unrealistic plots see The Brethren as Exhibit 1.In any case, I was skeptical in getting this one, to find Grisham back to his specialty an unliterary, suspenseful and enjoyable yarn spiced with humor and affable, true to life characters, which also hits a pressing social issue foreign manufacturers and domestic importers of toys with excessive lead levels as well as ambulance chasing, class action lawyers.I recommend this for all Grisham fans.